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- Celestial objects, space, and the physical universe as a whole.
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
aandc, library, reference Sticky Thread Pinned: A&C reference library ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
Use this topic to post links to helpful/informative websites about astronomy & cosmology.
Jul3-14 06:29 PM
140 110,807
Hellfire requested that I post a list of classic papers that one could use for reference when trying to understand the...
Nov28-12 01:12 AM
17 44,300
Does the center of the galaxy intersect the ecliptic? If so, is it a temporary coincidence?
Dec1-13 06:33 PM
1 1,289
Do we have any evidence that either: 1. There exist stellar black holes which orbit supermassive black holes in...
Dec1-13 05:27 PM
3 981
Hi, I'm basically wondering why there is any residual angular momentum in the universe left over from the big bang...
Dec1-13 10:45 AM
1 1,010
This paper,, discusses Kepler mission results. The authors deduce that 5.7% of sun-like...
Dec1-13 05:34 AM
Damo ET
9 1,515
I saw a thread on ison but it was inactive for days.So i have decided to make one.So here are latest pics of ison from...
Nov29-13 09:12 PM
10 1,255
In the Pinwheel Galaxy (a.k.a. M101, NGC 5457), 20,870,000 light years away, there is an Ultra Luminous X-Ray source...
Nov29-13 11:50 AM
0 1,009
Visiting New Scientist web site the following time lapse movie caught my eye, see, ...
Nov28-13 08:12 PM
3 1,523
I want to calculate the delta V needed to move objects around in a 1-d gravitational field. The relevant equations as...
Nov28-13 03:56 PM
1 990
Hello, I am trying to draw an analogy, which just came with a flash in my mind. Please clarify me, if it is wrong....
Nov28-13 12:24 AM
6 1,087
The quantum vacuum is said to be the ground state of the combination of all virtual particles contributions from all...
Nov27-13 04:45 PM
21 2,683
I recently read the following article: It was not very long, and it did not contain much information. However,...
Nov27-13 09:11 AM
7 1,381
Hi. As I understand gravity is a curvature of space-time. So as I throw an apple into the air I am giving it kinetic...
Nov26-13 04:35 PM
9 1,680
Hello All, I have been trying to understand the exact contribution of our legendary physicist, Dr.Hawking and...
Nov26-13 10:12 AM
14 1,545
Can they exist? What happens when an antimatter black hole and a normal black hole collide?
Nov26-13 06:40 AM
14 1,341
What was the primordial composition of U isotopes in solar system? Solar system contained isotopes less than a...
Nov25-13 08:58 PM
23 2,632
Hello forum users. I am a composer that knows sadly very little about astronomy. For a piece, I have been doing...
Nov25-13 03:06 PM
3 1,150
Hello, i'm reading through a book called "Discovering The Universe" and in the chapter about cosmology the familiar...
Nov25-13 01:57 AM
22 28,279
first, what I know about blackhole is; It has so much mass that collapse into itself create gravity field so strong...
Nov25-13 01:54 AM
28 2,231
Perhaps virtually 100% of physicists out there believe that we live in an 'accelerating universe', but as a person...
Nov25-13 01:53 AM
12 2,342
A recent APOD page discussed jets ejected from black holes. It said, "Recent evidence indicates that these jets are...
Nov25-13 12:22 AM
7 1,046
Hello everyone, I've been wondering if I can calculate the apparent magnitude of The Moon since I know the apparent...
Nov24-13 05:10 PM
1 920
In November 2013 the comet Ison will be visible , spectacular, brighter than the moon: ...
Nov24-13 07:11 AM
26 6,842
Hi, I had posted wanting a specific question answered and it was closed b/c i kept repeating my thoughts to try and...
Nov22-13 12:13 PM
2 1,180
I was wondering if we decided that blackholes are dense due to the spin and gravity? Are there any other factors for...
Nov22-13 11:14 AM
Vanadium 50
20 2,086
Ok I know our moon is getting farther away due to gravity (tidal force indirect), basically giving it kinetic energy...
Nov21-13 07:26 PM
2 1,331
What is happening with Hyperbolic Comet C-2012 S1 (ISON)? It is going to crash into the Sun at the end of Nov. Was...
Nov21-13 10:23 AM
3 1,705
Hi guys, Simple question for my first post. If nothing escapes Black Holes, how come they're such massive...
Nov20-13 07:42 PM
4 1,167
Hello everybody, I'm new here and i have a question about the activity of our galaxy's Supermassive Black Hole. Did...
Nov20-13 06:59 PM
2 1,103
Or, just how big can a gas giant get? I read this article recently: ...
Nov15-13 07:58 PM
21 2,457
Our carpool conversation this time of year usually involves the shortening daylight hours, which are quite noticeable...
Nov15-13 03:01 PM
8 1,552
One of the most popular mass loss equations of a star, developed by D. Reimers, is given by: dM/dt = -(4x10^-13) *...
Nov15-13 01:56 PM
1 1,211
I'm a bit confused because the sun's radiation & heat are passing through space (with some passing through planets'...
Nov15-13 12:05 PM
12 2,033
how many dimensions are there in universe and what are they ?
Nov15-13 08:31 AM
4 1,042
I am doing a small project on Gamma Ray Bursts. I am looking at a data set of around a dozen bursts which are observed...
Nov14-13 07:45 AM
2 1,180
Space is endless, I mean the 'real space' outside our universe. Our Universe is said to be about 13.7 billion years...
Nov14-13 07:28 AM
6 1,239
There's very little known about WIMPs, from my understanding, but I believe there has been some speculation that they...
Nov13-13 05:36 PM
3 1,029
Hello to all! I'm trying to develop a routine (in ESO-MIDAS) similar to NEAT (Nebular Empirical Analysis Tool) or...
Nov13-13 02:51 PM
0 897
Suppose we have a point mass system that consists of ##m + n## particles. There are ##m## normal visible point masses...
Nov13-13 01:10 PM
3 1,083 what...
Nov12-13 05:16 PM
16 5,348
I've just read this article: which is about a recently...
Nov12-13 12:43 PM
10 1,613

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