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- Celestial objects, space, and the physical universe as a whole.
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
aandc, library, reference Sticky Thread Pinned: A&C reference library ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
Use this topic to post links to helpful/informative websites about astronomy & cosmology.
Jul3-14 06:29 PM
140 114,166
Hellfire requested that I post a list of classic papers that one could use for reference when trying to understand the...
Nov28-12 01:12 AM
17 45,266
Why is earth's path is elliptical?why not circular?
Oct29-09 12:25 AM
8 4,363
Hi! Let's say that astronomers observe some galaxy or something several million lightyears away and then come to...
Dec21-04 05:19 AM
6 1,031
Hello everyone! Can anyone explain why sky is blue? Thanks.
Nov13-09 01:43 PM
3 1,806
I ran across some article that pointed to this research: The theory...
Jun3-08 08:49 AM
18 6,316
Saturn takes about 10 years to go around the Sun once. What is the semi-major axis of Saturn's orbit?
Jun13-10 05:07 PM
4 1,749
This is my first time posting on the forums, so please be nice if I mess up :) My question is this: After matter...
Sep13-11 03:21 AM
6 3,627
okay so i was given this graph and questions and have no clue where to start! any help or tips would be great!!...
Dec1-09 10:47 AM
3 1,211
Hello everyone! I just was reading Your questions and was interested in IAO problems. There are only problems...
Jul14-12 05:09 PM
2 1,092
What is the difference between the float and fly and move freely in space first, and within the earth's atmosphere?
May7-11 04:18 PM
1 1,490
What is the meaning of floatin and flying and moveing freely in space?
May23-11 12:57 AM
7 1,952
If we have two parallel plane in the space in addition to another two objects moving in parallel with the same...
May11-11 06:28 PM
2 1,163
Many times we heard about black holes and other holes differs from one hole to another . assume we have a hole where...
May23-11 08:16 PM
6 1,778
Thank you
May26-12 11:20 AM
2 2,016
Are there other comets like hally (periodic phenomena's?)
May10-12 04:58 PM
4 1,901
Hi everybody I just wanted to ask are all the galaxies in the universe visible by the light they send? In the other...
May6-11 05:24 PM
17 3,532
Does anyone know of a good reference regarding solving the Tolman-Oppenheimer-Volkov equations for neutron stars? Most...
Sep30-06 10:27 AM
3 3,128
Alright, my first post here, and I feel like a questionmark if it is justifiable to post this here, but I'll give it a...
Apr22-05 12:11 PM
6 1,886
I've been reading this evening that the Sun went Dark last night for just about a min. Is this true or are people...
Mar14-11 10:50 PM
13 4,002
The title states it all.
Oct5-09 10:58 PM
12 3,464
Please help me PhyForum crew, I need to calculate the following magnitudes. for the B-band (B - V) ...
May30-12 06:54 PM
0 1,049
Hi I am making a solar system emulation. I need some fairly precise velocities for the planets as a start velocity...
Sep21-12 04:41 PM
4 1,772
I talked to an astronomy student recently, and he told me that if I travel out from earth in a straight line, I will...
Jan28-07 08:28 AM
12 1,813
First of all - please don't give me warnings if I write something that is not correct here. I'm just trying to...
May9-08 11:07 AM
28 4,648
Some physicists have told me that the universe is like the surface of a balloon. Does this mean that if it were...
May12-08 10:26 AM
27 3,284
Is redshift the only reason? And why cannot redshift indicate whatever else than speed?
May7-08 09:17 PM
3 1,617
Is it successful? What are the mistakes?
May8-08 09:10 PM
4 1,990
I was wondering if someone agrees: Is it possible that on the other side of the black hole is an expanding...
Jul21-10 03:00 AM
32 4,265
Hello hope someone can help me to understand more about what I need to study at uni to become an astronomer. Is it...
May22-13 08:36 AM
2 1,603
Four away from the brightest, five away from the dimmest, Turning and Turning around one sphere, Four away from...
Jul14-04 04:52 PM
13 2,507
How much more of less would you weigh (same as force) at the surface of the sun than on earth?
May3-10 10:51 PM
1 1,245
What are the best two clues, in your opinion, to the nature of Active Galatic Nuclie?
May20-10 02:12 AM
0 882
I'm curious to know, if energy is carried by the bulk motion of matter, that is called... what?
Jul10-08 04:21 PM
2 4,924
I was wondering what experiments or observations have shown that the cosmic microwave background radiation exists...
Feb18-14 06:26 PM
1 538
Hello, guys.. i Need a little help here... My name is Kavin and i'm from Malaysia... See, i want to be an...
Dec29-11 08:35 AM
2 3,336
Im planning on trying out some narrowband filters to hopefully dodge the light pollution here and get some nice...
Mar4-11 01:08 AM
3 1,827
Hi guys, this is a homework question, but i didnt think it belonged with the physics questions. I have the spectrum of...
Jun2-11 09:24 PM
1 1,568
Please help me ya'll. "If the moon was twice as far away from the earth as it actually is, how would tides be...
Oct18-10 01:11 PM
11 8,141
Would you expect comets to follow the ecliptic? Explain.
Mar2-08 04:21 PM
2 1,826
Why do we have to observe ultraviolet radiation using rockets or satellites, where as balloons are sufficient for...
Feb28-08 07:25 PM
6 2,527
I just picked up my first telescope today, a 12" dobsonian. We've had clouds for the last 2 weeks, but thank god...
May16-06 08:32 AM
2 1,360

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