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- Celestial objects, space, and the physical universe as a whole.
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
aandc, library, reference Sticky Thread Pinned: A&C reference library ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
Use this topic to post links to helpful/informative websites about astronomy & cosmology.
Jul3-14 06:29 PM
140 115,319
Hellfire requested that I post a list of classic papers that one could use for reference when trying to understand the...
Nov28-12 01:12 AM
17 45,745
Off course we should not take too seriously what we read in Sci Fi books. I've just been to lazy to do any research...
Dec11-07 08:37 AM
22 4,387
As I understand it we can use the principle of parallax to measure distances to objects within 400 light years from...
May27-07 01:46 AM
4 3,021
Hey hey! I'm doing a project on detecting very low electromagnetic frequencies and was curious if anyone new the...
Feb3-10 05:37 PM
6 1,508
I have done a little reading on relativistic jets coming out of black holes. No where could I find a hypothetical...
Nov5-13 09:48 PM
1 943
Hi everybody, I have a very quick question about surface brightness profiles for an edge-on galactic disk. I have...
Jun27-08 12:45 PM
1 3,098
Could someone explain the idea, method of how earth orbit was derived, in non-mathematical terms (well, some math is...
Feb5-10 01:43 AM
0 1,744
I have two questions concerning gravity that I have never found a definite answer to. The first: How is gravity...
Feb3-04 06:38 PM
3 2,183
I have read that inside a blackhole there is a point called "singularity", where all the laws of physics break down....
May10-11 01:12 PM
2 1,579
Moons revolve around planets. Planets revolve around stars. The entire solar system moves in a circular path within...
May14-11 08:47 AM
5 3,374
I was wondering if we were to take two blackholes, with their event horizons touching each others, what would happen?...
Jun10-11 07:48 AM
50 13,156
Blackholes suck everything inside them. I was wondering if there is anything opposite of a blackhole. I've heard that...
May15-11 03:42 PM
6 2,868
There is a jetstream of particles (mostly electrons and photons) coming out of the blackhole. But nothing escapes from...
Jul15-11 08:12 PM
12 3,332
In science books I always have read that supper massive blackholes explode in a supernova once they run out of fuel....
Jun25-11 03:24 PM
6 2,029
Like the earth, do other planets have magnetism?
May6-08 12:25 AM
10 3,005
Hi, my knowledge in astronomy is very little. So pardon me if my thinking becomes stupid. All the galaxies are moving...
Dec5-09 01:11 AM
9 1,374
I'm a writer working on my first novel. The genre is science fiction and I'm trying to keep the science part of it as...
Mar23-08 10:35 PM
1 1,118
Was wondering: In Hawkins's " Univers in a nutshell" book, he talks about the behavior ov virtual particule pairs...
Mar10-10 04:00 PM
10 2,314
Hey ! So we found some of that dark matter, :rofl: woohoo ! But honnestly, I thought their had been a misprint on...
Feb7-05 11:42 AM
10 1,417
Has anyone found a copy of the 30 Habitable Star System that astrobiologist Maggie Turnbull published ? I found tons...
Feb13-05 11:40 AM
1 1,809
I an trying to calculate the temperature of a hypotethical planet orbiting the CHARA star at a distance of 1 AU. Now...
Feb13-05 08:59 AM
7 1,763
What do my more knowledgable colleagues think of the discovery of GCRT J1745-3009, a radio wave emiting astronomical...
Mar4-05 12:11 PM
0 966
What would a white dwarf be like after a long enough time that it had cooled to 70 degrees F and emitted no visible...
Sep17-07 10:55 AM
3 2,280
If a black hole will always rip you apart through tidal effects as you approach it, what are the limits on what can be...
Jan11-08 04:36 PM
1 2,491
If you could be there to have a look, what would their color be? How transparent would they be? What would the waves...
Mar4-08 04:16 PM
2 1,598
i've seen many documentaries. most recently nova had one on the expanding universe which prompted me to send them...
May15-11 07:30 AM
4 1,857
Earth’s interior is much hotter than the surrounding environment (i.e., empty space) so there must be a tendency of...
Mar17-09 09:52 AM
20 5,156
Hubble’s law tells us that the velocity of distant objects increases with distance as v = Hr. Does this mean that the...
May14-14 01:41 PM
2 706
Hey all, new to the forum. Had a tough question that I was trying to work out about an orbiting pulsar and the...
Nov3-13 06:38 PM
1 868
I am really interested what are quasars and how do they work.
Apr16-13 11:08 PM
5 1,063
I do have a question that bothers me for some days now. I'm not too sure how qualified it is, but my mind needs to be...
Apr11-10 02:21 PM
4 909 This is pretty suprising to me and I dont...
Jul27-08 09:32 AM
2 1,574
Hello, I am trying to get into amateur astronomy but first I have to understand the sky. Because of the tilt of the...
Feb19-14 02:47 AM
8 1,542
If energy can neither be created or destroyed, why is there supposedly a "heat death" or any sort of death to the...
Apr22-04 05:04 PM
4 1,656
Could Sedna be a trapped rogue planet due to the nature of its distant and highly eccentric orbit? Could a trip to...
Sep3-04 09:57 PM
5 1,901
Is our angular momentum altering our gravitational attraction to the earth so that if the rotation of the Earth was...
Aug12-04 05:34 PM
8 4,324
in some photos, mixed among the red white and blue stars, are green stars. Any idea what causes this?
Oct17-04 11:12 PM
15 3,618
Io is apparently sending dust out from its volcanoes into interplanetary space at great speeds. ...
Sep14-04 05:11 PM
0 1,327 At the above link, it appears there is a high...
Sep27-04 07:43 PM
6 3,883
I hear that the moon is steadily moving away from the earth. Is it due to the suns gravity? Will it eventually go...
Apr6-05 05:04 PM
1 1,192
Does anybody know if it is even possible for a planetary moon to have a moon of its own orbiting it?
Mar23-06 12:48 AM
4 1,859

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