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- Celestial objects, space, and the physical universe as a whole.
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
aandc, library, reference Sticky Thread Pinned: A&C reference library ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
Use this topic to post links to helpful/informative websites about astronomy & cosmology.
Jul3-14 06:29 PM
140 115,168
Hellfire requested that I post a list of classic papers that one could use for reference when trying to understand the...
Nov28-12 01:12 AM
17 45,680
Can anyone help please, MC22 is a very bright source, radiating at L=10^31W. However, no rapid periodic pulsations...
Jul11-10 04:14 AM
2 952
I am currently doing a bit of research into the history of our understanding of the solar magnetic field. It is quite...
Mar24-12 03:41 AM
1 1,431
What could we learn if we found the second moment of mass for a taurus and use E = mc2 to find second moment of energy?
Aug15-14 04:28 AM
Simon Bridge
1 552
I am struggling to come to terms with the theory of inflation. The figures I've been presented with mean that the...
Sep17-04 08:40 PM
22 4,432
If all space is expanding, does this include the space between the Earth and the Sun and perhaps. the space between a...
Oct20-04 08:02 PM
11 1,816
Im trying to learn how to calculate orbits. Comet 17P Holmes e: 0.432668 q: 2.053207 Ascending Node: 326.8586...
May11-08 07:07 PM
10 2,447
Hello I have a question about calculations of orbits. Mostly my question is about Comet orbits and eccentricity and...
Apr18-08 12:13 AM
0 1,345
Can someone say a few words on Hubble's law as (if) it relates to QM?
May21-12 06:34 AM
2 1,049
Can anyone explain how to graph Right Ascension and Declination on a globe graph?
Jan30-08 02:32 PM
7 6,044
This question was recently on a test for our Astronomy Class. I was extremely confused by the question and the logic...
Jan29-08 01:00 PM
4 4,473
If we were to take the present Earth and set it into gravitational orbit around another star revolving at a rate of...
May23-06 12:51 PM
10 2,145
Hi, new here, my first post. Like many people here, I'm no astrophysist, but I have an active interest in our solar...
Dec27-07 02:59 AM
9 4,909
Hi, I have recently been reading that the currently favoured theory for the origin of the moon is that a Mars...
Jan15-11 07:40 PM
Vanadium 50
21 3,656
Just a light-hearted post. What are in your opinion, the freakiest things in our solar system. Here are my votes. ...
Jan8-08 04:36 PM
15 5,524
Hi, I'm not good enough to contribute answers yet, but I hope to entertain you with questions. Practically all...
Jan11-08 05:48 PM
12 4,006
Hi, Judging by the questions and answers, there are obviously many talented physics and astrophysics professionals...
Oct8-10 07:55 AM
16 3,197
Hello all, for the past few weeks my friend and me have been working on a project involving simulation of orbital...
Mar1-07 09:12 AM
4 8,949
The costs are huge. However, is it possible not having a huge amount of money?
Feb6-08 01:32 PM
Abbas Sherif
3 2,457
What is the azimuth and altitude of the star vega because i am not sure I got the right star so could anyone help me?...
Sep22-08 01:29 PM
4 4,809
In a brief history of time it says theft 'according to the uncertainty principle rotating black holes should emit...
Jul29-12 05:26 AM
3 1,546
I saw this image when I was a kid. The photograph of Jupiter taken by NASA's Voyager. Beautiful. But nothing special...
Sep3-12 11:28 PM
3 1,506
Hello all, I am an amateur science fiction writer and have been doing some research on the theories behind...
May11-10 11:20 PM
5 1,904
So this has been really bugging me over the past few days (and forgive me if the answer is so simple). Let's say we're...
Jun12-14 01:45 PM
5 1,118
I'm trying to create a chronological timeline of the formation of solids in the solar system with examples of...
Sep8-14 05:59 PM
2 468
So I'm not huge when it comes to physics. In fact I only created and account in order to ask this question. I'm am...
May15-11 01:33 PM
4 3,335
We're covering flux/luminosity/magnitudes etc in Astrophysics module at the moment but I'm getting myself into a bit...
Feb24-09 05:01 PM
1 3,786
If an object is entering a black hole, it would be accelerating at a constant rate. If that object's matter was...
Oct26-07 07:36 PM
Chris Hillman
2 1,524
so if the point of infinite density is infintessimally small, then it is a point right? If so, then wouldn't it be a...
Nov17-07 11:55 PM
Chris Hillman
5 2,325
I've been reading some books on Galactic Structures and Galactic Evolutions, evidence from rotation curves of stars...
Dec1-03 07:50 AM
5 10,836
I had been working through ph237 Gravitational Waves through Kip Thorne's web site over the past year or so. It's been...
Jan20-08 12:49 PM
3 2,058
hi guys, i have an elementary question about the blackhole..recently i have read in a science magazine that even the...
May15-13 03:12 AM
3 897
hi fellas, I have been working on Chandrashekhar limit, and I found a mass-radius relationship for the nonrelativistic...
Jul15-14 01:08 AM
3 2,172
hi guys, i have a question on the celebration of islamic holy months. if Saudi arabia declares the biginning of...
Jul10-13 04:23 AM
2 1,642
hi guys, i have a question about the orbit-spin relationship of the celestial objects. for example in our solar system...
Sep7-13 12:00 AM
4 3,073
hi guys, I have been doing a research on white dwarf stars and chanrashekhar limit. I need to plot a graph for the...
Aug29-14 01:45 PM
Ken G
5 2,175
We know if the value of omega (the average mass of all matter int he universe was) was more than 1, the ultimate fate...
Nov7-05 04:31 PM
cosmic time
3 1,374
Considering a infinite unbound universe in 4 spatial dimensions, could the cosmic expansion be explained if we...
Dec25-07 03:59 PM
9 2,263
Are there any estimates of the total aggregate mass of all the black holes in the universe? How does this compare...
Apr3-08 05:10 PM
5 2,463
Im sure everyone has heard about the astroid with the slight chance of hitting earth in 2035 once it makes its pass 6...
Nov18-09 04:21 PM
0 889
Since the earth and the sun have a common center of mass in which the sun has its "wobble" thing goin wouldn't that be...
Mar22-10 05:14 AM
9 1,518

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