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- Celestial objects, space, and the physical universe as a whole.
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
aandc, library, reference Sticky Thread Pinned: A&C reference library ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
Use this topic to post links to helpful/informative websites about astronomy & cosmology.
Jul3-14 06:29 PM
140 110,462
Hellfire requested that I post a list of classic papers that one could use for reference when trying to understand the...
Nov28-12 01:12 AM
17 44,225
Might ancient mid-latitude Mar's ice be covalently bonded? Would 1-2 billion year old ice have much greater density...
Jun7-10 01:16 PM
brother time
1 1,055
Jet propelled Black Holes by ion engine? Might asymmetry of jets for BH, together with Newton’s Third Law, result in...
Jun13-11 07:23 PM
5 1,405
How far away can the oxygen signature in our atmosphere be detected? Indicative of photosynthesis. How far away can...
Sep5-11 12:54 AM
6 2,250
How far away is the Oort comet cloud? 1000 AU or 10,000 AU? c=10^10 cm/sec. for 10^8 sec/yr., gives 10^18 cm/lyr....
Nov26-11 09:21 AM
4 4,655
Hi all, I am nearing the start of my final year at university and part of that year is a large research project on...
Jun13-14 10:37 AM
4 1,541
Hi all, For my second year project at university, I have collected and analysed 21cm data of the Milky Way (MW). I...
Mar19-14 09:19 AM
0 580
if u were at the center of a black hole which way would the gravity pull u. if it pulled u at all. what do u guys...
Jun20-09 07:48 AM
33 11,430
if light cannot escape a black hole then how do they emit stuff called hawking radiation.
Aug3-09 05:35 PM
7 1,693
Assuming that none of the energy in the universe was being converted into mass and vice versa , could the mass...
May16-10 09:53 PM
19 2,963
Lets say i had a black hole out in space , and then i had another black hole made out of anti-matter , and they came...
Jul16-10 10:58 AM
6 1,108
If a current loop does not radiate EM waves, then why does a pulsar? If the charge is evenly spread through the...
Dec19-11 10:46 PM
1 1,184
I'm trying to estimate the ratio of the flux of sunlight to moonlight (at full moon). What I'm interested in is if I'm...
Apr17-07 07:55 PM
2 2,539
Does all (i.e. 100%) of the energy generated in the Sun's core via nuclear fusion eventually escape out into space (as...
Jun13-11 09:19 AM
7 2,912
Hi, Recently started with astronomy with a basic 5 inch reflector, not motorised but interesting initial...
Nov16-12 05:48 AM
32 3,933
hey folks, i was wondering if anyone could give me help on a wee problem i have. using a distance of a star of...
May31-12 08:52 AM
8 1,903
hey, thought i would throw this problem out there.... if you have the luminosity of a red supergiant 400,000...
Jun1-12 05:56 AM
4 1,413
Hi guys, i'm not sure if this topic fits here, but can anyone tell me about the origin of planets? Like how is our...
Nov6-09 10:03 PM
8 1,274
Hi guys, me again, with two questions. Just saw a documentation about supernova, when supernova happens, a huge amount...
Nov11-09 10:58 AM
6 1,655
there was a singularity, what made it expand i so confused
Jan6-10 01:03 AM
9 3,619
Is there are 1:1 ratio of matter and energy in the universe?
Mar7-08 07:34 PM
2 1,037
i met a brilliant scientist about a year ago he invented one very very important item that saved millions of lives ...
Apr16-12 04:30 PM
2 1,068
this is my first post-is there such a thing as an opposite of a supernova and what is hydrostatic equilibrium ...
Apr19-12 03:13 PM
24 3,531
do most astronomers agree that there should have been a supernova visible from earth during this period but it wasnt...
Apr17-12 06:07 PM
4 1,151
it is such a wierd object mysterious almost spiritual
Apr17-12 06:09 PM
6 1,693
Would appreciate any comments
Apr30-12 09:38 PM
9 1,740
I'm still trying to locate a particular pulsar which had (in 1972) the original designation CP1133. :confused: ...
Nov10-04 09:38 PM
3 1,425
Can anyone confirm the earth's spin axis direction with respect to the AXIS of rotation of the galactic center? (in...
Aug8-10 01:22 AM
6 13,600
Hello, I'm a third year engineering physics student, and my team and I are trying to model how the rotation (V(r))...
Apr10-11 08:46 PM
4 1,705
Hello all, I've written a very simple nbody solver in c. Basically, I just went through an array of particles and...
Jun10-05 03:45 PM
12 1,779 That's the output of my home-made NBody solver. I'm wondering if it...
Aug27-05 12:13 PM
7 1,694
All the news and video reports said the Chelyabinsk meteor "exploded" but is that strictly accurate? To explode,...
Apr26-13 12:07 PM
4 2,101
I was thinking this exact same thing, glad to see other people have the same idea as me. ...
Aug16-05 06:20 PM
11 1,752
Can anybody explain to me how our telescopes are able to capture images/light from the early universe (just after the...
Nov13-05 08:48 AM
22 2,529
Anyone care to guess the size/diameter of the Universe? Somehow I think we live in a Universe with extra...
Nov11-05 01:27 AM
10 1,681
hey everyone i hope to find the answer to my troubles here :) basically i have written a gravity simulator, it...
Apr2-11 03:33 PM
7 2,623
Hi, I've come across a question that I can't seem to find an equation for anywhere, it seems to exists since I have...
Dec13-12 05:09 PM
2 1,145
If we are moving around the Sun at 18.5 miles/second, and Sun moves within the Milky Way at 155 miles/second, while...
Dec21-04 01:37 PM
3 1,050
I'm taking a course on cosmology, my first Astro course, and we are going over all the standard Friedman equation...
Feb14-05 07:32 PM
0 1,514
i have a little telescope of 70mm in diameter and 600mm focal length, its just good too see ...birds, but when i use...
Nov18-09 09:38 PM
1 1,488
Not sure what forum this question belongs in... so I'll post it here. I understand the concept of gravity warping...
Jul30-08 06:06 AM
4 1,467

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