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- Celestial objects, space, and the physical universe as a whole.
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
aandc, library, reference Sticky Thread Pinned: A&C reference library ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
Use this topic to post links to helpful/informative websites about astronomy & cosmology.
Jul3-14 06:29 PM
140 110,323
Hellfire requested that I post a list of classic papers that one could use for reference when trying to understand the...
Nov28-12 01:12 AM
17 44,187
What is the minimum distance between earth and mars in course of their rotation in orbits? I need the derivation and...
Aug15-12 07:20 AM
1 1,270
Does a black hole have a radius or is it zero? I dont mean the event horizon, but the matter that have been squized...
Jul19-07 11:11 AM
12 2,726
Hi all, Why is it that the planets in our solar system seem to orbit relatively in the same plane? ( or is it a...
Dec12-06 01:01 PM
9 1,553
This article on EarthSky mentions the possibility that a superstar, VFTS 682, might've been "ejected" from a nearby...
Jun17-11 09:49 PM
0 1,077
Hi, I'm an amateur cosmologist/physicist and I was hoping that someone more well-versed in these areas may be able to...
Apr25-03 10:45 AM
1 1,843
What do you think the Universe is? What is its purpose? What is life's role? More specific question: Does anyone buy...
May7-03 08:00 PM
3 981
How far from Rigel would we have to be to find a substellar temperature comparable to that of the Earth? I know...
Mar7-11 04:07 PM
1 1,013
Hi guys this is my first message Can we assume that every spiral galaxy has a massive black hole at the center? ...
Jun30-03 01:17 PM
9 2,259
I read that the radius of the universe is around 1.3x10^26 meters but I did not find how this size has been...
Jul8-12 01:43 AM
32 3,015
I could not find a thread about this (and I hope I don't start a duplicate one :smile:). I got a mail from a friend...
Jul26-14 05:12 AM
0 368
They say the universe is 14 or so billion years old. We can observe the early formation of the universe at this time,...
Dec18-07 06:58 AM
1 3,264
If it is indeed true that black holes (eventually) evaporate, then once they lose enough mass do they then return to...
Feb27-08 12:51 AM
2 1,878
I was just wondering. If you imagine that there will be created an very vast and heavy obejct somewhere in the...
Jun23-10 06:05 PM
17 2,933
I have recently been reading Moment of Creation by James Trefil, and I have stumbled upon the question, where has all...
Sep16-08 10:38 PM
3 2,358
Life on Mars? The question is not whether there is life on Mars, but whether life existed on Mars long ago.
Oct5-10 02:30 AM
14 3,334
How do scientists know that the Sun orbits the Milky Way? Is this something more ancient scientists knew or could have...
May17-08 04:17 PM
13 3,783
This could be a question of particle physics, but I just want to see how much we know about this force yet? Any...
Jul22-08 01:04 AM
13 3,095
Traversing our own galaxy is a lifelong quest for me and I am actually pondering it and long for it all the time,...
Jul20-08 03:31 PM
10 2,760
Hello, could someone point out to me 1) Ironclad evidence of correlated light curves - and I mean a correlation...
Sep20-11 10:37 AM
2 1,803
This is related to a HW post I made over in the HW forum. I am stuck trying to find a more detailed formula for the...
Oct23-10 02:11 PM
2 2,888
Since each planet and star has it's own gravity which causes smaller bodies to orbit around them. Will our sun have...
Oct29-07 01:24 PM
10 2,778
that if all electrons orbit atoms, and atoms in the form of moons orbit planets, and planets orbit stars, and stars...
Oct26-07 10:15 AM
3 1,817
Hi i am confused as to how to calculate the age of the universe with redshift say for example The age of the...
Mar31-05 04:30 AM
16 6,001
I am looking for pedagogical guides to fitting rotation curves with MOdified Newtonian Gravity. I want to study how to...
May1-14 02:17 AM
9 625
What does this statement mean: "Apparent magnitude of a star, X, is m." ? m_2 - m_1 = -2.5 log (B_2/B_1) ...
May21-14 02:35 PM
4 671
Hey everyone, I've been looking for a space flight simulator to play around with that simulates real physic, or at...
Jan23-13 01:38 PM
1 1,418
:yuck: ok, right now I'm working on a physics project :) satelite motion around earth...I managed to create a...
Jun6-04 02:29 PM
1 1,605
:eek: finally I managed to create a working version of my prog :) with the help of my friend, and physics...
Jun15-04 08:45 AM
5 2,059
what are libration points? how to calculate them ? what are the positions of all possible libration points for the...
Oct26-05 10:43 PM
2 1,877
is there technology to use nuclear fuel for space rockets? what could be the fastest and cheapest way to transport...
Nov15-05 08:58 AM
11 3,276
my question is about the availability of present technology is it possible to screw a nut & bolt very ,very...
Nov13-05 03:18 AM
12 1,556
space stations are to be protected from 1. galactic cosmic rays 2. solar flares 3. other harmful solar...
Nov8-05 01:58 PM
2 1,494
Hi all, Can we give an analogy for nucleus to sun and electrons to planets................... like this in...
Sep14-12 11:27 AM
5 2,480
Back in february, a meteor came down over Russia and exploded in midair. I can't help but compare this to the Tunguska...
Apr30-13 07:17 AM
2 1,754
Hello, I am new to this forum - and impressed with the posts. I have recently developed an addiction to astrophysics....
Sep9-08 12:41 PM
5 1,327
If the amount of hidden information inside a black hole, depends on the size of the hole, one would expect from...
Feb22-14 06:29 AM
5 846
hello everyone like the prevailing theory now on how our universe origin has taken is THE BIG BANG. BUT i am...
Jan31-14 02:28 AM
4 714
The Moon is close enough to Earth that it is tidally locked, however it is also slowly but steadily moving into a...
May20-13 03:34 PM
2 1,562
I have been fascinated by stars and Black holes for most of my life but one of the things I cant get a satisfactory...
May21-13 07:21 AM
5 2,454
My Son is in 5th Grade and currently his class is studying the solar system. he wanted to know why only Gas giants...
Mar28-14 06:46 AM
Damo ET
18 1,524

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