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- Celestial objects, space, and the physical universe as a whole.
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
aandc, library, reference Sticky Thread Pinned: A&C reference library ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
Use this topic to post links to helpful/informative websites about astronomy & cosmology.
Jul3-14 06:29 PM
140 115,324
Hellfire requested that I post a list of classic papers that one could use for reference when trying to understand the...
Nov28-12 01:12 AM
17 45,748
An interesting argument against the lunar-precession theory:
May18-05 12:44 AM
4 3,069
Are there sources of geothermal energy on the Moon? I imagine that there must be at least some nuclear decay that...
Jan18-09 03:47 PM
9 2,205
Hi there! I wonder if anyone could explain to me exactly how the optics of Luneburg lenses work? Are there any...
Apr20-12 01:45 PM
5 3,584
At long last, Lunokhod 1 has finally been found. But why was it lost in the first place?
May6-10 11:38 AM
16 3,322
I was wondering how the distribution of Lyman alpha absorbers (as seen in the "forest" of absorption lines of a quasar...
Oct24-09 03:36 PM
Jonathan Scott
0 903
What is the maximum wavelength of m101 seen from the Earth by eye?
Sep28-07 08:27 AM
2 2,227 This was the picturesque message beamed to the M13 cluster by the...
Dec4-04 11:39 PM
1 2,438
Hi, I am looking to do a study on the M67 cluster, and I would appreciate suggestions on books and articles on the...
Feb22-14 06:36 AM
3 823
It was thought to have a mass of about 3 billion sun. Now it's estimated mass is 6.4 billion suns. Background ...
Jun9-09 10:31 PM
3 2,612
I have been reading about Mach space in Dr. Brian Greene's recent book, "The Fabric of the Cosmos", and must admit I...
Nov14-04 05:32 PM
16 2,896
Hello, I would like to make my hobby time somewhat easier. I would be interrested in a Macsyma package for...
Dec7-07 02:42 PM
0 1,445
In a recent article: Our...
Sep14-12 04:12 AM
8 2,730
Has anyone found a copy of the 30 Habitable Star System that astrobiologist Maggie Turnbull published ? I found tons...
Feb13-05 11:40 AM
1 1,809
This is a question for the astronomers and other scientists that have knowledge of magnatars. I am conducting some...
May31-10 05:05 PM
6 2,211
Could anyone suggest an online-reference about the basics? I'm trying to figure out whether there would be such...
Mar28-12 04:57 AM
6 2,382
what is the feasibility of sustained fusion by employing magnetic confinement of plasma?
Dec28-13 09:14 PM
1 1,183
Assume the universe, after an eventful life doubling our current age, has coalesced all matter into pulsars each with...
Mar23-03 01:07 AM
Loren Booda
8 2,909
Magnetic diffusivity is a term that appears in the induction equation, when we deal with plasma fluids. It has units...
Jan12-10 05:06 AM
5 1,776
With modern telescopes we can see magnetic fields throughout the universe, in our solar system, in and around galaxies...
Jan26-12 03:12 PM
5 3,207
Chaisson and McMillan's Astronomy textbook gives the following explanation for the strong magnetic fields in neutron...
Dec14-06 11:43 AM
0 1,788
hay I need the following expression B^2V of a pulsar. B is the magnetic field and V is the volume. I can do...
Jul11-09 02:08 AM
0 1,179
What would happen to the magnetic field of Earth if the planet suddenly freezes?
Mar17-10 07:49 PM
Leonardo de N
6 2,276
How strong can the magnetic field of the Solar Wind be , (right after leaving the Sun)
Mar25-10 02:30 PM
0 1,105
Magnetic Field of the Sun will Flip I believe some time in November if I am not mistaken. It happens about once every...
Sep4-09 07:49 AM
8 5,146
Can anyone point me to some reference as to how magnetic fields are produced in the inter stella medium please.
Apr5-05 11:59 AM
5 1,053
The magnetic fields of several planets in our solar system are from what I've read caused by electric currents - does...
Dec20-07 01:08 AM
4 1,253
It is a known fact that neutron stars and pulsars, remnants of super nova explosions, have very strong magnetic...
Apr8-03 04:59 PM
6 3,009
Hello again PF, I've been doing some light reading on different magnetic fields of different gas giants, and what was...
Jul10-11 03:29 AM
1 1,611
Pardon this completely naive question. I am wondering why there are net magnetic fields on the Sun. Isn't there an...
Feb16-10 02:50 AM
Frame Dragger
3 1,197
A spacecraft whose bulk consists of magnetic fluid shaped by an internal magnetic field has several advantages over...
Apr1-03 11:16 AM
Loren Booda
16 3,978 Magnetic reconnection is the process whereby magnetic field...
Jan24-09 06:39 AM
8 2,625
What are the thoughts about using a magnetic sail propelled by a powerful alpha emitter (e.g. polonium)? Imagine a 1kg...
Mar1-14 10:19 AM
16 2,971
Magnetic fields are present in space. Doesn’t Ampere-Maxwell law state this is a consequence of currents or changing...
Jun3-11 01:53 PM
7 3,111
Like the earth, do other planets have magnetism?
May6-08 12:25 AM
10 3,005
Hi, I don't have a solid background in astrophysics. I need some help. Jupiter's magnetosphere is elongated by the...
Jan9-08 07:01 PM
3 4,500
Dear all, I'm new here and I'm sorry if my problem has already been discussed anywhere else. I have some problems...
Feb22-11 03:09 AM
0 1,586
I was asked in a problem to guess how Greek astronomers used 2 telescopes (and no CCDs) to determine that stars with...
Sep28-05 09:24 PM
4 1,024
I didn't realize there are different magnitude systems. I have been doing an experiment on CCD extragalactic...
Jan2-10 02:27 PM
1 1,150
Can anyone help me get my head around this one? A star with a parallax angle of pi = 10 millisecs and has apparant...
Mar10-08 07:40 PM
1 1,415
Straight forward questions that's been bugging me a little. Why do most stars lie on the main sequence whilst others...
May21-05 06:10 AM
7 2,845

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