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General Astronomy

- Celestial objects, space, and the physical universe as a whole. Astrophotography and amateur astronomy are welcome!
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aandc, library, reference Sticky Thread Pinned: A&C reference library ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
Use this topic to post links to helpful/informative websites about astronomy & cosmology.
Apr10-13 11:08 AM
139 88,928
Hi everyone Use this topic for posts about ongoing/upcoming stargazing events (e.g., comets, eclipses,...
Apr14-14 07:08 AM
282 104,533
astrophotography, photos Sticky Thread Pinned: Astrophotography photos ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
Looking for advice? Willing to share your expertise with other PF members? Brave enough to share & discuss your...
Dec12-13 08:47 PM
499 147,012
Hellfire requested that I post a list of classic papers that one could use for reference when trying to understand the...
Nov28-12 01:12 AM
17 38,584
We often have questions about what telescope an aspiring amateur astronomer should buy. The "correct" answer can be...
Apr9-14 07:52 AM
234 80,567
I have a bunch of spectral images of a star taken at various points in the earth's orbit. I have used IRAF to...
Mar4-11 06:00 PM
Ken G
1 2,383
Hello there! We know that in geocentric reference, Moon's trajectory is roughly a circle and moves at a mean...
Aug17-10 12:20 PM
1 2,426
Hello, in heliocentric coordinates the longitude of the earth on april 15, 2010 is 204.91... well I know that the...
May9-10 10:44 AM
18 6,727
Hi pf! I am working to better understand eclipsing binaries but to do so I need to understand a heliocentric Julian...
Sep16-13 03:37 PM
5 1,126
A 70 minute video overview of the NRC 2012 Decadal Strategy for Solar/Space physics is presented. Two years in the...
Aug27-12 11:36 AM
3 1,331
"New results from NASA's Interstellar Boundary Explorer (IBEX) reveal that the bow shock, widely accepted by...
Jun21-12 10:27 AM
7 1,772
Are there stars primarily composed of helium?
May24-03 10:02 PM
3 1,188
Stuck again with this "not so informational" astronomy book, and we need help with a question. What produced the...
Sep15-04 03:30 PM
7 3,109
Hello.. Can someone tell me what sources in the Universe produce anti-matter? Do black-holes, stars? stellar...
Jan26-10 02:53 PM
6 1,869
I gonna to study the quantum cosmology. who can give me some advice and supply some papers and books? Thanks.
Sep1-05 08:53 PM
6 1,457
Where, or how can I find out what the Orbital state vectors of all planets and possibly dwarf planets are at a certain...
Feb17-10 03:12 PM
1 1,587
Hello everyone.. I'm looking for a binocular to look at the stars.. I don't want a telescope, just a pair of...
Mar26-07 03:54 PM
MadScientist 1000
8 1,638
I looked, but I could not find an Aitoff projection of the constellations that is aligned with galaxial coordinates. ...
Mar25-06 10:41 AM
1 1,541
I've had a Meade DS 114 for a while. My kids dismantled it and apparently a piece is missing. The focuser tube is...
Aug6-08 09:17 AM
7 1,930
Hey, I'm trying to start learning about astronomy with my brother's old telescope and I need a little help in getting...
Feb18-13 12:28 PM
5 1,281
Hello, I have figured out the basics so far, but perhaps someone could help me figure out a bit more. I observed...
Sep21-12 11:59 PM
1 1,468
Can anyone tell me how to locate HST images? There is a picture of NGC7603 on this web site. ...
Jun28-04 10:54 PM
Nommos Prime (Dogon)
5 1,574
ok i am curently in WAS(wa arowspace scolars) im a bad speller but i could care less also im new hear. i know what the...
Jan8-08 07:05 PM
8 2,034
I want to check circumpolar stars for the observer whose latitude is 26 degree 28 minute 12 second North (My office)....
Oct4-11 01:18 PM
3 2,609
Can someone please help me with this? Epoch J2000.0 refers coordinate systems to the mean equinox and mean ecliptic...
Mar31-11 06:09 AM
4 2,223
I am writing a program which simulates the evolution of stars for my A2 computing project, and need help understanding...
Jan12-11 07:02 AM
5 1,839
Hi all I am a bit of a newb. could someone answer my simpleton questions for me. when in space under zero gravity,...
Mar19-10 01:00 PM
4 1,289
The TRACE website has a solar image that is described as, quoting from the text associated with the image, "This is a...
Nov17-12 01:03 PM
1 1,187
Hi all I just got my girlfriend a Orion SpaceProbe 130 EQ Reflector Telescope with 900 mm full lengh it came with...
Apr9-09 08:08 PM
4 1,194
Can someone help me understand some homework questions? I'm stuck on these last 5 out of 30. The star Pegasi (RA =...
Mar17-08 07:32 PM
1 1,025
What is the field of view of a single Chandra X-ray Observatory ACIS CCD chip and how many times could a single CCD...
Aug30-10 04:04 PM
1 1,166
I'm really stuck with this last not quite sure where to start...any help would be greatly appreciated!...
Nov12-10 03:33 PM
2 3,679
I've got a lab. And the deal is, you're measuring certain things on various galaxies and eventually calculating the...
Apr28-09 04:17 PM
1 2,224
Hi. Thanks for your help. I have a Bushnell Mak Cassegrain 100mm telescope. I can focus Saturn in pretty clearly,...
Mar29-09 12:51 AM
3 1,367
If the nuclear fusion reaction of converting 4 H ! He occurs at an efficiency of 0.7%, and that mass is converted...
Nov7-08 10:51 PM
6 4,796
I an trying to calculate the temperature of a hypotethical planet orbiting the CHARA star at a distance of 1 AU. Now...
Feb13-05 08:59 AM
7 1,716
Hi all, I was hoping for a little advice and some insight on these pictures I took. Here is the first...
Apr18-07 01:28 AM
1 1,950
On the NASA website it says that I need to consider the following: "MAX ELEV - APPROACH ...
Apr27-11 08:05 AM
9 2,731
It fell halfway over, denting my metal garbage can lid. The finderscope came off but I could easily reattach it. I...
Apr10-09 11:37 AM
8 2,475
In my environmental science class, someone brought up this theory that was being looked at. The general idea was that...
Dec15-07 05:48 AM
9 1,554
What is the azimuth and altitude of the star vega because i am not sure I got the right star so could anyone help me?...
Sep22-08 01:29 PM
4 4,606
I'm doing a presentation in this topic and I find it very hard to look for information on the web. Please, point me to...
Aug28-05 03:49 AM
1 2,328
My local high school has a telescope that has sat unused for at least a decade. I play poker with the principal and...
Jul19-13 01:23 AM
5 1,580 is taking bold predictions and allowing people to place bets (long term only!) about our futures in...
Sep15-04 07:33 PM
1 3,209
Here's a picture of it I found this very...
Nov12-08 05:09 PM
4 2,025

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