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Astronomy & Astrophysics

- Celestial objects, space, and the physical universe as a whole.
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
aandc, library, reference Sticky Thread Pinned: A&C reference library ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
Use this topic to post links to helpful/informative websites about astronomy & cosmology.
Jul3-14 06:29 PM
140 114,326
Hellfire requested that I post a list of classic papers that one could use for reference when trying to understand the...
Nov28-12 01:12 AM
17 45,320
Solid hydrogen and astrophysic I then did a search for “ionization” and found dozens of references in astrophysic....
Feb22-08 09:54 PM
2 2,606
How can photons be particles if they have no mass? Are they just a concept so that light can be rationalized, or do...
Jan29-06 08:23 PM
7 2,604 Magnetic reconnection is the process whereby magnetic field...
Jan24-09 06:39 AM
8 2,604
I know that looking back in space is looking back in time. I also know that seeing the Big Bang should be beyond us in...
Dec8-03 10:03 AM
24 2,603
How fast is the universe expanding? I have heard it is near light speed. If this is the case does it throw a monkey...
Sep7-04 03:36 PM
20 2,603
I teach a semester-long Astronomy elective for juniors and seniors at an independent college preparatory high school. ...
Mar16-11 11:27 PM
0 2,603
can someone help me - i am new to forum. i do not have a physics background - medical doctor. i have been looking on...
May9-13 02:51 AM
29 2,603
I'm only talking about galaxies far enough away where the only significant motion between us and them is caused by the...
Jan15-11 07:56 PM
9 2,602
I am using the C library that comes with the book Astronomical Algorithms by Jean Meeus...
Aug5-14 08:00 AM
3 2,600
Thought experiment on a limit to the expansion of a Rotating Universe/Cosmos. Assumption: Let's say whether true or...
May9-10 10:56 AM
20 2,600
Why does the moon's orbit move from low in the sky to higher in the sky, then back? I have tried accessing information...
Sep22-11 02:05 PM
7 2,600
I have been trying to determine the change in angle required for a telescope due to the aberration of starlight when...
Oct2-05 01:15 AM
6 2,599
I completely understand the effects of parallax as well as perspective...intuitively; but I can't seem to explain them...
Sep23-11 10:09 PM
2 2,599
dear sir the charge on clouds and ground can be different and this causes lightning due rain only. i want...
Jun25-14 09:48 PM
Simon Bridge
3 2,599
Many people who believe the Earth is 6,000 years old, claim that Saturn's rings would fall onto the planet or lump...
May25-04 09:07 AM
7 2,597
I had a question, I was reading Stephen Hawhings book on the universe and black holes. I came on to a segment which I...
Jul16-04 11:11 AM
4 2,597
Can someone explain to me how a neutron star (I'm assuming that it has no charge even on the microscopic level) can...
Aug2-04 08:35 PM
2 2,597
Ok i heard that the temperature of space was like 2.6K or something. I thought space was a vacuum and a big ol void of...
Apr19-05 07:57 PM
28 2,597
The Solar System is traveling around 155 miles a Second around the Milky way Galaxy. There are 31,556,926 seconds...
Jul11-06 09:43 AM
10 2,597
It was thought to have a mass of about 3 billion sun. Now it's estimated mass is 6.4 billion suns. Background ...
Jun9-09 10:31 PM
3 2,597
Well, I've commented on others' questions on a number of occasions, but something just occurred which has thrown me...
Jun19-12 03:12 AM
15 2,597
we just had a couple of threads start about the effect of gravity on light----Jakrabb started "hubble and doppler" in...
Jun22-03 08:33 PM
1 2,596
Hi, I have sort of a problem: I have a routine to calculate the geometric place ( the state vector ) of the bodies...
Oct18-04 05:01 AM
3 2,596
Hi guys, I'm not to great at physics and all but I want to learn more. I hope you guys can help me in that...
May20-07 09:32 AM
6 2,596
From Olbers' paradox, the night sky is dark because the universe is finite in age, so some stars' light hasn't had...
Dec7-08 11:05 PM
14 2,596
Why doesn't dark matter fall into black holes ? Assuming it doesn't of course. If it did then surely huge amounts...
Feb17-11 04:01 PM
4 2,596
The "10th Planet" is locked in resonance with Neptune. 2003 UB313 is in a 17:5 resonance with Neptune. I've never...
Aug13-05 09:51 PM
3 2,595
Is it possible for a galaxy too fall back into its self?(even if they don't) What would happen? :grumpy:
Sep6-05 05:20 AM
3 2,595
I'm working on trying to determine a formula that can model the density of the sun. density: \rho = m/v the...
Jul27-10 11:55 PM
4 2,595
Which of them larger? The gravity of the earth to the moon or the gravity of the sun to the moon?
Jul17-13 11:13 PM
11 2,595
If somehow a supernova will be redirected to 30, 45, 60, 80, 90 degrees cone, would the blast received be powerful...
Jul7-11 04:56 AM
6 2,594
Sources. Here, Here, and for you forum nazi's Here. :p (just to point out thats a smiley with a tongue out,...
Feb10-12 09:56 PM
15 2,594
Which of these comes closest to how you picture the expansion of space? As an explosion from a central point with...
Aug3-03 05:59 PM
19 2,593
When I think about an expanding and contracting universe I wonder if the eventual integration of black holes is the...
Aug19-04 05:00 PM
13 2,593
If there is supposedly a super massive black hole in the center of each galaxy, wouldn't that eat all the light given...
Dec16-12 10:14 PM
8 2,593
If the exploding star that caused the gamma ray burst on Wednesday had occurred as close to us as Alpha Centauri what...
Mar26-08 01:18 PM
12 2,592
Just a question that randomly occurred to me, why is it or is it not possible? What is necessary to make warp drives...
Apr22-09 11:31 PM
9 2,592
1/2/2012 One new NASA spacecraft is orbiting the moon, another aproaching, to study moon structure via its gravity. ...
Jan12-12 09:38 AM
9 2,592
I was wondering, why is it that the planets orbit in elipses? I find it strange that it's path would be eliptical, is...
Apr26-09 02:13 PM
27 2,591
Hi, for all of you we´ve made new user-friendly interactive 3D model of solar system and night sky with real-time...
Sep15-11 06:56 PM
9 2,591

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