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General Astronomy

- Celestial objects, space, and the physical universe as a whole. Astrophotography and amateur astronomy are welcome!
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astrophotography, photos Sticky Thread Pinned: Astrophotography photos ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
Looking for advice? Willing to share your expertise with other PF members? Brave enough to share & discuss your...
Dec12-13 08:47 PM
499 146,938
Hi everyone Use this topic for posts about ongoing/upcoming stargazing events (e.g., comets, eclipses,...
Apr14-14 07:08 AM
282 104,469
aandc, library, reference Sticky Thread Pinned: A&C reference library ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
Use this topic to post links to helpful/informative websites about astronomy & cosmology.
Apr10-13 11:08 AM
139 88,867
We often have questions about what telescope an aspiring amateur astronomer should buy. The "correct" answer can be...
Apr9-14 07:52 AM
234 80,470
Hellfire requested that I post a list of classic papers that one could use for reference when trying to understand the...
Nov28-12 01:12 AM
17 38,564
I bought a cool new watch with a Planisphere face. Click to see it All along the outer ring of the watch face it has...
Feb4-04 10:15 AM
ray b
5 1,826
How do you know where the Longitude of the Sun begins?
Oct17-08 09:40 AM
10 1,826
Hello everyone. It is exciting to discover your forum here. I am hoping someone might be able to point me in the...
Dec4-12 11:00 PM
9 1,826
What is new with SETI? What is new with SETI? The last I heard was that the SETI@Home project is now bundled with...
Sep22-09 08:03 PM
9 1,825
NASA have definitelly chosen the primary mirror for the JWST. It will be a berylium-based mirror. The JWST will be...
May25-07 12:35 PM
14 1,824
Okay, Looking at pictures of other galaxies - and representations of our own - each spiral arm seems surrounded in...
Jan17-06 05:00 PM
8 1,824
First off, love the site and I use it all the time to get my mind working and I really appreciate everyone who puts...
Nov12-09 09:25 AM
3 1,824
Am I correct here. Wanning crecent would a thin sliver of a Moon visible in the early morning, just before...
Oct18-10 09:00 PM
4 1,824
Hi, I'm looking for papers and general or specific information about the topic Astronomy in UV and X-ray Spectrum....
Apr13-11 05:04 PM
1 1,824
Hey, I am really interested in cosmology especially the acceerating vs. decelerating universe debate and I was...
Nov30-04 07:16 AM
7 1,823
Hi, Could some body please explain me how to identfy the size of simulation box in cosmological n-body simulation...
Nov7-04 10:38 PM
2 1,823
What would happen if the universe expanded to the point that it became a universal Boze Einstein condensate? Is it...
May19-05 01:51 AM
0 1,823
what are libration points? how to calculate them ? what are the positions of all possible libration points for the...
Oct26-05 10:43 PM
2 1,823
My english teacher (we talk about everything in english class) said that the universe, without a doubt, would continue...
Mar1-04 12:00 PM
9 1,822
I chose "other". I used to edge towards a tolraoid, but I'm not so sure. But I do have an idea. If some day we...
Apr17-04 02:56 PM
7 1,822 Neutron Stars at the Crossroads of Fundamental Physics ...
May22-05 09:41 AM
13 1,822
In honor of the first day of autumn, I've been playing with spherical trig for recreation, and I made a spreadsheet to...
Sep23-11 03:37 PM
4 1,822
i am doing a project on neptune. a main constituent of this project is deciding what you want to investigate...
May3-05 05:35 PM
7 1,821
I was wondering... Why doesn't Gravitational Lensing ever create a ring when bending light from an obstructed star?...
Nov14-05 12:46 PM
13 1,821
Hi, i'm in an astrophysics lab course - and the CCD image processing software on the physics department computers are...
Nov4-08 11:03 PM
2 1,821
Hello everyone, I was thinking about the Doppler shift of light and I had a disturbing thought. It seems that...
Apr9-03 12:43 PM
8 1,820
The whole business of dark energy or cosmological constant or quintessence is novel, unfamiliar, and nebulous....
Feb25-04 02:03 PM
1 1,819
If I know the diameter of a galaxy in the sky is 150 arcseconds, how do I find the angular diameter?
May30-11 07:14 AM
2 1,819
I need to convert the intensity, 130 counts per pixel into magnitudes per sq arc second. I have been given the radius...
Jan9-10 11:20 PM
1 1,818
Hi, I have a few questions about telescopes; (But a quick disclaimer: I know almost nothing about telescopes or...
Apr29-13 05:42 AM
9 1,817
I have been thinking about this for a while. Most theories don't make a lot of sense to me. What makes sense is that...
Mar11-07 09:02 PM
10 1,816
Hi, I recently read about the exciting research and progress being made with lenses made from negative refractive...
Dec19-07 11:51 AM
1 1,816
Would people on the north pole see a totally different set of stars than people standing on the south pole..? Would...
Aug18-12 07:44 AM
10 1,816
Jun21-03 06:58 AM
4 1,815
Hai We say all forces can be explained as the exchange of particles. Thus gravity as the exchange of...
Jan2-04 05:04 PM
2 1,815
We continue reaching further and further back in time by observing galaxies that were born during the early part of...
Mar25-10 01:01 PM
8 1,815
When earth is between sun and moon,we have full moon. But I can not really understand that. How light of sun reach at...
Dec24-13 12:43 PM
22 1,815
Greetings. According to my Geology textbook (it is about astronomy, i wonder why we have this in the Geology...
Sep28-03 07:35 AM
4 1,814
What exactly is Pluto? It says "Pluto is the only known planet which cannot be placed in the terrestrial versus...
May23-05 10:02 PM
10 1,814
I have spent many hours today trying to determine at what distances certain substances will condense in protoplanetary...
Feb25-12 03:59 PM
2 1,814
It's used to remember the order from brightest (hottest) stars to the dimmest (coldest stars). I remember that it...
Aug19-05 12:49 AM
5 1,813
How do high red shift galaxies differ from low red shift galaxies? Dow e see significant differences? if so what ?
Apr10-11 11:12 PM
2 1,813
Voyager discovers magnetic bubbles or a magnetic foam at the edge of the heliosheath. ...
Jun11-11 09:02 AM
2 1,813
I've been searching all over the place, and I cannot find any data showing the error bars of orbital periods of...
Feb19-12 01:55 PM
0 1,813
I was hoping someone would give some advice on the development of this entry on calculating the heat received by newly...
Apr28-11 11:14 PM
1 1,812

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