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- Celestial objects, space, and the physical universe as a whole.
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
aandc, library, reference Sticky Thread Pinned: A&C reference library ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
Use this topic to post links to helpful/informative websites about astronomy & cosmology.
Jul3-14 06:29 PM
140 115,116
Hellfire requested that I post a list of classic papers that one could use for reference when trying to understand the...
Nov28-12 01:12 AM
17 45,661
I have a few questions regarding these phenomena. 1. I don't quite understand what is going on in the picture. ...
Jun7-12 05:59 PM
21 7,989
Just looking for some books that includes topics like evolution of stars, pulsar and quasar and the solar system.
Jun2-12 04:03 PM
1 1,348
Hi, I've got a problem here, that I'd like to discuss before trying to implement any sort of solution. Basically...
Jun4-12 12:29 PM
9 4,369
First thread for me. Quick question. If photons mediate electromagnetic forces, and all photons are trapped inside...
Jun5-12 10:08 PM
9 4,892
Today i watched Discovery about the fate of the universe. One of the presenters said that finally all the energies...
Jun1-12 05:55 AM
12 3,821
Hello everybody. I am searching for an explanation about the beamed emission of pulsars, either in radio and in...
Jun6-12 11:20 AM
11 1,958
Hey, So i just read 2 articles, the first talked about the mathematical problem of 'packing', IE how many smaller...
Jun6-12 03:56 PM
15 3,448
Well, I just made my first light curve of a transiting exoplanet, TRES-3B, the graph is here. It's my first time ever...
Jun1-12 02:15 PM
10 2,255 Why would we assume matter is spread homogeneously...
May31-12 06:51 AM
18 2,789
I have my answer of the doppler shifting as 2.5 meaning redshift, but what does this mean, 2.5 what? if its 2.5...
Jun1-12 09:18 AM
8 1,700
Now my teacher told me that i and a few classmates that we have to make a project about the law of gravity aplying to...
May31-12 02:00 PM
13 1,530
hey folks, i was wondering if anyone could give me help on a wee problem i have. using a distance of a star of...
May31-12 08:52 AM
8 1,977
Dear Physics/Astronomy Forum Folks: I have been recently reading, studying about an interesting feature of the...
Jun8-12 04:03 PM
2 3,690
This paper marks a targeted attempt to detect SETI signals in the Gliese 581 system. The First Very Long Baseline...
Jun7-12 09:22 AM
6 1,844
hey, thought i would throw this problem out there.... if you have the luminosity of a red supergiant 400,000...
Jun1-12 05:56 AM
4 1,454
A HST team measure the sideways motion of Andromeda so they can be definite about the collision. Here is a movie....
Jun2-12 12:46 AM
1 1,893
It is said in the literature, I believe, one needs several nights of observations to calculate an orbit for, say,an...
Jun3-12 02:19 PM
3 1,520
Now, I've read that frame dragging will cause an effect likened to planetary gears, where the spinning source is the...
Jun2-12 03:23 AM
Jonathan Scott
1 1,054
In General Relativity gravity is described as being a consequence of spacetime geometry. In Quantum Mechanics the...
Jun5-12 05:18 AM
10 1,809
Hi, I'm building a solar system simulator, designing it to be as accurate as possible. Visualization is done...
Jun2-12 05:51 PM
0 1,075
the link is worth having a look at to illustrate the scale of our universe
Jun3-12 04:24 PM
2 1,283
If you were, say a person moving forward in space and threw something, would you still go backwards? I know that fuel...
Jun5-12 01:07 AM
e^(i Pi)+1=0
2 1,705
Hi everyone! I find my way here on google frequently when I get some idea and want an answer, but I haven't been able...
Jun4-12 07:36 AM
1 1,364
Hi, I'm a (very) amateur astrophysicist, and for the past couple of weeks I've been interested in creating a very...
Jun4-12 01:17 PM
0 828
Hi , I have two doubts about which I am quite confused. It would be great if I can get a decent answer for them. ...
Jun6-12 12:32 PM
5 1,447
I searched for "definition" and "planet" but found no thread which matched this purpose; if one already exists then it...
Jun5-12 03:30 AM
6 1,571
In my book, it is written that in an evolution of a star, specifically the sun, IT will run low on hydrogen fuel but...
Jun5-12 06:23 PM
1 1,210
Hi. Wikipedia says, that for the external observer, time stops at the event horizon. Is then, for the external...
Jun7-12 11:44 AM
7 1,900
photos here: next time, 2117...YOU won't be here to see it then!! ...
Jun8-12 07:58 AM
9 1,655
It's given in my book that from the width of spectral lines you can determine whether or not it is a main sequence...
Jun6-12 02:02 PM
1 1,282
The phone call came like a bolt out of the blue, so to speak, in January 2011. On the other end of the line was...
Jun6-12 11:42 PM
Ken G
2 1,253
I've been deep into this topic for a couple of days and it is becoming just more and more confusing. I am yet a...
Jun6-12 11:26 PM
2 1,381
Well, this topic is driving me crazy so any answers or replies should preferably be detailed and in an easy way.. My...
Jun7-12 06:41 PM
5 1,660
When we measure the angle that certain object subtends in the night sky, why do we commonly use angular size instead...
Jun7-12 04:17 PM
1 1,240
For a hypothetical system of a Sun and Earth (other planets absent), how can I compute analytically (or where can I...
Jun7-12 06:54 PM
6 1,435
This topic is quite confusing.. In the first place, how can we classify for example all O class stars would be having...
Jun8-12 03:48 PM
1 1,257
My simple question is how are panatery nebula formed.. Al what i know is that after helium fusion is over, some...
Jun8-12 01:57 AM
1 1,244
I'm just reading a book and it says: '' Humans are too small to be affected noticeably by the tides. The earth has...
Jun8-12 09:14 AM
3 1,675
Would it be possible to measure the radial velocity of stars with large exoplanets using amateur equipment?
Jun8-12 03:33 PM
1 1,126
hi i am looking at uni courses and i a a bit confused between the differences between; astrophysics, astronomy,...
Jun8-12 12:45 PM
2 2,252

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