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General Astronomy

- Celestial objects, space, and the physical universe as a whole. Astrophotography and amateur astronomy are welcome!
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Hi everyone Use this topic for posts about ongoing/upcoming stargazing events (e.g., comets, eclipses,...
Apr14-14 07:08 AM
282 104,748
aandc, library, reference Sticky Thread Pinned: A&C reference library ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
Use this topic to post links to helpful/informative websites about astronomy & cosmology.
Apr10-13 11:08 AM
139 89,132
astrophotography, photos Sticky Thread Pinned: Astrophotography photos ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
Looking for advice? Willing to share your expertise with other PF members? Brave enough to share & discuss your...
Dec12-13 08:47 PM
499 147,310
Hellfire requested that I post a list of classic papers that one could use for reference when trying to understand the...
Nov28-12 01:12 AM
17 38,661
We often have questions about what telescope an aspiring amateur astronomer should buy. The "correct" answer can be...
Apr9-14 07:52 AM
234 80,860
any body can explain why the circulation of the molten core inside a planet can produce magnetic field?
Sep6-05 08:43 AM
28 2,530
We have had several threads in recent months asking if life should be common or rare in our universe, and if...
Sep2-05 06:26 PM
57 4,548
Ok well I have a meade 2114 atts relfector telescope and it is great. I can see jupiter and all sorts of other...
Aug21-05 03:56 AM
3 1,239
I was reading on about our galaxy and it said that there is a bar of stars, mostly old and red, at the...
Aug25-05 07:56 AM
7 1,760
There is a theroy that universes "reporduce" through black holes, and that part of the criteria that requires this...
Aug20-05 12:07 AM
4 1,542
The famous astrophysicist and head of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, John Bahcall, has died. Here's a...
Aug22-05 03:01 AM
7 1,278
HI friends, What is Chandrashekhar limit? HOw is it calculated? Does it remain same for every star? What are...
Aug24-05 04:54 PM
16 4,685 No kidding. Would anybody here like to hazard a guess at...
Aug26-05 01:03 PM
42 7,723
In this question, "Solar energy reached the earth at the rate of about 1.4 kW per square meter of surface...
Aug26-05 11:45 PM
6 1,352
Hi, I'm currently doing some work with black holes and I need a powerful graphing tool. Are there any free,...
Aug24-05 09:30 AM
6 1,293
I just saw a light in the sky that I can't explain, and I was wondering if you could help at all. At approx 11:30...
Sep1-05 08:09 AM
18 1,957
I know why planets revolve around the sun. But why do they rotate on their axis?
Aug25-05 12:25 PM
3 2,931
This paper just came out this month On the large-angle anomalies of...
Aug25-05 05:04 AM
21 1,871 Title: The effects of Population III stars and variable IMF...
Aug25-05 04:40 AM
0 940 Authors: Michael J. West (University of Hawaii) Comments: Invited talk to...
Sep4-05 03:32 AM
7 1,165
I'm doing a presentation in this topic and I find it very hard to look for information on the web. Please, point me to...
Aug28-05 03:49 AM
1 2,331
I was wondering about this yesterday. Granted, it would not be as good as the other ones currently in operation (less...
Aug26-05 03:45 PM
2 1,430
Since Einstein showed that space and time are in fact entwined as a single entity spacetime, it makes me wonder if...
Aug29-05 12:09 AM
10 1,216
I live in a pretty well lighted neighborhood.Lately the entire neighborhoods power has been going out. It makes it...
Aug28-05 07:05 PM
3 1,266 I suggest that we rename these probes Energizer...
Aug26-05 11:58 PM
Ivan Seeking
0 1,149
A quick Google search reveals that 1 Parsec = 3.08568025 10^16 meters. I have read two different rephrasings of the...
Aug28-05 04:40 PM
3 2,246
According to the Raisin pudding theory all raisins (galaxies) are to be receding from one another, so why is it that...
Sep8-05 01:46 AM
20 2,941
Can someone explain the equation g/cm^3 in layman's term? I was reading up on this article on Saturn's moon Enceladus,...
Sep2-05 01:57 AM
2 1,434
According to Newton's law of action-reaction, wouldn't a finite (non-singular) universe at the onset of the big bang...
Sep1-05 05:03 AM
5 1,805
I gonna to study the quantum cosmology. who can give me some advice and supply some papers and books? Thanks.
Sep1-05 08:53 PM
6 1,458
How is the principle of the operation of radio telescope? I am interesting that how can radio telescope translate...
Sep3-05 04:45 AM
2 1,658
You know how the stars move as the night progresses. Well is it the declination that is varying with time? I don't...
Sep7-05 08:29 AM
big man
14 1,060 This paper offers a fairly natural explanation for the universality of...
Sep4-05 12:17 AM
2 1,999 Astounding to think the rovers only had a such a limited...
Sep4-05 03:24 PM
4 1,293
A read of the COBE and WMAP teams' papers on the methods they used to produce 'contamination-free' maps (or, to remove...
Sep7-05 06:50 AM
21 2,668
Detailed observations of distant Type 1a supernovae, by two independent teams, are what got astrophysicists and...
Sep4-05 01:15 AM
1 1,291
Is it drowning astronomy, there are so many papers on dark matter, dark energy, but i wonder if all this speculation...
Sep5-05 09:37 PM
3 1,514
Thanks for the help
Sep5-05 07:06 PM
1 1,220
I was in the country where it was dark and the sky was clear and beautiful, so I aimed my Canon Powershot A85 (a great...
Sep6-05 12:39 PM
4 3,110
Sep7-05 07:29 PM
3 1,908 Clustering of Primordial Black Holes: Basic Results Authors: James R....
Sep9-05 12:11 AM
7 1,271
I saw a star just yesterday night about southwest in the sky, and when viewed through my telescope it was flashing red...
Sep8-05 06:01 PM
6 1,576
What evidence is there that charges are singular, so that when collapsed they allow such entities as black holes or...
Sep8-05 10:45 PM
Loren Booda
0 922
hello, i'm amit from israel, and i'd love to be an activated member in your forum. my first question - are there...
Sep10-05 12:59 PM
1 921
Is Milky Way going towards it? :frown:
Sep11-05 12:42 AM
3 3,673

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