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- Celestial objects, space, and the physical universe as a whole.
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
aandc, library, reference Sticky Thread Pinned: A&C reference library ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
Use this topic to post links to helpful/informative websites about astronomy & cosmology.
Jul3-14 06:29 PM
140 114,063
Hellfire requested that I post a list of classic papers that one could use for reference when trying to understand the...
Nov28-12 01:12 AM
17 45,225
Given a planet of the same (relative) density as Earth, and a G-force on said planet of 1.916G, what is the procedure...
Jun11-12 02:33 PM
3 3,955
Hi I've been meaning to find a correction method for the true location of the sun so when I add the correction to the...
Jun12-12 11:57 AM
8 4,048
I have lost some very valuable information about a company which was building economical/affordable...
Jun10-12 07:56 PM
2 1,290
So, IIRC, the big deal about dark energy is that the universe appears to be expanding. How do we know the universe is...
Jun11-12 05:39 AM
27 2,951
Assuming that black holes do in fact evaporate via Hawking Radiation, how can an infalling observer ever get inside...
Jun11-12 03:04 PM
37 4,341
Dear Physics/Astronomy Forum Folks: I have been recently reading, studying about an interesting feature of the...
Jun8-12 04:03 PM
2 3,646
Is it possible to calculate the historical whereabouts of the asteroid belt, as it seems to be moving ever outward due...
Jun12-12 12:47 PM
11 1,726
It is closer to Sun than the distance between Sirius A and B. Yes I know that the Sun wound't expand so much to...
Jun17-12 02:55 AM
4 2,197
Hi everyone! Earlier today I was viewing the Venus transit with the astronomy club at my university and I decided to...
Jun8-12 11:02 PM
2 1,266
So, if my understanding of GRBs is correct, they are a collimated jet of material that produces a lot of gamma rays. ...
Jun8-12 11:28 PM
8 1,572
I'm trying to determine the length of time Pluto spends above/below the ecliptic. I've got these figures: ...
Jun9-12 11:22 AM
1 1,609
hey every one! according to what i've read white hole are assumed (in some theories) to be the 'exits' on the other...
Jun9-12 09:58 AM
16 1,919
Well, i just need help in this confusing part of a star's life. First of all, when the sun finishes the H-fuel at...
Jun12-12 07:49 PM
3 1,945
This topic is quite confusing.. In the first place, how can we classify for example all O class stars would be having...
Jun8-12 03:48 PM
1 1,248
Would it be possible to measure the radial velocity of stars with large exoplanets using amateur equipment?
Jun8-12 03:33 PM
1 1,112
Why are all stars not the same size? Given that the nuclear fusion within a star begins when the pressure/temperature...
Jun14-12 09:25 PM
6 1,769
I was thinking, when we see headlines about new galaxy found to be oldest yet, or furthest away.... is it possible...
Jun14-12 10:55 AM
Simon Bridge
13 2,042
I'm sure a lot of you have heard of the warp drive theory. I can't seem to find much on the bubble part, though. In...
Jun12-12 11:51 AM
7 2,118
hi, 1- if the universe total energy is zero, is this mean that the universe can come from (zero energy + zero...
Jun9-12 12:57 PM
2 1,538
Hi, I'm having some trouble reading in some data from a FITS file. The FITS file has visibility data for 256...
Jun11-12 08:27 AM
0 1,188
If there were a star which was almost, but not quite massive enough to become a black hole it seems as though...
Jun18-12 01:48 PM
19 2,548
There have been a few threads of late on the multiverse concept in cosmology, and whether it can be viewed as a...
Jun18-12 03:27 AM
Ken G
43 5,623
It has been observed that the earth's rotational period to be roughly 23 hours and 56 minutes.But the clocks we use...
Jun11-12 08:44 AM
1 1,728
In the hunt for antimatter galaxies, the tools that we are currently using look for gamma rays that would be emitted...
Jun17-12 11:56 PM
7 2,206
I know their is a theoretical answere to this or else the theory would have no traction... If a black hole emits a...
Jun12-12 12:02 PM
2 930
After reading "The Five Ages of the Universe" by Greg Laughlin and Fred Adams, I wondered, if all matter composed of...
Jun15-12 11:34 PM
7 3,177
If you were to concentrate enough of it in one place, could it generate an antigravity field, similar to the...
Jun12-12 07:59 PM
1 2,051
From my rather weak understanding of nuclear fusion in stars, four hydrogen atoms are combined into one helium atom....
Jun13-12 05:10 PM
6 2,051
The equation for cosmological redshift where z << 1 is is commonly given as z = λobs / λemit -1 What is the...
Jun14-12 07:53 AM
1 1,476
Hello all. My first post here (and most possibly last! Not a braniac here). I was talking with a friend about space...
Jun14-12 12:11 AM
Ken G
1 1,264
I'm hoping that some kind astronomer or astrophysicist here can tell me which physics law, or laws, (if any) mandate...
Jun15-12 11:19 AM
4 1,587
Well, i've seen in almost all sites and books that Red Giants are more luminous than the star itself... Particularly,...
Jun15-12 07:13 PM
4 2,053
In one of the standard candle methodologies, it is given in my book that by looking at the EM spectrum , we can know...
Jun16-12 01:37 AM
3 1,335
Usual supernova 6 billion times brighter then ancestor star. Pair-instability supernova 100 times brighter then...
Jun17-12 12:36 AM
2 1,163
To a close time, i settled my interpretation of expansion of the SUn... When the H=fuel in the core is over, the...
Jun17-12 02:35 AM
4 1,487
I'm new to this forum but... Is our universe a Spec or not? I hope it isn't can you guys provide proof? It has...
Jun17-12 03:46 PM
5 2,404
Well, I've commented on others' questions on a number of occasions, but something just occurred which has thrown me...
Jun19-12 03:12 AM
15 2,591
A9: Supernova Remnants Consider a supernova explosion in the outer 4M⊙ of a dying star, ejected at a speed of 5000...
Jun19-12 12:18 AM
3 1,345
Hello everyone. I am trying to calculate the focal points of the ellipse traced by a planet in orbit around a star,...
Jun19-12 01:09 PM
0 1,168
I hope I can make sense out of this question. Suppose I have an image of the sky and know on that image say the RA/Dec...
Jun19-12 09:47 PM
0 783

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