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Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:23 AM
1 33,263
Can anyone give me an outline on how the incompleteness theorem was proved and in general how you prove something...
Jun12-12 03:15 PM
0 743
can you explain why this happen? i can't understand thks in advance
Jun12-12 03:28 PM
8 1,212
I have a question; Let m have a prime factor p \equiv 1 (mod 4). Then Euler function \varphi(m) is divisible by 4. ...
Jun12-12 04:56 PM
6 1,150
If I had an uncountable number of sets, and each of these sets had an uncountable number of elements. Then I took the...
Jun13-12 12:29 AM
5 854
51^(-51) \equiv x (mod 8) . Does it mean anything at all? If it does what is x?
Jun13-12 07:29 AM
15 1,295
Hi Folks, Can anyone advise me on particular integrals (any relevant websites or vids)? In 'particular', I am...
Jun13-12 05:35 PM
8 2,048
In this text, I will ask a question about the power series expansion of exponential and logarithmic integrals. Now,...
Jun13-12 09:13 PM
1 1,143
Hi guys I am just wondering if there exists an alternate nth power function that doesn't involve any exponents. Thank...
Jun14-12 06:12 PM
14 1,836
theres a quadratic equation lx^2 + nx + n where its roots are in the ratio p:q .we need to prove that ...
Jun14-12 09:27 PM
4 1,667
I came across this in Griffith's E&M book and can't quite figure it out. After going through the vector product rules...
Jun15-12 07:23 AM
9 5,666
I am quite new to mathematica so hope this is a simple problem. I would like to plot the solution of a differential...
Jun15-12 09:15 AM
0 876
I have two triangles in 3d. I need to calculate transformation matrix(3X3) between two triangles in 3D. 1)How can I...
Jun15-12 08:16 PM
3 1,476
While we calculate cross product of two vectors let A and B we write ABsinθ. And while we calculate dot product of...
Jun16-12 01:20 AM
7 7,524
Hello! I am currently reviewing some basics on trigonometric identities and have noticed that nobody includes a...
Jun16-12 06:16 AM
0 712
Perhaps I should have already learned this, but I just can't seem to grasp why an angle is the ratio of two sides of a...
Jun16-12 11:28 AM
5 1,198
is there any formula to compute the gaps between primes which could be true to all prime numbers?..thanks..please help!
Jun16-12 11:50 PM
18 1,853
Hello, How would you discuss this system of equations by Gauss's method? ...
Jun17-12 09:56 AM
2 683
Is it possible to solve any equation if we use continued fractions? I've heard that polynomial equations could be...
Jun17-12 10:04 AM
0 894
f(x) = e^{x} f(-x) with f(x) > 0 Is there anything I can say about the general shape of this function (defined on...
Jun17-12 11:21 AM
3 929
Hi I was wondering if there is any way to simplify this expression or if it's already in its simplest form. Thank you...
Jun17-12 05:22 PM
10 1,389
hi, i was unfortunately unable to find any information about the order of operations in which to apply min and max....
Jun18-12 01:54 AM
5 1,046
We know that the rationals are dense in the reals. So between any 2 reals we can find a rational. It seems to me that...
Jun18-12 03:11 AM
4 1,157
Well, I am now trying to figure out a single variable expression for Sin. I have a couple ideas using some pieces of...
Jun18-12 08:31 AM
21 2,657
I don't see how a business owner would be interested in using inverse variation to drive his sales up. He must know...
Jun18-12 02:28 PM
0 776
Not sure where to post this, so thought in general maths would be as good a place to start as anywhere. My question...
Jun18-12 02:46 PM
0 804
So I have a dataset... I am trying to use lets say values in column 1 to determine which values I need to plot from...
Jun18-12 05:39 PM
1 775
(x+3)(x-4)(x-2)(x+1) = 24 Can we change it into a quadratic equation without multiplying the expressions under those...
Jun18-12 08:57 PM
2 664
I have been reading on Galerkins method of weighted residuals according to which an approximate solution to a...
Jun18-12 11:25 PM
5 1,408
This equation uniform silica particle by Aggregative growth model: I want solve this equation by Euler method by...
Jun19-12 05:11 AM
0 587
Consider a set of n numbers, and let their arithmetic mean be X. Suppose a new number Y, is added to the set. Prove...
Jun19-12 03:18 PM
2 900
Let f(x,y) = x^2 y - xy = x(x-1)y be a polynomial in k. I am looking for the singular subset of this function. ...
Jun19-12 03:25 PM
5 907
Just curious because it would really work into a few problems im doing
Jun19-12 08:21 PM
6 2,143
Hi, I am just starting to really get into math and I was wondering if there were any books for understanding math on a...
Jun19-12 11:00 PM
9 3,063
if I have square matrix A whose decimal elements a_{i,j} = \frac{v_i}{v_j} how do I find (or approximate) the vector...
Jun20-12 02:55 AM
1 500
Why in partial fractions does the power of the denominator have to be one more than that of the numerator, when...
Jun20-12 06:35 AM
1 853
I apologise for choosing not so related topic, but I could'n find better one. I will have to read some math...
Jun20-12 06:38 AM
3 789
How do we graph a quadratic equation in the form ax^2+bx+c =0?, or an equation like , f(x)(or y)= , where D = b^2 -...
Jun20-12 07:10 AM
4 871
How do we treat expressions under a sqaure root in inequalities ? Like for ex. x+4< Math.sqrt(-x^2-8x-12) (sorry,...
Jun20-12 11:02 AM
1 962
Are there any numbers in mathematics that are not complex numbers?
Jun20-12 12:54 PM
2 681
for example i have this : F={1,2,3,4,5} so F=1,2,3,4,5 but how to randomize the set ? i want to say F=5,3,4,2,1 or...
Jun20-12 01:53 PM
Number Nine
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