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Common math questions, quality answers.
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Test your skills. Math challenges will be posted at least once a week. Suggestions for problems are welcomed. Brought to you by Office_Shredder.
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Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:23 AM
1 33,166
I want to measure salt brines. I can measure specific gravity and degrees Fahrenheit. I need a formula that I can...
Sep5-08 06:47 AM
3 1,655
I'm a math/physics major, and I just finished my freshman year of college. I have almost 4 months off, so I decided...
May14-05 01:41 PM
7 3,345
I am able to use a variety of methods to check to see if a series converges, and I can do it well. However, it's not...
Dec4-11 09:08 PM
2 951
I have disocovered a formula for Pi(x) function in number theory...where could i send it? fact i thinks there was...
Jul6-03 08:33 AM
11 10,123
I am starting imaginary numbers in school and I wondered, what is x=ii
Jun25-03 04:40 PM
6 8,213
I should say that I've never really try to "prove" many math theorems from my own point of view. Usually, I will just...
Aug29-11 08:31 AM
1 932
So there are three guys fresh out of college who want to save money, so they decide to rent a room. The room costs 30...
Jan19-07 01:37 PM
7 1,485
I think there is some thing wrong in this exercise which I met by chance in a book of Calculus and analysis while...
Jan20-12 10:34 AM
4 1,192
I think it's my ignorance of not accepting that I can't do it, because I'm almost certain that it cannot be done, yet...
Dec26-09 10:50 AM
1 819
Hello, I know the stuff about how trisecting angles using only a compass and straightedge is impossible. So then...
Oct12-07 11:12 PM
5 1,532
21 is on, you know the old situation where you're given three choices, you make your choice, then one of the incorrect...
May15-11 10:58 PM
9 1,740
hey guys, I'm new here but whatever, who cares. ANYWAYS, I have this math question on hybrid functions. I...
Mar4-05 04:45 AM
12 1,481
Anyways I always thought this story was cute, but I was wondering how you would solve the math problem?...
Nov4-12 07:09 PM
2 938
I saw somewhere triple line integrals, 3 integrals with a circle(the symbol) , may you tell me exactly what are...
Aug29-09 04:52 PM
5 1,707
Okay, so... I'm not sure this is even the proper place to post this, but I do know this is the proper place to...
Nov22-12 12:48 PM
1 884
Hey! Can anybody help me with this???? I need to simply the following expression: (x^4 + x^2y^2 + y^4)/(x^2 -...
Jul3-06 09:27 PM
5 960
I know this is an old topic discused someway in my post before..but i would like to open a general topic about this...
Apr12-06 11:43 AM
matt grime
21 3,946
Hi all, For a project, I need to learn what quaternions are, and how they are used and manipulated. All I've had in...
Oct3-03 07:45 PM
6 1,547
Hi everyone. Let me start by saying that my math is quite rusty to say the least. I got through high school math...
Oct4-05 06:22 PM
4 1,406
Hello, as the title says anyone have suggestions for a good, easy to understand textbook for AP Calculus??? Thanks...
Jul4-06 08:08 PM
0 3,498
Hi, I just need a little help in getting some sums. Can anyone of you give me a site where I can find sums in Log...
Feb23-06 12:22 PM
5 994
I need some help with these two questions: tan2A=cot40(40degrees) and cosec^2x=1
Oct12-04 06:23 AM
8 1,332
At the 2:00 time mark of this video... ...there's as formula that we're...
Jan18-11 01:55 PM
53 1,643
Hi every body , I had alot of equations to solve yesterday becouse that i was preparing my self for my exam this...
Oct4-09 05:46 PM
3 723
Hi guys! I have the most irritating problem. :grumpy: I'm studying correspondence and need to submit assignments...
Mar7-06 01:54 AM
14 14,009
Can anybody give me the name of a few web sites that have all the mathamaticle sybols and terms as well as what those...
Feb23-05 12:15 AM
8 1,258
I invented a number system in 2008 and I've never shared it with the public I thought I might as well...I had my...
Dec24-11 07:25 AM
24 2,735
I am taking physics for the first time and I am taking it online which probably isnt the smartest way to go...but to...
Jul2-10 08:47 PM
4 1,498
1/a+h+9 - 1/a+9 divide by h This is a function and I suppose to calculate the value. But im stuck. Thanks for your...
Sep16-03 11:39 AM
7 2,205
Please, can you help me I need to help to find density for solid cube and cylinders ex.wood cube,wood cylinders,...
Sep16-03 07:15 PM
3 2,363
1. Given csc(-) = 1.4, what is one possible value of (-) in radians? 2. Solve for (-) in each equation. Give the...
Mar13-05 07:17 PM
8 1,193
I hope this isn't considered a Homework Question, I apologize if so. I saw a simular post for someone but 1, it...
Feb20-11 04:57 PM
14 2,006
Can someone please show me the steps in calculating the indefinite integrals of: SinCosCos and e^(Sqrt) Please...
Apr2-05 03:17 PM
5 702
This is isnt homework but it is a problem I dont have the training to solve. Im an air traffic controller. We have...
Jul22-11 12:59 PM
17 1,641
This is my first post here so I hope I put it in the proper place. Here's the basic info on the question. ...
Nov28-07 06:11 AM
1 1,565
let * be either + or - ( you can use both of them) then let 1*2*3*4*..............*2004*2005*2006 The question...
Mar19-07 09:27 AM
6 1,080
hi guys it's me you helped me last time in my bonus problem(thank's for that) i need help again naw please it's a hard...
May24-08 06:08 AM
9 1,335
I have another stupid algebra story problem that is really hard for me and might be easy for others. If you come up...
Oct21-04 05:10 PM
The Bob
13 1,133
I am in 7th grade algebra and I DONT get this problem at all: That 'Math Teacher Dinner' is in December, but I...
Oct3-04 09:00 PM
17 1,580
I'm new here and this is my first post. In 1999 I read part of "The Book of Numbers" by John Conway and Richard Guy...
Nov18-07 12:41 AM
1 1,208

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