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Common math questions, quality answers.
Jul24-14 10:02 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Test your skills. Math challenges will be posted at least once a week. Suggestions for problems are welcomed.
Aug5-14 02:05 PM fredoniahead 
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All math courses. PDFs, tutorials and web links.
Aug13-14 05:16 PM seouldavid 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:23 AM
1 38,817
What are the signs that one should show when one is not enjoying a particular area of maths? In other words how can...
May20-09 11:27 PM
5 1,069
I've already posted a couple of index notation questions on here and I've gotten very helpful responses. So I thought...
Apr17-09 01:37 PM
12 1,484
I have a general question about index notation. For an arbitrary quantity, a, "a" denotes a scalar quantity....
Aug25-09 10:11 AM
3 1,651
Hello world, Index notation is driving me crazy: why on Earth is ∂_i 1/r = -x_i/r^3 ? I would expect it to...
May12-12 05:15 AM
2 812
The colimit is defined in terms of a functor from an indexing category to another category(a diagram). In the...
Nov10-09 08:11 PM
1 676
I am sure that x^{\infty} as x\to1 is an indeterminate form. But can someone please explain how 1^{\infty} is...
May10-12 06:57 AM
2 785
Hi, I am attempting a logistic regression analysis with a binary response and explanatory variables measured at the...
Jan10-10 03:17 AM
0 1,013
What is an independent variable. Is that what you have to solve for? Like for example in the problem; y^2 = x -...
Jul19-04 06:52 AM
7 5,680
I'm in grade 11 and I have to do an independent study on Logarithms. I need a problem or puzzle that I will solve...
Oct5-04 04:10 PM
5 1,329
I have done well in undergraduate mathematics, and would like to do some self study in something more advanced and...
Oct6-11 08:32 PM
3 934
I'm studying the Poisson Process (rate R) and I'm hung up on the issue of dependence. This seems like and easy...
Oct10-10 05:56 PM
1 1,629
\!\(∫x^2/Sqrt \x\) I need to find the integral of (x^2)/ Sqrt(1-(x^2)) if the above doesnt work properly...
Apr6-05 11:39 PM
6 1,078
Well, this is an embarrassingly elementary question, but in my lecture slides (for an electrical engineering course,...
Apr13-05 08:55 AM
4 3,479
I know this is a simple question but I can't exactly figure out the logic governing this problem, I just know it had...
May9-12 02:11 PM
Stephen Tashi
12 1,141
Hey all Is there a clever, and elegant way to change a sinc^2 function so that its side lobes will be larger?
Jan9-14 12:36 AM
1 446
Hi I know about calculus, but what other mathematical methods can be used to increase profit? Thanks
Sep12-09 08:15 AM
2 689
Construct a plane containing N points, no three of which are collinear. Calculate the n distinct ways they can be...
Aug17-03 01:46 AM
Loren Booda
0 1,044
Wikipedia does a pretty good job at explaining how different calculators treat percentage differently. For example...
Aug2-11 07:07 PM
18 2,304
i liked the posts i read about how some people here learned calculus at a young age, so here i don't feel as isolated...
Jan9-07 05:57 PM
6 1,481
For example, when a proton and an anti-proton collide, they cancel each other out. They become neutral. However when...
Apr26-12 04:35 AM
17 2,139
The proof of Gödel's Incompleteness Theorem is so simple, and so sneaky, that it is almost embarassing to relate. His...
Apr8-06 04:48 PM
3 1,658
Can someone prove to me why computable numbers are not closed under the taking of suprema?
Jun8-09 04:26 PM
14 1,390
Am I right about this - Inclusive - This basically means that suppose in the interval - x – y The range...
Sep22-09 01:39 AM
6 8,983
If I am given data for four sets and am asked to find how many elements are in exactly two of these four sets, how...
Apr22-04 03:04 PM
matt grime
3 4,068
what are the coordinates of incentre of a triangle if the three vertices are (a1,b1),(a2,b2),(a3,b3)?
May13-11 10:34 AM
1 2,032
I know that the gamma function (from 0 to infinity): \int e-t tx-1 dt = \Gamma(x) and that the relation exists......
Jan11-11 01:08 PM
0 607
Hi Everyone, I am looking for some help on this question In Triangle EFG find the value of f, if e=7.3cm g=8.7cm...
Aug14-11 09:30 PM
1 1,216
While responding to another thread about summing nth powers of integers, I came up with what might be a new method....
Oct18-05 01:38 AM
5 860
In the derivation of a cycloid, it says (pg. 655 Stewart, 5th ed) |OT| = \text{arc} \ PT = r \theta . I was just...
Sep28-07 06:46 AM
4 1,684
in the following i will demonstrate a 'proof' that 1+1=0 1+1=√1 +1 =√(-1)(-1) +1 = (√(-1))(√(-1)) +1 ...
Feb20-14 12:09 PM
25 1,155
In the bionomial expansion (1+x)^p , p can be integer or fraction. The coefficients are written as p ...
Jul11-10 09:10 AM
2 942
Whyyyyyy??! Whhhhhy?!!!?
May12-11 06:47 AM
6 6,084
In science proving something by making it linear is a cmmon approach. For instance you can write some laws on this...
Feb10-07 06:00 AM
4 924
Hello all, I'm in the process of working on developing a course to prepare students for calculus. The emphasis is...
Feb11-09 01:34 PM
3 1,168
Long story short, I've been looking for a program that can produce graphs like mathematica and manipulate 3D objects...
Mar8-11 10:01 PM
0 1,230
1) in my exams there were 3 simple questions on integration carrying 5 marks each, i solved them correctly but the...
May18-10 02:37 AM
11 1,924
Dear all, i'm trying to understand geometry by studying the subject myself. i came across idea that i'm very much...
Jul31-13 07:47 PM
2 3,911
what in the world does this mean: Is this algebra 2?
Apr24-04 08:29 AM
21 1,943
? ?
Aug21-08 05:26 PM
2 1,487
Hello everyone A question in complex numbers If inflicted P = q par There is a point of equality:...
Oct5-07 02:27 PM
0 919

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