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Common math questions, quality answers.
T 10:02 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Test your skills. Math challenges will be posted at least once a week. Suggestions for problems are welcomed. Brought to you by Office_Shredder.
Jul22-14 04:33 PM pasmith 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:23 AM
1 37,175
Can someone show me why the derivative of k(x) = cot x Is k'(x) = -cosec^2 x And not
Aug6-10 04:52 AM
7 1,636
Hello all, this is my first post here. Got into a debate over when a deck of cards drawn without replacement is...
Aug6-10 03:26 AM
7 11,178
I am new to Calculus. I know that the rate of change in some thing is called it's derivative or we differentiate...
Aug5-10 04:01 PM
2 1,173
I've been working through the book The Story of i(sqrt of -1). It's kinda like a story with a lot of Math. The first 2...
Aug5-10 03:44 PM
3 1,184
Adults need 2.5" between Eyes, but this is too far for kids eyes. Adults = 2.5" = 52 Pixels difference = left eye 26...
Aug5-10 02:13 PM
4 1,994
I read through that 800 something page Dover book on differential equations, but I feel like I haven't had enough...
Aug5-10 11:09 AM
3 4,698
1) Is there any way to find integer solutions for a linear equation ax+by=c, with a,b,c known and without having an...
Aug5-10 08:59 AM
2 2,187
ok this seems like a predominantly maths problem but i need it for a little project of mine related to classical...
Aug5-10 05:59 AM
4 1,033
I am wondering if anyone can tell me how to get Mathematica to recognize the product of two variables so that I can do...
Aug4-10 09:00 PM
1 1,210
Hello guys. I'm trying to create a formula here, and I got stuck at this step, where I have to calculate the following...
Aug4-10 05:34 PM
9 1,441
Okay so this seems like a very simple problem to me but I can't figure it out so I definitely need some help. I'm not...
Aug4-10 05:08 PM
48 14,791
I'm going to guess that mine isn't the first "speeding ticket" question ever posted here, but I'm having a tough time...
Aug4-10 04:10 PM
2 1,559
Hello. Up until this point I have been solving this numerically, by propagating the state vectors and checking for a...
Aug4-10 02:34 PM
12 1,556
Everyone knows by now that a conic section is the figure formed when a plane intersects a right circular cone. Most...
Aug4-10 02:26 PM
4 1,453
This is going to be a weird question, but in textbooks when we're given the two spaces R^n and R^m, and they say...
Aug4-10 07:11 AM
4 1,438
Hello, I apologize in advance for the odd nature of this question. Can anyone recommend any renowned old (circa...
Aug3-10 05:03 PM
2 3,013
Being a 4th year mech. engineering student, you would think I could figure this out. But, for some reason, I can't...
Aug3-10 09:12 AM
2 2,017
I am doing a summer project where i have got lab data of fluxuating flow patterns in a flume, the data i have plots...
Aug3-10 04:36 AM
7 1,502
If we know that x + y = z, can we find out what xy = ? This is what I did. Say z = 5 x + y = z x + y = 5 y = 5...
Aug3-10 12:57 AM
4 1,046
So for a while i have been wondering if there was a way to find a point a certain distance along a linear function, so...
Aug3-10 12:21 AM
17 25,869
Hi For small angles or points near the vertex of a parabola we can approximate a parabolic surface with a circle....
Aug2-10 06:37 AM
1 1,820
Hi, I want to sum the following expression R(m)=sum(u(k)*u(m-k-1)) for k=0 to m-1 in matlab for each m-th ...
Aug2-10 04:13 AM
0 861
what's the general solution for x in the following equation x=c-N^{-\left(\frac{1+x}{1-x}\right)} i could...
Aug1-10 09:08 PM
6 1,421
Hi!, I'm well into the world of computer graphics. Love to say it was great but well, it isn't. I would like to...
Jul31-10 10:22 PM
1 763
Can someone help me with this sequence? 2 0 2/27 0 2/125 If I only look at the odd numbers it's: 2/n^3 ...
Jul31-10 05:22 AM
6 1,137
I don't know the answer to these questions: 1/120th of a second = how many milliseconds? 1/240th of a second = how...
Jul30-10 03:19 PM
2 1,566
Can someone help me with this sequence? 1 4 1 16 1 36 If I only look at the odd numbers...
Jul30-10 01:27 PM
13 1,951
How do you get this: \int_{-\infty}^{\infty}e^{-(ax^2+b/x^2)}dx = \sqrt{\frac{\pi}{a}}e^{-2\sqrt{ab}} I've been...
Jul30-10 10:40 AM
5 1,095
What do people think about Lang's textbooks? I am learning Complex Analysis for the first time from Lang....
Jul29-10 10:10 PM
1 4,230
Why is 0! = 1?
Jul29-10 03:57 PM
8 1,004
Can someone help me with this? I don't know how to begin I(n) = integral 1/(1+x^2)^n dx with n ∈ ℕ0 Than: ∀ n ∈...
Jul29-10 08:00 AM
12 2,050
Is this correct: integral: 1/(1+cos(x)+sin(x)) dx t = tan(x/2) --> x = 2arctan(t) --> dx = 2/(1+t^2) dt ...
Jul29-10 04:09 AM
1 770
I try to solve the integral 1/(1+x^3) dx , but I got stuck Now I got as solution: (1/3) ln(x+1) - (1/6) ln(x^2...
Jul29-10 02:19 AM
2 818
I'm reviewing limits to tutor a student in precalc and came across a problem. The conjugate method multiplies the...
Jul29-10 01:17 AM
2 5,540
Many authors and lecturers use the word approximate. It is not mathematically to say something is close to another......
Jul28-10 01:57 PM
1 995
I'm working on a project where I have two equations with three variables. I know that the solution will be a line;...
Jul28-10 11:10 AM
2 4,077
Hi all How hard is it to write a symbolic laplace solver ? (I am aware that there are many available out there,...
Jul28-10 09:25 AM
1 1,626
Hello, What is \frac{d}{dx}K_v\left(f(x)\right)=? Thanks in advance
Jul27-10 09:23 PM
6 8,359
I'm learning Algebra (the basic and foundation of Math) 'cause I stink. Now I'm just doing some review from the...
Jul27-10 08:38 PM
2 962
To determine whether schools are increasing the amount of students meeting or exceeding standards, I obtained a MEAP...
Jul27-10 07:29 PM
0 626

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