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Common math questions, quality answers.
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Test your skills. Math challenges will be posted at least once a week. Suggestions for problems are welcomed. Brought to you by Office_Shredder.
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Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:23 AM
1 33,138
Iím taking college level math, and Iím worried about my progress. I took my first test in that class last week, and I...
Jun8-10 07:39 AM
7 1,122
I ordered the Intermediate Algebra and Precalculus books for my precal class (half of which is covered in each). ...
Jun7-10 10:35 PM
3 1,108
No, I don't mean the axioms. I need a list of important properties that can be derived from the axioms, like 0x=0, or...
Jun7-10 08:46 PM
0 1,122
I'm revising complex numbers and having trouble with this question... Question: Verify that 2 of the roots of...
Jun7-10 04:35 PM
3 1,506
Can anybody tell me why \sum_{j=1}^p |x_j-y_j| \leq \left( \sum_{j=1}^p 1\right)^{1/2} \left( \sum_{j=1}^p...
Jun7-10 03:38 PM
4 971
Hi all I have a question concerning Euler's triangle formula, where the distance (d) between the incenter and...
Jun7-10 02:27 PM
2 1,547
If I have \int_0^{+\infty}h(x)g(x)dx=0 where h(x)>0 in . Can I conclude that g(x) might be zero or an odd...
Jun7-10 01:23 PM
7 1,084
Is the problem with dividing by zero recognizing different infinities? to me 1/0 is clearily a infinitely large...
Jun7-10 01:19 PM
8 1,244
Hi, I am trying to simplify this equation and it won't work using this method, although i can do it using another...
Jun7-10 11:32 AM
2 719
hI, Refering to the attachment, we have set of points A,B,C,D which intersects at a point (Refer Figure) I have...
Jun7-10 10:47 AM
1 700
Ok so I'm tutoring for a class this term which is supposed to be an intro to mathematical proofs. One kid asked me how...
Jun7-10 09:12 AM
2 904
Hi all, I have been trying to write code to convert from cartesian to fractional coordinates. I think everything is...
Jun7-10 12:44 AM
2 5,915
Although I have completed my high school and I will be going to college, there is one thing that i really regret about...
Jun6-10 07:48 PM
5 1,308
What are practical applications of the gamma function?
Jun6-10 11:40 AM
Gib Z
1 888
The most dreaded words in a mathmatical text. This usually translates into some time banging your head against a wall....
Jun6-10 11:26 AM
3 779
Hi all, My goal is to go to graduate school for mathematics (most likely enumerative combinatorics of graph...
Jun6-10 06:41 AM
4 1,027
Hello, it is mentioned here that using the tangent half-angle formulas it is possible to express the function atan2...
Jun6-10 03:38 AM
2 3,401
Here is a problem that I found in a library book. In Canada, 38% of all students have an iPod. What is the...
Jun5-10 12:06 PM
3 934
Hi i'm beginning to take physics a little more serious than ever and starting with maths. just want to know if there...
Jun5-10 01:16 AM
1 1,257
Hi, Assume that I have f(u,v,w,h) du dv dw dh and I need only to change three variables (u, v, w) say to other...
Jun4-10 10:24 PM
2 1,086
Hi! I took the MCATs and I can remember one question was about number series stating: 5,3,8,8,11,13, ? Whats the...
Jun4-10 10:05 PM
2 801
Hello Everyone, I need to find school that offered VECTOR CALCULUS and MATRIX AND POWER SERIES METHODS ONLINE...
Jun4-10 09:46 PM
0 551
What is your favorite mathematical equation/value of all time? Mine is e^{i\pi}, which equals -1.
Jun4-10 08:43 PM
28 3,565
Hi, I'm currently studying in high school. What I often find are complicated math unsolved problems which require...
Jun4-10 06:15 PM
10 6,331
If one were to do a bottom up study of math how would it go? Set theory . . . ? Is set theory the most...
Jun4-10 12:47 PM
8 4,584
This is a spawn from the suggestion forum where I suggested we start a Financial Math/engineering sub-forum in the...
Jun4-10 11:01 AM
7 13,045
In the image If given the diameter of the circle, as well as...
Jun4-10 07:38 AM
9 1,122
hi i want to find values of a,b,c such that.. Minimize (a+b+c) constrained to (x-a)^2 + (y-b)^2 +...
Jun4-10 06:59 AM
1 1,827
He defines \xi(s)=s\frac{s-1}{2}\pi^{-s/2}\Gamma(s/2)\zeta(s). I understand that \pi^{-s/2}\Gamma(s/2)\zeta(s)...
Jun4-10 04:12 AM
0 888
Dear all, is there a way to do that near a point? Also, for a given ODE or even PDE, is there a criterion to...
Jun3-10 02:19 PM
2 792
Hi colleages. can you help me to solve the cubic equation below: 2N(Ep-En)hp^3(x)-3hp^2(x)-6Enhhp(x)+Enh^2=0 ...
Jun3-10 01:20 PM
3 917
I need help gettin from (n-1)((1/r1^3)-(1/r2^3))(y^4/8) = (y^4/32f^3) r1 and r2 have the 1 and 2 and subscript...
Jun3-10 09:22 AM
1 1,148
So i am ttying to calculate a velocity in this problem i dreamt up. Only problem i cant get a computer to solve it. So...
Jun3-10 08:44 AM
5 781
hi guys, can someone give me a quick tutorial on how to solve and explain to me the concept of slope field of the...
Jun2-10 09:21 PM
1 1,706
Hi, can anyone tell me how to add a text line in the numerical solver calculation screen that describes a variable in...
Jun2-10 03:51 PM
1 1,007
-1 = -1 \Rightarrow \frac{-1}{1}=\frac{1}{-1} \Rightarrow \sqrt{\frac{-1}{1}}=\sqrt{\frac{1}{-1}} \Rightarrow...
Jun2-10 03:28 PM
Martin Rattigan
9 1,367
What's the cardinality of \mathbb{R}^{\mathbb{N}}? It must be \mathbb{R} or \{0,1\}^{\mathbb{R}}, but I'm not sure...
Jun2-10 01:53 PM
1 2,147
A question at the end of a chapter in a book I'm reading asked me to prove something which I'm thinking is a mistake...
Jun2-10 10:39 AM
13 2,329
I'm a college student needing to take calculus 2 this fall. However, I have not taken calc 1, so since I'm good at...
Jun2-10 10:30 AM
Char. Limit
3 3,783
Hello, I was wondering how to proof a_n = n^{1/n} \to 1. Doing it straight from the definition got me nowhere. But...
Jun2-10 10:29 AM
7 1,754

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