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Common math questions, quality answers.
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Test your skills. Math challenges will be posted at least once a week. Suggestions for problems are welcomed. Brought to you by Office_Shredder.
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Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:23 AM
1 33,261
Hello, I am curious, suppose I have a function of x, f(x). Suppose I also have another function P(x). Does this...
Sep29-13 08:52 PM
1 573
In math, many of the most fundamental theorems and structures rely on the concept of an infinity. For example, we...
Sep29-13 01:34 PM
5 547
Equations that have x^3 or x^4 etc...,are solved with method of Horner. There is quicker way to solve an equation...
Sep29-13 12:15 PM
1 512
Hi I am looking for the proper notation to represent angle wrapping in a mathematical function. For example if I...
Sep29-13 12:14 PM
4 392
i have a vector xK where k is the unit vector perpendicular to other unit vectors i and j when i multiply a force...
Sep28-13 03:41 PM
3 621
Is |\vec{a}+\vec{b}|^{2} equal to the same thing as (\vec{a}+\vec{b})^{2}? And when is it equal to √(a^{2}+b^{2})? ...
Sep27-13 02:09 AM
M. next
5 513
My textbook explains how the limit of x^n/(n!) as n→∞ equals 0, x ∈ ℝ. Since a(n) = x^n/(n!) and a(n+1) =...
Sep26-13 11:37 PM
4 496 The picture above is used to help understand artificial neural...
Sep26-13 07:26 PM
6 514
Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me with this problem on a closed natural cubic spline. given the...
Sep26-13 09:04 AM
0 477
I came up with an ill-defined problem that I'm not sure on how to approach: We have XR^2 space and I(X){0,1}. If...
Sep26-13 05:12 AM
0 456
Are there any resources on problems of modular arithmetic?
Sep26-13 05:12 AM
0 350
Hi math fans, Only me, I have been asked to do the seemingly impossible and find away of distinguishing four...
Sep26-13 04:47 AM
9 529
For a while now I have been reading through my course material and text books which are very good at explaining...
Sep26-13 04:34 AM
1 427
For me it's a necessary evil, I need it to do what I want to do, and part if why math usually makes me want to break...
Sep25-13 08:16 PM
11 947
Can someone confirm if I'm going about this the right way If I have an event that on average has occured once every...
Sep25-13 06:13 PM
1 401
I was thinking about this when I was trying to work out a simpler way of finding the volume of a sphere. Suppose we...
Sep25-13 05:28 PM
3 561
It is known that prime numbers become sparser and sparser, with the average distance between one prime number and the...
Sep24-13 10:28 AM
1 442
This isn't a homework problem or anything just simply curious. Which is a larger number, Graham's number or the...
Sep23-13 08:58 PM
11 1,009
So if we imagine a rectangle. The aspect ratio is width/height. What if you want the ratio of the parallel sides? Is...
Sep23-13 05:19 PM
6 460
I come across some odd stuff online.... ...
Sep22-13 08:29 AM
1 519
In calculus of variation, we use Euler's equation to minimize the integral. e.g. ∫f{y,y' ;x}dx why we treat y...
Sep21-13 11:28 PM
2 533
Suppose I take a random walk on a 2 dimensional square lattice, but this lattice plane has a finite size, e.g. Dx*Dy....
Sep21-13 07:43 PM
2 477
Hi, Does the author mean that −3 4 = 0 − 3 4 = −(3 4) or else? I consider the minus-sign to be a unary...
Sep21-13 12:47 PM
7 603
How to determine the X coordinate of the red point if i know the Y coordinate and the angle between the adjacent side...
Sep21-13 12:23 PM
4 687
I have a sum \sum_{n=-\infty}^{\infty} f(n) which I do not want to consider the convergence of in the normal...
Sep21-13 07:17 AM
3 610
I'm just curious, but when will I know that it's not just carelessness that is causing me not to be able to do the...
Sep20-13 03:03 PM
1 622
I was pondering over this problem about ratios and wondered what does 3/2 (oranges:apples say) actually means. I then...
Sep20-13 01:47 PM
9 624
I need some help understanding inverse functions, we've had a 4-page chapter covering the basics of inverse functions...
Sep19-13 12:22 PM
3 553
While reading this paper I came across the term Cone of Influence which is described as As an example: We have a...
Sep19-13 06:59 AM
0 547
Hi there! I am seeking a nice formula for the following function S(k,n), k and n natural numbers, k<=n, where S(k,n)...
Sep18-13 06:48 PM
8 727
I was always good at maths, just because primary/high school math was simple enough to find concrete examples for the...
Sep18-13 05:27 PM
9 769
Please take me seriously, I know proving Fermat last theorem is not easy but I may have just proved it for a special...
Sep18-13 11:47 AM
9 865
I'm curious if there is a way to combine sinusoids of multiple frequency into a single sinusoid? For example, I'm...
Sep18-13 09:41 AM
5 740
This news is a little dated, but I still found it interesting and wanted to see what everyone else thought about this...
Sep18-13 07:50 AM
20 1,189
Hello all, I am currently reading about the triangle inequality, from this article...
Sep18-13 07:22 AM
3 449
Ever since I was in grade school I have been fascinated with the idea that the Pythagorean theorem, or any other...
Sep18-13 12:09 AM
4 777
I'm doing a proof, and near the last step I want to write the expression, \frac{d}{dt} \det{A(t)} =...
Sep17-13 11:55 PM
2 754
I am looking for a counting interpretation to make the following identity evident: ...
Sep17-13 08:59 PM
2 464
In Spivak's Calculus, Chapter 1, pg 12, theorem 1, it says that in order to prove that theorem: |a + b| <= |a| +...
Sep17-13 06:46 PM
1 489
I run this channel and NEED your help! Please give me ideas to work on...
Sep17-13 05:03 PM
1 594

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