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Common math questions, quality answers.
Jul24-14 10:02 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Test your skills. Math challenges will be posted at least once a week. Suggestions for problems are welcomed. Brought to you by Office_Shredder.
Y 12:54 PM pasmith 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:23 AM
1 38,217
I am a sophomore in high school and have heard about how great and majestic math is, so I decided to get a piece of...
Dec17-13 06:48 PM
Stephen Tashi
1 635
Hello I have N couples of real numbers higher than 1. Let's call them like (a0,b0), (a1,b1),...,(aN,bN) I have a...
Dec17-13 01:24 AM
2 660
Is it possible to do a binomial expansion of (x+y)^{1/2}? I tried to compute it with the factorial expression for the...
Dec16-13 12:19 PM
4 832
When i is defined by an equation which has 2 solutions, how does it make sense to do algebra with complex numbers?
Dec16-13 12:08 PM
44 2,389
Interesting take on solving the Squaring the Circle problem enshrined in law: ...
Dec16-13 03:04 AM
6 832
Can anyone please give a succinct and clear description on this? I'm a little confused...
Dec15-13 07:22 PM
4 638
Dear All, I would like to do an exponential function least-squares fitting, but having two or more exponents. For...
Dec15-13 03:36 PM
10 802
We all know about the sum of the infinite series, 1 + 1/1! + 1/2! + 1/3! + ... to 1/inf! = e What other series...
Dec14-13 03:10 PM
14 1,042
Given x = \left\{\begin{matrix} y \;\;\; case\;A\\ z \;\;\; case\;B\\ \end{matrix}\right. So, operate x means to...
Dec14-13 04:02 AM
8 741
The real projective line states that there is not difference between positive and negative infinity (maybe except the...
Dec13-13 08:59 PM
3 564
hey guys this day my friend showed me a falacy that stunned my mind, it was like this: let's say we add powers of 2...
Dec12-13 08:22 PM
18 1,293
So if you are putting horse shoes on a horse it takes 32 nails. Imagine telling the horse owner you will do the first...
Dec12-13 10:37 AM
3 562
Hello I have the following combinatoric problem : I want to distribute n (equivalent) atoms among M distinct...
Dec12-13 08:46 AM
3 629
I have a program that generates a bunch of power curve functions and would like to know what the 'average' function...
Dec11-13 06:25 PM
6 646
Hello all, What is the result of this (linear) convolution: s(t)\star\delta(\tau-\tau_p) where s(t) is a...
Dec11-13 03:27 PM
3 640
Hello all I am hoping someone could help shed some light on a surveying problem I am having. The problem is...
Dec11-13 12:55 PM
2 616
Helow!! For a long time I aks me if exist differentiation/integration with respect to vector and I think that today...
Dec11-13 06:29 AM
Simon Bridge
1 542
How would I go about solving an Nth degree polynomial function such that N>=5? Ax^{n}+Bx^{n-1}+.........+Z = 0
Dec10-13 12:36 PM
11 836
Given a hyperbola of the form: r=\frac{A}{1+Bsinθ+Dcosθ} what are the polar equations for the asymptotes?
Dec9-13 06:32 PM
3 587
Hi everyone I was hoping someone could help with a problem Im having. I am often given large amounts of X & Y...
Dec9-13 12:32 PM
4 649
So, I've obtained a graph of lab data an it's a plot of thermal resistance versus pressure. Pressure on the x and...
Dec8-13 02:04 PM
3 518
Hello all! New to the forums, and I have a question for you. In my classes, we have been dealing a lot with proofs...
Dec7-13 03:39 PM
2 1,221
f(-x) is a reflection over the y axis -f(x) is a reflection over the x axis Now, how do we represent a reflection...
Dec7-13 11:22 AM
8 764
I'm trying to find the equation of a general ellipse given 3 points. Two of those points should be at each end of one...
Dec7-13 01:07 AM
Simon Bridge
5 662
Hey, I wanted to know if anyone knew of any good books for self teaching Algebra. I am currently using Khan academy...
Dec5-13 11:24 PM
4 798
So as I'm preparing for finals, I'm wondering: The multiplication of two matrices is only defined under special...
Dec5-13 02:23 PM
3 605
Hi guys, I am doing some research into McDonalds and it's international businesses. It's a small study for people...
Dec5-13 01:58 PM
8 782
Hi, I can't come up with a general forumla for x in this equation. Any advice ? x = y sin(x)
Dec5-13 11:28 AM
4 712
I've found a formula for the area of a regular hexagon,but it seems to falter when i try to finds its area using the...
Dec5-13 10:59 AM
8 763
Context: In the video, he divides out a variable as below:...
Dec4-13 05:28 PM
6 714
Not homework just my own revision. If sin a = cos b = 3/5 and a and b are both in the second quadrant, what is cos...
Dec4-13 03:54 PM
2 466
When is it appropriate to use \equiv as opposed to =?
Dec4-13 10:58 AM
Darth Frodo
3 419
Dear! Is possible to solution a polynomial of kind y = Ax^a + Bx^b ? Thx!
Dec4-13 03:58 AM
11 921
Hellow! I'w like to divulgate this material that I searched... It's nice calculator (is possible to make...
Dec3-13 09:29 PM
2 578
I know that the plane ##z=4-y## is even with respect to the x-axis and is not even with respect to the y-axis and...
Dec3-13 06:21 PM
4 629
Hi! Which is the better method for finding fourier expansions of a function? The ordinary one (find a_0, b_n and a_n...
Dec2-13 03:10 PM
1 586
If yes, then for what values of n?
Dec1-13 07:08 PM
3 507
Hi, I'm learning vectors and there's two notions which I don't distinguish : Is the orientation of a vector...
Dec1-13 03:01 PM
3 459
Hey, Once again, I got a question about quaternions. Say I have an initial rotation Q1. I now want to rotate Q1...
Dec1-13 01:54 PM
1 548
Hi everybody, I am having some difficulties graphing this decaying trig function: ...
Dec1-13 01:28 PM
Bill Simpson
5 595

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