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Common math questions, quality answers.
Jul24-14 10:02 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Test your skills. Math challenges will be posted at least once a week. Suggestions for problems are welcomed.
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All math courses. PDFs, tutorials and web links.
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:23 AM
1 38,946
Hey,I am making an app that counts probabilities in c++(win32){for those who knows}. I have found three formulas of...
Jan9-14 04:08 PM
5 486
I have a series that takes steps of '2' which requires an operation starting from n=1 to do the following, @n=1 ...
Jan9-14 01:49 PM
5 608
Hi! I've encountered the series below: \sum_{l=0}^{k-1} (r+l)^j (r+l-k)^i where r, k, i, j are positive...
Jan9-14 01:47 PM
1 462
I am trying to figure out how to convert a username into a number between 10 to 99. It would be preferable that a...
Jan9-14 03:09 AM
3 531
Hey all Is there a clever, and elegant way to change a sinc^2 function so that its side lobes will be larger?
Jan9-14 12:36 AM
1 450
Hi Guys, sorry in advance if I am posting this in the wrong place. I need to find the formula for calculating the...
Jan8-14 10:19 PM
19 1,032
Is this a correct conclusion from these three facts ? One in five cigarette smokers dies from smoking. There are...
Jan8-14 07:08 AM
3 482
Hi, Apologises if I have submitted this issue into the wrong Math forum. However, I was wondering if anybody could...
Jan8-14 03:35 AM
2 575
In these pictures in lower right corner is a sphere that is changing its shape. I wonder how I can build this sphere ?...
Jan7-14 12:38 PM
0 445
update - changing the problem statement: You have a jar filled with 66 white, and 6 unique balls: 1 red, 1 blue, 1...
Jan6-14 02:47 PM
5 556
Hi. Are there any examples of functions that react to themselves? If so, how are they expressed algebraically? Any...
Jan5-14 04:16 PM
5 541
I am studying complex numbers and, hard as I try, I cannot see great difference between them and the conjugate numbers...
Jan5-14 06:53 AM
12 1,152
Hello guys, I hope you all have happy holiday! This question crops up to my mind often when I read through threads...
Jan5-14 02:29 AM
4 656
Hello, simple question. My textbook (Bostock and Chandler - Pure Mathematics 1) says something that really...
Jan5-14 01:24 AM
5 535
Hi all, Would a heading of 330 degrees be equivalent to a standard angle measurement of 30 degrees? I'm used to...
Jan4-14 08:37 PM
3 538
Hi all, I've got a question that came up while while carrying a sofa up the stairs. Is there a way that one could...
Jan4-14 07:33 AM
1 498
Hi all, How can I calculate the minimum distance between the perimeter of a disk in 3d space and a point above the...
Jan4-14 06:03 AM
16 807
Euclid's Elements start with five Postulates, including the fifth one, the famous Parallel Postulate. Less well known,...
Jan4-14 01:14 AM
Simon Bridge
3 525
So I was thinking the other day why is kmph appear bigger than mph in conversions. I thought sense km was a bigger...
Jan3-14 08:10 PM
1 471
Hi. I don't understand how a solution to a linear system is obtained (for example geometrically; don't consider the...
Jan3-14 06:15 PM
2 534
The title pretty much says it all, does anyone know infinite series summations that are equal to 1/5 or 1/7?
Jan3-14 01:01 PM
17 921
How does a random number generator work ? What is the usage of it ?
Jan2-14 06:15 AM
3 513
trust me this is trivial... As a kid I had a teacher fond of asking if numbers were prime. Of course at the time I...
Jan1-14 11:40 PM
6 612
I want you note this comparation: \\ \sin(\theta)=\sin(\omega t)=\sin(2\pi f t)=\sin\left(\frac{2\pi t}{T}\right) \\...
Jan1-14 10:49 AM
4 592
To quote Goursat: Would somebody mind developing some intuition for this statement, along with an example or four...
Jan1-14 10:35 AM
0 396
To bring odd number with a die,is 50%. If I play with the die two times,how possibilities I have to bring odd number?
Jan1-14 07:55 AM
5 469
I have an equation, where acceleration is affected by a driving power and air resistance. The acceleration is given...
Dec31-13 10:25 PM
7 633
I would like to know what the size of my monitor would appear to be if I were to move further away from it. It is a...
Dec31-13 03:28 PM
Stephen Tashi
8 915
When you have a function of this form: y = x^{5} - 4x^{3} Is it possible to solve for x (isolate x to 1 side)? ...
Dec31-13 01:35 PM
27 1,203
In problems that ask you to "show" something (e.g. "show that the formula/equation for ____ is _____") , it it...
Dec31-13 07:57 AM
5 648
In order for an equation to be a function, it has to pass the vertical line test. A circle is not a function...
Dec30-13 11:27 PM
7 606
Hey everyone, I was just playing around with factorial expansion and after grouping some terms I noticed a pattern for...
Dec30-13 03:08 PM
3 679
Hi, It's surprising how little information is available on this topic, considering it seems like such a fundamental...
Dec30-13 02:45 PM
8 1,280
Is anyone here any good with MATLAB? I could do with some help. I want to use the ellipticF function as shown here....
Dec30-13 10:54 AM
0 557
Given parametric equations: t^{5}-4t^{3}] and t^{2}] Since polynomials can only be solved up to the 4th...
Dec30-13 10:15 AM
4 536
This is just a curiosity from my part: Has anyone know the proof of "Intersection of one internal angle bisector and...
Dec30-13 01:04 AM
1 485
Hellow! I have searched for some theory about linear system in polar coordinates, unfortunately, I not found...
Dec29-13 10:06 PM
Stephen Tashi
3 463
What is the general method for writing Cartesian equations as parametric equations? For something as simple as...
Dec29-13 06:20 PM
Simon Bridge
3 602
Hi all, Is there a nice closed form for the following series? \sum_{k=0}^n x^{k^2} Even a decently tight...
Dec29-13 03:39 AM
2 732
Hi all, I was wondering if anyone could give me a hand in rearranging the following formulae to make v the subject?...
Dec28-13 07:04 PM
3 446

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