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Test your skills. Math challenges will be posted at least once a week. Suggestions for problems are welcomed. Brought to you by Office_Shredder.
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Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:23 AM
1 33,192
use the stokes theorem to evaluate the surface integral where F=(x^2+y^2; x; 2xyz) and S is an open surface...
May13-09 08:25 PM
1 831
Suppose you have a matrix A: \left( \begin{array}{ccc} a_{1,1} & a_{1,2} & a_{1,3} \\ a_{2,1} & a_{2,2} &...
May13-09 04:38 PM
matt grime
5 988
Use the divergence theorem to compute the surface integral F dot dS , where F=(xy^2, 2y^2, xy^3) over closed...
May13-09 12:53 PM
1 683
Hi, I'm trying to learn Mathematica. Is it possible to open a second notebook in Mathematica, but without...
May13-09 12:45 PM
1 1,385
I would like an example in Latex of a product with indices n=1 to N for bN, all minus 1, finally equal to bZ. I have...
May13-09 11:54 AM
Loren Booda
2 877
Is it possible to draw a perfect circle. My answer wold be no, because the perimeter of the circle should be a...
May12-09 09:31 PM
7 7,588
This is causing me a bigger headache than I anticipated. Basically, given an integer N and a number M, I need a...
May12-09 04:47 PM
7 1,403
Hi, I use the \frac{-b \ \pm \ \sqrt{b^2 - 4ac}}{2a} formula to factoring the quadratic equation. Can anyone tell...
May12-09 11:01 AM
2 1,464
I've read through a lot of different threads on the topic of prerequisite knowledge required to take a course in...
May11-09 04:01 PM
0 619
I am still a little early in my math education but we were talking about this the other day. Mine is the right angle...
May11-09 03:06 PM
15 1,538
Hello, I know normally giving solutions is frowned upon, but I have lost my colleagues data sheets and desperately...
May11-09 02:25 PM
3 1,236
Hi all, I want to implement diffraction of waves by edges. I have a wedge with 2 faces o-face and n-face. I have...
May11-09 09:19 AM
3 3,836
Hi all, I like working with computer graphics so I often work between 2D and 3D computer simulations. For...
May11-09 07:54 AM
3 1,763
What is the average number of intersections for two infinite curves confined to a plane?
May10-09 11:41 AM
Loren Booda
13 1,595
Guys..I need some help...Doea anyone know of a way to diagonalise a tridiagonal Symmetric matrix OR obtain the...
May10-09 07:58 AM
0 1,456
This problem had arose in a question I was trying to answer in which I could take two approaches to solve it, but one...
May10-09 02:05 AM
16 1,707
Are there any free, online Math Olympiad resources for studying? These are the high school level math competitions....
May9-09 11:40 PM
2 1,480
What are complexity classes (P, NP, etc) in terms of pure sets? ZFC, I mean.
May9-09 12:07 PM
6 890
sorry about the mistake in my last post. I miswrote the bottom vertex of the equilateral triangle. Let me re-state...
May9-09 02:21 AM
Russell Berty
1 934
1. A fire in a building B is reported on telephone to two fire stations P and Q , 20 km apart from each other on a...
May8-09 07:59 AM
3 1,327
"In the first place, let me say that delta depends upon epsilon and not the other way round as you have stated. We...
May8-09 06:39 AM
12 1,370
In George Gamow's book "One Two Three Infinity" he explains on page 56 how to turn a "double apple" with a free...
May7-09 10:20 PM
1 760
I am math teacher and was asked the classic question, "Where am I ever going to use this in life" I usually have a...
May7-09 08:58 PM
Russell Berty
4 7,527
Given the quantity Cosh(x)*Cosh(y) where x and y are two indipendent real variables is it possible to write it...
May7-09 12:48 PM
Russell Berty
3 1,570
Hi, The volume of a cone is 1/3 pi R^2 h. Why then is the answer in units cubed. Certainly the h is contributing a...
May7-09 11:54 AM
3 799
This is the 3rd problem from the book, The Unsolvable and the Solvable. This is the last one I post from this book....
May7-09 12:04 AM
Russell Berty
2 1,124
Hey all, I was just curious: Why is the conjugate of a complex number (a + bi) defined as (a - bi)? If we...
May6-09 08:13 AM
8 3,353
What's the circumference of a circle of radius r, on a sphere of radius R?
May6-09 01:57 AM
6 5,473
Hi, In my report, I want figures to be numbered within sections, so I put the following in the preamble of my...
May5-09 10:15 AM
matt grime
1 4,133
This is NOT a homework problem. I went to the library and found this problem in a math book, called "The Solvable...
May5-09 06:58 AM
12 1,258
I often see the second derivative written down like this: \frac{d^2y}{dx^2} Although it seems more logical to me...
May5-09 05:12 AM
7 3,568
There is a very handy numerical solution for cubic equations like x^3+ax^2+bx+c=0 with x_i \in R while a^2-3b \neq...
May4-09 05:55 PM
0 4,141
Hi, I am quite new to latex but have a piece of maths coursework to do so decided that I would use that in order to...
May4-09 10:57 AM
4 896
Again, this is NOT a homework problem. Here I am posting a second problem from the math book, The Solvable and the...
May4-09 08:05 AM
2 1,036
The following set of equations is believed to be unknown but it is very hard to become sure of that. If it is really...
May4-09 04:31 AM
2 2,089
Hi, I've been plotting potentials and electric fields inside and outside shells; when I create 2 separate...
May3-09 04:39 PM
2 2,360
Does anyone know if there is a summation formula to find the sum of an expression with n as an argument in a trig...
May3-09 01:44 PM
Ben Niehoff
1 2,402
Hi, suppose I have two vectors, one in the i direction and the other in j direction, i is horizontal and j...
May3-09 10:21 AM
8 2,043
hi, I have: exp \left(-\frac{\lambda}{2^\mu^2} \sum_{i=1}^n \frac{(x_i-\mu)^2}{x_i}\right) I am trying to...
May3-09 06:15 AM
1 792
In Hilbert's famous paradox of the Grand Hotel, we have a hotel with an infinite number of rooms and an infinite...
May2-09 05:20 PM
89 13,935

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