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Common math questions, quality answers.
Jul24-14 10:02 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Test your skills. Math challenges will be posted at least once a week. Suggestions for problems are welcomed.
Aug5-14 02:05 PM fredoniahead 
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All math courses. PDFs, tutorials and web links.
Aug13-14 05:16 PM seouldavid 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:23 AM
1 38,928
hello having a set of points of a curve, how i can find the best quadratic bezier curve that fits this curve? (so we...
Oct23-07 02:42 PM
4 15,536
I'm having some trouble understanding how to solve for i. This is the formula for compounding intrest. I'm reading...
Oct23-07 08:31 AM
3 9,606
I have 2 vectors with their x, y and z components. How do I evaluate A dot B? I know it is the product of their...
Oct22-07 05:44 PM
3 2,624
When looking at w^z = e^(z log w) I understand that adding any integer multiple of (2*pi*i) to log w is...
Oct22-07 05:29 PM
2 1,948
max x1x2 s.t. x1>=0, x2>=0, cx1+x2<=1 for some c, x1<=1/2. We know from the maximand that x1 and x2 cannot be 0....
Oct22-07 04:20 PM
0 1,330
There is a base-quadrilateraled pyramid ABCDS , which base is quadrilateral ABCD. Inscribed sphere is tangent in point...
Oct22-07 07:04 AM
3 1,764
If point P(m,2m) is 5 units from the line 12x+5y=1, m could equal a. 43/11 b.-3 c.-65/22 d.5 e.3 The answer is...
Oct22-07 02:25 AM
4 3,529
Hi! I would like to fit my data to a certain function that requires averaging over a distribution, say, lognormal or...
Oct21-07 10:59 PM
0 970
Hello all I am nearing my graduation (physics) and consider myself fluent in general English. Although I had to dig...
Oct21-07 01:04 PM
14 15,616
can anyone help me understand the following and how to apply them: tig identities sum and diff. indentities...
Oct21-07 08:35 AM
3 3,193
I was just browsing through my textbook in the section on hyperbolic trig functions. It defines sinhx to be...
Oct21-07 12:21 AM
14 2,894
Many abstract mathematical concepts have their intuitive correspondences or geometrical meanings. such as...
Oct20-07 07:27 AM
5 1,916
great video on how turning a sphere inside out ...
Oct20-07 06:56 AM
7 1,778
I was futzing around with some equations and i came across 2 problems that I'm having trouble solving. In the first...
Oct19-07 06:02 PM
38 9,509
I have a question as to why a particular space does not have a countable base. The space is the infinite Cartesian...
Oct18-07 03:27 PM
7 1,894
I heard that Archimedes proved geometrically that the area under the curve of x^2 is equal to x^3/3. I was just...
Oct18-07 02:31 PM
3 2,256
Hey, I came across this recurrence relation and was wondering if there was a closed-form solution for it. a_n =...
Oct18-07 08:58 AM
11 4,782
This has probably already been brought up at some point, but does anyone else think it is strange how much pi, the...
Oct18-07 07:08 AM
Gib Z
34 4,916
5 players each have a deck of 52 cards. Each pick one cards from the deck. a) what is the probability that exactly 2...
Oct17-07 06:46 PM
0 744
I am not a math student but I have read some basic stuff about topology just because it sounded interesting, and I was...
Oct17-07 06:10 PM
2 6,492
ok this is my problem... i have diagonalized the A matrix with the equation P^-1*A*P and the result is J=. in order...
Oct17-07 02:02 PM
1 1,581
if we consider a segment of course it's composed by infinitive points i want to contract it and i know the avarage...
Oct17-07 07:27 AM
4 1,535
Given a wine glass with angle theta, height h, what diameter ball, when placed in the wine glass will displace the...
Oct16-07 11:31 PM
24 4,253
I'm hoping someone could help me on this homework problem. I look in the book but it doesn't have anything like this...
Oct16-07 10:02 AM
2 1,304
What is exactly the difference between f and f(n) and why can't we write (f \circ g)(n) as f(n) \circ g(n)?
Oct15-07 09:24 AM
3 1,291
Hello all, sorry if this is a trivial question, or if it's been asked before, but I'm not good with math terminology...
Oct15-07 08:58 AM
3 6,101
Oct14-07 08:59 PM
Count Iblis
0 1,382
hi, ive recently started looking into maths outside of class and am mostly interested in proof. however, when...
Oct14-07 04:34 PM
7 1,199
6.0221367 is a number rounded to 8 significant figures. In a question, I am asked which of these shows correct...
Oct14-07 04:06 PM
4 1,735
Hi, I have a question regarding appropriate methods of finding volumes bound by geometric solids. I can work...
Oct14-07 03:28 PM
1 2,573
Say I have x^2 + 1 = 0 mod 7, it is clear that adding a linear polynomial congruent to 0 will give away the solution;...
Oct14-07 03:17 PM
3 1,415
how do i interpret this geometrically F^\prime(x) = \lim_{h\to 0} \frac{F(x+h) - F(x)}{h} = f(x) that the...
Oct14-07 01:22 PM
18 2,765
I've kind of fallen behind in my Algebra class and I really haven't read much about the theory. I'm wondering, how...
Oct14-07 01:54 AM
8 1,330
Q: Out of 100 ladies attending the church fete, 85 had a white handbag; 75 had black shoes; 60 carried an umbrella;...
Oct14-07 01:24 AM
4 1,303
I'm just checking here, but Wolfram and Wikipedia (my 2 most common and highly ranked internet mathematical...
Oct13-07 01:06 PM
11 5,592
Bill, Jack and Mike, each two of them are at the same distance (200 meters). At the same time Bill starts to chase...
Oct13-07 05:41 AM
30 3,457
Here's a problem which I encountered a while ago: "There is an alien on the surface of a spherical planet. The...
Oct13-07 01:48 AM
7 1,943
Hello, I know the stuff about how trisecting angles using only a compass and straightedge is impossible. So then...
Oct12-07 11:12 PM
5 1,563
Anyone has suggestions for useful web resources to get prepared for the Putnam? I found some through google but I am...
Oct12-07 10:38 AM
0 1,105
I've got to solve this: ^13 + 7* + 5 = 0 in ring 91. I've tried solving for ^13 and as variables in a Diophante...
Oct12-07 02:18 AM
robert Ihnot
6 1,609

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