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Test your skills. Math challenges will be posted at least once a week. Suggestions for problems are welcomed. Brought to you by Office_Shredder.
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Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:23 AM
1 33,169
quick question: how does this work- (root)72 = 6(root)2 and what is this technique called?
Jul5-07 06:15 PM
2 921
a^(1/(2)^1/2)) that is a raised to the power 1/underroot(2)
Jul5-07 05:06 AM
2 1,209
Followup: Suppose we have 2^9 ways of choosing topics on a pizza. Then, if we want different topics on 3 pizzas, we...
Jul4-07 09:30 PM
2 882
Hi, I am interested in knowing what the names of the english math books are for the school you begin on when you are...
Jul4-07 05:21 PM
15 4,141
My friend says that : If there are 9 different toppings then the number of ways to choose toppings for one pizza is ...
Jul4-07 05:21 PM
4 1,023
hi i'm confused at to how my textbook has done the following cancelling :S. hope you can clear things up for me :D...
Jul3-07 01:30 PM
2 1,139
cos(2x)=2cos^2(x)-1 what algebrical rule guarantees me thet is right to divide both angles for 2:...
Jul3-07 11:46 AM
1 1,770
when there is enough block ... here is my problem. a hyperbola having F(-5,0) and D(5,0) and difference of focal...
Jul3-07 11:44 AM
2 1,190
Newby here. Can someone summarize Godel's Theorems for me? I'm not very knowledgeable on such things, but would...
Jul2-07 05:06 PM
matt grime
8 1,721
Just want a check of this please: We have a complex equation of the form az+bz*+c=0 where a, b and z are complex...
Jul2-07 10:49 AM
3 2,419
i just cant figure this out. given a n x n matrix (with n>1) "A" such that all entries are integers and A is...
Jul2-07 09:43 AM
4 2,182
How important is it to you to understand the math your applying? I am decent at math when it comes to remembering...
Jul2-07 06:29 AM
7 1,393
im so embarrased askin so much :blushing: show that given 5 distinct lattice points in the plane (points with...
Jul1-07 07:50 PM
1 891
people discuss only distances between points but why not within a point itself ? i think a point also has a distance,...
Jul1-07 06:58 PM
13 1,316
stupid error in the "tex" thing, see first post.
Jul1-07 12:35 PM
7 1,296
During my freshman year at Yale, I took a course in multivariable calculus under the tutelage of Prof. Serge Lang. He...
Jul1-07 08:40 AM
14 4,672
lol if you have time for a 6minute video watch this homeless guy is talking about suposed non-linear algebra. I...
Jun30-07 10:26 PM
20 4,124
What would be the practical effects if it is proved that P=NP and an efficient polynomial time algorithm is found for...
Jun29-07 06:25 PM
9 1,466
Do you find that after doing a few hours of math it's harder than usual to follow conversations or form sentences?...
Jun29-07 07:57 AM
Gib Z
7 1,316
hey does anyone know if studying fourier analysis is going to aid in physics, particularly in string theory or quantum...
Jun29-07 01:51 AM
3 1,143
I have a set of data points relating the width of an object in an image to its distance from the camera. I'd like to...
Jun28-07 03:46 PM
9 2,532
how are the secret codes for recharging the credit of a phone or the secret credit card numbers gnerated? i hrd...
Jun28-07 03:43 PM
3 1,398
Hi I am reading the book "Introduction to logic and the methodology of deductive sciences" and I'm doing my best on...
Jun28-07 03:52 AM
7 1,579
OK...a friend of mine sent me this brain teaser and I havent been able to crack it...I'm starting to think that maybe...
Jun27-07 10:21 PM
5 2,936
So I was having a conversation with the guy I share an office with and I brought up the gaussian distribution to show...
Jun27-07 09:12 PM
8 2,275
what are some for evaluating logs? square roots? trig functions? this makes me curious obviously i don't...
Jun26-07 08:12 AM
Gib Z
6 1,177
Hello. I have this page.I don't know from what book these questions are taken. If anyone knows please tell me the...
Jun25-07 03:50 AM
2 1,807 The Forgotten Night: The Number Devil Explores Spherical Geometry Marissa L. Weichman...
Jun24-07 09:57 PM
3 1,837
In my book and in other places, they give this rule to obtain the domain for a compound function: "the domain of (f...
Jun23-07 12:04 PM
7 3,488
I know of Euler's equation e^i(pi)-1=0 but i saw another equation that interested me. And I'd like to see if i...
Jun23-07 02:41 AM
Gib Z
29 4,297
Hi all: I don't quite understand what's the property of the mean curvature and gaussian curvature reflecting. And...
Jun22-07 07:35 AM
0 954
I found a very elegant proof of a very well known calculus level result. The result, I don't want to say which yet,...
Jun21-07 10:55 PM
17 3,701
Okay, this may be a silly subject for a thread, but do you know that trick where you check whether a number is...
Jun21-07 11:19 AM
matt grime
16 2,381
Hello, I need some help in resolving a dispute. Recently, a friend of mine told me that the probability of rolling...
Jun21-07 10:25 AM
5 1,334
I'm sorry for this, but what is the range and domain of the following function? y = 24 - 2x y has to be positive...
Jun21-07 08:51 AM
4 1,025
Anybody that can show how to deduce cos(a+b) = cos(a)cos(b) - sin(a)sin(b) sin(a+b) = sin(a)cos(b) + sin(b)cos(a)...
Jun20-07 11:32 PM
3 1,442
I'm looking for a computer program that can do symbolical (i.e. not numerical) algebraic calculations. It doesn't have...
Jun20-07 07:55 AM
1 2,098
Compute the homology of R^3 - S^1. Actually a friend of mine asked me this question and I came up with the...
Jun20-07 07:04 AM
matt grime
5 1,842
While a Fibonacci sequence is the sum of the previous two terms, what of sums of the preceeding n terms, and have...
Jun19-07 02:47 PM
RJ Emery
2 1,528
To make an orange dye, 3 parts of red dye are mixed with 2 parts of yellow dye. To make a green dye, 2 parts of blue...
Jun19-07 08:01 AM
2 1,328

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