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Common math questions, quality answers.
Jul24-14 10:02 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Test your skills. Math challenges will be posted at least once a week. Suggestions for problems are welcomed. Brought to you by Office_Shredder.
Jul26-14 11:48 AM jostpuur 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:23 AM
1 37,796
I just dont get how this branch of mathematics can exist. How is it that we can use "i" or √-1, its not even real!!!...
Oct2-07 02:35 PM
5 1,469
Hi, I'm looking to receive a little help with this area of math. (My math skills are very poor, (currently repeating...
Oct2-07 01:02 PM
9 2,289
I am new to Derive 6 and Laplace Transforms. Is it possible to solve the closed loop gain A/B of the attached loop...
Oct2-07 10:59 AM
3 5,329
can some one show me how to write 5+10+17+26 in sigma notation
Oct2-07 09:21 AM
11 1,359
So I have an equilateral triangle an I want to divide it in 4 parts, all having the same area. This can be done in a...
Oct2-07 02:28 AM
2 3,130
Im doing a short technical paper on matrices for my college magazine, and Im looking for some problem I can model....
Oct1-07 01:00 PM
10 3,437
I put this question in the 'Calculus' forum but didn't really get a response. Maybe it's a silly question but I...
Sep30-07 06:37 PM
2 1,774 ==quote from Science== EDUCATION RESEARCH: U.S. Says No...
Sep30-07 04:41 PM
13 3,481
Quick Summary: I'm in a class were we analyze code / find big theta / Oh / etc (Algorithm Design and Analysis). It's...
Sep30-07 03:08 PM
0 1,747
apologie me if this question isn't corret or is simple for you do solutions of an equation as quaternions or as...
Sep30-07 01:29 PM
matt grime
1 1,326
Hello, I am a High school algebra teacher looking for a modeling tool for algebra tiles. I have four sources of...
Sep30-07 09:52 AM
28 3,364
I'm wondering if someone can furnish me with either an example of a topological space that is countable (cardinality)...
Sep30-07 12:22 AM
3 5,345
Find the equation of a ellipse given the foci. (1,0) (3,4)
Sep29-07 05:44 PM
2 1,320
Hey there everyone. I was looking at an epsilon-delta proof I did and realized that I wasn't exactly sure why one of...
Sep29-07 03:56 PM
4 2,200
I am teaching euclidean geometry this fall and realized i dont know it that well. there are some famous modern...
Sep29-07 11:46 AM
29 5,392
maybe i'm wrong but when i was following a lesson of mechanics by video lectures the teacher gave a very superficial...
Sep29-07 09:28 AM
10 2,661
I'm looking for a 3D-graphing-freeware thats takes x, y, z variables (axis dependence) because I want to see how the...
Sep29-07 03:56 AM
1 4,797
I have 20 puzzle tables (1,2,3,,20) that contain of 10 rows (1,2,3,,10) each. There are numbers 1,2,3,4, in each of...
Sep29-07 02:04 AM
2 1,470
Does anyone have any information whatsoever about freeware or any other software that I might be able to use. I...
Sep28-07 07:26 AM
2 1,144
can anyone give me links to websites that explain curve sketching right from scratch...
Sep28-07 07:19 AM
1 1,518
In the derivation of a cycloid, it says (pg. 655 Stewart, 5th ed) |OT| = \text{arc} \ PT = r \theta . I was just...
Sep28-07 06:46 AM
4 1,672
hello i want to find the peak point of a quadratic bezier curve. one approach is finding all distance between "start...
Sep27-07 02:42 PM
13 7,390
I can't solve for y from: x = - K_{1}* y *\sqrt{K_{2}-y} where K(1) and K(2) are constants. I am pretty sure...
Sep27-07 08:55 AM
4 1,506
I will use this expression as an example: -2x + 7y - 5 Now, I know that this expression literally means "...
Sep26-07 01:14 PM
8 2,336
Hello there, I'm quite weak in factorising functions,especially those with indices. I would appreciate any link on...
Sep26-07 08:00 AM
4 1,143
Is there a definitive source which gives the roots of Bessel functions to n decimal places? I know there's a...
Sep26-07 07:23 AM
0 5,409
if sinh(y)=x, then, show that cosh(y)=sqrt(1+x^2) I know how to prove but i have difficult in choosing the signs. ...
Sep25-07 11:43 PM
8 3,936
\int^{6}_{0} \sqrt{1-n^2x^2}dx=\pi+e I need to solve this for n. I believe there should only be one possible...
Sep25-07 06:17 PM
5 1,158
Contemporary Abstract Algebra. by Joseph A. Gallian I own this book, and personally love it. I just want to know...
Sep25-07 06:13 PM
9 3,053
is the set of all functions a ... (blank), i don't know what the correct classification is, but it should contain the...
Sep25-07 12:49 PM
matt grime
10 1,609
I'm sure there are lots of way to define complexity in different contexts. Some that I've heard of include: ...
Sep25-07 07:41 AM
3 2,052
This is something I understood before, but for some reason I forgot it. How do you prove this inequality holds, if f...
Sep24-07 09:27 PM
9 13,116
Here is the question: the square root of X minus 3, but the 3 is not under the square root divided by x-9? also...
Sep24-07 03:51 PM
9 37,098
I completely forget how to do this... can someone give me a review on how to do this? For example: z=8e^(i(pi)/3)...
Sep24-07 12:48 PM
17 2,555
A relatively lengthy proof I am writing for an assignment leads me to a proposition (which I need to turn into a lemma...
Sep24-07 12:38 PM
11 1,687
How can I find Y from two equations WITHOUT using X: (1) Xcos(Z) - Ycos(W) = 0 (2) Xsin(Z) + Ysin(W) - mg = 0 ...
Sep23-07 02:32 PM
5 1,197
i was looking through a book and came across a double integral that was split into the product of two single...
Sep22-07 11:17 PM
5 2,113
in the xy-plan, line t passes through the origin and is perpendicular to the line 4x+y= k, where k is a constant. If...
Sep22-07 09:55 PM
3 1,176
Prove that for every set of n numbers has a subset whose sum is divisible by n. I found this result very interesting....
Sep22-07 09:49 PM
6 1,683
Does anyone know where I can get a nice large trig identities poster that I can put up in my dorm so I don't always...
Sep22-07 08:59 PM
4 3,091

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