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Common math questions, quality answers.
Jul24-14 10:02 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Test your skills. Math challenges will be posted at least once a week. Suggestions for problems are welcomed.
Aug5-14 02:05 PM fredoniahead 
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All math courses. PDFs, tutorials and web links.
Y 04:23 PM anifik 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:23 AM
1 39,202
Hi, I'm having some trouble understanding what is meant when the limit of a summation is i<j. Does it mean the...
Nov4-07 12:37 PM
1 3,285
an increase of $0,15 on a price of 2,50 is an increse by a fraction of 0.15/2.50=0,06 expressed as a...
Nov4-07 11:36 AM
5 1,622
Whenever I read a corollary, even a lemma, I try to prove it myself first before reading the textbook's proof. This...
Nov4-07 07:07 AM
16 3,415
Find all triples of primes (p,q,r), that pq+qr+rp and p^3+q^3+r^3−2pqr are divisible by p+q+r. I really don't know...
Nov4-07 04:54 AM
7 1,724
What is the relationship between a mobius band and RP^2?
Nov4-07 03:26 AM
0 1,482
So I need to find the equation of the line passing through (1,∏) (∏₂,∏⁴) sorry, the two would only do sub script not...
Nov4-07 02:14 AM
1 2,781
Consider the function f(x)=x^2+4x+1 a)Find h, the x-coordinate of the vertex of this parabola.
Nov4-07 12:20 AM
King Mickey
3 1,464
i don't understand why this notation is the same thing as "A only if B" to me "A only if B" reads that A is a...
Nov3-07 11:33 PM
3 1,282
Can anyone recommend a good general purpose solver for optimisation problems. E.g. something better than Excels'...
Nov3-07 08:29 PM
1 1,462
We know that the function f(x) = sin(2*pi*x) vanishes at all integers, are there other functions like that and what is...
Nov3-07 05:05 PM
8 1,949
I can easily solve systems of equations with no complex numbers, could somebody give a short overview of the easiest...
Nov3-07 04:32 PM
4 11,046
I'm not going to take real analysis until next fall, but I don't know how I'll survive complex without knowing what...
Nov3-07 05:17 AM
matt grime
14 2,424
hi can everybody help me to convert a homogenouos matrix to dual quaternion? i know that from the rotational...
Nov3-07 03:44 AM
0 2,999
hello i was wondering if there is a way to calculate the q dual quaternion from the equation : Pout=q*Pin*q^-1 ...
Nov2-07 04:39 PM
0 1,117
My prof writes this symbol that looks (sort of) like this \ni for "such that" I just write the words "such that" in...
Nov2-07 11:09 AM
5 12,928
hi I got an IGCSE exam in two days and cant find any info on position vectors could sum1 please help me out. And...
Nov2-07 06:46 AM
4 1,125
I am trying to find/create the equation for a straight line on a double logarithmic scale graph - what is the format...
Nov2-07 05:23 AM
4 10,967
My question is does anyone know of some good books at getting a well rounded understanding of math? And the...
Nov1-07 09:37 PM
4 3,135 scroll down to q15 On this question that wants me to find the portion of the...
Nov1-07 04:15 PM
0 2,553
K guys heres the problem P= (3 1 1 3) S=(4 2 2 4) Calculate P^n and S^n for other values...
Nov1-07 12:01 AM
17 2,952
Hi all, This is a weird question, I want to measure angles in terms of 360 degrees and not 180. The two lines...
Oct31-07 09:10 PM
6 3,841
Do i need to use any theorem to solve this such as divergence theorem? the first question need to find the volume...
Oct31-07 07:18 PM
1 1,279
Is there a general formula for calculating the arc length between two points along an ellipse?
Oct31-07 10:30 AM
6 21,078
I'm having trouble understanding a simple identity and was wondering if anyone could explain it to me: Why is it...
Oct31-07 09:29 AM
2 2,493
To anyone interested (and near Tampa, FL), John H. Conway is giving a free lecture tomorrow evening (November 1st)....
Oct31-07 08:35 AM
0 2,314
I was wondering if it is possible to convert a projectile motion(velocity, direction, etc) into a (parabolic)...
Oct30-07 09:02 PM
3 2,605
I wasn't sure where precisely to put this, hopefully it gets an answer here. In my computational physics class we...
Oct30-07 08:23 PM
0 3,551
suppose a finite set A={a1,a2...a_n} of different a_i. v is a function from {a1,a2...a_n} to R. B=max{p_1*v(a1),...
Oct30-07 06:45 PM
0 2,378
hello people. Im sorry about this post becuse i have been reading some of the posts here and they are really high lvl...
Oct30-07 06:09 PM
3 1,275
Hi Im taking senior maths challenge this year and was looking over some of the past paper questions. I did the first...
Oct30-07 04:39 PM
4 1,673
dont understand For the following function, C computes the cost in millions of dollars of implementing a city...
Oct29-07 10:23 PM
10 2,312
Hi, can you please explain to me how Ramanujam got this formula for pi. ...
Oct29-07 09:31 PM
2 1,826
Hi, I was reading a general mathematics/ number theory (at least college level) book (NOT a textbook) at Barnes &...
Oct29-07 02:20 PM
2 1,265
First post here. Would dearly like to have some answers for book I am writing on aesthetics and psychology. Can't find...
Oct29-07 12:38 PM
66 8,220
solve this iq questions 1)A health club has 600 members. 80% of them are males. 70% of the members use the...
Oct29-07 12:35 PM
3 1,440
How can I prove this? Suppose X is a set of 16 distinct positive integers, X=\left\{{x_{1}, \cdots ,...
Oct29-07 06:08 AM
Gib Z
2 1,260
this isn't really a homework problem it's just me trying to understand a part of an example problem from a modern...
Oct28-07 09:48 PM
8 3,156
so embarrased askin so much :redface: On a table there are 14 cards. On each card there is a number between 1 to...
Oct28-07 04:20 PM
Doom of Doom
4 1,201
I'm sure many of us don't need a teacher to learn a specific math subject, just a good textbook. Self-studying allows...
Oct28-07 12:36 PM
7 2,707
Consider line segments oriented vertically, horizontally, and either diagonally. The individual segments may be seen...
Oct28-07 10:42 AM
6 2,119

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