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Test your skills. Math challenges will be posted at least once a week. Suggestions for problems are welcomed. Brought to you by Office_Shredder.
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Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:23 AM
1 33,257
I'm not talking about how you would personally translate it.. I'm asking what is 'cluster point' in the french...
Jun2-07 02:22 AM
10 1,426
I wish to prove that for f(x)=x^x, its domain is: {x E R, x > 0}U{xEZ,x<0}. I reevaluated to e^(xlnx), obviously that...
Jun1-07 09:29 PM
3 2,186
My mind has gone fallow, and I can't quite understand factoring a number into two coprime numbers. What happens if...
Jun1-07 03:05 PM
65 4,859
Hi I stumbled across a power series pattern while working on a C algorithm and was wondering if this "discovery"...
Jun1-07 04:33 AM
12 2,006
I'm not sure I even have enough time to prepare (a summer is very short). But still, I want to give myself a shot so...
May31-07 09:16 PM
6 2,598
Hey guys I really need some help as fast as you can give it to me. Basically I want to find a selection of 7 of the...
May31-07 05:29 AM
Gib Z
15 2,976
Is the summation of an infinite number of different (not just different by constants ) Gaussian functions still a...
May29-07 08:27 PM
7 1,616
IS there a formula for: z=(Cosx +iSinx)^4 (Cosy + iSiny)^2 ??
May29-07 02:09 PM
5 1,871
Nevermind sorry, think I've found a sufficent article on wikipedia to help me: ...
May29-07 09:35 AM
4 8,231
Hi, does it exist a program where you can write in mathematical formulas, draw geometrical figures and create graphs...
May28-07 07:34 PM
3 1,041
hey ! I'm new here... :redface: I'm looking for a really tough induction! I will appreaciate who will write...
May28-07 02:59 PM
22 2,338
Why is gravity always taken as negaive when applied to the whole projectile i.e. when finding the time of flight for...
May28-07 02:44 PM
7 1,363
Hi, Does anyone know about the Seven Millennium problems, if yes can any one explain to me the yang mills theory,...
May28-07 02:14 PM
16 2,348
Why is it possible to take the cross product in only 3 and 7 dimensions?
May28-07 04:03 AM
matt grime
6 2,076
I just reviewed Dot Product, but I don't know what it actually, exactly means. would you tell me about its physical...
May27-07 04:36 PM
12 5,350
I fell very silly posting this, but I am making Normal Distribution tables. I tried to Integrate what seems to be...
May25-07 04:03 PM
8 2,841
we have , W=F(m) here W is function of m how do we define the fuction f as only as...
May25-07 07:55 AM
4 1,295
This may be a stupid question, but I do not understand why the Euler sum is infinite for zeta=1. Why is...
May24-07 11:07 PM
robert Ihnot
5 2,646
how many 5 digit numbers are there in which every two neighbouring digits differ by 3? can you please tell me if i...
May23-07 06:05 PM
5 1,434
We all know that for the angle sum of the external angles of a non-concaved polygons is 360. How is/was this derived...
May23-07 05:42 PM
4 4,754
How do i rearrange this equation to make x the subject? y=xsquared
May23-07 05:13 PM
4 1,489
How would one go about solving sin(x) = x/2 I.e. the intersections of f(x)=sin(x) & g(x)=x/2 I can rigorously...
May23-07 05:03 PM
8 1,349
I don't understand what this is supposed to mean when used with a set of numbers like: maximum of {x,y} Can...
May23-07 08:58 AM
5 986
Can you help me by giving me a method or solution integrating sinx/x between (0,infinty) please help me
May23-07 07:31 AM
Gib Z
7 1,837
If one was to sum a series by grouping each two terms would that be legtimate? i.e if you have an alternating...
May23-07 07:27 AM
Gib Z
3 1,244
Dear all, I have this interesting problem and have not settled it out. There is a pair of rabbits which reproduce...
May22-07 11:49 PM
2 1,224
:rolleyes: does anyone know were to get math past papers for igcse level year 2006 will be really helpfull ...
May22-07 11:17 PM
3 1,491
:surprisedcan anyone derieve the taylor expansion of ln(1+z) ? please help me.
May22-07 06:33 PM
1 751
Hi, I am to find a formula for the area of a regular polygon with a side "a". I just keep getting the wrong answer:...
May22-07 10:59 AM
5 2,673
Hello everybody, I wanted to know the uses of such a function definition; f(x) = 3*f(x-1) - 3*f(x-2) + f(x-3) ...
May21-07 11:03 PM
5 1,421
I have below logical quiz but can not seem to find a reasonable answer. Any comment or help will be appriciated. ...
May21-07 01:35 PM
5 1,979
I hate discontinuity in nature. When I graph the probabilities of dice rolls (say, 2 dice or 3 dice) I get integer...
May20-07 10:19 AM
robert Ihnot
6 1,167
I don't have a 3D graphing program, so I'm trying to figure out the graph of y=x^z on paper. y=x^2 forms a...
May20-07 08:11 AM
16 2,520
Hi everyone,can someone help me out with this question ? A machine design student noted that the edge of a...
May19-07 07:41 PM
6 744
We have this final project for my math class and I was thinking of using geometeric series to get different shapes. I...
May19-07 05:29 AM
2 1,163
Chop a stick randomly into three pieces (by hitting twice with an axe). What is the probablity that these three pieces...
May18-07 09:04 AM
2 1,145 The sad thing is I don't think I can do it even if I try....
May18-07 04:26 AM
18 2,550
Does 0^0 equal one, or is it undefined?
May18-07 12:58 AM
8 1,385
I've heard ancient greeks were able to solve algebra using geometry. For example, if you have a line between two...
May17-07 07:53 PM
2 1,546
Four circular cardboard pieces each of radius 7cm are placed in such a way that each piece touches two other...
May17-07 12:50 PM
2 1,277

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