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Common math questions, quality answers.
T 03:27 PM Greg Bernhardt 
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Test your skills. Math challenges will be posted at least once a week. Suggestions for problems are welcomed. Brought to you by Office_Shredder.
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:23 AM
1 36,957
Does anyone can solve the following equation? |x − 1| = 1 − x Thanks Tom
Aug31-07 10:22 AM
13 1,787
We know that anything divided by zero is 'undefined' or equal to infinity. Is it not possible to define in anyway such...
Aug31-07 10:01 AM
14 3,341
Hi all. I am learning a numerical method that involves Fourier transform. As far as I know, I think Fourier...
Aug31-07 01:42 AM
0 1,222
I am trying to remember the formulas and ways to do this but I am have much trouble! Please help! Thank you! 1) Find...
Aug31-07 01:14 AM
7 1,994
It seems that if the number 9 is multiplied by a number, the resulting digits of that number will sum to 9. Does this...
Aug30-07 07:33 AM
Gib Z
10 1,744
I found this problem off of mathematics magazine and I want to give it a try solving it, but i'm lost for ideas. ...
Aug29-07 06:17 PM
12 2,841
My teacher told me that C sin(k x) + D cos(k x) = F sin(k x+gamma) if neither C nor D is 0 (gamma is a phase...
Aug29-07 03:12 PM
3 1,621
Please can someone tell me whether anyone has managed to classify all possible 3-D shapes into a finite and usefully...
Aug29-07 09:59 AM
2 2,312
I'm stuck on this math problem for my physics class, I'm sure it's not that difficult, but it confuses me: The...
Aug29-07 09:47 AM
7 1,476
Please can someone tell me whether has managed to classify all possible 3-D shapes into a finite and usefully small...
Aug28-07 06:47 AM
0 1,745
Hello, Please excuse me if I may sound an ignorant compared to all of you, but I was always stupid and never paid...
Aug27-07 08:14 PM
33 3,495
Is "The modulus function" one function or two? f(x) = |x| suggests one, but f(x)=x, x>=0, f(x)=-x, x<0, suggests two.
Aug27-07 11:50 AM
3 4,541
Hi, I have recently cracked a password for a zip file using brute force which got me thinking. Lets say that the...
Aug27-07 11:10 AM
5 1,614
the chance of a coin toss coming up heads is 1 in 2. i assume that the chance of it coming up heads twice in a row is...
Aug27-07 09:07 AM
2 13,929
hi. having 3 point of a quadratic bezier curve(start, control, end), how i can calculate the length of curve.
Aug26-07 02:39 PM
2 3,942
dear SGT,i have problem with H matrix,called the measurement matrix,i mean i dont know how to solve Z=H*X, X=6*1...
Aug26-07 03:05 AM
0 2,357
Here's an interesting question. I'm aware of closed forms of cubic polynomials that go through 1 or 2 specific (x,y)...
Aug24-07 11:43 PM
5 2,712
Hi there everyone, I'm troubled with a certain problem. I'm trying to locate the circles of view in perspective...
Aug24-07 04:17 PM
5 1,318
in my book this is called the lower bound but it implies that it might be called the greatest lower bound elsewhere. ...
Aug24-07 05:32 AM
5 7,302
i have no way to deal with the math problems,so i don;t know how to do.Do you think what should i do ??...
Aug24-07 05:28 AM
2 1,413
is there any difference between the two discplines, and what is it? p.s what do you think of emil artin's...
Aug23-07 08:34 PM
10 4,357
rather a silly question, but i am a bit confused , could we consider the expression x^{2}-y^{2}+3xy-x^{4}+5y^{4}+...
Aug23-07 04:21 PM
1 836
Okay, i'm wondering if an investment that averages x% over the term of an investent and an investment with a fixed...
Aug23-07 03:49 PM
2 1,237
I think I found a simple formula if I was putting in the same amount of money each year, but what if I wanted to start...
Aug23-07 03:46 PM
3 2,179
What methods are there to show that three points are, or aren't collinear? I know the standard, check the slopes...
Aug23-07 01:52 PM
2 1,587
Hi, I don't mave MUCH of a Math back ground, mainly math used for the line of work I am in (Currency Analyst) and...
Aug22-07 11:44 PM
13 2,908
Assuming we define the cardinal number for a set A as the least ordinal number b such that A and b are equipollent,...
Aug22-07 06:41 AM
matt grime
3 1,081
this isn't homework this is from a book im reading for fun L is the set of all negative rationals and zero and all...
Aug22-07 06:38 AM
1 4,125
How can I calculate the probablity of 2 same numbers being right next to each other, when 100 random numbers chosen...
Aug21-07 08:47 PM
7 1,658
Is the Euler line in triangles USEFUL for anything in real life? This is the line which contains the concurrency...
Aug21-07 01:40 PM
0 1,805
In how many ways the letters in the word PARALLEL can be arranged so that there will always be two "L"s together as in...
Aug21-07 12:41 PM
robert Ihnot
10 2,062
Hi guys. I have a problem with an integration problem I've recently stumbled upon. \int \frac{1}{sin^{-1}...
Aug20-07 09:14 AM
16 2,248
Is every subspace of a connected space connected?
Aug20-07 03:55 AM
matt grime
12 5,105
f(x) is an even function if f(-x) = f(x) for any x in the domain of f. Now I say that f(x) = x^2 is defined on . Can...
Aug19-07 09:22 PM
3 1,553
hello i have two type of two joint quadratic bezier curve you can saw a sample in the picture how i can find the...
Aug19-07 01:42 AM
0 1,962
I'm looking for the name of the optimistic conjecture that, if I remember correctly, conjectures the existence of a...
Aug18-07 11:26 PM
4 1,811
silly question. didnt know where it was meant to go so i just put it here as safest option:) suppose a curve C is...
Aug18-07 04:44 PM
3 1,978
Hi everybody, In physics and mathematics, we often use the theorem that the circle alway has the smallest perimeter...
Aug18-07 03:46 PM
1 2,399
Definitions: "x is a limit point of A" = "All neighborhoods of x contain an infinite amount of points of A" "x is a...
Aug17-07 11:20 AM
15 6,728
If f \cdot f and f \cdot f \cdot f is smooth, does it follow that f is smooth? So does f \cdot f \in...
Aug16-07 11:23 PM
1 1,330

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