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Common math questions, quality answers.
Jul24-14 10:02 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Test your skills. Math challenges will be posted at least once a week. Suggestions for problems are welcomed.
Aug5-14 02:05 PM fredoniahead 
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All math courses. PDFs, tutorials and web links.
Sep15-14 01:06 PM phion 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:23 AM
1 39,245
is it true that ||z| - |w|| \leq |z + w| ?? if so what is the proof? here is my workin so far.. please...
Oct7-07 08:01 PM
1 839
let ABDE and BCGH be squares lying outside the traingle ABC. The centres of these sqaures are P & Q respecitvely, and...
Oct7-07 07:33 PM
Chris Hillman
1 1,290
How can you prove sets 1--------- how can u prove the following sets are are open, a. the left half place {z: Re z...
Oct7-07 06:51 PM
2 2,088
Can someone help me with this problem???? The joint probability mass function of X and Y, p(i,j)=P{X=i,Y=j}, is...
Oct7-07 01:04 PM
0 10,201
hi the question is : find the force needed to keep a helicopter hovering in place if the helicopter weighs 800...
Oct7-07 11:13 AM
0 1,014
My favorite mind-bending phenomenon to mention to future high school teachers is the so-called Euler-Cramer paradox. ...
Oct7-07 06:19 AM
12 2,746
tan(30)=(sin(theta))/(1+cos(theta)) The only way I can solve this is by using the graph on the calculator. There...
Oct7-07 05:59 AM
17 2,531
I came across this amusing treasure hunt problem in a book on the history of complex numbers. The author got it from...
Oct6-07 10:23 PM
robert Ihnot
3 4,333
you receive a 50% franked dividend of $500. corporate tax rate is 30%. what is your assessable income in relation...
Oct6-07 12:04 PM
1 1,324
I was asked to find the derivative of y=sqrtx at x=1 I need to use the formula lim x -> a = f(x) - f(a) /...
Oct6-07 11:05 AM
1 2,351
In 2006, the mathematically rigorous proof of the Poincaré conjecture was completely excepted. The Poincaré conjecture...
Oct6-07 09:33 AM
2 1,297
Is the sequence defined as the denumeration of Q the only such sequence?
Oct5-07 11:15 PM
5 2,716
I would like to self-study Probability and Statistics, but I'm not sure what textbook to buy? I'm currently in...
Oct5-07 04:49 PM
0 4,760
I'm a Cal2/Physics 1 Undergrad and, largely due to Asimov and the show Numbers, have an interest in Applied...
Oct5-07 04:17 PM
0 1,405
Hello everyone A question in complex numbers If inflicted P = q par There is a point of equality:...
Oct5-07 02:27 PM
0 920
Let \tan_1x=\tan x and \tan_{k+1}x=\tan\tan_kx. It's fairly clear that the sequence (\lfloor\tan_n1\rfloor) =...
Oct5-07 02:13 PM
0 1,135
I say urgent because of the horribly small lecture I received on this section, a whole 3 minutes or so of examples....
Oct5-07 05:19 AM
10 2,374
Most of the time, when someone complains maths is dry or boring is it because they are not getting it (rule out the...
Oct4-07 03:22 PM
39 4,726
I feel aggravatingly close to the answer to this one, but have caved in. Using ~ for "is equivalent to" A given...
Oct4-07 01:10 PM
3 4,877
We define: <u,v>=u2v2+u3v3 For vectors u=(u1,u2,u3) and v=(v1,v2,v3) in R3. Explain the reasons why this is not...
Oct4-07 06:47 AM
2 1,507
Hi I'm working on a Mac application to visually illustrate the doppler effect and managed to confuse myself with...
Oct4-07 03:10 AM
0 1,083
Here is the problem: You have a sandwich shop. You can choose one of 6 different breads, 1 of four different...
Oct3-07 11:51 PM
2 8,929
Wikipedia shows this graph for the arccotangent function, which I can also find in a few other web pages like this...
Oct3-07 10:24 PM
out of whack
2 5,362
hey guys, I got this question that I am a bit stuck on. I have done question two and got the fourier series, but...
Oct3-07 12:06 PM
3 1,641
Hey, I think I am pretty sussed out on all of this, but it's best to be 100% sure right? Inverse: Does the opposite...
Oct2-07 04:15 PM
2 1,476
I just dont get how this branch of mathematics can exist. How is it that we can use "i" or √-1, its not even real!!!...
Oct2-07 02:35 PM
5 1,522
Hi, I'm looking to receive a little help with this area of math. (My math skills are very poor, (currently repeating...
Oct2-07 01:02 PM
9 2,324
I am new to Derive 6 and Laplace Transforms. Is it possible to solve the closed loop gain A/B of the attached loop...
Oct2-07 10:59 AM
3 5,375
can some one show me how to write 5+10+17+26 in sigma notation
Oct2-07 09:21 AM
11 1,395
So I have an equilateral triangle an I want to divide it in 4 parts, all having the same area. This can be done in a...
Oct2-07 02:28 AM
2 3,184
Im doing a short technical paper on matrices for my college magazine, and Im looking for some problem I can model....
Oct1-07 01:00 PM
10 3,497
I put this question in the 'Calculus' forum but didn't really get a response. Maybe it's a silly question but I...
Sep30-07 06:37 PM
2 1,814 ==quote from Science== EDUCATION RESEARCH: U.S. Says No...
Sep30-07 04:41 PM
13 3,570
Quick Summary: I'm in a class were we analyze code / find big theta / Oh / etc (Algorithm Design and Analysis). It's...
Sep30-07 03:08 PM
0 1,780
apologie me if this question isn't corret or is simple for you do solutions of an equation as quaternions or as...
Sep30-07 01:29 PM
matt grime
1 1,340
Hello, I am a High school algebra teacher looking for a modeling tool for algebra tiles. I have four sources of...
Sep30-07 09:52 AM
28 3,423
I'm wondering if someone can furnish me with either an example of a topological space that is countable (cardinality)...
Sep30-07 12:22 AM
3 5,454
Find the equation of a ellipse given the foci. (1,0) (3,4)
Sep29-07 05:44 PM
2 1,340
Hey there everyone. I was looking at an epsilon-delta proof I did and realized that I wasn't exactly sure why one of...
Sep29-07 03:56 PM
4 2,245
I am teaching euclidean geometry this fall and realized i dont know it that well. there are some famous modern...
Sep29-07 11:46 AM
29 5,469

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