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Common math questions, quality answers.
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Test your skills. Math challenges will be posted at least once a week. Suggestions for problems are welcomed. Brought to you by Office_Shredder.
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Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:23 AM
1 33,260
I was trying to find the orginal works of laplace and grassman, but could not find them. Well I found some on amazon...
Apr19-07 06:17 AM
6 1,314
Can anyone tell me how to solve.... 400sinA + 500cosA = 600 Just doin some statics problems and for one of 'em I...
Apr18-07 04:12 PM
5 1,467
How do I find X with respect to Y if; Y = X + e^X? If I log it then I get Log Y = Log X + X, if this is the...
Apr18-07 04:35 AM
11 2,306
I can't quite remember where I got this idea, but once my brain remembered one point about higher dimensions(that of...
Apr17-07 12:50 PM
7 2,115
Hello, do anyone know a website where we can download for free 'equation editor' or any program to write math...
Apr17-07 08:00 AM
25 19,054
I was reading book on numbers and it had an equation for 1^2+2^2+3^2+4^2+5^2... but I worked out the equation...
Apr17-07 12:58 AM
4 5,306
One of the great mathematicians in history was born on this day, three hundred years ago. Stefan from Backreaction has...
Apr16-07 10:57 PM
Gib Z
1 1,179
Hi, I'm writing a visualization tool for magnetic fields in DirectX. I am currently building a model for 3D curves...
Apr16-07 09:27 AM
11 10,128
I really haven't got a clue on how to evaluate this limit. I've tried doing algebraic manipulation, but to no avail....
Apr16-07 05:17 AM
14 1,243
How does the second term in a quadratic, bx, affect the graph?
Apr15-07 11:11 PM
5 798
I was looking into a set of equations, and came across two different symbols that I'm not familiar with what do they...
Apr15-07 03:35 PM
Tom Mattson
4 2,993
I have recently taken great interest in studying the properties of the function f(x) = x^x , and I was wondering: is...
Apr15-07 12:57 PM
32 4,877
How can i find The imaginary part of (1-2i)^2-i. This is what i have done so far: (1-2i)^2 (1-2i)^-i ...
Apr15-07 09:17 AM
1 987
Hey again; It doesn't seem to be my day for spotting the obvious; I've come accross this problem now: ...
Apr15-07 04:10 AM
5 3,666
can someone help explain what the graph of 1000-10(x-1)^(4/3)/3rd root of x would look like
Apr14-07 08:44 PM
Gib Z
2 1,163
HI, CAN any body suggest me a method of solving math and geometry problems?or the way of thinking on a problem(i dont...
Apr14-07 06:34 PM
7 1,150
Can you guys help me prove: Given a continuous and differentiable function (or surface) f: R^2 -> R, such that f(x,y)...
Apr13-07 05:23 PM
6 1,366
Hello guys; I'm after a bit of help here, I may have missed something completely obvious, but I can't seem to figure...
Apr13-07 09:01 AM
8 1,209
What does it mean for a function to be convex (or concave) on an interval ? I understand what a function is and what...
Apr12-07 05:19 PM
4 5,946
This is the sequence: 1, 2, 5, 14, 41, 122 1. Is this a geometric series or an arithmetic series? 2. I know the...
Apr12-07 11:56 AM
14 3,203
Hi, This fall i am gonna start being a freshman in mathematics-West Texas A&M University-, so i am gonna have to...
Apr12-07 11:53 AM
0 970
How do you do these two problems? 1. Find the sum of the 6th roots of unity. 2. Find the product of the 6th roots...
Apr12-07 08:28 AM
4 3,069
There is 1000 doors (label 1,2,3...,999,1000) and 1000 peoples. First person close all doors, 2nd people open doors...
Apr12-07 05:52 AM
Gib Z
11 2,053
Ok. I'm fairly new so go easy on me. I apologise if this is posted in the wrong section. Can someone point me in...
Apr11-07 05:53 PM
2 9,570
Please help: A manufacturer of biscuits is considering three types of gift packs containing three types of...
Apr10-07 10:20 PM
1 1,167
Is there in mathematics a field of study known as "point-set theory," and is this an area that has been fully...
Apr10-07 09:46 PM
4 1,714
How can you solve for X, an angle, if you get an equation like this? 5=2sinX + cosX I couldn't think of any trig...
Apr10-07 09:34 PM
8 1,286
I've been looking at the value N(n) of N that satisfies the equation \sum_{1}^{n}(N-i)^{n}=N^{n} Thus turns...
Apr10-07 05:39 PM
2 1,423
I wish to drill four evenly-spaced holes in a ball. How do I form my construction lines so that my marks are accurate?...
Apr9-07 11:07 AM
8 2,595
could find input index file that's one error that shows up I have no idea how to fix it.
Apr9-07 09:36 AM
3 2,798
Hello you bunch of owls, I'm doing my homework at the moment and I'm curious, how woul I express the logarithmic...
Apr9-07 08:09 AM
14 6,601
How did who decide some of the steps to choose for developing the Chain Rule and for developing the derivative of the...
Apr9-07 05:47 AM
12 1,955
Hi experts, I am having the following problems with LaTeX. Where can I quickly install these packages: ...
Apr9-07 01:09 AM
3 782
I posted on this tangent a little while ago but I've moved forward and was looking for some input. I have two...
Apr8-07 12:20 PM
matt grime
1 1,682
hi I got a stats problem infornt of me. I figured out that it is abaut conditional probability. But I am stuck...
Apr8-07 03:53 AM
4 2,192
I really need to know this, as its becoming difficult to write equations...
Apr8-07 02:27 AM
3 10,881
Hey, I'm a math novice. As far as I can tell, we use integrals to solve such problems as the area beneath a curve. ...
Apr7-07 03:16 PM
11 1,257
for the life of me I cannot recall how to integrate say Int(dv/(k-v^2))=dt Its been 30 years since I took...
Apr6-07 06:21 PM
Gib Z
5 1,261
Hi! I have to find the best parameter "k" with witch function sd->minimum. I do that with FindMinimum. "sd" if a...
Apr6-07 03:40 PM
0 924
hey in advanced maths , does +infinity and -infinity join at some point ? a bit like if the axis was a cilinder
Apr6-07 12:46 PM
4 2,283

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