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Common math questions, quality answers.
Jul24-14 10:02 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Test your skills. Math challenges will be posted at least once a week. Suggestions for problems are welcomed.
Aug5-14 02:05 PM fredoniahead 
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All math courses. PDFs, tutorials and web links.
Aug13-14 05:16 PM seouldavid 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:23 AM
1 38,840
I'm looking for the name of the optimistic conjecture that, if I remember correctly, conjectures the existence of a...
Aug18-07 11:26 PM
4 1,826
silly question. didnt know where it was meant to go so i just put it here as safest option:) suppose a curve C is...
Aug18-07 04:44 PM
3 2,002
Hi everybody, In physics and mathematics, we often use the theorem that the circle alway has the smallest perimeter...
Aug18-07 03:46 PM
1 2,421
Definitions: "x is a limit point of A" = "All neighborhoods of x contain an infinite amount of points of A" "x is a...
Aug17-07 11:20 AM
15 6,882
If f \cdot f and f \cdot f \cdot f is smooth, does it follow that f is smooth? So does f \cdot f \in...
Aug16-07 11:23 PM
1 1,379
Hi, I have a small fixed size packet of information that I want to transmit and detect errors with a high degree of...
Aug16-07 07:15 PM
1 1,627
How do we come to 4.pi.r^2?
Aug16-07 02:33 PM
7 23,301
Could someone tell me which trig identity this chap (in a Physics textbook) is using to turn sin(Kx)sin(2Kx) ...
Aug16-07 02:11 PM
2 1,382
I've done few examples about convolution and i understand it grafically but not mathematically. when two rectangular...
Aug15-07 08:40 AM
0 1,698
Hi there just a general question: this involves continuity and differentiability suppose: f(x) = sin 1/x if ...
Aug15-07 05:03 AM
19 3,839
I thought this was really odd. I wonder if they found it by accident or were trying to do this... ...
Aug14-07 08:02 PM
23 8,212
I am not sure where this is exactly suppose to go but I need some help with the mathematics behind musical theory. I...
Aug14-07 06:03 PM
23 2,982
ok this is in an example in a first-year physics textbook, yet some how i spent an hour trying to solve it...
Aug14-07 02:55 PM
5 2,763
Try to solve this integral: I=\int \frac{\sqrt{\sqrt{x^4+1}-x^2}}{x^4+1}\,{\rm dx}
Aug12-07 02:51 PM
3 1,482
Hi there guys. My first post here. I heard this forum was really helpful so i've signed up lol.I'm trying to get to...
Aug11-07 09:54 PM
12 24,192
Hi. I am having trouble proving that the irreducible representations of SU(2) are equivalent to their dual...
Aug11-07 04:13 PM
4 1,597
The following is a well-known unsolved problem : If n is an integer larger than 1, must there be integers x, y,...
Aug11-07 10:36 AM
robert Ihnot
1 2,434
In this article, how do I rewrite (2) to get the third equation R(z)=... ? thank you
Aug11-07 05:21 AM
4 2,002
hi Im currently 16, and just about to go into 6th form. Ive been reading up alot into maths quite a bit beyond my...
Aug10-07 06:11 AM
2 1,089
hi guys, what is the relationship between y^2 = f(x) and y = f(x)? thank you.
Aug8-07 07:33 AM
9 6,891
how would i find something like: max where x\epsilon and ... max where x\epsilon ...
Aug8-07 07:21 AM
2 3,477
Hi, How to find the equation if one root of a quadratic equation is 1 + 3i. Regards, Suganya EasyCalculation...
Aug8-07 05:26 AM
2 1,799
Hey, I am not trying to prove anything here, just merely asking a question to something I tryed: I found a relation...
Aug8-07 02:02 AM
Gib Z
13 1,573
What's the correct way to state the relationship between these two Lie groups? One is the "covering group" of the...
Aug7-07 10:13 PM
7 1,699
I thought that horizontal asymptotes were asymptotes and now I'm hearing that they can be crossed... Is this true? If...
Aug7-07 02:48 PM
8 12,130
Hi guys, I have another weak problem here if you would care to help, please. I am trying to convert between the...
Aug7-07 02:44 PM
1 1,486
I wonder if anyone here knows any DERIVATIVE or differentiation book such as “Exercises in Integration” by Claude...
Aug7-07 12:21 PM
3 965
I'm trying to read a mathematical systems theory book (by Heij, Ran, and van Schagen) and he uses notation that I...
Aug7-07 12:19 PM
1 1,102
Dear all: I have been read a few definition of the degree of a bezier spline. But I still do not understand...
Aug7-07 05:58 AM
2 5,680
consider: f:R \rightarrow R, f(x) = x^n for some n \epsilon N . I have the proof that f'(x) = nx^{n-1}. ...
Aug7-07 03:01 AM
18 3,537
In many areas of math doing something "backwards" is much harder that doing it "forwards", for example - inverting a...
Aug6-07 11:36 AM
5 1,929
I find that when doing problems in pure maths, I need to look at the solution very often and is happy just to be able...
Aug6-07 12:32 AM
7 1,350
Hey guys, It's been a while since I've even done simple exponent-based math. I'm trying to solve for x where...
Aug5-07 10:13 PM
2 1,288 be used in a spreadsheet that drives Solidworks 3d tube models. Here is a picture of my problem:...
Aug5-07 02:56 PM
2 1,238
I am interested in what I call the "reduced exponential" Sum_i=1 to infinity x^(i-1) / i! where x is a general...
Aug5-07 01:23 PM
5 1,295
I’m about to learn advances of mathematics. However, notations, symbols, such as Greek, etc, makes me MORE difficult...
Aug5-07 12:54 PM
4 4,099
My wife, who is great at math and did well for herself at Harvey Mudd, missed a question on a practice GMAT. At the...
Aug3-07 09:15 PM
2 10,392
(Apologies for the lack of latex) I was thinking today about simple ways of proving that the area of a circle is...
Aug3-07 08:40 PM
4 6,092
What does the leading coefficient test determine? For example, if you test the fucntion f(x)=2x^{2}+3x+1 does the...
Aug3-07 06:32 PM
4 20,382
Out of curiosity, what happens when you try to perform a trig function on a complex number? So, say, sin(4i+3)? Is...
Aug3-07 11:05 AM
3 7,002

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