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Common math questions, quality answers.
Jul24-14 10:02 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Test your skills. Math challenges will be posted at least once a week. Suggestions for problems are welcomed.
Aug5-14 02:05 PM fredoniahead 
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All math courses. PDFs, tutorials and web links.
Aug13-14 05:16 PM seouldavid 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:23 AM
1 38,837
*Note: I think questions 2-4 are erroneous? 1) There does NOT exist any x \in \mathbb{R} such that x \in \left(...
Sep10-05 10:40 AM
6 1,829
hi everyone, there si this problem that i can't figure out and i was looking for some help FIND THAT ANGLE!!!! In...
Sep10-05 03:31 AM
4 1,370
Can anyone analytically solve these 2 simultaneous equations for c & d, where a and b are known? a = sin(c) *...
Sep9-05 04:44 PM
1 1,156
Hello,there i would like to know what are hiperreal numbers (i think that are numbers including infinitesimals and...
Sep9-05 06:54 AM
2 994
My friend thought of this some time ago......... 1/3 is equal to .333333... 2/3 is equal to 2*(1/3) or .66666......
Sep9-05 06:47 AM
3 1,548
Hi there, I have a range of results from scanning a piece of metal of length L. The results from the scan are %FSH...
Sep8-05 11:53 AM
4 1,846
f(x)= sin 3x - (1/2)sin x, find the period. i know the period for sin 3x is 2pi/3 and the period of sin x is 2pi...
Sep8-05 10:44 AM
2 1,459
Hi more questions again... :blushing: :blushing: i am having a hard time figuring out these questions... 1)a)how...
Sep7-05 10:45 AM
Doodle Bob
3 835
hey guys, i am stuck on one more problem. Can anyone guide me onto the right path on how to start this? Use this...
Sep5-05 10:11 PM
3 6,115
Hello, can anyone guide me with this problem? Find nonzero vectors a ,b , and c such that a x b = a x c but b...
Sep4-05 11:11 PM
5 1,178
for a curve defined by y=f(x) the radius of curvature is defined as power 3/2. I need a good neat & understandable...
Sep4-05 04:32 PM
2 16,856
Hi, guys! I've graduated some time ago, and by now have completely fogotten all those matrix rules. Could you...
Sep4-05 01:29 PM
8 1,617
i need help with this problem The base of the pyramid is 100 blocks by 100 blocks; each successive layer is one...
Sep3-05 11:57 PM
2 852
Just curious, why is \phi calculated as the angle between the +z axis and a position vector of a point of a...
Sep3-05 03:40 PM
3 1,464
Y^6+124Y^3-125 the ^ means to the power of asks to factor help
Sep3-05 03:38 PM
22 6,256
Can anyone explain this simplification? Kindly...
Sep3-05 11:43 AM
5 4,654
Is it a reasonable statement to say either: 1) \frac{\infty}{\infty} = 1 ? 2) \frac{0}{0} = 1 ? \phi
Sep3-05 11:38 AM
6 3,010
i heard that the shortest proof of the pythagorian theorem is in a temple in India. does anyone know which temple and...
Sep3-05 05:13 AM
1 2,661
x^2+y^2+z^2=4 (x+2)^2+(y-1)^2+(z+2)^2=4 find volume inside both. thanks,
Sep2-05 12:05 PM
3 1,418
Hi, I am looking for a solution to this equation for w. Is an analytical solution possible? PI.w.csch(PI.w/2.a)...
Sep2-05 08:29 AM
0 909
Hello, can anyone help me with this problem? Find an equation of the plane through P (3,3,1) that is...
Sep1-05 11:41 PM
1 734
I am curious about the different integral transforms. I found definitions online, but where did they come from? Does...
Sep1-05 04:24 AM
5 1,879
If P , \; Q and R each represent a point in \mathbb{R} ^ 3 , then is it true that \left\| {\overrightarrow...
Sep1-05 04:11 AM
5 883
Does anyone have any useful websites for 2D geometry that discuss some more advanced concepts for a person interested...
Aug31-05 09:34 PM
2 3,711
I once saw a programme not so long ago, showing a young man who was calculating something like 56^6 in a matter of...
Aug31-05 11:17 AM
8 1,657
Dear experts. Did you hear about a unity of algorithm (or an algorithmís unity). Can you explain that is it? TIA.
Aug30-05 12:05 PM
0 1,232
Find the Values of the constants in the following indentities. A(X^2 -1) + B(X - 1) + C = (3x -1)(x +1) AX^2 -...
Aug30-05 12:04 PM
16 1,696
Simple for you guys i guess, But tough for me - Guess im just thick! x^4 +Ax^3 + 5x^2 + x + 3 = (x^2 +4)(X^2 -x +B)...
Aug30-05 12:00 PM
3 1,084
Which class would study the solutions to cubics, quartics, and Abel's proof? Would this be an analysis class or...
Aug30-05 11:46 AM
5 3,387
I took physics last year at HS. and my buddy is asking me for help and I cant remember any of this. Here is what I...
Aug29-05 10:00 PM
3 1,276
How does one proceed to solve an equation of the form: a^x + x^b = c Where x is the unknown (real or complex)...
Aug29-05 02:22 PM
6 1,633
I need an algebric proof of the theorem of similar triangles (C/c=A/a=B/b).
Aug29-05 10:21 AM
7 4,728
Runner A is initially 4.54 mi West of a flagpole and is running with a constant velocity of 7.06 mi/h due East. Runner...
Aug29-05 08:05 AM
4 1,224
o:) hi, this is me again.i was wondering if you could teach me how to do these 2 questions (???) means to...
Aug29-05 05:06 AM
6 913
Could somebody who knows well the method of numerical solutions of system of nonlinear algebraic equations nonlinear...
Aug29-05 05:04 AM
6 11,802
Hello :D ABCDEFGH is a cube with a side of 3cm. The points I and J are defined by: vector BI = 1/5 of vector BF...
Aug29-05 02:46 AM
1 910
Hi please, someone help me with those problems? It's about three dimension space and it is about vectors...
Aug28-05 06:46 PM
4 998
(5x^4-6x^3+31x^2-46x-20)/(2x^5-3x^4+10x^3-14x^2+5) I got it = 1/(2x+1) + 4.75/(x-1) + -2/(x-1)^2 + 8.75(x^2+5) ...
Aug28-05 04:46 AM
3 2,398
So I work at a retail store, and the way the company works, they determine how many hours are given to each store by...
Aug27-05 09:25 PM
1 1,328
Here's a riddle I'm having trouble solving: There are N points on a plane. Find the two points that are closest, in...
Aug27-05 12:17 PM
5 1,521

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