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Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:23 AM
1 33,200
Between N points one can design N*(N-1)/2 distances. As in a three dimensional space, there is 3*N coordinates, for N...
Jun1-05 10:51 AM
0 894
Is \infty - \infty = 0?
Jun1-05 01:01 AM
18 1,716
I am having a pretty hard time differentiating between the difference between these two things: Mutually Exclusive,...
May31-05 07:55 AM
5 2,944
.0834 = .5 \sqrt { 1 - v^2 } What is v^2?
May30-05 07:26 PM
31 1,945
I'm giving a talk in a few days about Newton Polygons for polynomials and I was wondering if anyone knew of a few...
May30-05 03:23 PM
0 2,180
I'm graphing equations, and I ran into a snag. I assumed that the graph would be the same for both of the following:...
May29-05 06:00 PM
The Rev
3 2,737
I have a question about grid generation: I made a simple 2D grid using Transfinite Interpolation. For this method,...
May28-05 10:12 PM
0 3,559
How do I find the line of intersection of two planes? I have an idea, but both of the planes have a -2z ie. ...
May28-05 10:13 AM
9 13,382
A gratuitous bit of self publicity, but at are some bits of maths people may...
May27-05 12:40 AM
6 947
It seems like this shouldn't be too difficult and yet i'm stumped. I am trying to prove the binomial theorem. ...
May27-05 12:30 AM
2 1,834
How do you find the area of a sphere based on it's volume?
May26-05 05:53 PM
16 9,007
How can you derive the gradient of a vector R^3 to R in cylindrical coordinates?
May26-05 03:52 PM
1 15,660
i have a problem graphing trig functions such as f(x) = 2cos(3x+pi/2) -1 i know this should be very simple but i am...
May26-05 10:34 AM
1 1,513
Hi all,, I have a problems on complex Analysis: Show that the equation z^4 + z + 5 = 0 has no solution in the set...
May26-05 02:28 AM
13 1,466
Here is the question: "could you fine n>2 (n natural number) so that: a^n+ b^n=c^n with a, b and c real numbers". I...
May25-05 07:07 PM
9 1,091
Hi, Does anyone know a reason why \int_{-\infty}^{\infty}\cosh(x)^{-n}dx (n>0) can be evaluated analytically when n...
May25-05 06:30 AM
11 6,675
Hello, I'm in need of a hint or few pointers on how to calculate the angle C of the picture attached. I've already...
May24-05 07:26 PM
2 1,391
Let f(x) and g(x) be functions. Then if limit of f(x)/g(x) = 1. That implies lim f(x) = lim g(x) right? ...
May24-05 06:35 PM
7 8,992
Problem: I have a computer image of a grid "square" from an aviation chart. The "square" is actually approximately...
May24-05 03:42 PM
0 3,690
Hi, Can you tell me how to prove the following? Given a set of n distinct points in the plane such that for any...
May24-05 07:28 AM
5 3,619
A circle of radius R is centered at the origin. The y-intercept (positive) is at (0, R). As we shift the circle to the...
May23-05 09:41 PM
9 1,365
A club consisting of seniors and juniors has 15 members. After seven more seniors and three more juniors join the...
May23-05 07:08 PM
3 6,030
Hi, i was working with my teacher, and i discovered the continous differential of x!gives x!,also the continous...
May23-05 03:22 PM
2 1,038
I didn't see a topology forum, so I thought I'd post this question here. Can anyone give any pointers on using van...
May23-05 12:18 PM
matt grime
7 4,142
Suppose you are conducting a hypothesis test to compare two sample means from independent samples, with the variance...
May23-05 12:01 PM
2 40,518
:uhh: I can normally do combinations and permutations, but these two currently stump me. Any help is appreciated. ...
May22-05 09:04 AM
3 918
The problem asks me to show that the maximum possible area for a rectangle inscribed in a circle of radius R is 2R^2....
May21-05 02:36 PM
5 8,587
hello all: I have tried to solved the following problem, however, I was stucked. thanks for the help: x, y z are...
May21-05 07:16 AM
Vivek Sharma
10 3,258
hi, i have been working on an Options assignment, and i have this formula as one of my answers: ...
May21-05 01:42 AM
1 4,287
I plan to take the course elementary differential equations during the summer period, however I have experience up...
May19-05 06:11 PM
12 1,311
Could someone please direct me to a good web page or comment on the main difference between the euler lagrange eqn and...
May19-05 08:54 AM
1 1,262
Hi, In this Problem i am finding Problem to calculate the set of z: Pls help Determine all z \subset C for which...
May19-05 04:08 AM
4 904
I am confused of shifting a linear equation. Let f(x)=ax+b And g(x) is identical to f(x+2)+5 For example, we create...
May19-05 03:38 AM
22 2,794
does .999~ = 1 or not?
May19-05 03:22 AM
3 1,184
i have 69 distinct positive whole numbers between 1 and 100. i pick out 4 integers a,b,c,d. prove that i can always...
May18-05 11:22 PM
3 2,827
How do I factor this equation x^3-1
May18-05 09:28 PM
14 1,430
Hey all! This is one problem I haven't been able to solve. I've had a class on theorems relative to circles and...
May18-05 07:34 PM
10 1,026
Quick question. To differentiate y = 20x (2x - 1)^6 I need to use the product rule: y = uv \ \Rightarrow \...
May18-05 04:47 PM
6 1,183
What Is The Maximum Number Of One Inch Diameter Spheres That Can Be Packed Into A Box 10 Inches Square And Five Inches...
May18-05 09:15 AM
8 2,062
Hi, I need help on the following problem on Fourier series: Let phi(x)=1 for 0<x<pi. Expand 1 = \sum\limits_{n =...
May17-05 10:57 PM
1 1,408

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