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Common math questions, quality answers.
Jul24-14 10:02 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Test your skills. Math challenges will be posted at least once a week. Suggestions for problems are welcomed. Brought to you by Office_Shredder.
T 05:42 AM jostpuur 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:23 AM
1 37,964
Well, From what I understand, to determine the intersection of a line and a plane, we use parametric form of the...
Aug16-05 02:51 PM
4 2,914
Is there an "prettier" way to obtain a taylor series for tan x about pi/2? Currently, I expand sin and cos and do...
Aug16-05 11:27 AM
8 7,103
Hey. I tried to make a function that could calculate the function of a "average" line. See my picture:...
Aug16-05 08:33 AM
2 1,388
Hi, guys. In a previous post this problem was given: Let B be a solid box with length L, width W, and height H. Let S...
Aug15-05 01:05 PM
3 1,468
I don't quite understand how to add step functions and would like to get that down before this one class begins. ...
Aug15-05 12:31 PM
9 7,066
Saw this in the thread about "Explaining topology..." Is there an easy way to extend this particular definition...
Aug15-05 11:00 AM
23 2,669
This question seems a little silly, because it looks so simple but There's one thing I don't understand: If y``...
Aug15-05 07:33 AM
4 1,507
Why does lnX!=XlnX-X?
Aug15-05 05:42 AM
15 1,515
Well, I'm doing homework (again). I was introduced to homogeneous systems of planes and then asked why there must...
Aug14-05 09:24 PM
1 1,345
This was done while I was in a stat-mech class a long, long time ago.......didn't understand it very well at the time....
Aug14-05 03:48 PM
9 3,322
Hi, I'm not sure how to tackle this quiz question I came across : Let P(n) be the number of ways of writing a...
Aug13-05 11:49 AM
matt grime
10 1,494
Well, I'm learning plane sketching in R3. One of the questions is 5y- z - 10 = 0 It is my understanding that the...
Aug13-05 10:43 AM
4 4,018
Hello, I have a question concerning the GMM equation specification. Say we partition each day in 7 intraday...
Aug13-05 08:37 AM
8 4,225
Hello friends... If you are aware of a pretty comprehensive list of binomial identities available on the internet...
Aug13-05 02:27 AM
0 10,606
Hello, I have a system of trigonometric equations from which I should find theta1,..., theta5. Is it possible you...
Aug12-05 06:49 PM
4 2,697
I am really stumped! Using only Trigonometry, I am suppose to calculate the amount of force that is needed to keep a...
Aug12-05 03:17 AM
3 3,344
Do any of you know of excellent advanced multivariable calculus textbooks? If so please list them. (Don't mention...
Aug11-05 09:48 PM
14 4,633
what is meant by the term 'surface term'? thank you
Aug11-05 09:46 PM
11 2,403
I need to prove by mathematical induction that all positive numbers of the form 5^n-4n+15 are divisible by 16 where n...
Aug10-05 05:18 PM
monet A
8 3,772
this question may sound kind of dumb, so if it is, i apologize, but let say you have a line with a point taken out of...
Aug10-05 03:55 AM
5 969
I am terribly sorry for not being able to write this simple equation in Latex form. (I will be really glad if someone...
Aug10-05 03:47 AM
2 1,598
let be the quotient: Lim_{x->c}\frac{\zeta(1-x)}{\zeta(x)} where x=c is a root of riemann function... then my...
Aug9-05 09:14 AM
4 1,237
What's the difference between: 6.6725985D-20 and 6.6725985E-20
Aug8-05 10:30 PM
2 1,631
Let be the function h(x)=f(x)+g(x) we want to obtain the values of x so h(x)=0 and we have that f(x) and g(x) have the...
Aug8-05 03:23 PM
matt grime
15 1,738
hi i want to know what is cordinate system and how to find angle b/w two connected lines
Aug8-05 02:46 PM
2 3,437
I have been thinking about this problem for awhile, but have no idea to even begin solving it. Was wondering if anyone...
Aug8-05 02:27 AM
1 1,247
i am given an formula Sn= n/2 and i am told to verify the formula represents the sum of n terms of an arithmetic...
Aug7-05 07:22 PM
5 2,695
From Analitic Geometry; Tan(x) = m m1*m2 = -1 Tan(0) * Tan (90) = -1 Therefore;
Aug7-05 06:13 PM
13 1,086
howdy, i am considering of opening a $5,000 daily compounding certificate of deposit for six months with an...
Aug7-05 04:14 PM
3 1,106
Hi! I'm working through the book "Problem Solving Strategies" by A.Engel at the moment. There is an example in the...
Aug7-05 06:28 AM
9 1,250
Ok, i missed the class on finding the inverse of a matrix, and i only have a little bit of an idea on exactly what row...
Aug7-05 05:00 AM
1 926
Hi any idea on this please. Find the values of constant A,B and C if the ellipse 4x^2 +y^2+Ax+By+C=0 is to be...
Aug6-05 04:24 AM
5 1,216
Please any help. Use the symbols \beta and \sigma definition of limit to prove that limit...
Aug6-05 02:02 AM
3 3,867
Please help me on this. If f`(x) is continuous on ,apply the Mean Value Theorem to prove the inequalities min \leq...
Aug5-05 07:59 PM
4 1,556
I'm trying to rearange an equation but don't manage to get the right results so I guess the rearranging did not work...
Aug5-05 05:08 PM
3 1,889
Im trying to solve (4x-4)/(x+2)< 2x-3 I get it down to 0<(2x+1)(x-2) if x+2>0 0>(2x+1)(x-2) if x+2<0 ...
Aug5-05 05:44 AM
3 2,318
Hi PPls okay i have studied calculus and i can easily see its application in many things like calculating...
Aug4-05 09:11 PM
25 9,232
math would be easier if we stuck with 9 digits. any way try solving this. 124x54+39+md=? hint md is roman numerals
Aug4-05 05:12 PM
1 894
how does weierstrass' approach to analysis differ from the classical approach, i.e leibnizs' and newton's calculus?
Aug4-05 04:06 AM
15 2,368
I've been trying to explain what topology is, and why it is important, to non-mathematicians. Specifically to other...
Aug4-05 02:29 AM
matt grime
44 4,343

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