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Common math questions, quality answers.
Jul24-14 10:02 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Test your skills. Math challenges will be posted at least once a week. Suggestions for problems are welcomed.
Aug5-14 02:05 PM fredoniahead 
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All math courses. PDFs, tutorials and web links.
Aug31-14 03:38 AM Yashbhatt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:23 AM
1 39,008
I'm not sure I understand the complex plane very well. For the cartesian plane, or other planes such as polar,...
Nov12-11 02:21 AM
4 1,410
Problem - Find backward finite difference approximations to first, second and third order derivatives to error of...
Nov11-11 02:08 PM
7 4,227
I am comparing LP's and SDP's and have come across a lot of papers where they show all of the differences, but I am...
Nov11-11 11:57 AM
6 8,194
Im trying to figure out the center of mass of a cone for this research I'm doing. How do I find the center of mass of...
Nov11-11 05:19 AM
20 2,812
Hi, I am trying to understand the binomial theorem, and would appreciate any insight or pointers. To make notation...
Nov10-11 09:08 PM
6 2,109
Hi, I stumbled upon the following two functions which have the same freq domain representation, 1/(j.pi.f) ...
Nov10-11 08:29 PM
2 1,150
Hi, I've been working on this problem for a few days and I'm pretty stuck. I'm working on how much area is...
Nov10-11 03:41 PM
3 1,237
How do I draw a graph, when all y values are for intervals. Example: 0-1000: 20, 1000-2000: 30. i tried the middle...
Nov10-11 01:33 PM
1 1,155
Howdy, So I have some data that I suspect to follow a y=x^p+C relationship, where p and C are unknown, real...
Nov10-11 03:26 AM
23 2,981
I dont understand the concept (or need for) of vacuous truths/implications. Why is it that if say a statement a is...
Nov10-11 01:38 AM
43 4,788
in some books when we have a function f : A → B , and g : C → D , to prove that they are equal it proves that the...
Nov9-11 11:53 PM
10 3,581
The properties arise from infinitely nested functions such as: ...
Nov9-11 10:15 PM
Matt Benesi
22 4,105
I am having a problem finding the correct SI unitsfor the quantity A? In the equation A=√(R/TY) That is A...
Nov9-11 12:47 PM
4 2,757
This may seem trivial, but for some reason I am having trouble with it. For a and b in the complex plane, I am trying...
Nov9-11 09:39 AM
1 979
Okay I wanna be clear, this is not an homework question. But I have a hard time understanding the concept of what...
Nov8-11 10:08 PM
5 1,945
Just a quick question. Is it mathematically sound to describe conics and cubic curves in x and y (i.e. defined on the...
Nov8-11 07:09 PM
0 971
Can someone please let me know how to find x in π/4=arctan(x+arctan(x+...)) ?
Nov8-11 02:15 PM
14 2,446
what is 3(or i, where i=1,2,3,4......∞) digit arithmetic? is it just working with 3 decimals or 3 significant figures?...
Nov8-11 09:22 AM
5 4,512
So there's this graph in chemistry with a curved negative slope shape. (x, y) (0.16, 104.61)...
Nov8-11 12:39 AM
5 2,850
Hello, If I can make any number of waves (n) all with the same phase but all within a frequency range of 100-200hz,...
Nov7-11 11:37 AM
2 1,437
Recently, my friend tested me on a puzzle. The puzzle goes like this, if there is 8 balls (1 of them which weighs...
Nov7-11 06:47 AM
Simon Bridge
4 1,997
In school teachers taught us mathematics only for the sake of passing the board exams, due to that I always found...
Nov6-11 06:18 AM
8 3,272
Why is it that many mathematicians in the past who have made significantly profound contributions to the world of...
Nov5-11 05:32 PM
50 18,003
I have always loved math and have done independent theorem-proving and research. However, I have had absolutely no...
Nov5-11 03:57 PM
9 3,340
Ok, so I found this article that presents an algorithm for deciding whether or not a set of coins allows for use of a...
Nov4-11 09:30 PM
0 2,225
Do you think that beauty and aesthetics are subjective or objective things? I read an article about the Golden...
Nov4-11 05:02 PM
3 1,332
Hey, If I wanted to make up problems that are solved using the law of cosines, shouldn't it work out even if I...
Nov4-11 03:52 PM
3 1,118
I have been wanting a book that would contain all mathematical theorems and proofs, such as G.S. Carr's A Synopsis of...
Nov4-11 02:55 PM
1 1,609
What is this kind of diagram actually called? And how does one produce this in latex?
Nov4-11 08:54 AM
1 865
Hello, first of all, excuse my English. I have no experience witch describing mathematics problems in English. I...
Nov4-11 07:33 AM
2 1,230
Hello all, I have uploaded a .gif of the integral. The limits are just values, as I know what d,h, and σ1 are. d...
Nov4-11 07:12 AM
Simon Bridge
3 791
Seeking opinion regarding included code. //Processing - int _size = 256; int _mx, _my; Ordinate...
Nov4-11 06:53 AM
1 654
When I use the calculation from Wikipedia that says that the radius of convergence of a series is lim as n goes to...
Nov4-11 02:45 AM
2 1,792
Hi! I'm having some difficulties understanding WHY sign function's derivative actually is dirac's delta function? Or...
Nov4-11 12:20 AM
8 2,024
Hi All, Did my maths B exam the other day but was absolutely stumped by one question. Spent half an hour thinking...
Nov3-11 08:02 PM
1 817
Hello everyone, here's a video in a series i'll be doing called math-help-how-to. Here's my first, about factoring! ...
Nov3-11 06:09 PM
0 1,016
I will prove the false statement, that n\geq a\Rightarrow n!\geq a^n, n\in \mathbb{N}-\left \{ 0 \right \} with...
Nov3-11 04:23 PM
5 2,074
Hi I have some data samples and and my job is to find a curve that will fit these values. The curve that i have...
Nov3-11 02:27 PM
3 1,267
If so, could it be used to integrate sin(x)/ln(x)
Nov2-11 10:31 PM
3 2,449
a=\frac{62k+1}{k-1} or a = / a, k are natural numbers I must find all a
Nov2-11 04:24 PM
4 1,407

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