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Common math questions, quality answers.
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Test your skills. Math challenges will be posted at least once a week. Suggestions for problems are welcomed. Brought to you by Office_Shredder.
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Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:23 AM
1 33,258
Hi All, I have been trying to unsuccessfully crack a certain problem for my research, but I get stuck. I found it...
Sep12-11 03:38 AM
Anna Kaladze
0 461
Hey, I'm an A-level maths student and I was wondering if anybody has any pretty complicated equations that can be...
Sep11-11 11:47 PM
14 2,470
I tried to calculate the number of consecutive integers between 10,000 and 99,999 that do not use the number 7. I got...
Sep11-11 07:59 PM
3 940
Actually I changed my mind and feel like it should be ((pi*r)(2*pi*r)) by my faulty thinking. Since pi*r would give...
Sep11-11 07:49 PM
17 2,312
when do i use the Paralleogram Law of Vector Addition and when THe Triangle law of vector addition will...
Sep11-11 07:26 AM
6 5,610
Hii , this is the thread for simple derivations on geometrical figures. Here I begin with the easiest proof of the...
Sep11-11 04:46 AM
0 805
I am currently working on computer program that has to find the sum of during looping: 1 + 1/2 + 1/3 + 1/4 + etc. ...
Sep10-11 08:24 PM
Nowhere Man
2 655
I got this problem from one of my favorite webcomics: Paradox occurs on a random day during the year such that it is...
Sep10-11 07:49 PM
4 898
So I have this integration to solve but I needed help and I just couldn't make up a term to call that 'x' ><!! the...
Sep10-11 07:46 PM
Nowhere Man
5 1,411
Hi, For my exams, I am provided with a list of trigonometric functions. I do know at least a good half of those I'm...
Sep10-11 08:27 AM
3 1,318
2, 120 gram bars of soap for $2 or..... 2, 90 gram bars of soap for $1.50 Can someone explain the method to...
Sep10-11 02:31 AM
8 925
Given 2 points on a circle, call them A and B. I know the cartesian coordinates of A. I also know the radius of the...
Sep9-11 03:31 PM
2 2,277
Hello, I have the following equation in x and y: xy - \sqrt{(x^2+a^2)(y^2+c^2)} = -\frac{1}{a^2}-\frac{1}{c^2}...
Sep9-11 03:29 PM
1 813
Is there any kind of theorem, algorithm on factoring a large number into primes and which I could use (the theorem)...
Sep9-11 10:29 AM
2 669
The solution of mathematical tasks in the ancient Greek Trisection of angles angle=0 - no solution 180>angle>0 -...
Sep9-11 09:04 AM
17 2,783
how to use a log table..and how to find the value of log 1.6 or log 5.62. or any other example.
Sep9-11 09:03 AM
2 3,414
Given 1000 cows and 10 pens, you want to arrange the cows in the pens such that any number of cows from 1 to 1000 can...
Sep9-11 06:40 AM
3 1,516
Hello, The last two weeks of my nuclear engineering course covered a mathematical topic known as...
Sep9-11 12:28 AM
3 2,504
So I was, in my pure innocense, googling for math word problems. Little did I know I'd only find word problems for...
Sep8-11 09:51 PM
6 2,693
I am aware that Bessel functions of any order p are zero in the limit where x approaches infinity. From the formula...
Sep8-11 05:07 PM
3 2,953
I have 2 questions about -b and - 4ac in the formula... x = (-b +-sqrt(b^2 - 4ac))/(2a) If you are given 2nd...
Sep8-11 03:48 PM
69 4,187
i know that line is a one dimension but i cannot understand then why do sometime need two spatial variable to specify...
Sep8-11 12:55 PM
8 1,307
1)-why is x(t)+x(-t) always even?? matter if x(t) even or odd??? 2)-when we talk about unit step...
Sep8-11 10:05 AM
3 1,334
so I've got this equation down to x*ln(2/x) = 5 Can someone show/point me to a page where I can see how to solve...
Sep7-11 11:02 PM
3 1,349
I'm doing my economics thesis on game theory, and need to solve a system of nonlinear equations (these will be the...
Sep7-11 07:27 PM
1 759
Hi, I am working on a Theory of Knowledge Essay and I was thinking how the proof to Fermat's Last Theorem...
Sep7-11 07:22 PM
3 1,387
Hi, I've this board, like shown in attachment, that has 2 rows. Each rows have 4 places. I'm trying to find a...
Sep7-11 07:41 AM
5 889
This is a game with N players where each player secretly picks a number from 0 to 100. The winner is the player who...
Sep6-11 04:54 PM
4 1,088
I am interested in learning math from a historical perspective. Starting with euclid and working myself up to...
Sep6-11 04:44 PM
3 1,588
I need to find the solution to the geometric series expansion of the form... \sumn^2*x^n , for n=0,1,2,... most...
Sep6-11 12:10 PM
4 2,094
Hi, I really need some help here.. Vectors remind me why I hate geomtery. problem 1: Prove that |UxV|2 = |U|2+|V|2...
Sep6-11 11:40 AM
4 846
Hi, Before ask my question, let me explain how this game works. It exist a board with 9 positions and 9 pieces....
Sep6-11 10:01 AM
6 1,187
What happens if you have to take the arccos of a number greater than 1 or less than -1. I know from a right...
Sep5-11 03:12 PM
7 3,600
Hello, I'm pretty rusty when it comes to rearranging more complex equations and can't seem to remember how to deal...
Sep4-11 04:10 PM
9 1,806
When they work out your kill to death ratio on the game Call of Duty Black Ops, if they calculate your total kills...
Sep4-11 03:36 PM
9 1,402
I'm not sure this is the right thread to post my problem : I'm trying to define a uniform distribution on the...
Sep4-11 01:01 PM
0 725
hello, in the Wikipedia page for Dimensional analysis how do we know that area = "largest edge2 • f (angle1,...
Sep4-11 07:48 AM
1 1,944
Hello, I'm currently trying to convert polar equations to Cartesian equations and vise-versa. I noticed an equation...
Sep4-11 12:29 AM
3 1,234
Is there a way to calculate the period of a trigonometric series (like the one below) analytically? ...
Sep3-11 11:59 PM
3 1,326
I am having trouble understanding how the vector equation of a line : (x,y,z) + t(x1,y1,z1) can be used in conjuction...
Sep3-11 11:39 PM
1 878

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