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Common math questions, quality answers.
Jul24-14 10:02 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Test your skills. Math challenges will be posted at least once a week. Suggestions for problems are welcomed.
T 10:08 AM dtms1 
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All math courses. PDFs, tutorials and web links.
Sep15-14 01:06 PM phion 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:23 AM
1 39,288
Hi everybody! i am trying to find out the right command to get the domain and the range of a specified function in...
Mar13-12 05:11 AM
0 1,912
Hello, I have a polynomial having the form: \beta x^5 + \beta^2 x^7 + \beta^3 x^9 + \ldots =...
Mar13-12 07:59 AM
3 1,298
what is the precise definition of "parent functions" ? I know that : f(x)=x ,f(x)=x^2 , f(x)=sqr(x) , f(x)=1/x ,...
Mar13-12 06:24 PM
4 2,271
This question started out as a thought experiment on a flight home from Japan a couple years ago. I've toyed with it...
Mar13-12 09:07 PM
1 1,071
Given the expression: e^{\sqrt{y}} What numerical operator must this expression undergo to make it so that there...
Mar14-12 10:11 AM
1 1,152
i know that if i am finding the order of rotations of certain element like rot(n), the order will be (2 (pi) ) / n....
Mar14-12 05:14 PM
0 891
If you laugh when reading this, you lose. :grumpy: So, I was solving a bunch of extremely easy equations, and...
Mar14-12 07:42 PM
10 1,399
Im having issues with my weak algebraic skills trying to correctly re-arrange the following equation for "d" ...
Mar15-12 02:49 AM
1 890
In the game of bridge, four players are dealt 13 cards each from a well-shuffled deck of 52 playing cards. (a)What...
Mar15-12 05:28 AM
1 935
So here's a question for you, if on a line we chose one point, then what is the fraction of this point compared to the...
Mar15-12 09:16 AM
A. Bahat
3 922
Here is a sum from MATHCOUNTS: What are the last two digits in the sum of the factorials of the first 100 positive...
Mar15-12 01:00 PM
20 40,478
Hi, I am writing up a project based on an algorithm for factoring large numbers, I have reached seemingly simple point...
Mar15-12 05:16 PM
2 1,185
Hi everyone, I'm currently looking to solve an equation of the general form: \sqrt{x^2-y^2}+\sqrt{\epsilon...
Mar16-12 01:14 AM
4 892
Hi, I have been working on some Mandelbrot wallpapers for some time but have so far only visualized the whole set i.e....
Mar16-12 07:06 AM
2 1,020
find the area of the triangle with vertices (-1 2 -1 2) (-1 2 -1 1) and (2 -1 2 2) its 4 d Im confused thanks in...
Mar16-12 12:20 PM
10 2,688
A good book on Abstract Algebra that covers major undergraduate and graduate topics? Something rigorous professional...
Mar16-12 05:16 PM
5 1,110
I am trying to calculate Max CFM in a given pipe size(ranging from 1/2"- 2") at a given pressure for an ongoing...
Mar16-12 06:08 PM
0 2,308
what is the sum of the following series? I know it's convergent (using ratio test) but I'm not able to work it out :(...
Mar17-12 03:23 AM
2 1,457
I am trying to calculate the standard deviation of a group of data based on a 20 period sliding window. I have run...
Mar17-12 09:47 AM
1 1,216
So I have this statement that I'm supposed to prove and I cannot for the life of me figure out what parts I'm allowed...
Mar17-12 02:28 PM
2 857
Hi, Concerning only the upper right quadrant of an ellipse... I know the distance from the center of the ellipse...
Mar17-12 06:08 PM
27 2,551
need hint/help or perhaps a solution :smile: Equations are from Propeller Blade Theory. Iīm trying to figure out how...
Mar17-12 06:24 PM
2 1,185
Mar17-12 10:37 PM
3 1,107
Hi, I need a geometric explanation for this algorithm: Suppose we have the system Ax=b, where A is and M-by-N...
Mar18-12 04:33 AM
0 894
Hi, I need to find the singular value decomposition (SVD) of a matrix H=H1+H2. Is this equivalent to sum the SVD...
Mar18-12 08:14 AM
2 727
Suppose I have a regular histogram, I can normalize it by dividing the frequency counts by the total number of counts...
Mar18-12 03:37 PM
1 1,905
So, I was working on computer science homework, and I decided that I would make a sequence, where there would be a...
Mar18-12 09:54 PM
10 1,799
Given a function, it is easy enough to plot its curve, just by substituting numerical values. But is the reverse...
Mar18-12 10:41 PM
1 885
With the number i, its possible to create a wave function with just one variable. example: f(x)=i^x or.. ...
Mar19-12 06:08 AM
7 1,029
Hi All, So here's my question: Suppose we have two sets A and B, then A \setminus B denotes their...
Mar19-12 01:13 PM
3 1,482
I've been meddling with prime numbers a bit with my programming studies and managed to make an ulam spiral using...
Mar19-12 03:52 PM
0 1,173
On pg 6 of, it quotes this result without proof. My notes from uni...
Mar19-12 05:37 PM
3 1,265
A firm has the following total-cost and demand functions: C = aQ^3 - bQ^2 + cQ + d Q = e - P (d) Find...
Mar20-12 07:44 AM
1 1,338
Is this correct? A function ψ:A --> B is the set: ψ = { (x, y) | \forallx\inA\existsy\inB\ni(((x, y) \in ψ)...
Mar20-12 12:22 PM
30 2,182
I want to prove x^3 + a^2x + b^2 = 0 has one negative and two imaginary roots if b \not= 0. I know that it cannot...
Mar20-12 03:35 PM
2 1,215
A quick question... what is the resultant expression if you multiply the cubic formula by 3a, add +b and then cube the...
Mar20-12 03:37 PM
4 1,036
Here's a very interesting question:- Suppose you are given a cube and 6 different colours. You are asked to colour...
Mar20-12 07:57 PM
9 1,083
I'm trying to prove something in modular arithmetic that I came upon across my studies in comp sci. Consider a set of...
Mar21-12 12:17 AM
4 1,183
$I\subset \reals$ $$\gamma_i:I_i\rightarrow M,\quad I_i\subset\reals,\quad i=1,2$$ $\sigma_{\alpha\beta}$ , let...
Mar21-12 02:49 AM
3 1,288
What mathematics did Perelman use to prove Poicare's conjecture? Do you know any guide or any book?
Mar21-12 06:47 AM
A. Bahat
2 1,339

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