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Common math questions, quality answers.
Jul24-14 10:02 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Test your skills. Math challenges will be posted at least once a week. Suggestions for problems are welcomed. Brought to you by Office_Shredder.
Y 12:54 PM pasmith 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:23 AM
1 38,217
Dimensions of rectangle are a=2 and b=5. Perimeter and area P=2a+2b=14 and A=a*b=10 If we take a rope of length...
Oct10-11 02:25 PM
Number Nine
3 1,375
This has been a curiosity of mine lately. I am wondering about what makes an algebra person an algebra person. I know...
Oct10-11 07:04 AM
4 3,111
Hi guys, I'm doing some thinking about random walk. Imagine there is a bounded 2D plane and a single spawn...
Oct9-11 10:20 PM
Number Nine
2 752
Hello, I hope I am posting this is in the right section. It is not a home work question, it is from a solution to a...
Oct9-11 04:02 PM
5 1,069
Hi, Im having this problem with coding in mathematica I know the elements of an upper triangular matrix, and i have...
Oct9-11 02:57 PM
0 1,102
Hi I was wondering about the meaning of the infinity norm || x ||_\inf= max\{|x_1|, |x_2|....|x_n| \} if a norm...
Oct9-11 06:31 AM
4 3,191
why does adding equations solve the system of equations? i've taken matrix algebra but, to be honest, was too bashful...
Oct9-11 03:55 AM
5 1,661
Thank you to those who replied to my previous post(I had a problem repling on that post). What I was after was a...
Oct8-11 10:53 PM
0 840
Has anybody ever come across a dataset which does the following? I use the continuous multifractal (method of...
Oct8-11 06:06 AM
2 1,596
This is very basic. I have asked some friends and they dont know. I have tried resolving it by long division, and can...
Oct7-11 09:58 PM
2 991
Hi, I've done a response surface analysis, resulting in an equation of the form: P= A + B*X + C*X^2 + D*Y +...
Oct7-11 02:57 PM
3 998
If I have log a b = c, what is the term for the value b? I know that a is the base and c is the exponent, but I...
Oct7-11 02:24 PM
3 2,641
Hi, Could anyone give me some ideas on how to solve the following question: log (x) - x + 2 = 0 or generally ...
Oct7-11 06:18 AM
9 5,166
Uh, I don't know if this suits the topic, but I've been wondering about this. Are we more times bigger than the...
Oct6-11 09:48 PM
5 1,807
Hey, I was wondering if I could ask for some help proving simple things in number theory, like divisibility things...
Oct6-11 09:21 PM
10 2,652
I have done well in undergraduate mathematics, and would like to do some self study in something more advanced and...
Oct6-11 08:32 PM
3 927
My supervisor always talks about how a problem is convex or its nonconvex and we want to convexify it. I understand...
Oct6-11 09:35 AM
1 1,139
So I have a few different calculators I use. I am currently in a Calculus 1 and Physics 1 course. Both for...
Oct6-11 09:32 AM
14 6,235
I have some questions , first : in college Algebra course I didn't used to prove that y is a function of x for example...
Oct6-11 06:37 AM
20 3,475
I was wondering how they did come up with the way of setting permissions using the linux program chmod by just using...
Oct6-11 05:46 AM
4 1,291
Hi all, Can someone help me understand how mathematical discoveries are evaluated? If a new finding is made, how do...
Oct6-11 03:16 AM
4 1,220
given the x,y coordinates of two points and the radius of a curve. has anyone got a formula for calculating the...
Oct6-11 03:12 AM
5 1,317
HI every one what's the @ rule in the matlab code? especielly when we use quad command.
Oct5-11 05:19 PM
1 916
the general equation for rectangular hyperbola with vertical and horizontal asymptotes is given as : (x-h)(y-k)=...
Oct5-11 05:43 AM
3 1,915
Hi, Does it necessary for a differential equation to have an analytic solution? Regards
Oct4-11 06:23 PM
1 1,143
Hi all, I have some integrals involving Heaviside theta functions of non-trivial arguments, in particular...
Oct4-11 06:34 AM
0 1,022
What's the point of logarithms when trying to sketch functions? Isn't y=3^x the same as x=3^y? I think it should be...
Oct4-11 02:28 AM
4 1,144
You have a flat wooden surface, some rope, some nails and a pencil - how do you draw parabola using just that?
Oct4-11 01:10 AM
17 5,117
Hello, What is best suited for making cayley graphs in LaTeX? Thank you.
Oct3-11 06:59 PM
1 1,800
Hi everybody!! Solving a PDE for the damped wave equation I get with a solutions that part of it have the...
Oct3-11 04:23 PM
3 2,225
How can I write this is series form? f(n) = \frac{z^n * s}{100^n} + 2*\frac{z^(n-1) * s}{100^(n-1)} + \frac{z^(n-2)...
Oct3-11 12:06 AM
4 1,333
I just pulled a paragraph that's giving me a headache atm. ...
Oct2-11 05:13 PM
13 1,814
Suppose you have the following Linear Programming problem P Max z = ax + by s.t. cx + dy = E
Oct2-11 05:07 PM
1 1,645
Hi, I want to find the maximum and minimum values of a column in a matrix. I have a 4 column, 100 row matrix and need...
Oct2-11 02:19 AM
1 9,389
I could not remember how it was called. This was a project on the web intended to solve problems in big teams....
Oct1-11 11:12 PM
Bill Simpson
1 771
Can someone explain the Mandelbrot set to me? I know the equation is zn+1 = zn2 + c But what does this mean? Whats...
Oct1-11 11:01 PM
1 1,216
Hello, This might be a simple question but I am trying to find a good method of describing a data set. I have a...
Oct1-11 10:06 PM
3 1,947
I need to rank multiple "subjects" such as listing the "subjects" from best to worst. <--not sure if subject is the...
Oct1-11 10:24 AM
0 760
Hello, I have a small problem/puzzle to solve which goes as follows: (I have already calculated it, however I am...
Oct1-11 08:48 AM
20 1,866
I apologize if this in the wrong place but I'm not sure where else to put it. I was wondering if anybody here had...
Oct1-11 02:42 AM
7 4,101

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