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Common math questions, quality answers.
Jul24-14 10:02 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Test your skills. Math challenges will be posted at least once a week. Suggestions for problems are welcomed.
Aug5-14 02:05 PM fredoniahead 
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All math courses. PDFs, tutorials and web links.
Aug31-14 03:38 AM Yashbhatt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:23 AM
1 39,006
I was told that the limit of e^-iwt as t-> infinity is 1 or is at least modelled as 1. Can anyone tell me why this is?...
Oct22-11 05:01 PM
4 8,088
ans the question
Oct22-11 10:11 AM
2 630
Hi, I have a question regarding partial fractions. One of my Math lecturers said that to find partial fraction, we...
Oct22-11 07:20 AM
1 1,169
I can not find any useful online tool that solves you a system of equations using Gaussian elimination and LU...
Oct21-11 05:55 PM
4 3,503
Hey all, BACKGROUND: (please note that knowledge of this is not necessary): I'm currently writing a javascript...
Oct21-11 04:31 PM
5 1,721
I am currently trying to solve for the metric function for a black hole in adS space with quasi-topological gravity....
Oct21-11 04:14 PM
1 2,028
I finished exploring a family of functions fk(x) = {xksin(1/x) for x≠0 {0 ...
Oct21-11 02:07 PM
2 782
\int^{\pi}_{0} f(x) dx where , f(x) = sin x if 0 \leq x < \frac{\pi}{2} and f(x) = cos(x) if...
Oct21-11 10:46 AM
7 1,568
hello friends . i need to your help please.i am a hight school student.and i want participat in the international...
Oct21-11 01:10 AM
3 800
Does anybody know if there is any software available that is capable of recognizing patterns in a series of numbers...
Oct21-11 01:00 AM
4 3,344
Sometimes I like to find patterns in certain functions, for example, repeated Sigma (Summation) notation. But what if...
Oct20-11 10:14 PM
4 1,734
What are they, how are they visualized? Is it like how basic equations when plotted form a shape (e.g. circle) but...
Oct20-11 08:13 PM
Number Nine
5 1,243
Not sure if this is the right section to post this.. I have 3 measurements and was trying to take the average of the...
Oct20-11 05:54 PM
0 569
I have been trying to find out if this is possible and can't find anything, probably I'm not using the right maths...
Oct20-11 01:25 PM
1 1,068
Hi, What is the following derivative: \frac{\partial}{\partial x}|b-ax|^2? Now I know that...
Oct20-11 12:37 PM
6 1,531
Hello, I have some difficulties of calculating the following two integrals: I_{1}=\int _{D_{1}}\:\:\:d^{3}q\:...
Oct20-11 08:08 AM
0 657
Are physics laws (even the laws) mathematical models of reality? Or they describe reality as it is? Are those laws...
Oct19-11 09:16 PM
14 1,652
Hi guys, Please can someone look at this working (see attached). The equation in question is . It is highlighted...
Oct19-11 08:01 PM
Matt Benesi
3 1,195
Say I have a function (F) that takes an input (P) and returns an output (E). Suppose F isn't invertible so, knowing F...
Oct19-11 04:52 PM
1 934
I don't know why I thought in this way , I ask : if a and b are real numbers and c is also a real number , now if a=b...
Oct19-11 02:11 PM
Citan Uzuki
9 1,288
Hi all Suppose that , a_{n+1}=a_n^2-2 and g_n=\frac{a_1a_2...a_n}{a_{n+1}}. Evaluate \lim_{n\rightarrow \infty }...
Oct19-11 06:30 AM
1 743
In a right-handed cartesian coordinate system the divergence and curl operators are respectively: \nabla \cdot A=...
Oct19-11 04:13 AM
0 803
I'm confused by this problem. Is the answer 1 or 0 OR 1/2? If the series is upto n, then the answer is 1 if the number...
Oct19-11 03:24 AM
28 3,654
Hey Ill go ahead and say that I recently discovered passion for math..I didnt really learn too much in...
Oct19-11 03:00 AM
1 734
Hey guys, I saw these just showed up on arXiv, published by some unknown who claims to have invented his own number...
Oct19-11 02:17 AM
5 2,281 I'm not understand this simple step. Btw, this...
Oct19-11 12:21 AM
Char. Limit
1 603
How do you go about solving implicit equations for y in terms of x that look like these? y2 + yx = 1 and y3 +...
Oct18-11 10:05 PM
3 1,274
I have a hexadecimal number: 0x83 I need to determine 0x83^11 mod 15. Where the 11 and 15 are decimal. I...
Oct18-11 04:59 PM
1 1,273
Hi, First of all, sorry if this kind of thread has been posted before. If so, then a reference to that thread would...
Oct18-11 12:33 PM
7 1,461
f(x)=xabs(x) show f '(0) exists
Oct18-11 09:00 AM
1 878
in a non mathematical sense? My maths isn't very good which is why I need some simple explanation of what they...
Oct18-11 08:25 AM
6 3,078
I have a formula to be solved for x that is y=x^3-x I have a solution given x=((27y^2-4)^.5/23^2/3+y/2)^1/3 +...
Oct17-11 09:19 PM
Matt Benesi
2 960
This theorem I understand but I was only stuck in a simple implication in the proof Theorem : If f is continuous...
Oct17-11 04:51 PM
13 1,612
/cos^2β is maximum then what is the relation between θ and β.please explain the procedure.
Oct17-11 11:34 AM
0 853
Hi, In school (I think) I recall there being a test for an equation which determined whether or not it was a valid...
Oct17-11 05:50 AM
4 1,335
this comes strait from a text book:
Oct17-11 05:37 AM
1 897
Hi all, I am confused with this formula from the cross entropy method ...
Oct17-11 04:51 AM
0 722
Heres two problems from an A Level related paper: prove that if pq is irrational then atleast one of p or q is...
Oct17-11 04:20 AM
4 2,884
Hey, I'm trying to prove a larger theorem; in order to complete my proof I need to use the following lemma (or, if...
Oct16-11 09:21 PM
14 1,818
Where's the motivation for concluding that there are infinitely many unique infinite cardinal numbers? I understand...
Oct16-11 12:41 PM
Number Nine
1 967

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