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Common math questions, quality answers.
Jul24-14 10:02 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Test your skills. Math challenges will be posted at least once a week. Suggestions for problems are welcomed. Brought to you by Office_Shredder.
T 12:54 PM pasmith 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:23 AM
1 38,207
Hi, I'm having some trouble understanding what is meant when the limit of a summation is i<j. Does it mean the...
Nov4-07 12:37 PM
1 3,261
I'm stuck on how to approach the following problem. lim_{x \rightarrow \infty} \sum_{j=0} ^x e^{-j/x} Does...
Feb6-10 08:59 AM
5 960
How can one prove that: lim (x,y)->(0,0) (x^4+y^4) --------- (x^2+y^2) = 0
Apr11-03 12:50 PM
14 1,825
How do i show that lim h->0 (sqrt|(a*b)|*|h|)/h does not exist at 0 so far i have lim h->0+ |h|/h =1 and...
Apr13-05 06:40 PM
20 4,793
If we have an exponential fuction, (for example) Limx->∞ e(x2+2x+1)/(x2-3) Would we first determine the limit...
Jun17-11 01:39 PM
41 2,573
Hi all having a little problem with finding the limits on the area between 2 graphs. i can find the easy one such...
Jun13-05 07:06 AM
8 2,506
The question is as follows: \frac{lim}{h\rightarrow0} \frac{\sqrt{1+h}-1}{h} I don't know if the way I approached...
Sep17-08 07:47 PM
3 8,610
The question asks to find a value for a and b that makes f continuous everywhere. f(x)= \frac{x - 4}{x-2} ,...
Sep22-08 07:45 PM
4 2,689
A positive number epsilon (e) and a limit L of a function f at a are given. Find delta such that |f(x)-L|< epsilon if...
Sep8-09 02:44 PM
John O' Meara
4 5,093
Find the smallest positive number N such that for each x in the interval (N,+infinity) the value of f(x)=...
Sep15-09 08:30 PM
John O' Meara
5 1,257
I recently found the proof that lim x-> 0 sinx/x = 1...
Oct29-06 06:36 PM
1 1,177
My text book failed to address how to find the epsilon and the delta of a Limit. Can somebody explain to me what they...
May31-03 04:54 PM
30 2,397
i need to compute lim (a^n-b^n)^(1/n) when a>b>0. lim ((3n)!/((2^3n)n!(2n!)))^(1/n) where i need to use the lemma...
Aug3-11 10:51 AM
25 6,669
Wot do u have to do to prove that an intergral exists.?? I know how to do it if the integrals bounds are given (...
Apr25-04 06:01 AM
2 1,733
Given a liear code generated by 01111, 11010 and 10100 how do you calculate the cosets of C? Does this mean because it...
May16-11 08:50 PM
4 994
I'm doing math from correspondance, so I have no one to ask. But to find the length of an altitude from a point to a...
Apr17-06 02:40 PM
jim mcnamara
1 847
When you have a line's equation, and are asked to find the equations of the 2 parallel lines to it, which are 2 units...
Jun9-07 02:59 PM
2 920
I have a simple question. Assume we have 2 points in 3D space with known coordinates: #1 (x1,y1,z1) and #2...
Sep29-06 04:52 AM
2 15,419
(I don't study math in English so I'm not sure what the exact terms are... please bear with me. :)) If you have...
Nov17-03 04:22 PM
2 5,650
Question: Starting from any one of the three corners of the path described here under,evaluate the line integral...
Apr14-05 08:08 AM
9 6,063
Can anyone recommend an online reference or book on line integrals and parameterization that's clear and concise? ...
Jun13-03 10:58 PM
Greg Bernhardt
3 4,013
I have to evaluate this line integral in the complex plane by direct integration, not using Cauchy's integral...
Apr11-11 03:34 AM
8 2,071
The question is compute the integral over c of (x/y) where c is the line segment from (2,4) to (5, 25) followed by the...
Dec6-11 06:24 AM
2 840
Suppose I have a vector V and I want to compute for the line integral from point (1,1,0) to point (2,2,0) and I take...
Dec7-12 06:03 AM
2 682
If you have a curve integral, what is the conceptual or physical difference between integrating G(x,y)dx, G(x,y)dy and...
Feb10-07 11:08 PM
1 1,167
I have a rough idea of what a line integral is, please correct me if I am wrong: If a function y=f(x) is being...
Apr6-08 12:05 PM
2 1,004
Hi, I am currently studying complex numbers and I am at the part we have to find line integrals over a simple...
Oct19-08 11:29 PM
0 959
I have a series of points on a 2 dimensional plane that form a polygon. Somewhere inside the polygon I have another...
Dec3-05 07:53 PM
2 1,186
Hi all, I'm having problems with something I'd like to do. Basically I have a 3D scatter plot and would like to...
Sep29-11 09:46 PM
2 3,121
How do I find the line of intersection of two planes? I have an idea, but both of the planes have a -2z ie. ...
May28-05 10:13 AM
9 13,527
Hi, I am having difficutly figuring out why the cross product of the normal vectors of each plane gives the direction...
Sep20-10 03:58 PM
3 2,158
Hi everybody, I would like to ask two things: 1)What is the line of real numbers? Is it just a graphical way of...
Mar11-05 07:07 AM
11 5,067
What is line of support of a vector ? I could not find it anywhere on google !
Mar22-10 11:52 AM
1 788
If you were to describe a line segment as the set where all of its infinite points were individual elements within the...
Aug23-09 06:29 PM
3 956
If you were to imagine a line segment of length pi, I would guess it would have to be finite. But since pi is an...
Jan31-10 01:00 PM
5 1,671
Hi! I cannot get this definition of angle a: cos a = u * v / (||u|| * ||v||) and how it match up with u * v = ||u||...
Apr2-05 11:51 AM
9 1,926
Hello, This might sound like a dumb question but can one learn Linear Algebra before Calculus? Thank you.
Jun20-08 10:47 PM
9 26,157
Hey guys, I have recently decided that i wanna try to self-learn some more math along with what im doing in high...
Nov3-08 04:28 AM
3 15,131
I am trying to simplify the following, so that I can differentiate it (with respect to X). Ideally I'll have...
Nov7-08 02:20 PM
15 2,766
Can someone give me a laymanís terms explanation of what a null space is .
Apr19-10 02:53 PM
4 1,458

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