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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:23 AM
1 38,967
What free program (or online applet...) is there that I can use to numerically calculate limits and integrals...
Mar18-08 11:35 AM
0 1,231
Lim x->2^+ (1/x-1/2) Please help im having trouble taking this limit
Apr6-05 07:55 PM
19 6,884
I have worked out the limit as x tends towards +infinity for cos(1/x) to be 1, as cos (1/infinity) would be cos(0)...
Dec5-09 05:20 PM
2 836
I was just wondering for the limit comparison test does it matter which function is on the top and bottom?
Oct9-12 12:04 AM
1 830
From first principles, \underset { x\rightarrow { 0 }^{ + } }{ lim } |x|=1\\ \underset { x\rightarrow { 0 }^{ - }...
Nov1-12 01:57 PM
4 723
Is there a limit to the number of different, regular n-gons comprising a uniform polyhedron?
Mar22-08 02:08 AM
Loren Booda
0 893
Is there a limit to the number of differing, regular n-gons that comprise a uniform polyhedron?
Mar22-08 02:16 AM
Loren Booda
0 1,021
Let A\subset X be a subset of some topological space. If x\in\overline{A}\backslash A, does there exist a sequence...
Dec23-07 09:47 PM
13 2,092
hi , 1.)how do I find the limit of (x! e^x) / (x^x *x^1/2) as x tends to infinity ? 2.)and is f(x)= x! a...
Jul30-05 11:13 AM
8 1,180
how do you find the limit of this: ...
Oct24-12 09:40 PM
5 2,462
I kind of know what limits are, or at least believe I do: I think that a limit of a sequence is just an...
Aug25-14 06:50 PM
6 318
I want to calculate the following: \displaystyle\lim_{k\to\infty}\frac{n_k}{d_k} where, n_0 = 2
Sep8-09 12:13 PM
4 728
I was wondering someting that is so simple that it baffled me... When I have the equation a x^2+b x+c=0 this...
Jul22-04 04:21 AM
5 7,133
I just wanted to know why the limit of arctanx as x approaches infinity is \frac{\pi}{2}. It doesn't make any sense to...
Mar28-09 03:16 PM
6 21,452
Hi The source coding theorem says that one needs at least N*H bits to encode a message of length N and entropy H....
Apr5-09 11:07 AM
4 936
Yesterday I thought of a math problem, and it seems very simple, as I assume the solution is, and I want to know the...
Sep11-10 01:24 AM
1 777
Let f(x) and g(x) be functions. Then if limit of f(x)/g(x) = 1. That implies lim f(x) = lim g(x) right? ...
May24-05 06:35 PM
7 9,145
Hi, I don't know how to analyze the following, but I am wondering whether there is a way to determine whether a...
Oct25-13 07:19 PM
6 717
What is the limit of this thx.
Jul6-06 08:21 PM
11 1,256
Can someone tell me how to show that the value of x/ approaches 1/r^2 when x approaches infinity? Cant figure...
Dec28-05 05:48 PM
3 1,670
Hello. I have been trying to find this limit: Lim as x --> 1 of (sin((1-x)/2)*tan(Pi*x/2)) Of course I dont...
Dec8-12 11:19 AM
1 600
I have been reading through Schaum's and came across a limits question that i cannot figure out. I thought it had no...
Jun12-07 03:10 AM
5 1,167
so i understand how to resolve a limit at x->oo, but from a conceptual standpoint, i do not get it. for example, ...
Feb24-09 12:20 PM
7 1,087
Hi, Consider a hypothetical. An investor short* sells Stock A for $100 and uses that money to buy Stock B for $100....
Jan20-11 05:55 AM
10 1,520
I cant get the following limit to work: lim(X->0) 1/(ix)*(exp(imx) - 1 ) = m I'm sorry for the poor notation. I...
Feb6-10 09:43 AM
2 2,165
In order that that other thread can get locked, here's something for JonF et al (sans organic detritus). Firstly,...
Mar30-04 08:05 PM
24 2,342
Greetings. Let me first show how my teacher solves a limit. For example, take : Lim(x->6) (x+5)/(x-3) He takes the...
Sep6-03 04:10 AM
10 4,199
I have the following doubts. Please help me get through them..... (1) Is there any difference between the terms...
Dec27-11 09:26 AM
8 1,590
Thank you to those who replied to my previous post(I had a problem repling on that post). What I was after was a...
Oct8-11 10:53 PM
0 847
1)We know this limit doesn't \lim_{x\rightarrow-\frac{2}{3}}\frac{2}{2+3x} exists after substituting the value ot...
Jul9-09 06:19 AM
1 695
\lim_{x\rightarrowy}\frac{sin{x}-sin{y}}{x-y} so this is the question. I'm here solving this problem you please...
Jul9-09 06:26 AM
4 808
I understand that the limit as x -> a for a polynomial function, f(x), is equal to f(a) because the function is always...
Sep29-05 10:49 AM
7 17,853
When sketching a graph I'm told to assume that the expression: f(x) =( e^x)/x Tends towards the infinite as x...
Jan4-12 12:02 PM
2 753
I was told that the limit of e^-iwt as t-> infinity is 1 or is at least modelled as 1. Can anyone tell me why this is?...
Oct22-11 05:01 PM
4 8,082
Hi everyone, I am having a 'crisis of faith' in how the limits of an integral should change when you make a...
Jul9-13 09:45 AM
2 545
Hi, I'm having some trouble understanding what is meant when the limit of a summation is i<j. Does it mean the...
Nov4-07 12:37 PM
1 3,280
I'm stuck on how to approach the following problem. lim_{x \rightarrow \infty} \sum_{j=0} ^x e^{-j/x} Does...
Feb6-10 08:59 AM
5 967
How can one prove that: lim (x,y)->(0,0) (x^4+y^4) --------- (x^2+y^2) = 0
Apr11-03 12:50 PM
14 1,850
How do i show that lim h->0 (sqrt|(a*b)|*|h|)/h does not exist at 0 so far i have lim h->0+ |h|/h =1 and...
Apr13-05 06:40 PM
20 4,808
If we have an exponential fuction, (for example) Limx->∞ e(x2+2x+1)/(x2-3) Would we first determine the limit...
Jun17-11 01:39 PM
41 2,622

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