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Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:23 AM
1 33,266
log9 (p) = log12 (q) = log16 (p+q) What is q/p? 9^x + 12^x = 16^x calculate x (4/3)^x = q/p I guess that...
Jul5-09 10:33 AM
12 1,938
This is just some information on log functions. log base a x = y is translated x is equal to b to the y power. ...
Sep28-03 07:03 AM
2 1,394
y = logx 4 identify the domain and range state whether the function is increasing or decreasing, and identify...
Jan27-05 11:36 AM
12 1,461
This is related to differential equations, but I think my question has more to do with log identities than DE. I...
Aug23-11 06:54 AM
9 1,193
I an somewhat a layman, but i came across this problem. For any a & b, (b is not 0): a/b - a/b =0. ...
May9-07 10:18 PM
Moo Of Doom
2 911
sorry this should go under the " Homework, Coursework, & Textbook Questions" forum. please delete. i will repost. ...
Jan23-06 08:26 PM
2 1,442
Hello All, I am working on a program that produces plots that use a logarithmic scale on the X-Axis (for showing...
Apr7-09 04:58 PM
7 4,809
Hello people, I have a question about the log-scale. What happens when we switch a plot from linear scale to the...
Aug26-12 03:59 PM
4 1,201
Don't need help anymore, I figured it out! =) thanks anyways. Can a Moderator delete this thread?
Apr3-11 06:49 PM
0 1,358
Hi there guys. My first post here. I heard this forum was really helpful so i've signed up lol.I'm trying to get to...
Aug11-07 09:54 PM
12 23,549
can someone please explain the difference. Graphically and mathematically it is easy to see they are inverses. But I...
Jan23-10 01:11 AM
Char. Limit
6 6,178
Hello, I have been studying Logarithms in University. I understand it's how many of ONE number to get another number,...
Jan26-14 11:48 PM
Simon Bridge
1 438
The math behind the logarithms isn't hard especially if you can remember where things go and how the math is worked...
May16-13 11:13 AM
7 591
Solve for x. 2^{x+1} + 2^x = 9 lg(x-8) + lg(\frac{9}{2}) = 1+ lg(\frac{x}{4}) I can't get the answers :grumpy:
Oct28-04 09:06 AM
18 2,772
if log2 = x and log3 = y, solve for log(base5)36 in terms of x and y. how do i even get started on this? i'm really...
Dec11-04 01:22 PM
4 2,692
Hey all, so i finished logarithms a few weeks ago for mathematics/precalculus 12( also known as algebra II in the...
Nov14-12 06:25 PM
13 1,215
If P→Q, and P is false but Q is true, then why is P→Q true? To me, it seems as though we shouldn't be able to do...
Feb9-13 12:54 PM
3 531
I've always been a creative person since I was little. I really wasn't noticed for my potential for maths at all...
Aug9-11 10:44 PM
Dr. Seafood
1 795
I know that if you have x-2, that's the same thing as saying 1/x2. But I'm just wondering what is the mathematical...
Jan11-10 05:44 PM
9 1,917
Hey, so i think this is a fairly simple question but i'd like to get it firmly understood in my head. How do you...
Sep20-12 10:09 AM
4 922
Hi. So a classic logic puzzle goes like this: At noon the hour, minute, and second hands coincide. In about one...
Apr10-09 03:45 PM
Soca fo so
1 3,392
help - this is visual basic code that deals with motion can someone with some good math background pleas look it...
Feb2-06 03:41 AM
0 697
im just starting to write proofs and it's going well but some things aren't immediately obvious to me. for example...
Jan17-08 12:29 PM
4 1,045
My friend asked me this and I couldn't crack it, wasnt ever good at logic anyway: Statement A: Both fathers always...
May3-08 05:01 AM
Gib Z
4 6,523
plz tell me where is the error here- 1 = \sqrt{}1 = \sqrt{}(-1) (-1) =\sqrt{}-1 \sqrt{}-1 = i^{}2 = -1 so we get...
Mar27-08 03:21 AM
6 2,734
Both the logical implication and approaches use the same symbol. Have the two ever been famously confused? Is it...
Dec21-09 02:40 PM
1 717
I just found this forum and it looks great! I'm an undergrad Physics/applied math at Western Washington University in...
Apr16-08 12:37 PM
5 5,700
Is there a way to introduce logical tests into equations? For example, C has a very useful operator "?:" which returns...
Oct16-05 03:14 PM
3 1,428
I originally posted this on the Biology message boards. But I have not received any responses. In models of...
Jan29-14 12:45 PM
3 314
I'm having trouble coming to terms with the following: ln x^n = n ln x Which is all nice and well until I tried...
Dec23-08 04:14 AM
9 904
Can Someone please solve this for me Log2x^log2x=4 Where 2 is the base of log and exponent.
Apr6-03 06:00 PM
9 1,655
I'm having a hard time solving this: e^(x+3) = pi^x I got these results, but I'm not sure if it is correct:...
Dec26-06 09:45 PM
3 2,644
Is there a general method for solving these kind of questions ? How would you solve it ? With steps please. log...
Oct31-10 10:26 AM
16 1,687
I'm wondering how people used to solve log's. I can't figure out any sort of pattern when I look at certain logs (to...
Feb22-07 07:29 AM
12 2,534
(x^3 +1)/(x^2 +3) = ? _X______ X^2 + 3 / X^3 +1 - X^3 +3X ...
Jan20-07 07:14 AM
2 2,185
Does it work ? Exp: (s power of 4) over (4 times s power of 4 plus 1) ...
Dec3-10 11:38 AM
2 849
I understood the logic behind long division which many teachers don't make any student understand! For example if I...
Sep25-12 03:10 PM
2 785
Not sure when this problem in my book says to calculate by long division the series 1/(1+x) = 1 - x + x^2 - x^3 + ...,...
Apr4-12 05:03 AM
7 2,362
My longbow arrow problem has moved on from materials and I'm now trying to understand how to calculate projectile...
Aug17-11 10:04 AM
0 930
Im just wandering what is the longest equation in mathematics?
Jun22-03 10:49 AM
17 19,911

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