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Common math questions, quality answers.
Jul24-14 10:02 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Test your skills. Math challenges will be posted at least once a week. Suggestions for problems are welcomed.
Aug5-14 02:05 PM fredoniahead 
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All math courses. PDFs, tutorials and web links.
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:23 AM
1 38,995
hi, I was wonderin how i would solve for X in the following equation... 0 = 60x^2 - 90x^4 If i do add 90x^4...
Dec8-04 07:42 PM
12 2,048
Intro: I'm starting college this fall. I asked one of my professors if we had a textbook and he said that there's an...
Aug14-12 07:46 PM
3 1,094
Hi, I am getting frustrated with trying to solve this equation: sqrt(x+9) - sqrt(x-6) = 3. I know that the...
Mar4-08 08:45 PM
2 6,007
How do you go about solving implicit equations for y in terms of x that look like these? y2 + yx = 1 and y3 +...
Oct18-11 10:05 PM
3 1,274
Here it is (x^4)-(3x^3)-(3x^2)+2 = 0 Two solutions are x = 1 - i x = 1 + i How...
May2-07 04:37 PM
6 16,541
I want to solve the one-dimensional heat PDE backward in time ∂u/∂t = -∇2u = -∂2u/∂x2 , x element of Basically, I...
Nov29-13 04:43 AM
0 515
Hello, Can someone tell me if what I am doing is correct. I am trying to solve this equation of 0 = n ( p - p0 )...
Oct13-11 06:14 PM
3 1,690
Im trying to solve (4x-4)/(x+2)< 2x-3 I get it down to 0<(2x+1)(x-2) if x+2>0 0>(2x+1)(x-2) if x+2<0 ...
Aug5-05 05:44 AM
3 2,327
Really need help here. I somehow missed a fundamental principle and I have an Analysis exam tomorrow I need to use...
May30-10 04:02 PM
0 1,030
Hello, I need your help please? It might seem obvious to you but I can't seem to get my head around how to solve...
Aug13-03 04:33 PM
11 3,974
I'm currently developing a program which solves the displacement of an object using the standard acceleration equation...
Jan18-12 10:23 PM
1 1,390
another little bit of help and this is NOT a homework assignment this is for an exam i need to understand it the...
Apr21-04 05:18 AM
matt grime
1 2,895
I'm taking a step back as I've found a concept I'm struggling with. If I have an equation: 2(x-1)/3 = (x/4)+1 ...
Feb18-12 05:05 PM
4 1,570
Hi. I don't understand how a solution to a linear system is obtained (for example geometrically; don't consider the...
Jan3-14 06:15 PM
2 538
Greetings all, I'm doing a refresh of calculus and physics in preparation for getting back to school this fall after a...
Aug22-08 05:23 AM
10 2,073
Hi, I am a college freshman and have taken Calculus I,II,III (covering derivatives, integrals, series and vectors)...
Jul30-09 10:37 PM
2 902
I'm curious to understand why there are such equations that cannot be solved with elementary methods, but rather only...
Apr2-09 08:34 AM
4 2,017
Hello; I do not have any experience in solving non-linear recurrence relations, so I was just wondering how one...
Oct3-10 11:27 AM
Petr Mugver
3 2,744
so i'm doing these lagrangian multipliers in calc class and it involves nonlinear systems and apparently the...
Oct23-07 09:03 PM
2 1,744
I need help solving for any other information about the red triangle. Due to the extremely limited information I...
Jul15-13 04:11 PM
3 612
Ok first i'd like to note that i'm not good at mathematics and have a vague understanding of the conjecture. What i'd...
Feb11-08 08:26 PM
1 1,373
Hi guys, I have attached my derivation in the image below. Im not solving the ode, but I need a relationship in this...
Jan23-11 11:43 AM
0 778
I am just wondering, is there any gerneral method in solving PDE's or just by guess works?? thanks...
Dec13-04 11:18 PM
3 1,127
Hi I need help to solve the polynomial equation 27X4+4KX-K=0 (K=0.9715) Any one can help me Thanks Rao
Apr7-05 09:30 AM
1 913
we assume a,b,c,d are unknown variables,whose solution are either 0 or 1.So a power of a variable equals to...
Apr22-12 11:55 PM
12 2,078
The terminal side of an angle theta in standard position passes through (-2,-3). What is sec theta? How would...
Sep7-08 05:49 AM
2 2,491
I know for ##ax^2+bx+c=0##, x=\frac{-b^+_-\sqrt{b^2-4ac}}{2a} Using ##x^2-3x-4=0##, we know it is equal to...
Nov16-13 04:06 AM
2 625
I just found this really old book. In it, I found a way of solving quadratic equations using calculus. Ive never seen...
Jan18-10 06:34 AM
25 5,202
Hi, I've done a response surface analysis, resulting in an equation of the form: P= A + B*X + C*X^2 + D*Y +...
Oct7-11 02:57 PM
3 1,014
when solving a system of simultaneous equations in matrix from (with the LHS = 0) why does the determinant of the...
Mar15-11 01:40 PM
1 1,765
Is there any way of solving \int_{0}^{1} \frac{1}{\sqrt{100-x^5}} dx by some regular method? If not, how does one go...
Apr11-05 06:17 PM
8 900
(This isn't homework, so I guess it'd go here...) Okay, so I'm trying to solve a system of equations with a...
Jun23-14 06:14 PM
12 1,931
I can easily solve systems of equations with no complex numbers, could somebody give a short overview of the easiest...
Nov3-07 04:32 PM
4 11,004
I've stumbled upon a system of equations that involves trig functions... 100cos(θ) + 200cos(ω) = 250 100sin(θ) +...
Sep5-13 01:32 PM
8 2,071
Hi, I am trying to understand the binomial theorem, and would appreciate any insight or pointers. To make notation...
Nov10-11 09:08 PM
6 2,109
2x+3y = 7, -> equation1 2x^2-3y^2 = -25; -> equation2 first of all tell me the type of equations first i solve...
Dec6-10 05:44 AM
3 797
Hello, abs(x - 4)^(x - x - 6) < 1 here's my work: 1. taking the log of both sides (can i do this even if...
Feb9-08 02:09 PM
6 1,961
hey good people, i'm having a problem with how to solve a problem i'm having. first of all, I am working on an...
Jun4-13 10:29 PM
1 494
Hi, The problem is to solve (1-g_{i+1})P_{i+1}-P_{i}+g_{i-1}P_{i-1}=0 for P_{i} with boundary condition...
Aug5-11 09:46 AM
4 1,416
i want to solve tan (f(x)) = g(x) ..also i want to determine all the possible solutions! which numerical method i...
Sep12-11 12:25 PM
3 1,126

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