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Common math questions, quality answers.
Jul24-14 10:02 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Test your skills. Math challenges will be posted at least once a week. Suggestions for problems are welcomed. Brought to you by Office_Shredder.
T 06:41 AM jostpuur 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:23 AM
1 38,029
550,000Hz = 1 / (2 π √ L*1800E-12C ) I'm trying to isolate for L but I can't seem to do it right. multiply...
Feb28-05 08:41 PM
Moo Of Doom
1 826
Hi! I'm new here and this is my first post. :smile: I'm not sure whether this thread is where it should be, but the...
Nov1-04 06:39 AM
2 1,599
I am trying to write a computer program that involves finding 2 very large numbers (several thousand digits) and...
Jun25-11 06:39 PM
Stephen Tashi
5 1,225
Hi guys i am new at mathematics, so i would like some suggestions on some math books, concerning calculus I and II. I...
Mar14-07 07:11 AM
1 1,842
I know that if V is a direct sum of U and W, then 1. V=U+W 2 there is no intersection between U and W ...
Mar28-11 08:29 AM
Stephen Tashi
2 576
1:.... 2:.... 3:.... 4: Y = A cos(Bx+C)+K Y = A sin(Bx+C)+K I know what A,B,C, and K mean.. and I Also...
Feb5-09 08:10 AM
2 1,186
Nothing enlightening in this post, or even informative. Just the overwhelming need to complain about my own stupidity....
May11-05 08:13 AM
9 1,459
Sorry to bother you guys.. but if there is someone out there that is good at math and wouldnt mind helping me.. could...
Sep9-04 10:03 PM
11 1,293 Well there is the proof i am reading and trying to...
Nov26-07 06:56 AM
4 3,591
I am confused with sequence and continuous functions. I am confued with their limit. how do they know the min and...
Aug30-09 12:15 PM
4 786
I found S(4,5,15) do not exist. some one had found? Donald L. Kreher and Stanis raw p. radziszowski have an algorlthm...
Jul16-09 07:34 AM
0 555
Ok, first, Let me just briefly explain the Gergonne Point A triangle and thake an inscribed circle, Join each...
Jan14-08 08:27 PM
0 1,258
I should have mentionned it, but I rather think about it first. Suppose f:A->B and g:B->C then g*f:A->C That...
Sep17-04 01:06 PM
8 1,178
Too bad I've forgot how to do this though. I'll paste the problem: f(x) = 16000 + 50x + 0.2x^2 What happens if x...
Jun12-07 08:35 AM
6 1,397
It should be really simple, but I think the algebra is bogging me down: \frac{n!}{(n-i)! i!} + \frac{n!}{! (i+1)!}...
Jun30-09 05:36 AM
3 848
What is the qualitative difference between rms and the mean of the absolute value? For what datasets do they differ...
Aug10-09 08:59 AM
1 1,096
I've heard, a few times in my life, that something like 90%+ of mathematics that currently exists cannot be solved....
May2-07 04:33 PM
8 3,068
Probably not that important... 3^n = k What does k equal, expressed through integers, when n is greater than or...
Jul5-08 06:25 PM
6 1,513
Hello i am looking for a webpage without snobish referees that only want famous people to publish their job,i am...
Feb17-05 04:45 AM
matt grime
18 2,389
Hello, Trying to solve an equation about sonar range equation and can not end up with a feasible solution. The...
Dec24-07 03:34 PM
2 4,893
This video has started bouncing around my math department and I thought I would share. It's a math love song by these...
May4-05 04:45 PM
4 2,008
Hi all. I look up and down this thread and see that the threads are rather intellectual but I have a question that...
Apr10-05 05:01 PM
24 2,741
How do professional scientists make sophisticated calculations, e.g the Einstein's tensor equations in general...
Apr23-05 05:38 PM
4 1,246
I found this quite interesting. Enjoy.
Feb27-07 04:51 AM
Doodle Bob
6 1,558
Sorry, wrong title...
Nov11-10 08:57 PM
0 432
hello people. Im sorry about this post becuse i have been reading some of the posts here and they are really high lvl...
Oct30-07 06:09 PM
3 1,262
A friend of mine gave me this problem to solve because he couldn't and I've been stuck in it for some time and also...
Aug28-10 12:22 AM
3 1,034
Is anyone able to provide a resource for the proper formulae to use in determining blade dimensions for an aperture...
Mar2-14 10:28 AM
Stephen Tashi
1 366
im trying to proove that d_abc=(a^2+b^2+c^2)^0.5 that the space diagonal of a cuboid equals the square root of the...
Nov21-03 11:15 AM
2 7,433
Here's a problem which I encountered a while ago: "There is an alien on the surface of a spherical planet. The...
Oct13-07 01:48 AM
7 1,869
I have the following problems : 1) out of 2 dimensional views (snapshot or photos), from an origin, how to compute...
Nov25-05 11:11 AM
0 1,249
I'm trying to prove the following theorem using graph theory: I first tried to come up with an example: Graph...
May14-05 11:16 PM
8 939
hi, what's the spanning tree from the graph shown? it was on a test and i'm curious as to if i'm right or not. ...
Jul26-05 09:06 AM
2 1,203
Hi all: I need to solve a sparse linear system, I found the iterative methods library which probably fit my...
May27-08 09:24 AM
0 2,662
A periodic function is one that ##f(\theta) = f(\theta + nT)##, by definition. However, the argument ##\theta## can be...
Apr20-14 08:33 PM
3 376
what do spatial dimensions higher than the third dimension mean? what do they represent. any object can be described...
Jul22-11 02:21 PM
13 2,135
Suppose a generalization of planar graph is considered into 3D space : a graph is said "spatial" if it can be...
Oct16-13 12:06 PM
12 4,646
Which subjects should I study to speak mathematics in a superior form? Also, which books do you recommend?
Sep24-06 09:37 AM
7 1,553
This is the equation for the Rank Correlation Coefficient: 1- \frac {6 \sum d^2} {n(n^2-1)} can anyone explain...
Feb14-05 03:15 PM
1 3,325
Find all positive integers n (n will be called special) such that if n divides a three digit number say ABC where A =...
Aug25-08 09:08 PM
12 6,701

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