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Common math questions, quality answers.
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Test your skills. Math challenges will be posted at least once a week. Suggestions for problems are welcomed. Brought to you by Office_Shredder.
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Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:23 AM
1 33,208
Hi, It seems I've forgotten more of my algebra than I thought. I am putting together a spreadsheet to help a few...
Jan19-11 08:36 PM
5 844
All, Hey, it's been a while since I've posted, but I have a problem that I am having a hard time moving forward...
Jan5-08 12:13 PM
Jeff Cook
9 1,464
Could some plz help me with this question, really stuck on it! thanks! :wink:
Apr22-05 10:28 AM
8 834
Hey all, I need some help rearranging for R. O=R{1-Cos(28.65S/R)} For those curious, its a Horizontal Sightline...
Jan5-12 07:46 PM
4 1,098
Suppose you are building a sequence consisting of 0 and 1 in such a way that: - you start with 1 - no consecutive 0s...
Dec7-11 02:53 AM
2 1,067
Hello. I am stuck with linear difference equations and i would like some help. I was given that y(k) =...
Mar11-07 11:43 PM
5 1,332
The eigenvalues of the matrix \left(\begin{array}{cc}0 & \frac{1}{2}\\ \frac{1}{2} & 0\end{array}\right) are ...
Apr6-05 11:49 PM
9 898
The eigenvalues of the matrix \left(\begin{array}{cc}0 & \frac{1}{2}\\\frac{1}{2} & 0\end{array}\right) are ...
Apr6-05 10:29 PM
1 965
A dutch student from Eindhoven, G. Uytdewilligen, solved an ancient mathematical problem: after two years of...
Sep11-04 11:51 PM
30 6,237
How much study (maths) do you guys do on average? What motivates you? Your thoughts. :yuck: :confused:
Jul15-04 11:45 AM
19 3,450
Hello everyone! This is my first post here, though I've been a silent observer in PF for a long time. I'm planning...
Dec27-13 10:13 AM
4 996
Hi dear all I am an engineer with usual Engineering mathematics sequence in my college and wants to build good...
Sep27-06 07:35 PM
0 1,476
Has anyone in here Studied the theory of Order and Chaos? If so, Can you tell me of any good books that addresses this...
May14-04 09:18 PM
1 1,199
Hello people! I'm studying about collineation. It seems to be simple, but I can't understand so much and I can't find...
Mar27-14 08:43 PM
Simon Bridge
1 314
I was wondering, since recently I've been studying differential calculus on my own, how to memorize all this? I dont...
Nov30-07 10:24 PM
7 1,414
The following integral came up in as part of solving a linear 1st order ODE and it's stumped me. \int \frac{ x \log...
Mar13-06 08:24 AM
10 1,221
I want to find three integers, a b and c, with a^3 + b^3 = 17 * c^3. all each the smallest integer possible
Jun15-05 09:26 AM
matt grime
13 1,004
Here is the fraction that I don't know how to combine and simplify, please help me out! Thanks! =] \frac{5}{a} +...
Jan16-07 07:23 PM
4 1,347
The quadratic equation x^2 + mx + n = 0 has roots that are twice those of x^2 + px + m = 0, and none of m, n, p is...
Apr10-05 11:20 PM
6 1,099
You have 10 days of numbers that are averaged together (10 day avg). The most recent 3 days of numbers also averaged...
Aug5-08 05:20 PM
2 1,271
How do I solve the following equation? 8n^2 = 64 n lg(n); (0 < n) n = 8lg(n) 10^n = 10^8 n ...??? How do I...
Dec24-04 03:43 PM
4 2,991
K = \frac{f_F}{1-f_F} OK, I feel like the stupidest person ever, but if I know K, how do I find fF? I even know...
Jan5-04 10:04 AM
7 1,239
If f(x) = square root of x and g(x) = x + 1, then: 1. What is f+g(x)? 2. Domain of f+g(x)? 3. What is f(g(x))?...
Jan23-04 09:38 PM
4 856
For exmaple you can represent one third more accurately with fractions (1/3) than with decimals (.33 etc etc). So why...
May11-03 06:35 AM
2 1,017
I am confused ,whats wrong with the reasoning below ?
May5-11 06:37 PM
33 3,034
I know that there is a theorem to calculate the coefficients for a multinomial expansion, but I'm having a hard time...
May21-09 10:10 AM
3 2,329
Like the title says... I should be way past this (in ODEs+Lin. Algebra). I'm just really tired, have a final tomorrow,...
May4-11 08:56 AM
5 1,061 I'm not understand this simple step. Btw, this...
Oct19-11 12:21 AM
Char. Limit
1 570
errors that I make commonly are ANNOYING. Examples: Forgetting to add or multiply something, and just using 1...
Jan26-06 11:13 AM
24 1,768
From here, I got the following quote The author speaks about Lie groups, not Lie algebras. I do not understand...
Apr11-10 01:36 PM
0 1,681
I came across 'sub hemisphere' and 'super hemisphere' in physics. How do they look geometrically?
Mar30-11 01:14 PM
0 1,311
What no geometry subforum? :smile: Well, anyway, here is my problem. I am writing some software that uses...
Feb9-07 11:47 AM
0 3,542
my lecturer use \leq for subgroup. For example H \leq S means H is a subgroup of S. But is it a wrong use of...
Sep22-10 01:40 AM
4 2,055
NOT a home work A person moves with constant speed of 10m/s(Initially as well as finally). His acceleration is...
Jun2-13 01:36 AM
12 1,167
some antiderivatives (partial fractions, trig sub, etc) can be nightmares to compute, but I remember series solutions...
Nov11-09 05:57 PM
fourier jr
3 805
I believe I have proven a famous open problem in mathematics, and no, it is not the Riemann Zeta hypothesis although...
Aug7-11 11:41 AM
15 2,483
The subset sum problem is NP complete. What if we replace summing with multiplying? Would it still be np complete?
Jul18-10 05:30 PM
2 1,603
Is it possible to show that the SUBSET-SUM problem can be solved in polynomial time if the target t is given in unary?...
Jul26-06 06:51 PM
3 5,234
Given an n-cube, what is the probability that a random subset of its vertices will contain a face of dimension at...
Feb3-14 01:24 PM
0 305
Well it's not homewrok cause i dont need to hand this question in, this is why i decided to put it here. (that, and...
Nov21-07 03:06 AM
6 1,820

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