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Common math questions, quality answers.
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Test your skills. Math challenges will be posted at least once a week. Suggestions for problems are welcomed. Brought to you by Office_Shredder.
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Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:23 AM
1 33,250
So for a while i have been wondering if there was a way to find a point a certain distance along a linear function, so...
Aug3-10 12:21 AM
17 24,948
Hello, I am having trouble understanding how to solve second order nonhomogeneous linear differential equations. I...
Jan27-04 06:24 PM
5 24,769
Hello, This might sound like a dumb question but can one learn Linear Algebra before Calculus? Thank you.
Jun20-08 10:47 PM
9 24,697
In my teacher's office hours, I expressed some disappointment that she was going to skip one of the "application"...
Mar15-10 01:54 PM
George Jones
80 24,473
I'm wondering why we teach algebra students that they MUST rationalize the denominator of a fraction containing a...
Apr8-11 02:16 PM
20 24,366
Has anyone read their Sunday comics yet today? Here are the first three frames of Dilbert: 1. Boss: Your project...
Jun18-06 04:22 PM
7 24,302
Hello there I am trying to figure out this but am having some difficulty. Your help would be much appreciated. I...
Apr13-09 03:54 PM
18 24,179
Hi! I'd a look at complex numbers and can't understand how they can be applied to "the real world". Can anyone give me...
Nov3-09 09:46 AM
7 24,169
Hello there my fellow complex number comrades, I was just wondering, what are the key differences between a...
Aug12-09 02:54 PM
28 24,158
Ok, I know this seems very obvious to most people, but I have a problem understanding it. First of all: I have not...
Nov19-08 04:55 AM
69 24,035
What's the difference between arcsin and inverse sin? arccos and inverse cos? arctan and inverse tan?
Dec23-04 02:38 PM
2 24,005
Does the equation a3 + b3 = c3 (where a, b and c are constants) have any general geometrical significance?
Sep4-12 01:45 PM
54 23,997
Heya's how would one go about spanning a vector say 'u' onto a plane spanned by vectors v1 and v2. I have a...
Oct19-10 11:11 PM
4 23,926
ok guys im an old guy that is useless at maths so i'd like your help. I have searched the net and this forum and i...
May28-13 04:10 PM
21 23,899
and, consequently, infinitely many. I am new to proofs so could you please check if this proof is correct? Let x...
Jan21-12 07:55 AM
26 23,850
In the course I'm taking, we are already done with Lebesgue integration on R, and while we have proven that for...
Dec1-07 02:53 AM
39 23,588
Hi there guys. My first post here. I heard this forum was really helpful so i've signed up lol.I'm trying to get to...
Aug11-07 09:54 PM
12 23,544
Hi, would anyone be able to explain how to evaluate a function using orthogonality (i.e. using orthogonality to...
Jun12-09 10:49 PM
Bob S
3 23,457
I have a TI graphing calculator and I'd like to graph the following equation,... x^3+y^3-3xy = 0 I'm not sure...
Dec2-04 07:27 PM
5 23,393
I hope you could help me on this. Is there anyone can tell how to calculate azimuth and distance of two points on...
Dec12-07 12:31 PM
5 23,364
Have a question about usage of mathematical jargon... what are the differences between usage of "so that" and "such...
May31-09 08:48 PM
8 23,324
hi peeps. just a quick one. (a) how would you go around working out the fourier for exponential functions.. simply...
Dec9-11 12:21 PM
4 23,313
I am trying to find the best algorithm that will find the prime numbers just for fun.. I am not a programmer so...
Sep23-08 12:52 PM
20 23,291
Who is pi derived, and what exactly is pi.
Dec27-08 07:54 AM
14 23,250
Does anyone know how to derive the spherical unit vectors in the cartesian basis? Or a good link that might show how...
May25-11 03:53 PM
4 23,172
When trying to determine whether a number is prime or not, the following algorithm is often used: Test all numbers up...
Aug1-04 11:19 AM
3 23,057
How do we come to 4.pi.r^2?
Aug16-07 02:33 PM
7 22,869
I know that shape function is a function that will give the displacements inside an element if its displacement at all...
Jun3-05 07:39 AM
1 22,795
hi, is there any way to find the cube roots of a complex number WITHOUT converting it into the polar form? i am...
Nov4-06 11:52 PM
13 22,779
Hi. If the radius of a circle is known and it's also known that its center is at X:0, Y:0, how can the points that...
Apr23-09 07:21 PM
18 22,738
Once again my professor asked us to ask 6 people the following question and see how they answer it so if you could...
Feb20-10 02:18 AM
robert Ihnot
16 22,625
Hi guyz, I have a small question, In spherical coordinates if we define 2 vectors such as magnetization of a shell...
Mar28-07 12:35 PM
7 22,603
In a given right-angled triangle, the length of the hypotenuse is 10 and the length of one of the heights is 6. What...
Feb4-04 12:50 AM
35 22,602
I've tried looking through my book to see how to do these, but I just can't find it. Any help would be appreciated: ...
Jan3-05 05:19 PM
4 22,298
The centroid of a semicircle is noted at being (4r)/(3 pi) - However,...
Jul20-09 02:26 AM
1 22,208
1).Find the co-ordinates of the point A on the line x= -3 such that the line joining A to B(5,3) is perpendicular to...
Mar19-05 04:26 AM
18 22,025
1 7 | <---- this is step one... multiply the tens place times each other. =10X10 1 7 X now we...
Mar15-06 03:51 PM
4 21,853
2x4 is the same as 4+4 right? they both equal 8 right? by what logic does -2 x -4 = 8. I know its a rule. but why?!?!...
Jun9-07 06:47 PM
26 21,835
HELP! i know this is an easy question to solve but i need some help. THANKS for any help in advance! QUESTION:...
Mar13-05 08:10 PM
2 21,683
Hi there, We are about to use that sigma sign in chemistry we have however not got told about it in math. SO...
Oct2-06 01:06 PM
10 21,581

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