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Common math questions, quality answers.
Y 10:02 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Test your skills. Math challenges will be posted at least once a week. Suggestions for problems are welcomed. Brought to you by Office_Shredder.
Jul22-14 04:33 PM pasmith 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:23 AM
1 37,233
Hi can anyone tell me what is tan 50 in fractions? -benzun
Aug24-04 07:04 AM
4 3,935
I have something like A \rightarrow B \rightarrow C I'd like to put function name's about the \rightarrow's,...
Aug14-08 01:02 AM
3 3,935
I mean it's okay to take 2x-3≠0 as a necessary condition, but I can't actually grasp the fact that we have to take the...
Jan20-12 04:46 PM
3 3,935
I know that Euler is pronounced Oiler, and Galois is Gale-Wah. Can anyone try to write phonetically Stieltjes,...
Dec11-08 02:48 PM
3 3,934
What's the general rule for constructing such graphs? I mean actually drawing it on paper.
Jun16-09 10:23 AM
1 3,934
Is it just me or is it the text didn't explain well enough about continuity? I totally don't understand it. Not only...
May31-03 06:03 AM
8 3,930
so I've been doing review and I got stuck on two questions, I was wondering if anyone could help me out. Any help...
Sep13-10 12:49 AM
3 3,928
My differential geomtry professor once told me that with all his 30+ years experience in research in differential...
Feb25-07 12:58 PM
30 3,927
I have always been curious about the distance between prime numbers. I call the sequence above the frog numbers...
Jul5-12 04:14 PM
10 3,927
hi, I'm stuck and I cant seem to find a simple solution to questions regarding how to find the centre of mass of a...
May26-10 12:07 PM
2 3,926
if sinh(y)=x, then, show that cosh(y)=sqrt(1+x^2) I know how to prove but i have difficult in choosing the signs. ...
Sep25-07 11:43 PM
8 3,925
Hello All I am having problems Verifying this identity (COS A) / (1-SIN A) = SEC A + TAN A I can get the RHS...
Jun28-05 07:09 AM
10 3,923
I love doing proofs, but hate doing computational questions. If I become very good with proofs but remain just so-so...
Feb1-11 06:11 PM
21 3,921
A topological space is a set X together with T, a collection of subsets of X, satisfying the following axioms: 1.The...
May25-09 12:05 AM
9 3,921
I have an upcoming Linear Algebra exam and my textbooks are really vague in defining certain concepts (and he didn't...
Mar21-03 05:17 AM
26 3,920
Basic rule is that: a/b=c/d then, a+b/a-b = c+d/c-d but suppose if we apply "componendo dividendo" just to the...
Oct27-13 06:31 PM
7 3,920
Last night in a lecture my professor explained that some partial differential equations are used to observe events on...
Oct26-10 03:23 PM
0 3,920
I am a doctor with limited mathematics knowledge. I am trying to prove to my medical fraternity that for a given force...
May7-07 02:22 PM
1 3,919
Ues the limit definition to prove that the stated limit is correct. \lim_{x->-2} \frac{1}{x+1}=-1. The limit def' is...
Sep14-09 04:51 PM
John O' Meara
5 3,919
Where can I find a free program that can numerically solve simple equations? Thanks.
Apr3-08 03:13 PM
0 3,918 Hello all, how to prove the above equation thanks a lot
Aug15-06 09:16 AM
4 3,916
As we have seen some mathematical sign lately in this group, because I put you in the drawing of the general sign of...
Nov6-07 03:42 AM
37 3,916
Find the relative extrema of f(x)=|3x-x^2|. Normally you solve f'(x)=0 to find the critical points, in that case we...
Jan24-10 06:18 AM
4 3,916
Hello, my problem is: Let Q(t) = 8(0.87)^t Find the annual and daily growth rate. Can anyone tell me how...
Oct29-04 01:36 AM
5 3,915
is anyone able to recommend a book or a site for a highschool senior that explains how logarithmic tables are made and...
Jul18-05 02:24 AM
4 3,913
Let C be the curve: r(t) = (t, t^2, t^3) in R3. Find the equation of the tangent line at P = (2,4,8). In this...
Apr28-05 03:12 AM
6 3,909
Hi is there a general formula to find the inverse modulo of "a modulo n"... i know its denoted as a^{-1} and...
Oct11-07 04:08 PM
robert Ihnot
8 3,909
Hi all, I want to implement diffraction of waves by edges. I have a wedge with 2 faces o-face and n-face. I have...
May11-09 09:19 AM
3 3,909
Hello everyone, I do not understand how:: e raised to ln of x = x ? this notation might make more sense:: e^ln...
May4-07 11:07 AM
11 3,906
definitely you can assume the premis and arrive at a truth and then consider your theorem truth only if the way from...
Jun27-08 11:40 PM
54 3,906
Does anyone know if the following attempt at a proof would qualify as a rough proof of the intermediate value theorem?...
Dec15-08 03:23 PM
15 3,903
(Hrm. There doesn't seem to be a good category for Algebraic Geometry; maybe Linear/Abstract Algebra?) Ok, I'm in...
Jun27-04 03:54 AM
matt grime
11 3,899
I am ready to pull the few remaining hairs out of my head with this formula. (This is not a homework questions by the...
Jan2-10 07:00 PM
0 3,899
note; This is NOT a homework assignment please help me because i need to know this properly for a test i have tomorrow...
Apr20-04 12:31 PM
matt grime
1 3,898
Hello. I am making a physics calculator, and I have to make a conversion Unit for the program. I need to know this...
Apr19-05 03:06 PM
The Bob
15 3,897
There are two functions f(t) and g(t); t is the independent variable. The distance between the two functions will be...
Nov21-07 01:56 PM
1 3,894
Given the system of equations in x and y: 2x-3y=12 3x+ky=10 Could you choose k so the system had...
Jul11-11 03:13 AM
3 3,894
Hello, I got pointed to this forum by OfficeShreder. I have a question I've been puzzling myself over for a while. ...
Nov21-06 12:30 AM
8 3,893
For reference, let \mathbb N^{\infty} denote the set of all \infty-tuples of the form (n_{1}, n_{2}, \dots) with...
Aug31-11 12:44 PM
48 3,890
so solving lim's can be tedious not because they are hard but because you have to continously keep writing lim x->a...
Oct14-13 08:26 PM
9 3,890

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