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Common math questions, quality answers.
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Test your skills. Math challenges will be posted at least once a week. Suggestions for problems are welcomed. Brought to you by Office_Shredder.
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Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:23 AM
1 33,153
Good evening, I'd like some advice on my approach to learning mathematics (e.g. is this reasonable). Right now...
Jun26-06 10:30 PM
3 3,749
Hey, Not sure if this is in the right place, move if necessary. So, I know about SUVATs, and non-constant...
Jul6-09 01:23 AM
16 3,749
Hello there I have to write an interdisciplinary project at school, in mathematics and physics, where I have to go...
Sep25-08 02:23 PM
4 3,746
Hi, Please I need your assistance on this matlab code. I will really appreciate it. R=0.492; Pw=0.3708; for...
May2-12 12:54 AM
4 3,746
What are they and how are they used? Anyone know?
Jun24-04 04:19 AM
Thomas Jewitt
11 3,745
Mixture problem example: You need parts of a 30% chlorine and 55% chlorine mixture to make 100 gallons of a 40%...
Sep19-05 04:09 PM
1 3,744
Is there a more convenient way to multiply and divide imaginary numbers than converting back and forth from phasors?...
May18-10 10:32 AM
6 3,743
In Stastitical Probabilities, the outcome is intepreted as a fundemental 'Law like' process. Is this based on...
Oct30-03 12:33 PM
2 3,742
The spherical geometry thought that in the surface does not have the parallel line, actually this idea is wrong,...
Oct12-10 09:44 AM
50 3,742
Hi all, I am learning the axiomatic construction of Naturals, from the Peano axiom. Hence proving every property of...
Jul7-08 03:37 AM
5 3,740
IN the Arxiv. they have put a paper on Hlbert-Polya the operator: H= -\frac{d^{2}}{dx^{2}}+V(x) ...
Dec29-06 05:56 PM
6 3,739
Find the relative extrema of f(x)=|3x-x^2|. Normally you solve f'(x)=0 to find the critical points, in that case we...
Jan24-10 06:18 AM
4 3,738
When you use Microsofts calculator's Exp function it does not raise the number you enter exponenently it requestions...
Nov3-06 06:38 AM
3 3,737
I saw a contour integral in a text I was recently reading, but unfortunately a contour integral is beyond my...
Jan30-10 07:35 AM
15 3,737
The one formula I need I cannot find. I have an Oblate Ellipsoid which I can describe as a=b=2c. The values of a,...
Mar8-11 10:03 PM
13 3,733
There have been strange number systems used in the past in different parts of the world ... do you know any? :biggrin:
May25-04 07:34 PM
11 3,732
ok so im working through a problem,got part way through and realised i couldnt remeber what to do with power rules,if...
Jul4-10 09:58 AM
3 3,729 This is a game about probability: Say there is three doors. Two...
Aug21-11 11:25 PM
Dr. Seafood
32 3,729
Could someone please suggest a good book for beginning abstract algebra (which would allow me to begin learning number...
Aug12-04 04:13 PM
5 3,728
I was wondering if there are any branches of maths that I can work through, that don't require a very deep math...
Jan25-07 09:11 AM
26 3,728
Hi, can anyone explain to me what the purpose of finding the envelope function is? I understand graphically that...
Nov20-11 02:16 AM
Simon Bridge
7 3,727
Does anyone have a copy of Wells' "Penguin Dictionary of Curious and Interesting Numbers" 1986 or 1987 edition? I'm...
Jul6-10 07:33 PM
10 3,726
Hi there, I'm researching buckyballs and I'm trying to find equations for determining the dihedral angles of a...
Dec28-06 11:41 AM
0 3,726
Sorry if this isn't the right forum, I didn't know so I just went to general. Could someone explain how this i...
Oct16-04 10:53 AM
60 3,721
So I was thinking about numbers like pi. If you were to measure the area or circumference of a sphere in real life,...
May2-11 01:10 PM
I like Serena
20 3,721
Hello I'am a little confused. In my text book it is written that all odd function can be described by a sine...
Apr6-11 04:20 PM
2 3,719
I need to know how to integrate this function: sin(sqrt(x)) I did this: u = sqrt(x) du/dx = 1/(2sqrt(x)) ...
Jan29-05 12:24 AM
robert Ihnot
7 3,718
Hi all, This is a weird question, I want to measure angles in terms of 360 degrees and not 180. The two lines...
Oct31-07 09:10 PM
6 3,718
I have problems to calculate the integral I(dxexp(-ax**2)), where the limits run from -infinite to infinite. ...
Jan9-09 01:28 AM
10 3,717
how do you prove that sqrt(2) + sqrt(5) is irrational...
Mar18-05 08:59 PM
11 3,717
1) if 11+35=128 , 9-25=76 , 5*50=250 , 40/8=??? 2)if 5+6= 29 , 3+4=10 , 10/8=50 , 9-64 = ?? i wait your...
Oct26-07 10:23 PM
5 3,716
Where can I find a free program that can numerically solve simple equations? Thanks.
Apr3-08 03:13 PM
0 3,716
Say you have a sphere, and n points to place on it. You want each of the points to be equivalent to the others if you...
Feb6-07 05:46 PM
5 3,715
I just stare at difficult proofs. I truly do not understand induction. Like if I was to prove Fermat's Little Theorem,...
May1-07 04:18 PM
6 3,713
I love doing proofs, but hate doing computational questions. If I become very good with proofs but remain just so-so...
Feb1-11 06:11 PM
21 3,713
I mean it's okay to take 2x-3≠0 as a necessary condition, but I can't actually grasp the fact that we have to take the...
Jan20-12 04:46 PM
3 3,713
as concept in k-regular bipartite graph is a graph...
Apr22-04 02:45 AM
0 3,712
Can someone give me the definition of a line?
Nov15-10 08:37 PM
36 3,709
Question: Is f(x)=\mid{x}\mid continuous? I have been looking online and got a few different answers. My calc...
Sep13-05 04:12 PM
Tom McCurdy
7 3,707
Hey, I am working with the equation y=(x+10)/(x+1), and have calculating the iterations of the sequence...
Jun15-11 10:50 AM
14 3,705

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