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Differential Equations

- An equation involving derivatives of a function or functions. Solving ODE and PDE
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 29,562
My intent is to create a thread for people interested in Differential Equations. However, I will explicitly state that...
Jul3-12 07:18 PM
95 136,550
I saw this post at stackexchange: I ran across this post when trying to solve a homework problem. But I have no...
Sep24-12 03:19 PM
2 1,785
hello everyone! I had a stuck in solving problem for a week now, so need help. Please help! the problem is as...
Sep24-12 08:53 AM
3 1,022
Hi, I have the attached diffusion based equations I am looking to solve, however I am unsure about how to implement. ...
Sep24-12 08:31 AM
1 1,185
Im trying to generate turing patterns for brusselator equations, with Octave. It is quite similar to Matlab. I have my...
Sep24-12 02:59 AM
0 1,509
Hello, I need to use the Gronwall inequality to discuss existence/uniqueness of the solution to the initial value...
Sep23-12 01:52 PM
0 1,118
Hi: I have come across a PDE of the following form in my research: C_1 \alpha(t,r) + C_2 \partial_t \alpha(t,r)...
Sep22-12 05:25 PM
1 945
My question is in regards to systems of ordinary differential equations. One of my research topics right now involves...
Sep21-12 07:25 PM
5 1,318
I have a trouble finding a method other than Variation of Parameters to solve y'' + 2xy' + (1+x2)y = 0. Does there...
Sep20-12 03:04 PM
1 973
I'm in truble with a partial differential equation. Actually it is a system of PDE but It would be useful to solve at...
Sep20-12 01:34 AM
6 4,493
I am really confused with the concept of Neumann Boundary conditions. For the simple PDE ut=uxx for the domain...
Sep17-12 05:46 PM
0 1,225
I am trying to solve: (x + 1 + f(-x) )(1 - f ' (x) ) = x+1 f(0) = x_0 x in (-1,1) I approximated it...
Sep15-12 11:54 PM
5 1,490
I'm inverting this: Y = s2 + 15s + 17 / I'm using PF expansion, A/(s+1) + Bs + C/(s2 + 13s - 4), I however...
Sep14-12 10:48 AM
1 947
please help by telling me whether my approach to solve the problems are right or wrong. please refer to the ATTACHMENT...
Sep11-12 10:03 PM
1 1,216
For example, ODE: y'' + y = 0 solve this problem using MAPLE f(x) = _C1*sin(x)+_C2*cos(x) My question is...
Sep11-12 03:42 PM
2 1,233
I am having major problems understanding these types of questions, where you will have water and in will be chemicals...
Sep10-12 09:59 PM
6 1,724
Hi all, I've got a nonlinear differential equation of the general form y' + f(x)y + g(x) = h(x)(y^n) to...
Sep8-12 10:36 AM
2 1,417
Hi all Quick one, if one had an equation y' = x on could simply separate the variables and integrate. Now it the...
Sep7-12 06:07 PM
2 1,374
hallo I ams earching analytical solution for system of two ODE in next form x*(dy/dr) - (y*y/r) =...
Sep7-12 01:23 AM
2 1,159
I had kind of a general question. Say I have a second order, homogeneous ODE. Say I use one of the general...
Sep5-12 01:51 PM
4 1,241
Hi, i'm writing a pseudospectral code to solve the inviscid burgers' equation with periodic boundary condition....
Sep5-12 10:34 AM
0 1,343
These DEs are the constraints on the functions C(r,\phi) and B(r,\phi) that zero an acceleration vector. ...
Sep3-12 05:32 PM
0 989
Ok I'm supposed to Solve this problem using Laplace Transforms. \frac{d^2 x}{dt^2}+2\frac{dx}{dt}+x = 5e^{-2t} + t...
Sep3-12 02:43 PM
4 1,371
Hello everyone! I am fairly new to SDE theory, so I'm sorry if my question may be a bit naive. I have the following...
Sep3-12 07:23 AM
1 1,082
I am having confusion, so from what I understand for an exact DE dy/dx = some DE and you can manipulate it so that...
Sep3-12 05:08 AM
Simon Bridge
6 1,254
All, As part of my research I came up with a boundary value problem where I need to solve the following system of...
Sep1-12 01:13 PM
18 3,055
Hello everyone, I am making use of Mathematica to solve differential equations developed by Lagrange method, I...
Aug31-12 09:19 PM
0 927
Would someone be able to help me with the quesiton Life cycle of butterfly is egg -> caterpillar -> butterfly....
Aug31-12 11:51 AM
8 1,580
Hello All, I am new to this community but by reviwwing the questions and answers posted in this forum I was...
Aug31-12 06:39 AM
3 1,266
hi guys , i want to write a complicated differential equation as autonomous equations , is there any method ? i have...
Aug31-12 02:21 AM
1 1,012
As expected, my text book and teacher are both lacking clear, concise examples for me to work with, so would someone...
Aug29-12 10:39 PM
2 1,154
Dear Brains I am working on fuel consumption maps to be included in vehicle simulation software to calculate the...
Aug29-12 07:36 AM
0 955
Hi! I have a system of four differential equations: \dot{x}(t)=Ax(t)+a where A\in R^{4x4} and a\in R^{4} are...
Aug29-12 05:25 AM
2 862
Folks, I am looking at the Ritz method for the following problem ##\displaystyle -\frac{d^2 u}{dx^2}-u+x^2=0##...
Aug27-12 12:28 PM
2 1,669
Hi, I'm really interesting of PDE, but I don't really know what I have to learn before start with PDE. I have learn...
Aug26-12 05:39 PM
10 1,955
If given a cauchy euler equation (non-homogeneous) equation, does the approach in looking for a particular solution...
Aug26-12 03:51 PM
3 1,991
Hi there, I arrived at the solution for a electric potential problem for a semi-infinite cylinder (there was a...
Aug25-12 01:08 PM
1 916
Hey guys, new here and this is my first post. Wondering if anyone could help me. So I've encountered a problem on...
Aug23-12 01:32 PM
3 1,126
Hello! When solving a PDE (for instance Maxwell's equations) using a commercial finite element tool, I have the choice...
Aug23-12 07:32 AM
0 1,191
I'm trying to solve a set of differential equations that all depend on a parameter, κ. I can use the system of ODEs to...
Aug22-12 04:50 PM
4 2,217
Hi, Say I have this pde: u_t=\alpha u_{xx} u(0,t)=\sin{x}+\sin{2x} u(L,t)=0 I know the solution for the pde...
Aug22-12 04:28 PM
2 1,004

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