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Differential Equations

- An equation involving derivatives of a function or functions. Solving ODE and PDE
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 30,383
My intent is to create a thread for people interested in Differential Equations. However, I will explicitly state that...
Jul3-12 07:18 PM
95 138,990
Hey I am in physics 30 and i am having trouble rearraging this eqaution: d=vt+1/2at^2 V= velocity 1 a=...
Oct24-12 04:58 PM
2 1,255
Here's the proof that I read for method of variation of parameters- ...
Oct24-12 09:04 AM
4 2,853
I have a doubt in finding out the Particular Integral of eaxV, where 'V' is a function of x. I saw the book but...
Oct23-12 10:51 PM
4 1,067
Consider a circle of radius 'a' and centre (h,b) then the equation of the circle is given by (x-h)2 + (y-b)2 = a2 ...
Oct23-12 05:12 PM
4 1,960
Hello there, I want to solve the heat PDE in a 1D domain for a source moving at constant speed. The problem has...
Oct23-12 10:57 AM
4 1,250
I was recently trying to prove the variation of parameters formula for an nth degree equation, and I have come up with...
Oct23-12 08:07 AM
1 1,284
Hi there, This is a problem concerning hyperbolic type partial differential equations. Currently I am studying the...
Oct23-12 01:40 AM
3 1,722
I was wondering if someone can show me or point me to a worked out example using integration by parts for more than...
Oct22-12 10:19 PM
0 899
Actually I can't find if a differential equation is homogeneous or not I thought homogeneous is given by dy/dx=...
Oct22-12 01:35 PM
1 881
Hi! I am currently working with a linear PDE on the form \frac{\partial f}{\partial t} + A(v^2 -...
Oct21-12 06:32 PM
5 1,249
Hi everybody, For part of my research, I need to solve an elliptic PDE like: Δu - k * u = 0, subject to : 0≤...
Oct20-12 10:32 PM
5 822
All, I have a system of three coupled PDE and I discretized the equations using finite difference method. It...
Oct20-12 05:29 PM
2 1,036
Hi, I am undertaking an undergrad design project and want to ensure I'm doing this correctly, I have derived the...
Oct20-12 01:40 PM
1 846
Does it have an easy classification (elliptic, hyperbolic, parabolic, for example)? Or does the fact that it has an...
Oct19-12 04:24 PM
1 1,158
Hi, I was wondering if you can apply shooting method to a 4nd differential eq. two point value boundary problem, ...
Oct17-12 10:23 PM
2 1,162
Hello, I have recently started a little implicit differentiation and I have seen DEs before but I know that I still...
Oct17-12 08:49 AM
1 1,586
dε/dt=d(uε)/dZ+ where ε=% area opening, u= velocity, Z=length , k1, k2= constants, t= time Please help me how...
Oct16-12 07:12 AM
5 1,493
Suppose I have a really simple first order linear ODE like:$$\dot{\omega} = -k\omega$$ where k is some constant, ω(t)...
Oct15-12 07:38 PM
2 1,090
Hi. I'm watching this video and I don't know what the lecturer is saying. In this video, he says something like...
Oct14-12 10:27 PM
1 1,184
THE PROBLEM : y(t) = e^(-t)*sin(t^2); with t0 = 0 and T = 3.14159. Find y_0, and use it to deduce the...
Oct14-12 07:22 PM
5 1,526
I want to numerically solve some diffusion-type PDEs of the form $$\frac{\partial u}{\partial t} =...
Oct14-12 11:43 AM
0 2,566
Someone know how to uncouple this system of pde? Δu_{1}(x) + a u_{1}(x) + b u_{2}(x) =f(x) Δu_{2}(x) + c u_{1}(x)...
Oct14-12 09:36 AM
3 1,168
Hi! I have some trouble understanding this question. Could someone help me with it? Thanks! Solve the following...
Oct14-12 06:37 AM
1 1,105
Hi, How can one use back Euler method for 2nd order d.e? Is it possible this method to be expanded for a system of...
Oct12-12 06:15 PM
3 1,208
Hi, I am using the central difference method to solve a diffusion-based partial differential equation. However, my...
Oct11-12 01:42 PM
7 1,979
Hi, I want to solve the Euler-Bernoulli eq numerically using a c++ library. EI y^{4}(x)=f(x),...
Oct11-12 10:57 AM
1 707
A first order DE models the rate of change, e.g. when decay is proportional to time we have the DE: dM/dt = -K.M; this...
Oct10-12 08:40 AM
5 1,245
find a solution of (a^2-x^2)y''-2xy'+n(n+1)y=0, a not 0 by reduction to the legendre equation???
Oct10-12 08:32 AM
3 1,338
Dear Friends, Would you please provide me with some hints to find the analytical solution of the non-linear PDE given...
Oct9-12 05:37 AM
2 918
I thought I've seen one, but I do not understand exactly how they negate. For example, if you have d/dx^2 + 1, does...
Oct8-12 06:21 AM
16 7,816
I wish to transform my diff. eq. (1/r)*(dy/dr)*(d2/dr2(r*y))*dr into a more convenient expression, in a similar to...
Oct7-12 03:36 AM
Shan K
9 1,823
Dear Friends, I encountered with some difficulties in solving following PDE (off course, analytically not...
Oct6-12 02:42 AM
4 1,579
Hi guys, is there a general method by which to solve a differential equation of form: D(t)=h'(t)(1/h'(t))' +...
Oct5-12 06:49 AM
0 942
Dear All, I am working on electrical modeling which I cannot change divergence to matrix form to solve it with...
Oct4-12 08:47 PM
0 983
Hello there, I have read in a paper the following statement, "due to the non-conservtaivness of the system the...
Oct4-12 02:01 PM
0 843
If Po dollars are deposited in an account paying r percent compounded continuously and withdrawals are at a rate of...
Oct4-12 11:20 AM
3 1,147
Hello all~ Given the equation: dy/dx = (x/y) I know we would initially go to: ∫dy =∫ (x/y) dx then too:...
Oct3-12 11:54 AM
3 1,212
I've had to take diff eqtns now and I'm trying to get my head around Laplace again.. it's been a while. I can't seem...
Oct2-12 05:55 AM
24 2,247
HOW IS THE FOLLOWING QUESTION DONE? Milk chocolate is being produced in a 300 litre tank, which initially...
Oct1-12 09:56 PM
3 1,670
now say we have cos^2(3t), how would you go about computing it with the 3t? i can manage cos^2(t) but i'm not sure...
Oct1-12 10:39 AM
2 1,616

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