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Differential Equations

- An equation involving derivatives of a function or functions. Solving ODE and PDE
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Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 25,891
My intent is to create a thread for people interested in Differential Equations. However, I will explicitly state that...
Jul3-12 07:18 PM
95 121,372
L2] = ?
Jul20-12 03:04 AM
26 2,844
I thought of a method to solving poisons equation the other day, tell me if this is right. we have,...
Jul20-12 01:31 AM
1 784
I am not too familiar with differential equations but am familiar with basic calculus, I came across this equation...
Jul19-12 06:27 PM
5 1,167
I am trying to solve four coupled equations. Three of them are first order differential equations and the fourth is a...
Jul19-12 06:25 PM
0 571
Hello all, I am dealing with a rather complicated problem (as we all do), without much knowledge in differential...
Jul18-12 01:22 AM
4 1,202
Hi, Part of my research, I nondimensionalized an ODE to eventually arrive at this form: sin(τλ) =...
Jul17-12 01:06 PM
7 4,335
Solve: Δu=-1, u(1, theta)=sin(theta). 0<r<1, -pie<theta<pie, u finite at r=0 What I've done: u=u1+u2. Δu2=0,...
Jul16-12 08:47 PM
11 1,156
anyone have any ideas on a technique to tackle this PDE: u_{tt} = u_{xx} + u_{xxxx} its like a 4th order wave...
Jul16-12 12:04 PM
1 752
xy''+y'=-x y(1)=0, y(0) bounded (so the natural log, 1/x etc. terms drop out) homogeneous, cauchy euler: y=a+bx...
Jul15-12 10:04 PM
11 1,553
Hello, I'm studying for a test and this is a question on a practice test... cos(x)+y^2+(2yx-1)y'=0 I can't...
Jul15-12 12:54 PM
3 897
Can anyone help me on this equation. I want to find a solution for dr/dt. a, b and c are constants.
Jul15-12 11:13 AM
5 1,182
I have a question about calculus of variations that is driving me absolutely nuts right now: I have followed the...
Jul15-12 10:28 AM
1 955
Function is (x - 2xy + e^y) dx + (y - x^2 + xe^y) dy = 0 Okay so it is the standard convenient exact equation...
Jul14-12 07:05 PM
4 1,076
I was given the solution to this problem: y'=-y^2+2y-1, plot phase line, solve it, in terms of y(0)=y0, what happens...
Jul14-12 04:53 PM
5 756
I have previously taken PDE's and ODE's. I understand obtaining the equation y''+lambda*y=0 (lambda then giving the...
Jul14-12 04:51 PM
12 1,395
The problem: Appreciate help on the following Hot water flows in an insulated copper pipe L long starting at...
Jul13-12 07:25 PM
10 1,475
Ok, I know how to separate variables in solving an ODE. I am unable to understand a solution I have for a problem...
Jul13-12 06:29 PM
2 937
Hi!This is a quite sophisticated problem, but itís interesting and challenging! Consider the following case: Letís...
Jul13-12 03:52 PM
2 713
I have an autonomous system of two ODEs, i.e., dx/dt = f(x,y) dy/dt = g(x,y) I plotted the phase portrait in...
Jul13-12 03:27 PM
0 620
I'm reading up on some methods to solve differential equations. My textbook states the following: "y_{1} and y_{2}...
Jul12-12 10:54 AM
1 1,695
hi all, I've been trying to work this problem out, \frac{dv}{dt}-A(B-v)^{1.6}=G A, B and G are constants ...
Jul12-12 01:36 AM
6 1,151
Hi! A nice method for solving differential equations that occur in physics utilize greens functions as well as the...
Jul11-12 04:12 PM
center o bass
2 1,157
Hi Does anyone know what calculations should be used to minimize an energy functional (level set and active contour...
Jul10-12 07:42 AM
0 575
Hello again. First off, I wasn't sure how to say this in the title but I'm not taking the inverse Laplace...
Jul10-12 12:51 AM
3 1,382
Many texts in deriving the fundamental solution of the Laplace equation in three dimensions start by noting that the...
Jul9-12 08:28 PM
7 1,656
hi every body, im doing an analysis of a paper about a tool used in oil well drilling, they use 3D navier stoke...
Jul9-12 08:59 AM
4 840
Hi, I have an equation of the form; \frac{d}{dt}(W) = \omega \left(x \frac{\partial}{\partial y} - y...
Jul9-12 04:53 AM
0 570
Hi all! I'm stuck with a system of PDE. I'm not sure I want to write it here in full, so l'll write just one of them....
Jul8-12 02:08 AM
4 963
This is an extract from my third year notes on 'Computational Physics': The Euler method is inaccurate because it...
Jul6-12 05:59 AM
Filip Larsen
1 877
I want to know the temperature profile of phase transition layer in the interstellar medium. For stationary solution,...
Jul5-12 05:36 AM
2 812
Hello, I'm having hard times with the following simple linear ODE coming from a control problem: $$u(t)' \leq...
Jul5-12 03:36 AM
3 835
Hello! I have some examples of non-homogeneous ODEs to be solved by the undetermined coefficients method. Two from...
Jul5-12 12:32 AM
3 1,481
Can anybody tell the converted form of the Rodriguez formula from the nth derivative to a well defined power of a...
Jul3-12 02:46 PM
0 767
I've been searching online for the past week but can't seem to find what im looking for. I need the analytic...
Jul3-12 12:50 PM
3 960
So I was working on eigenvalues of tridiagonal matrices, interestingly I get hermite polynomials as the solution. ...
Jul3-12 10:44 AM
1 1,361
I have two coupled ordinary differential equations: \displaystyle \frac{dx}{dt} = f(y) x \displaystyle \frac{dy}{dt}...
Jul1-12 07:52 AM
0 622
How would you define what a coefficient is in the context of differential equations? How do they influence the graph...
Jul1-12 03:45 AM
1 693
Dear all, I have a question about the variable substitution in Langevin equation and Fokker-Planck equation and this...
Jun28-12 05:14 PM
Tianwu Zang
2 1,107
Hi all, I have a system of 3 coupled linear PDEs which can be expressed in matrix form as: \left(...
Jun28-12 11:21 AM
1 729
Hiyas, I have been told that it is quite normal to get PDFs (Probability Density Functions) from PDEs (Partial...
Jun27-12 12:09 PM
7 2,104

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