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Differential Equations

- An equation involving derivatives of a function or functions. Solving ODE and PDE
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Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 25,904
My intent is to create a thread for people interested in Differential Equations. However, I will explicitly state that...
Jul3-12 07:18 PM
95 121,414
f'+x*f=x^(2m+1), m is an integer I have no idea for finding particular solution. Any help would be appreciated.
Mar13-11 07:03 PM
3 1,089
Hi everyone I'm modeling the dynamics of a cantilever that has a non-constant linear density profile, i.e. ...
Mar12-11 06:01 PM
1 1,467
Hi, I hope I posted in the right group. I read some papers about infinite dimensional systems and gave PDEs as...
Mar11-11 02:56 AM
4 2,449
Hey, I'm looking for some help understanding how to solve these equations. The math is just a little bit beyond me. I...
Mar11-11 12:55 AM
8 1,761
As the title says, what does it mean for an equation to be homogenous?
Mar10-11 06:41 PM
3 2,423
I've written a Runge Kutta algorithm that uses a fixed step size. It works fine for many of my problems dealing with...
Mar10-11 03:26 PM
3 1,942
Hi, could anyone give me a hint on what method to use to solve this ODE: v''+(2/t)v'+(b)v=0, b is a constant and...
Mar10-11 01:37 AM
1 749
I'm not sure if I'm using the correct terminology, but just to be sure let me explain what I understand to be coupled...
Mar10-11 12:11 AM
4 5,192
Hi, I'm not really understanding how to convert the piecewise heaviside into a single function. This was on our quiz...
Mar9-11 10:41 PM
2 2,912
Hello, I have a parallelepiped domain, divided in nodes. Each node has a velocity vector (3D). I want to evaluate...
Mar9-11 02:01 PM
1 1,402
Hi everyone, I recently started studying heat conduction using differential equations and this has been stumping me...
Mar9-11 01:36 PM
2 3,054
The usual eigenvalues of a LTV system does not say much about the stability but my intuition tells me there should be...
Mar8-11 09:21 PM
1 2,227
Can anyone please suggest whether I can use matlab ode45 for the numerical solution of the following equations? mx...
Mar8-11 04:28 PM
12 3,729
How do I find a general solution to a differential equation when the answer is a constant?
Mar8-11 03:35 PM
8 1,825
What is a finite-difference discretization for the partial differential term: \frac{\partial^4\phi}{\partial...
Mar8-11 01:03 PM
4 2,069
Hiii, In my research i encountared with following 3rd order ODE: d^3y/dx^3 = (1-y)/y^3. my B.C. are: at x...
Mar6-11 10:09 AM
2 1,253
Hey guys, dx/dt= (1/n)cos(t-nx) Investigate the possibility of straight line solutions and discuss the...
Mar5-11 08:24 AM
0 1,049
To determine the value of the unknown for which the function is minimized, we take the derivative and equate with 0....
Mar5-11 06:30 AM
2 683
Hello all, I'm currently an undergrad in my first year doing an experiment with the brachistochrone and I wish to...
Mar5-11 12:36 AM
3 1,542
Hey folks I'm experimenting with symplectic integrators and I'm trying to figure out how to deal with fourth order...
Mar4-11 04:37 PM
1 2,675
For the solution of a PDE, I need to change the coordinate to a curvilinear system. Inverse formulation for the...
Mar4-11 10:26 AM
0 700
For y1 = t2 and y2 = t|t| (y2'' is not defined at t = 0), the Wronskian is 0 for all t over the interval . However,...
Mar3-11 09:48 AM
1 1,099
I have the following DE: y'=y*(1-y^2) And understand that y=0, and y=+/-1 are critical points I am confused as to...
Mar2-11 01:35 PM
2 1,503
Alright. So I have dy/dx = -1-y2. I want to take the second derivative to get some information about the concavity of...
Mar1-11 04:17 PM
5 2,019
Hello physics enthusiasts! I was looking for resources, and stumbled upon these awesome forums. I am looking for...
Feb28-11 05:30 PM
5 1,808
Hi, I am trying the solve the Poisson equation in a domain with curved boundaries using the Finite Difference...
Feb27-11 11:35 PM
0 1,675
I was looking through my DE book and a problem intrigued me. I eventually figured it out but I do not understand the...
Feb25-11 04:42 PM
6 2,348
Dear Sir/Madam, Who knows the original publication of Laplace transformation by Laplace? Which journal and what...
Feb24-11 01:15 PM
1 894
Just learned that diffusion equation loses information as time goes on,i.e. given the initial condition at t=0, we...
Feb24-11 05:48 AM
0 563
someone kindly help... Considering this second order equation….kindly solve by adomian decomposition:, m(dy/dx)^2 ...
Feb23-11 05:44 AM
0 1,397
Hi I have 8 equations where the first four are coupled and the second four is coupled. The first set is independent...
Feb23-11 05:07 AM
0 745
If we have a linear system with the following differential equation: d2y/dt2+7*dy/dt+12*y=dx/dt+5*x So H(s) =...
Feb23-11 12:46 AM
0 939
Hi, I have a system of coupled PDE's as follows: A1 * (f,xx + f,yy) + B1 * (g,xx + g,yy) + C1 * f + D1 * g = 0 ;...
Feb22-11 09:01 AM
0 1,920
To solve a PDE, we can use the technique of separation of variables. However, this is not the most general solution. ...
Feb22-11 07:44 AM
1 1,150
Please see the pdf document below nevermind I figured it out
Feb21-11 02:43 PM
0 735
Question: If the roots of the characteristic equation are real, show that a solution of ay" + by' + cy = 0 is...
Feb20-11 12:34 PM
5 3,337
y'' + 4y = ax + b for y(x), and a & b are constants. either rough guideline (for both homogeneous and particular...
Feb20-11 08:35 AM
6 1,940
I have a rather difficult math problem. In my circuits class the professor prefers to express the cosine function...
Feb19-11 05:57 PM
2 3,892
I am trying to find the general solution for this problem: dX/dt = A(t) exp Y(t) dY/dt = -A(t) exp X(t) where...
Feb19-11 03:13 AM
0 1,201
I have a PDE test next week and I'm kinda confused. How do you prove that eigenvalues are all positive? I know...
Feb18-11 02:14 PM
2 1,548

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