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Differential Equations

- An equation involving derivatives of a function or functions. Solving ODE and PDE
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 29,614
My intent is to create a thread for people interested in Differential Equations. However, I will explicitly state that...
Jul3-12 07:18 PM
95 136,718
Equations: (d^2r/dt^2) - r*(dθ/dt)^2 = -10/(r^2) and r^2*(dθ/dt)=1 How would I get three 1st order ODE's...
Apr21-11 01:07 PM
4 1,272
I've been given a function U(x,y) where f(z) = U(x,y) + iV(x,y) and asked to check if it is harmonic and then work...
Apr21-11 11:27 AM
anirudh dutta
4 1,782
I've started reading Gerald Teschl's Ordinary Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems. I'd desperately like to...
Apr21-11 06:36 AM
0 1,183
y' = \frac{1}{t^{2}}- \frac{y}{t} - y^{2}
Apr21-11 06:15 AM
0 508
What is the difference in expanding a solution of a complex differential equation in terms of Laurent and Taylor...
Apr21-11 04:16 AM
1 716
consider and determine the steady state solution of the differential equation below. dy/dx = y(y-1)(y+1) We can...
Apr20-11 05:47 PM
6 11,903
1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data Hello I am trying to solve the following Differential...
Apr20-11 03:25 PM
2 1,390
I am trying to solve the following PDE: \frac{\partial f(x,t)}{\partial t}=a(x,t)\frac{\partial^2...
Apr20-11 02:58 PM
0 792
What is the difference between simple fixed pole and simple movable pole? Differential eqs. z(dw/dz)+w=0,...
Apr20-11 08:03 AM
1 661
I wrote a program that uses the FEM to approximate a solution to the heat conduction equation. I was lazy and wanted...
Apr19-11 11:25 PM
0 2,416
In a past exam paper at my uni I am asked to show that the hermite polynomials are solutions of the hermite diff....
Apr19-11 06:39 PM
1 817
I just started learning about DE's and am impressed by how much information they contain. Are they usually just a...
Apr19-11 02:31 PM
4 5,519
Hi, I am looking to model the diffusion of a particle through 2 layers using the finite difference method in matlab. ...
Apr19-11 12:13 PM
25 3,412
Hey, I want to solve a parabolic PDE with boundry conditions by using FINITE DIFFERENCE METHOD in fortran....
Apr19-11 10:52 AM
1 3,100
Hello. If I have this equation: And this general solution: ...
Apr19-11 10:47 AM
2 1,808
I've taken a first semester course on PDEs. Basically all we learned was separation of variables and method of...
Apr19-11 07:04 AM
1 1,046
My text gives the following definition for the solution of the heat equation with initial temperature distribution f...
Apr18-11 11:56 PM
0 1,555
Hi, I developed Matlab code to solve the diffusion equation using the central difference equation, with an added term...
Apr18-11 09:16 PM
3 1,221
Here is the question. Find the steady state solution of the differential equation below. dy/dx = tan(x^2) What...
Apr18-11 08:59 PM
1 1,239
Hello, first time poster. I am putting this question in the PDE section because this was a question I came up while...
Apr18-11 06:57 PM
3 3,215
I am looking at the derivation for the solution to solve the partial differential equation of a wave with a...
Apr16-11 11:58 PM
2 1,817
Given a set of vectors {v_ j } = {v_1, ..... v_N} and I wish to transform each vector in the following manner v_ i...
Apr15-11 06:56 PM
1 936
Hello everyone, I am trying to find good references or information on developing the variational formulation for...
Apr15-11 07:47 AM
0 844
What is the corresponding discrete version to the first, second, and higher order derivatives of function?
Apr15-11 07:34 AM
Filip Larsen
1 718
Are there any exact solutions for two-dimensional projections of 3-body problems?
Apr14-11 07:14 PM
1 626
ty''-(t+1)y'+y=t^2 I know I have to use variation of parameters to solve this. But I am stuck and cannot figure...
Apr14-11 03:26 PM
2 792
I am looking into Fourier series expansion of function that is non periodic on 0< x< p. This is under the tittle of...
Apr14-11 03:10 PM
6 4,322
I'm working on a project where I'm trying to find the differential equation of a falling raindrop. The drop I'm...
Apr14-11 08:51 AM
3 2,711
Hi there, I am starting with the Bessel functions and have some problems with it. I am getting stuck with this...
Apr12-11 07:55 PM
5 6,460
No more help needed. Sorry I don't know how to delete this now.
Apr11-11 08:59 PM
0 1,101
Hello, Could anyone explain me or send a link where i can learn how to solve numerically this set of...
Apr11-11 06:22 AM
0 1,918
I am trying to understand cosmological expansion and how it is possible to see objects that are receding from us...
Apr11-11 01:26 AM
9 2,050
Is it necessary that force term in anharmonic oscillator should contain only third power in dependent variable(say x)?...
Apr10-11 07:54 PM
1 1,721
Hi everyone, I just have a question, Could someone please outline the steps to differential equations class from AP...
Apr10-11 12:12 PM
6 4,943
can you help me to check the answer ?pls give some suggestion ......i think someway is wrong...
Apr10-11 10:43 AM
5 994
In Von Neumann stability analysis, what is the reason behind assuming the error El,j = zjeiblh, for b being a real...
Apr10-11 08:10 AM
0 1,043
In the x-y plane, we have the equation \nabla^{2} \Psi = - 4\pi \delta(x- x_{0}) \delta (y- y_{0}) ...
Apr10-11 04:25 AM
0 1,476
Hi, All: I am taking a financial maths course and I encounter the following ODE: dy/dx = x+ x^2*y+x^3*y^2 ...
Apr10-11 03:37 AM
4 1,122
This might sound kinda dumb, but what is the Inverse Laplace transform of a number? So L^{-1}(8) for example.
Apr10-11 03:21 AM
3 1,258
Need some help figuring this out... Juliets love for Romeo cools in proportion to his love for her. Romeo's love...
Apr9-11 09:05 AM
5 1,936

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