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Differential Equations

- An equation involving derivatives of a function or functions. Solving ODE and PDE
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Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 25,829
My intent is to create a thread for people interested in Differential Equations. However, I will explicitly state that...
Jul3-12 07:18 PM
95 121,180
why is a_{11} dy^2 - 2a_{12} dxdy + a_{22} dx^2 = 0 the characteristic equation of a_{11} \phi _x^2 + 2a_{12} \phi...
Nov27-10 06:09 AM
0 702
Hey Guys. Im trying to find an inverse laplace transform for fraction in the laplace domain but cant find it in any...
Nov26-10 09:23 AM
2 941
I can not how define way to solve these equation x(l-x)y''+4y'+2y=o If any one can help
Nov26-10 09:21 AM
4 1,207
Hello, Thanks at first. If anyone can understand, then I would like to know how do I get to equation 4.15. Its a...
Nov26-10 09:10 AM
3 951
I was asked to seek for a harmonic function u(x,y) in the 2-dimention disk whoes boundry condition is...
Nov26-10 03:26 AM
1 1,123
x^2 y'' + x y' + n^2 y = 0 \; Is Euler equation and solution is y=x^m I understand the three cases with different...
Nov24-10 09:30 AM
4 1,505
Find the Particular Solution. Show the steps of derivation, beginning w/ the general solution....
Nov23-10 12:10 PM
Matthew Rodman
1 1,004
y''+9y=sin(3t) I need to solve the above using the method of undetermined coefficients. I have already found the...
Nov23-10 11:11 AM
4 2,546
Problem: y'+2y=4(x+1)2 ----> y=5e-2x+2x2+2x+1 1. What the Order of the ODE? It's 1st order 2 How do you check...
Nov23-10 09:27 AM
7 2,332
Hey everyone. I'm trying to refresh myself of solving linear ODEs. For simplicity's sake, I began by trying to solve...
Nov23-10 02:24 AM
2 1,227
The equation of motion of a rocket with mass depletion during ascent and subject to drag forces can be written as ...
Nov22-10 01:57 PM
7 2,651
I have an ellipse of a rl circuit and a rc circuit but now i am confused on how to obtain the phase angle. i know...
Nov21-10 02:51 PM
0 1,867
Hello, S-function! in Simulink/Matlab does anyone solve ODE in S-function! in Simulink C++ blocks instead of...
Nov18-10 12:05 PM
0 2,036
Hi, Could someone please show me how to solve the following simple problem using the Runge-Kutta (RK4) integration...
Nov18-10 08:54 AM
3 1,918
Hello, My course is a bit vague on this topic. 1 First of all it states: if the differential equation A(x)y''(x)...
Nov18-10 08:03 AM
1 2,030
Hi, My differential equations professor wanted us to think about this problem: How would you go about modeling...
Nov16-10 09:01 AM
2 2,255
Hi there, I am a young mathematician and I have discovered that Dirichlet's boundary problem is ill posed... Anyone...
Nov15-10 04:06 PM
1 1,676
Hello I'm trying to solve the following DGL with an integrating factor: x'=xg(y) y'=yh(x) which is...
Nov13-10 10:44 AM
1 1,224
dx/dt= -x+y dy/dt= 2x x(0)=0 y(0)=1 I'm not familiar how to solve a system like this. Somebody plz help? ...
Nov12-10 11:09 PM
8 2,245
I am considering a second order ODE of the form y''(x) + f(x) y(x) = 0, with boundary conditions that y(x) = 0 at...
Nov12-10 10:16 AM
0 2,220
The initial mass of fish in a lake was 7 thousand pounds on January 1st, 2001. Since the time, there was a 4-year...
Nov12-10 06:44 AM
1 1,187
yIII+yII-yI-y = 0 I used the characteristic equation and got: r3+r2-r = 0 r (r2+r-1) = 0 Which means that...
Nov12-10 06:29 AM
1 13,336
Hello everybody, could you please direct me how to solve this nonlinear differential equation analytically, so by...
Nov11-10 10:38 PM
20 3,647
I have the following elliptic equation that I must solve: a\frac{\partial^{2}\phi}{\partial...
Nov11-10 03:54 PM
7 1,064
Hi everyone, This is more of a numerical question but I felt this would be the most appropriate forum. I apologise...
Nov11-10 04:02 AM
0 1,573
Here is the equation I don't know how to solve: \begin{aligned} \left( {\frac{{{{\rm{d}}^2}}}{{{\rm{d}}{t^2}}} +...
Nov11-10 12:51 AM
1 1,973
function dy = prob_52 (t,y) dy = cos(y) - (sin (t)*y); = ode45 (@prob_52,,0) plot (t,y) xlabel ('Time') ylabel...
Nov11-10 12:45 AM
4 4,903
I have problem in solving following DAE's: 1. 0 = X*U1*C4+X*U2*C4 - 1 2. Re*C1*(U1+U2)*U1'...
Nov10-10 05:08 PM
4 3,698
I know how to do Frobenius on variable coefficient ODE's but only when the coefficients are powers of the independent...
Nov9-10 11:48 AM
1 1,608
Hi everybody. Ive got kind of a problem solving the following problem, so really hope for some help. The task says: ...
Nov9-10 11:37 AM
2 1,282
Hi, I am a chemist with unfortunately too little experience with differential equations, and now I have a problem...
Nov8-10 05:39 PM
8 3,010
Hi everyone. I was asked to learn Euler's method by myself but I was really confused with this question. How can I...
Nov8-10 11:17 AM
1 1,983
Consider cylindrical coordinates p = (x^2 + y^2)^.5  angle = arctan(y=x). Consider your curve to be specifi ed by...
Nov8-10 12:49 AM
2 1,287
I am looking through my course notes for mathematical physics, in preparation for the exam, and I've run into a...
Nov7-10 03:41 AM
1 2,117
I was given three plots of solutions for a forced exponential diffeq: y'+1.85 y=0.7t^2 with starter values on y...
Nov6-10 09:55 PM
1 774
Could someone please explain the y2 solution for repeated roots in Frobenius method where y2=y1lnx+xs \Sigma Cnxn ...
Nov6-10 10:55 AM
1 2,410
Hi, just like to check my answer with someone for the this question calculate y"+9y=H(t-1) y(0)=0 y'(0)=-2 using...
Nov6-10 10:48 AM
1 949
Hi, I need to solve the following simple ODE with both the Euler Forward and Euler Backward numerical methods. I...
Nov6-10 10:40 AM
15 23,387
I'm flipping through a math book to eventually be able to get to a fourier numerical solutions but the second chapter...
Nov6-10 09:22 AM
0 1,079
I'm reading a book (Numerical Techniques in Electromagnetics by Sadiku) & just finished the section on finite...
Nov6-10 04:09 AM
0 1,649

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