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Differential Equations

- An equation involving derivatives of a function or functions. Solving ODE and PDE
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 30,123
My intent is to create a thread for people interested in Differential Equations. However, I will explicitly state that...
Jul3-12 07:18 PM
95 138,363
It is very well known that the result of varying some functional gives a differential equation which solutions...
Feb13-11 04:24 PM
0 1,028
Hi, I am trying to solve a problem using the central difference scheme in Matlab where there are two coupled diffusion...
Feb12-11 08:49 PM
0 899
If y = f(x) , and ( dy / dx ) + ( y / ( sqrt(a+(x^2)) ) ) = 0 I knew its solution is y = { sqrt(a+(x^2)) - x } ,...
Feb12-11 04:21 AM
8 2,576
Hi, Can anyone please help me understand what spherical harmonics are and their applicability?
Feb10-11 04:32 PM
2 1,514
dy/dx = (2/pi^(1/2))e^(-(x^2)) eq 1.17 My book makes a statement about the symmetry of the family of solutions...
Feb10-11 01:03 PM
8 1,949
Hi, well let me put the question a bit concern area is on ode and question is when you solve a...
Feb9-11 05:36 AM
3 2,226
I am trying to understand this article at Wikipedia on epidemic deterministic models...
Feb8-11 10:53 PM
2 2,108
Hi, I'm having problems with the following question. We have: ψ : R2 → R2 , ψ(x, y) = (x − y − x(x2 + y2), y + x −...
Feb8-11 03:45 PM
0 792
Attempting Problem 1 of Arnold: ODEs, Ch. 1, section 2.2, it seems I'm not understanding something pretty basic about...
Feb4-11 06:19 PM
2 1,103
Hi I will be grateful if someone knows about the following and explain it for me please. What is finite...
Feb4-11 11:37 AM
0 1,281
Dear all, I have derived a set of differential equations. One is still missing and its left hand side is called f...
Feb4-11 10:28 AM
0 754
I'm reading Arnold: Ordinary Differential Equations, Chapter 1. In section 1.2, an integral curve was defined as the...
Feb4-11 07:10 AM
2 1,718
I've tried to make sense of this conjecture but I can't wrap my head around it. We've been learning about the...
Feb3-11 11:16 PM
15 2,356
Dear All, I am trying to solve the following system of PDEs \frac{\partial{A}}{\partial{t}}=...
Feb3-11 04:18 PM
6 1,991
Hi!! I have to solve the nonlinear equations of motion in the article (16) (17) (18). I Trasform the system in a...
Feb3-11 04:09 PM
7 4,178
Given the difference equation a_{n+2}+A_n(\lambda)a_{n+1}+B_n(\lambda)a_n=0 where ...
Feb3-11 07:06 AM
0 1,040
I am trying to solve a problem (not homework, too old for that! lol!) which involves the time dependent schrodinger...
Feb2-11 09:18 AM
1 1,150
Hi Mathematicians, I recently encountered this problem in maximization... Maximize 1170X1 + 1110X2 Subject to 1. ...
Feb2-11 07:34 AM
2 1,061
The relevant equations: (1) \dot{x} = v(x), x \in U (2) \varphi = x0, t0 \in R x0\in U Let x0 be...
Feb1-11 05:24 PM
3 1,280
Hi, I am working out a heat transfer problem but i've to solve the Differential equation in order to keep going on...
Feb1-11 12:49 AM
3 1,306
Hi, I recently need to do some numerical simulation by Euler method to solve a PDE. However, I noticed that there...
Jan31-11 02:32 AM
2 1,569
Hi, In my research on I have a 3rd order ODE where a deferent unknown variable is present . Converting the 3rd order...
Jan30-11 03:20 PM
0 1,016
"One morning it began to snow very hard and continued snowing stadily throughout the day. A snowplow set out at...
Jan30-11 10:53 AM
8 4,504
That is the title to the problem I am stuck on. Here is what it says.. Consider the equation, \frac{dy}{dx} +...
Jan29-11 11:28 PM
0 1,640
dv/dt=g-(k/m)*v^2 i thought about all sorts of diff eq solving techniques but nothing comes up to my mind ...
Jan29-11 02:46 PM
4 959
In your own words, what exactly is the purpose of the Existence Uniqueness Theorem and why is it useful :surprised
Jan29-11 02:35 PM
2 1,616
My apologies, this isn't appropriate for this part of the forum, I have since moved it to the HW help.
Jan28-11 02:18 PM
0 1,379
Hello, i'm trying to proof the partial derivative definition , how do i proof it ?? @f/ @x = lim h-->0 lim /...
Jan28-11 05:29 AM
12 1,962
Hi guys! Attached is the differential equation that I want to solve both numerically and analytically, numerically...
Jan27-11 08:22 PM
2 1,118
I already finished a undergraduate ODE course that uses Elementary Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems...
Jan27-11 12:24 PM
0 800
Hey I was wondering if you'll could help. I was told that this is a simple proof but have been working on it for ages...
Jan26-11 02:43 PM
1 954
Hi Everyone, Apologies if this is posted in the wrong place. I am trying to produce numerical solutions for the...
Jan25-11 10:37 AM
0 1,069
If I have: \frac{dA(t,z)}{dz} is it possible to convert this to a differential in the form: \frac{dI(t,z)}{dz}...
Jan24-11 04:17 PM
6 898
QUESTION: Solve the separable differential equation dy/dx = sqrt(4y+64), Initial Condition: y(4)=9, and find the...
Jan23-11 01:17 PM
2 1,098
Hello All, Given the equation (2/y + y/x)dx + (3y/x + 2)dy I am first asked to show the equation is not exact. To...
Jan22-11 09:38 PM
4 1,439
HI, I have solved the diffusion equation using the central difference scheme. Next, I would like to code this...
Jan22-11 09:11 PM
2 1,803
Hi everyone, I need help with this problem. I just can't get it: Let a,b,c,d,e and f be vectors such that...
Jan22-11 02:26 PM
2 1,108
When considering the solution u(x,y) of the poisson equation u_xx + u_yy = -1 for (x,y) in G on a 2-dimensional...
Jan21-11 06:00 PM
0 1,296
I'm french and my englis is bad sorry but i need help ! My exam : In this part of the study, we considered the...
Jan21-11 03:05 PM
1 819
\underbrace{d}_{dt} (\dot{x})^{2} = 2\ddot{x} ??? or is it just 2\dot{x} ?
Jan19-11 02:20 PM
5 999

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