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Differential Equations

- An equation involving derivatives of a function or functions. Solving ODE and PDE
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Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 25,858
My intent is to create a thread for people interested in Differential Equations. However, I will explicitly state that...
Jul3-12 07:18 PM
95 121,259
I'm interested in solutions of an equation f'(x) = -\frac{xf(x)}{Af(x)+ Bx^2} with some positive initial...
Aug12-13 08:42 PM
13 714
Hi all, I post this thread in the Calculus, but no one seems to be interested. I realize that's a wrong place, So I...
Aug11-13 03:20 AM
0 445
Hi, I am working on a quite difficult, though seemingly simple, non-homogeneous differential equation in...
Aug9-13 12:00 PM
9 816
I've been trying to work on differential equations using several books and one of the first exercise questions I...
Aug8-13 02:04 AM
4 729
I have studied both single variable and multivariable calculus. I was younger and spent hardly anytime on them but did...
Aug7-13 05:57 PM
7 640
so my project is on reaction diffusion equations in 2d. i have been asked to reproduce known and published work to...
Aug7-13 09:14 AM
26 8,033
To solve a 2nd order ODE, we can follow the steps as shown below. (Image 2 is a continuation from Image 1, apologies...
Aug6-13 12:57 PM
2 534
I'm graphing a first order three variable linear ODE. Can I use the Runge Kutta and Euler method together? I mean,...
Aug6-13 02:22 AM
0 419
Hey guys, I have a question for you... how would one go about solving an equation like this... ...
Aug5-13 06:44 PM
Simon Bridge
5 599
Hi guys, I must solve, I believe, 2 simultaneous PDE's where the unknown function that I must find represent a...
Aug4-13 09:59 PM
2 645
So, as a result of a thought experiment, I've got a differential equation, which I can't solve: R r'' \sin...
Aug2-13 02:03 AM
6 676
I am having this set of equations: ∂υ / ∂x + ∂v / ∂y = 0 u ∂υ / ∂x + v ∂u / ∂y = g ρ + κ ∂2u / ∂y2 u ∂T /...
Aug1-13 12:51 PM
0 463
Hello All. I'm currently in a crash course on X-ray Diffraction and Scattering Theory, and I've reached a point...
Aug1-13 02:16 AM
7 650
I would like to ask if anybody knows something about the methods of solving infinite linear autonomous systems of...
Jul31-13 12:01 PM
3 712
Hello all. I am working on a problem and I am getting a bit confused. Suppose we have a poisson equation that we...
Jul30-13 04:46 PM
0 402
The question of Solving a Pfaffian ODE can be interpreted as the question of finding the family of surfaces U = c...
Jul27-13 07:51 AM
0 439
Hi all, I'd like to solve the following problem in 3 dimensions: \partial_t u(r,t) = D\Delta u(r,t) u(r,0) = 0...
Jul26-13 12:18 PM
3 759
Ahoy! I'm trying to approximate f'(r) for the following equation using matched asymptotic expansions ...
Jul26-13 05:31 AM
1 685
Is there a hole in knowledge as to the origins of PDEs? If there is a void, is Schwartz space a suitable basis? ...
Jul25-13 08:02 PM
7 737
Hello, I am new here. I hope I am posting my problem at the right place. I need some urgent help regarding the...
Jul24-13 02:28 PM
1 472
Hi, I derived the equation: 1+(y')^2-y y''-2y\left(1+(y')^2\right)^{3/2}=0 Letting y'=p and...
Jul24-13 06:30 AM
5 694
Hi All, I need mathematical help from the topic electrical potential for lectures on physics by Richard Feynman. ...
Jul22-13 12:33 PM
10 806
Solve the difference equation yn+1=(n+1)/(n+2) yn in terms of the initial value y0.
Jul21-13 08:00 AM
11 832
Homework problem: For the wave equation: Utt-Uxx=0, t>0, xER u(x,0)= 1, |x|<1
Jul17-13 12:49 PM
1 726
Solve the difference equation yn+1=-0.9yn in terms of the initial value y0. y1=-0.9y0 y2=-0.9y1=(-0.9)2y0...
Jul15-13 09:28 AM
4 721
Solve the difference equation yn+1=sqrt((n+3)/(n+1)) yn in terms of the initial value y0. y1=sqrt(3)y0...
Jul14-13 05:13 PM
1 498
Hi all, I am new to the forum :) and was hoping that you guys could help me out with the problem i am facing when...
Jul14-13 08:26 AM
4 674
I am reading the article Mirela Vinerean: On page 6, I have a...
Jul12-13 03:20 AM
13 918
In thinking about Sturm-Liouville theory a bit I see I have no actual idea what is going on. The first issue I have...
Jul10-13 03:07 PM
3 608
Hi, iím looking for some mathematical tools for analysis or classification of solutions of optimal control...
Jul10-13 12:59 PM
1 826
I had made a post in the past about the same problem and unfortunately I wasn't clear enough so I am trying again. ...
Jul10-13 11:13 AM
the king
2 524
I am brushing up this topic. I want to verify both orthogonality between two functions and an orthogonal set ALWAYS...
Jul10-13 06:33 AM
5 546
Can anyone give me the proof or point me to a link to derive this First Integral of Bessel's Function. ...
Jul8-13 04:35 PM
6 912
Is there any relation between Rodrique formula and Bessel's equation? Is it necessary to apply Rodrigue formula in the...
Jul7-13 06:34 PM
1 627
Hi everyone, any help with this would be greatly appreciated.. I have been practicing simple differential...
Jul6-13 02:30 PM
3 628
The question comprises of three subparts which need to be converted to Clairaut's form and then solved : (a) x p2 -...
Jul4-13 01:16 PM
0 609
People I am fairly new with dealing with DEs (and here I was thinking I got it all :palm: ) Any who: I am working on...
Jul4-13 01:01 PM
5 552
Hi there, I'm learning about solitons and chanced upon this pdf talking about the inverse scattering method. However,...
Jul4-13 05:04 AM
4 571
Would anybody have a resource for transversality conditions for the moving boundary calculus of variations problem...
Jul3-13 11:55 PM
0 385
Hey guys, I am just looking for some online resources for solving the heat equation. So far I have looked at Paul's...
Jul2-13 04:42 PM
1 567

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