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Differential Equations

- An equation involving derivatives of a function or functions. Solving ODE and PDE
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 30,359
My intent is to create a thread for people interested in Differential Equations. However, I will explicitly state that...
Jul3-12 07:18 PM
95 138,887
Why is there a prize of $1 million for showing that there are smooth solutions to the Navier-Stokes equations...
Jan27-07 01:05 PM
4 2,638
I'm looking at linear, 1st order ODEs, like y' + p(t)x = q(t) The notes I'm looking at are calling q(t) the...
Oct4-10 10:07 AM
2 1,095
Hey guys, Lately I have been focusing on some question that have annoyed me for some time. One of these questions...
Mar29-13 07:22 AM
6 1,413
i'm studying differential equations, the book states the following: i want to...
Apr3-12 08:41 AM
2 1,143
Hi, I don't understand why the general solution of 2nd order homogeneous equation is linear? Why is...
Oct31-11 09:43 AM
4 1,650
Watching this video, I understood the ideia the fourier transform, that is a...
May10-14 05:47 AM
7 545
Say you have the diff eq. x'=2x(x-13); x(0)=20. After separating and integrating we get, ln|(x-13)/x|=26t+C From...
Sep29-11 09:31 AM
1 1,282
whenever i see that integrating factor for solving a linear differential equation with eint. p(x) dx and then...
Jan31-10 10:30 PM
2 1,136
I'm looking at the BVP: y'' + ay' + e^{ax}y = 1, with y(0) = 0 and y(10) = 0. The numerical solution blows...
Feb9-09 07:18 PM
3 1,776
To solve a separable ODE like this I would simply multiply each side by dx and then integrate both sides. However, I...
Jul3-09 11:43 AM
13 5,243
Let g(x) be the right side of a heterogeneous ODE. Why do we take the derivative of g(x) when using the method of...
Sep15-13 05:55 AM
5 1,292
We were trying to solve the problem 28.32 on page 289 of the Schaum's Series Differential Equations by Richard Bronson...
Apr4-08 03:35 AM
0 1,127
I'm solving the following equation in the unit square using finite differences: epsilon(u_xx+u_yy)+u_x+u_y=0, where...
Jun1-06 07:36 AM
0 1,767
let f(x,y)=0 Why df=(∂f/∂x)dx + (∂f/∂y)dy?
Oct16-11 10:09 PM
6 4,448
I am currently studying a great text Elementary Differential Equations and Boundary Valued Problems 9th edition;...
Sep4-09 06:48 AM
1 1,572
I was wondering why. When we differentiate, don't we result in an equation that describes the slopes of many other...
Jun21-11 09:29 AM
3 2,271
After a short look on the question formulated in this differential equation forum I came to the conclusion that the...
Oct24-12 08:03 PM
8 1,629
Hi, I'm an engineer who uses a lot of finite-element software for doing multiphyics modeling. I've been learning a...
Sep9-14 07:11 AM
10 577
Hi, I hope I posted in the right group. I read some papers about infinite dimensional systems and gave PDEs as...
Mar11-11 02:56 AM
4 2,566
Given a implicit ODE like F(x, y(x), y'(x), y''(x)) = 0, why your explicit form is y''(x) = f(x, y(x), y'(x))? Why a...
Mar27-14 12:36 PM
4 443
(\frac{\partial z}{\partial x})y the small y, what does it mean. the context this is used in is F(x,y,z) where...
Apr12-12 06:36 AM
1 1,189
Dear Sir/Madam, Who knows the original publication of Laplace transformation by Laplace? Which journal and what...
Feb24-11 01:15 PM
1 1,003
Looking for the solution to the following ODE: \
Aug14-09 02:01 PM
3 1,126
For a falling object, who can find the time in terms of the velocity for this journey( before reaching terminal...
Nov26-09 08:15 PM
4 965
Hello guys, i'm new here. i was working on a mathematical methods in physics book and there is a part that i dont...
Dec20-09 04:05 AM
0 2,889
I simply can't recognize it y' = \frac{1}{3}y^{\frac{1}{2}} + t^{\frac{1}{3}} Which type of differential...
Sep24-10 07:41 AM
7 1,663 Are they both correct? Would the first or second solution be preferred?
Oct4-13 08:27 AM
7 4,604
Hello guys, Which method can we use to solve the differential equation below? dy/dx= 1/(xy+x^2y^3) It doesn't...
Apr7-05 09:07 PM
5 1,074
Hi, I have the attached diffusion based equations I am looking to solve, however I am unsure about how to implement. ...
Sep24-12 08:31 AM
1 1,223
ex2=t-1ex2-\frac{1}{tx}\frac{dt}{dx} Which method should be used and how can you tell just by looking at it?
Jan28-13 12:34 PM
2 629
I'm new to DEs, and can do most I've come across so far, but this has me stumped: ...
May11-04 01:04 PM
1 1,570
Hello everything follows up well, but when I compare the result (eq. 5) with the numerical solution of eq. 1, then...
May13-11 12:30 PM
1 1,065
Folks, To date I have been reading about Euler Bernoulli Beam and Timoshenko Beam Theory desribed by the following...
Dec10-12 01:35 PM
3 962
I took an introduction to ODEs course this past spring semester. It always bothered me where this thing came from. I...
Sep10-14 05:52 PM
13 401
I need a physical explaination of s domain..Is s-domain a higher dimensional plane..?
Jun15-12 08:23 AM
8 3,195
A simple question. Suppose I have \epsilon^2 y''' - y' = \frac{1}{1+x^2}. The goal is to calculate the fourier...
Aug17-08 08:08 AM
1 1,554
There are a few theorems in my DE book whose proofs I've been trying to find, without much luck: 1) Given an nth...
Mar21-13 12:22 AM
4 847
Hello. Where can I find proofs for the solution of d. equations? I can find the solutions but I cannot find the...
Mar31-11 12:48 PM
7 1,195
I'm having a lot of trouble with the basics in DE, I was wondering if anyone knows of a good tutorial site, or a site...
Jan6-07 07:52 PM
Dr Game
0 1,713
where can i find a good animation lecture which explains this stuff step by step so i could solve the kinds of...
May12-08 01:45 PM
2 1,163

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