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Differential Equations

- An equation involving derivatives of a function or functions. Solving ODE and PDE
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 30,152
My intent is to create a thread for people interested in Differential Equations. However, I will explicitly state that...
Jul3-12 07:18 PM
95 138,460
I used the linear equation method to solve a D.E. and got y=3/4 at the end. I'm asked to find the interval of...
Jan28-13 12:41 AM
5 753
I get confused when it is 'ok' to use the natural logarithm when integrating a function. As soon as I see a...
May25-10 03:00 AM
2 2,776
On a 2 dimensional Riemannian manifold when is a vector field with isolated singularities the Lie bracket of two...
Sep13-11 01:58 PM
0 985
Greetings, I faced with a problem that states - Find slope of the tangent line to 〖 x〗^4 xy^2+ 4xy^2 = 20,at...
Oct23-10 11:37 PM
2 1,166
Apparently it is a well-known fact that if G(x)=(G_{ij}(x_1,\ldots,x_n)) is a smooth nxn matrix-valued function such...
Mar20-14 03:04 PM
0 479
I'm doing a course in PDEs, where the lecturer hasn't really explain when all these methods for solving PDEs are...
Nov4-09 11:52 PM
2 1,156
I have some confusion about when separation variables can be applied to a PDE. Can it be applied on any PDE that can...
Apr6-10 10:15 PM
1 732
I have to find a non-trivial, linear combination of the following functions that vanishes identically. In other...
Nov4-10 07:45 PM
6 3,858
Just a small list, mark up any others I have neglected... :cool: edit: already see, I should've put in PDEs with...
Mar27-06 10:46 PM
2 1,547
I have an equation like this, \frac{dZ}{zD\beta} = \frac{d}{d\beta}\ln Z, is it from...
May6-13 10:36 AM
3 623
I recently came across the NS millennium problem and I read that uniqueness for the NS equations is unknown. I have...
Nov4-11 06:13 PM
2 1,765
I show a graph where errors in perceived angles of stimuli increase with the underestimation of lengths of stimuli. I...
Feb20-12 12:26 PM
4 1,333
I'm learning fluid mechanics, and I am confused about the following differential operators. What's the difference...
Apr23-10 03:06 AM
1 902
As the thread title says: What's the difference between initial conditions and boundary conditions? Thanks in...
Mar31-09 06:43 PM
9 20,222
That's my question,let's suppose i define the functions: G(x,s)=exp(x-s)^{2} and R(x,s)=(e^{st}-1)^{-1} My...
Oct11-06 11:05 AM
0 1,566
Hi there, My equation to solve is (xy+(x^2))dx + (-1)dy=0 For method of exact solutions, the partials are not...
Oct29-11 08:12 AM
1 1,439
I've been working through an equation for awhile and finally reduced it to a differential equation I have to solve,...
Aug24-05 11:56 PM
9 1,560
Hi all! In this differentail equation, what particular should I try? Is it correct to try " exp(-2x)"?
May15-05 07:40 PM
15 2,113
Just learned that diffusion equation loses information as time goes on,i.e. given the initial condition at t=0, we...
Feb24-11 05:48 AM
0 591
I'm trying to follow a proof for the solution of the diffusion equation in 0 < x < l with inhomogeneous boundary...
Oct3-10 03:30 PM
1 1,099
I am trying to solve a real-world problem, and I have modeled it with the following equation: \frac{dS}{dt}-3\left...
Nov5-11 06:15 PM
4 1,783
Does it have an easy classification (elliptic, hyperbolic, parabolic, for example)? Or does the fact that it has an...
Oct19-12 04:24 PM
1 1,142
Hi all. I am reading things about wave theory. I am rather confused about the term "weakly nonlinear". Say for the...
Jun27-10 07:02 AM
3 3,632
Hello everybody, What is this equation called? I'm from non-English speaking country and I need to look up materials...
Jun21-13 12:29 PM
6 792
When I was scanning the materials of Bessel function, I found that when the variable is: xe^{\frac{3\pi}{4}i} ...
Feb27-12 07:29 PM
8 1,949
I'm trying to analyze the following Ito stochastic differential equation: $$dX_t = \|X_t\|dW_t$$ where X_t,...
Apr18-14 06:57 PM
Only a Mirage
2 338
Hi Max, Thanks very much, but now I am puzzled solving this problem: F'''+FF''/2=0 F'(-infinite)=1...
May29-04 05:19 PM
4 1,896
I am seeking an EXACT solution of this sistem of ODE's, in which g(x) and f(x) are the unknown functions: ...
May10-04 03:14 PM
26 3,920
how can we solve this differential equation? (ax+y)∂f/∂x + (ay+x)∂f/∂y =0 with this condition: if a=0...
May9-14 02:29 AM
2 356
I have flipped through the first few pages of Evan's PDE book lately, and I am considering taking a graduate PDE...
Aug24-09 04:57 PM
6 1,912
Hi everyone, I'm currently learning about finite-element methods and I'm having trouble understanding the motivation...
Mar14-12 02:38 PM
11 2,323
Everybody knows one dimensional wave equation \frac{\partial^2u}{\partial t^2} = c^2 \frac{\partial^2u}{\partial x^2}...
Apr27-10 09:06 AM
1 5,958
\nabla^2 V = \nabla \cdot \nabla V. Let me first break this down in English from my understanding: \nabla V is...
Nov2-10 06:36 AM
3 4,549
The definitions of a harmonic function u are: It has continuous 1st and 2nd derivatives and it satisfies \nabla^2 u =...
Aug3-10 08:18 PM
10 2,003
F(s) = \frac{1}{K^s} where K is a positive real.
Jun13-10 05:10 PM
Count Iblis
3 1,690
im having problem integrating the equation dydx=y^2/x^2 and also dydx=3*y^2/x
Apr9-10 07:14 AM
2 2,267
What is the difference between simple fixed pole and simple movable pole? Differential eqs. z(dw/dz)+w=0,...
Apr20-11 08:03 AM
1 677
For example, if y=x^2, then the derivative of y is 2x. We write the derivative as either f'(x)=2x or dy/dx=2x. ...
Dec27-12 12:05 PM
5 4,265
On Wolfram Alpha it will offend give you a contour plot, and it has similarities to a bifurcation plot with respect to...
May13-14 12:34 AM
2 452
How would you define what a coefficient is in the context of differential equations? How do they influence the graph...
Jul1-12 03:45 AM
1 752

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