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Differential Equations

- An equation involving derivatives of a function or functions. Solving ODE and PDE
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
My intent is to create a thread for people interested in Differential Equations. However, I will explicitly state that...
Jul3-12 07:18 PM
95 138,495
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 30,172
I think my lack of background in proofs is showing. From "Partial Differential Equations of Mathematical Physics...
Mar28-04 08:32 PM
11 2,336
Although on the whole my Boyce & DiPrima book is fairly good in of itself and compared with others, but of-coarse some...
Feb14-08 06:39 PM
11 2,445
hi all... i need to solve this differential equation of 2nd order...if anyone could tell me the way or method to...
Apr18-04 11:16 AM
11 2,103
Solve the difference equation yn+1=(n+1)/(n+2) yn in terms of the initial value y0.
Jul21-13 08:00 AM
11 1,122
hi how do u find the laplace of the function below: x'(t) = kx(t) -hH(44-t) k is the rate which is >0, x(t) is...
May19-04 06:30 PM
11 1,637
It looks simple enough: y'' + x*y = x^2 However, I tried and I could not find a nontrivial solution to the...
Jun30-04 09:18 PM
11 2,234
somebody slove this differential equations 1/y' = (1/y)+(1/x) thanx in advance
Dec13-04 01:24 PM
11 1,859
I need help finding a linear homogenous constant-coefficient differential equation with the given general solution. ...
May16-13 07:52 PM
11 988
need to solve the following beam equation: p(x)\frac{d^2\w}{dx^2}-a\frac{d^4\w}{dx^4}-b\frac{d^2\w}{dt^2}=0 ...
Mar26-05 01:57 PM
11 1,874
I'm attempting to help someone with their diff eq homework and I'm having trouble remembeing how to do things and...
Apr19-05 06:37 AM
11 3,121
A dart is shot straight up from 1.5m above ground level. The distance d, in meters, the dart is above ground at time...
May25-05 03:23 PM
11 1,221
Hello I'm struggling with this concept, cant seem to get my head round it or find any good reference sites or books....
Jun14-10 11:20 PM
11 21,230
Q1 :For example Solve the D.E : U''-2xU' +2u = 0 Do I write out the series solution or write somthing like : C1e^r1...
Aug26-05 05:50 PM
11 1,565
Hi, What do you think about the possible (nontrivial) solutions of this equation ? (1) f '(x) = f(x-1) (f is a...
Jan23-06 04:21 PM
11 2,291
Hey, I've been teaching myself some DEs that I can use for physics and whatnot. I am comfertable with seperable...
Nov23-06 11:44 PM
11 2,586
hi guys, I'm solving a pretty complex problem: calculating a trajectory of a charged particle in a custom magnetic...
Sep13-07 12:46 PM
Matthew Rodman
11 2,668
I was curious about finding the velocity function for a free-falling object using solely newton's equations. Using the...
Sep14-08 09:08 AM
11 17,511
Iím stacked with this problem for many days, someone can help me pleeeeease: (a) f \left( x \right) =\int _{-\infty...
Mar22-08 10:23 AM
11 4,871
Hello, I have the 2nd-order nonlinear ODE below: k(v)=\frac{\phi ''(v)}{\phi (v) (\phi ' ^2 (v) +1)^2} ...
Sep14-08 09:05 PM
11 2,125
Hi all, I've been musing on a problem I came across whilst decanting some sloe gin (that time of the year here in...
Nov29-08 03:43 PM
11 1,382
Hello! I got one question for you. How come that (f \circ g)'(x) = f'(g(x)) g'(x) ? Since (f \circ...
Aug10-11 12:25 AM
11 6,337
how to solve dy/dx=3√(xy) for a general solution? PS: √ is square root sign, just in case if it is not clear. ...
Mar9-09 07:14 AM
11 9,808
Hey all, I'm really having a hard time figuring out a couple of problems in which I have to differentiate: 1: ...
Apr15-09 08:14 AM
11 4,445
Hello I got one question. I am confused by seeing dx in front of the integral. For ex. \int f(x) dx = F(x) + C...
Aug10-09 04:15 PM
11 2,638
Hi 2 all Necessary i need ode that's have no general sol nd I need also an ode thats i can solve it with more way ...
Oct16-10 07:22 AM
11 1,523
Hi, I have a differential equation that I just can't seem to solve. Now here's the deal: I'm sure there are...
Sep25-11 08:25 AM
11 3,594
Hello all, I don't have much experience with ODEs. I have a simple system, which I believe is first order linear,...
Jun22-11 11:36 AM
11 1,278
Greetings, I want to find the characteristics of the following parabolic PDE u_t + v u_x + w u_y + a(t, x,y,v,w,...
Jul30-11 09:22 AM
11 2,419
I'm having some problems recognizing duplication when using the undetermined coefficients method to solve homogeneous...
Nov3-11 06:21 PM
11 3,161
Newton's universal law of gravitation: F=-G \frac{m_1 m_2}{r^2} I'd like to set up the problem so the particle...
Nov15-11 07:27 AM
11 2,853
Hi everyone, I'm currently learning about finite-element methods and I'm having trouble understanding the motivation...
Mar14-12 02:38 PM
11 2,329
Please if anyone can help me to solve this differential equation.
Mar25-12 01:42 PM
11 1,703
Solve: Δu=-1, u(1, theta)=sin(theta). 0<r<1, -pie<theta<pie, u finite at r=0 What I've done: u=u1+u2. Δu2=0,...
Jul16-12 08:47 PM
11 1,277
xy''+y'=-x y(1)=0, y(0) bounded (so the natural log, 1/x etc. terms drop out) homogeneous, cauchy euler: y=a+bx...
Jul15-12 10:04 PM
11 1,722
I've come across this problem while self studying Ordinary Differential Equations and I really need help. The problem...
Dec23-13 10:51 AM
11 1,015
Hello. Do any of you have any good books on DE? Because I was really disappointed with my Calculus book. It had plenty...
Mar27-04 10:26 AM
H-bar None
10 3,838
I'm finding this diff equation hard y'' + \ln{y} = yx How do I solve it?
Dec4-04 10:57 AM
10 2,063
what are some of the best intros to ODEs? also, has anyone read any of the Dover books on ODEs and know which one is...
Feb9-05 10:38 PM
10 20,674
Suppose we have y'' = f(t, y); y(a) = y0; y'(a) = y0' Note all derivatives are with respect to t. Let u = y',...
Apr24-05 01:14 PM
10 2,242
I have a test in Diff Eq. tommorow and part of the test is inovling the Dirac Delta function. I have no clue as to...
Apr28-05 02:02 PM
James Jackson
10 3,237

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