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Differential Equations

- An equation involving derivatives of a function or functions. Solving ODE and PDE
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My intent is to create a thread for people interested in Differential Equations. However, I will explicitly state that...
Jul3-12 07:18 PM
95 121,284
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 25,870
Hello, I was wondering if anyone could shed some light upon solving this: s(x)'' = (a b s(x)) / ||s(x)||^3 Where...
Mar23-10 03:54 PM
4 1,312
Hi all, I'm writing myself a ordinary differential equation solver and I've already implemented several explicit...
Mar23-10 11:11 PM
5 4,231
Hi there, Many of the problems on this part of the forum simply boil down to "I don't know how to solve the ODE:...
Mar23-10 11:26 PM
3 1,253
I want to solve: y(x)''-(\frac{m\pi}{a})^2y(x)=0 With boundary condition y(0)=y(a)=0. First part is very easy...
Apr5-10 12:25 AM
15 3,597
Conventional solution of \nambla^2u(x,y)=f(x,y) involve solution u(x,y)= \sum_{n=1}^{\infty} \sum_{m=1}^{\infty}E_{mn}...
Apr7-10 01:46 AM
6 1,948
I have a question on the integration part of the Variation of Parameters. Given .y''+P(x)y'+Q(x)y=f(x) The...
Mar23-10 11:31 PM
3 1,123
I was thinking about the non-linear Navier-Stokes equation this morning and was briefly browsing a text on the...
Mar24-10 08:53 AM
4 1,050
Investigate uniqueness of the differential equation the question is in the image attached
Mar20-10 07:48 AM
2 976
Hey, I'd really appreciate if you could read the following transcription from my textbook and let me know what exactly...
Mar20-10 03:32 PM
1 1,786
Hello, Can someone explain / show me how equations (15) and (16) are derived from equation (14) in this modified...
Mar20-10 09:27 PM
0 1,693
as a student in physics, i cannot see the usefulness of green function to me, the definition of a green function...
Mar22-10 12:41 AM
2 1,558
Hi everyone: I am teaching myself transport/programming, and have created a simple program for 1-D...
Mar23-10 11:37 PM
1 3,230
Hey, I am wondering how to solve this heat equation with a 'generation' term included. In one instance I am adding...
Mar23-10 11:35 PM
3 1,341
Hallo, does anybody know the analytical solution or approx of analytical solution for: wxx+wyy=f(x) where...
Mar23-10 06:58 AM
0 802
Maybe I'm just dumb... y'(t)=y(t)^3+f(t) find y(t) Thanks...
Apr7-10 02:38 AM
1 1,139
I've been trying (unsuccessfully!) to rearrange the following equation so that H is the subject: mgH = / 2 ...
Mar24-10 10:24 PM
1 1,023
hi, I'm working on Tm3+ fiber laser rate equation modeling using Mathematica. The rate equations I'm using for the...
Mar25-10 02:12 AM
0 2,519
I was wondering if the Laplace transform can be applied to solve certain systems of differential equations with...
Mar25-10 05:22 AM
0 3,729
I m currently dealing with numerical modelling of DFB laser and i m going to use the method Transfer Matrix...
Mar25-10 06:32 AM
0 1,717
Hi all, I'm a final year acoustics student in the UK attempting to model the modal response of a circular plate as...
Mar25-10 02:50 PM
0 1,101
Suppose that a tank containing a certain liquid has an outlet near the bottom. Let be the height of the liquid...
Mar30-10 11:23 PM
1 8,394
Apr9-10 06:42 AM
1 975
Hallo, does there exist analytical solution or approximation to poisson equation pde in 2 dimensions ...
Mar28-10 10:34 AM
0 1,090
Hi all can anyone help me to reduce following diff.Equ. to bessel eq. 4x^3*y''-y=0 thanks in advance . I am...
Mar29-10 01:42 PM
1 1,232
So there's this ODE: yy''-(y')2 = y3 After doing some work it gets to this point: (y')2=2y3 Taking the root: y' =...
Apr2-10 06:45 AM
12 1,088
Dear all, I'm trying to solve the 2d heat equation in a radially symmetric domain, numerically using the...
Mar29-10 08:51 AM
0 1,486
Hi everyone, I'm having a hard time analyzing the following problem: b v(x) = -exp(-x) - 1/2 ( g v'(x) )^2...
Mar29-10 09:42 AM
0 850
Consider a heat equation for the temperature u of a rod of length 1: ut = uxx, 0 < x < 1, t > 0 with boundary...
Apr1-10 01:04 PM
1 731
I have two PDE's. One in terms of dz and the other in terms of dt: \frac{dI(t,z)}{dz}=aI(t,z) + bI^2(t,z) -...
Apr3-10 04:53 PM
6 1,426
I have been playing around with the Matlab quiver plot, and I found something strange: it seems that the gradient...
Apr1-10 07:01 AM
1 7,126
Hello ppl I stuck with a differential equation and all I need is your kind help. While solving a problem I got one...
Apr2-10 11:39 AM
7 938
Abramovitz presents even and odd solutions to the Weber equation. He also presents standard solutions as a pair of...
Apr4-10 07:48 PM
2 2,906
im having problem integrating the equation dydx=y^2/x^2 and also dydx=3*y^2/x
Apr9-10 07:14 AM
2 2,123
Hi all, I came across an equation in this form while trying to understand a paper: f(t+T) - f(t) = \int_t^\(t+T\...
Apr5-10 08:30 AM
1 881
Hi, I have been trying to solve this differential equation for a while now. Now I get to the point where I have the...
Apr6-10 11:20 AM
2 1,096
I have some confusion about when separation variables can be applied to a PDE. Can it be applied on any PDE that can...
Apr6-10 10:15 PM
1 685
How to state the equations of a rational functions with the following asymptotes? (1)x=2, y=-3 (2)y=0, x=4 ...
Apr7-10 02:05 AM
1 1,929
How to define neumann boundary in matlab programme for a poisson equation on a 2D plate? Thanks!
Apr7-10 03:04 PM
0 2,571
Could someone explain why the graph of a solution can never cross a critical point?
Apr9-10 02:42 AM
1 643
Where do textbook authors get the formula for the position function or the function of a moving particle that are used...
Apr9-10 09:54 AM
3 663

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