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Differential Equations

- An equation involving derivatives of a function or functions. Solving ODE and PDE
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My intent is to create a thread for people interested in Differential Equations. However, I will explicitly state that...
Jul3-12 07:18 PM
95 121,257
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 25,855
Hello Did an exercise and a small simulation to expand f(x)=x, defined on 0<x<3 in a Fourier-Bessel series using...
Dec1-10 09:02 AM
12 14,631
Hello everybody, could you please direct me how to solve this nonlinear differential equation analytically, so by...
Nov11-10 10:38 PM
20 3,650
I have the following elliptic equation that I must solve: a\frac{\partial^{2}\phi}{\partial...
Nov11-10 03:54 PM
7 1,067
The initial mass of fish in a lake was 7 thousand pounds on January 1st, 2001. Since the time, there was a 4-year...
Nov12-10 06:44 AM
1 1,190
Hi everyone, This is more of a numerical question but I felt this would be the most appropriate forum. I apologise...
Nov11-10 04:02 AM
0 1,574
Problem: y'+2y=4(x+1)2 ----> y=5e-2x+2x2+2x+1 1. What the Order of the ODE? It's 1st order 2 How do you check...
Nov23-10 09:27 AM
7 2,334
dx/dt= -x+y dy/dt= 2x x(0)=0 y(0)=1 I'm not familiar how to solve a system like this. Somebody plz help? ...
Nov12-10 11:09 PM
8 2,248
x' = y-2x y' = 2x-y Whenever you look for equilibrium points x'=0 and y'=0, y=2x for both cases. What is the...
Dec2-10 05:52 AM
5 2,297
yIII+yII-yI-y = 0 I used the characteristic equation and got: r3+r2-r = 0 r (r2+r-1) = 0 Which means that...
Nov12-10 06:29 AM
1 13,356
I am considering a second order ODE of the form y''(x) + f(x) y(x) = 0, with boundary conditions that y(x) = 0 at...
Nov12-10 10:16 AM
0 2,222
Hello I'm trying to solve the following DGL with an integrating factor: x'=xg(y) y'=yh(x) which is...
Nov13-10 10:44 AM
1 1,225
Hi, My differential equations professor wanted us to think about this problem: How would you go about modeling...
Nov16-10 09:01 AM
2 2,257
Hi there, I am a young mathematician and I have discovered that Dirichlet's boundary problem is ill posed... Anyone...
Nov15-10 04:06 PM
1 1,677
Hello, My course is a bit vague on this topic. 1 First of all it states: if the differential equation A(x)y''(x)...
Nov18-10 08:03 AM
1 2,030
Hi, Could someone please show me how to solve the following simple problem using the Runge-Kutta (RK4) integration...
Nov18-10 08:54 AM
3 1,920
Hello, S-function! in Simulink/Matlab does anyone solve ODE in S-function! in Simulink C++ blocks instead of...
Nov18-10 12:05 PM
0 2,040
The equation of motion of a rocket with mass depletion during ascent and subject to drag forces can be written as ...
Nov22-10 01:57 PM
7 2,654
I have an ellipse of a rl circuit and a rc circuit but now i am confused on how to obtain the phase angle. i know...
Nov21-10 02:51 PM
0 1,869
y''+9y=sin(3t) I need to solve the above using the method of undetermined coefficients. I have already found the...
Nov23-10 11:11 AM
4 2,549
Hey everyone. I'm trying to refresh myself of solving linear ODEs. For simplicity's sake, I began by trying to solve...
Nov23-10 02:24 AM
2 1,230
Find the Particular Solution. Show the steps of derivation, beginning w/ the general solution....
Nov23-10 12:10 PM
Matthew Rodman
1 1,004
x^2 y'' + x y' + n^2 y = 0 \; Is Euler equation and solution is y=x^m I understand the three cases with different...
Nov24-10 09:30 AM
4 1,505
I can not how define way to solve these equation x(l-x)y''+4y'+2y=o If any one can help
Nov26-10 09:21 AM
4 1,209
Hello, Thanks at first. If anyone can understand, then I would like to know how do I get to equation 4.15. Its a...
Nov26-10 09:10 AM
3 955
Hey Guys. Im trying to find an inverse laplace transform for fraction in the laplace domain but cant find it in any...
Nov26-10 09:23 AM
2 941
I was asked to seek for a harmonic function u(x,y) in the 2-dimention disk whoes boundry condition is...
Nov26-10 03:26 AM
1 1,126
This appears on the bottom of p.279 of this book. The author begins with Green's second identity: \int_V \alpha...
Nov28-10 02:21 AM
6 1,323
why is a_{11} dy^2 - 2a_{12} dxdy + a_{22} dx^2 = 0 the characteristic equation of a_{11} \phi _x^2 + 2a_{12} \phi...
Nov27-10 06:09 AM
0 705
Zero input means input equals zero the input is to some differential equation D2x = Dx + x + Input the input =...
Nov28-10 03:27 AM
3 1,408
Hey all! I'm trying to use the Runge-Kutta method on this differential equation but I am getting nowhere and it's...
Nov30-10 02:31 PM
2 1,691
Suppose I wanted to know the surface integral of a recently whose points are (0,0,0),(0,0,2),(1,1,0),(1,1,2) The...
Dec1-10 11:12 PM
1 932
The problem: You are given the problem of analyzing the dynamics of a line of cars moving on a one-lane highway. One...
Dec1-10 05:13 AM
1 1,485
For the pde below $d^2G(x,y)/dxdy+(a(x,y)-1)*dG(x,y)/dx*dG(x,y)/dy=0$ how do I show the existence of G(x,y) given...
Dec1-10 11:02 PM
0 874
Hello, Let us assume we have a differential equation ( \frac{d^2}{dx^2}+ \frac{2}{1+1/n}\Theta_n^{n-1} - \nu^2...
Dec2-10 06:52 AM
0 984
I want to preface this by saying that these questions are not to find an exact answer, just to build intuition. If you...
Dec4-10 09:53 AM
0 1,784
Alright, so I have a general question on finding the general solution of the eq: ...
Dec5-10 01:47 AM
1 1,608
greetings what does a integrating factor tells about a differential equation? in order to find the solution for a...
Dec6-10 10:14 AM
1 2,142 Could anyone tell me what does the of t mean in the attached...
Dec6-10 06:12 PM
2 1,510
Hi I need to find the solution of d^2y/dx^2 + 2x(dy/dx) = 0 I've solved it in Maple and get that y=a*erf(x)+b...
Dec6-10 06:01 PM
2 1,761
Dear Physics Forums, I have a reaction scheme with 4 states where A<->B, B<->C and B<->D: C / A...
Dec7-10 12:35 PM
Coomb Raider
1 570

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