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Differential Equations

- An equation involving derivatives of a function or functions. Solving ODE and PDE
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
My intent is to create a thread for people interested in Differential Equations. However, I will explicitly state that...
Jul3-12 07:18 PM
95 132,805
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 28,683
Well, i realy i am pissed at the moment because of this. I have been trying to figure out if there is a...
Sep24-10 02:27 AM
16 6,028
Hi, Simple question here. What is the difference between \Delta x and dx in differential calculus? Do they both...
Sep25-10 02:18 AM
7 2,047
Can you please help me solve the equation of motion for the following diagram Thanks
Sep27-10 07:54 AM
3 3,411
Hello! I would like to show the following: u\in C^2(U) \cap C(\bar{U}) satisfies \Delta u(x)>0 for any x\in U, then...
Sep25-10 02:00 PM
2 1,505
I simply can't recognize it y' = \frac{1}{3}y^{\frac{1}{2}} + t^{\frac{1}{3}} Which type of differential...
Sep24-10 07:41 AM
7 1,627
If we have differential variable of matrix kind ( with dimention 3*3 ) and non matrix ( with dimention 1)...
Sep24-10 03:28 AM
0 1,845
hi frinds im new to this forum pls guide me if im wrong at any place im very much confused abt finding the degree...
Sep26-10 01:51 AM
19 1,233
Hello everybody, I have been trying to solve coupled two eigenvalue (Sturm-Liouville) problems in terms of two...
Sep27-10 06:48 PM
2 2,506
Hello! I am trying to solve... u*ux + uy -u = 0 with i.c. u(x,0) = x +10 Determine: a.) characteristic...
Sep26-10 10:19 AM
4 1,849
When comparing time and frequency domains, it is easy to imagine the meaning of the Fourier transform. In time...
Sep27-10 04:31 PM
1 2,504
Hello, I joined a class on Partial Differential Equations 3 or 4 lectures late, so I have missed the classes...
Sep27-10 11:03 PM
1 7,164
Hello every body, would you please help me to solve this equation analytically? actually I'm confused and I don't...
Oct7-10 01:07 AM
8 1,420
Hello, I just wanted to know how we moved from the first to the second equation,namely the (-) sign. ...
Sep29-10 04:45 AM
electronic engineer
0 1,214
Can anyone help with the following: dy/dx = ay / (bx2 +xy ) a,b constants thanks,
Oct13-10 02:23 PM
Matthew Rodman
7 1,639
So i have an organic chemical in a bio-film reactor being diffused into a bio-film and also being metabolized at...
Oct2-10 12:43 AM
1 2,756
I'm looking at linear, 1st order ODEs, like y' + p(t)x = q(t) The notes I'm looking at are calling q(t) the...
Oct4-10 10:07 AM
2 1,084
I had posted a thread on another forum about building a 100GHz oscilloscope which resulted in the signal being chopped...
Oct1-10 07:51 PM
0 1,192
Here is an image of the first order linear differential equation and my attempt to solve it. It ends in an integral...
Oct3-10 03:05 AM
4 2,532
I'm trying to follow a proof for the solution of the diffusion equation in 0 < x < l with inhomogeneous boundary...
Oct3-10 03:30 PM
1 1,085
Shall f be continous function of two real variables. Proof that if equation x''=f(x,x') has not constant solutions,...
Oct4-10 06:23 AM
1 929
a\text{''}+B*a'-A*a==0 a = 10^-9 a' = 0 a = ? The coefficients A and B are variable over time. I HAVE solved...
Oct4-10 12:37 AM
1 1,532
Hi! I am trying to understand the MP for the heat eqn. in \mathbb{R}^n (see attached jpegs below). I don't understand...
Oct3-10 11:17 PM
0 703
I am new to differential equations, any help would be great. I have a ODE of the second order u''x = e^x over the...
Oct4-10 02:22 PM
1 997
Can anyone help me find the bifurcation value of dy/dt = y^3 + ay^2 where a is the parameter. I found that the...
Oct5-10 08:05 AM
1 1,283
The simple DE under our attention is DE := y(x)' = y^{1/3} \textrm{ with }y(0) = 0. Apparently this has an infinite...
Oct6-10 07:05 PM
10 1,276
Hi, What seems like a simple problem could be going abit better. Any ideas would be sincerely appreciated. ...
Oct8-10 08:56 AM
4 1,259
i was wondering if anyone could point me towards any resources (including books, papers, and/or notes) that discusses...
Oct7-10 02:28 PM
0 2,155
I am bit confused to use the amending function for my partial differential equation. The point of confusion is 1)why...
Oct8-10 12:48 AM
adnan jahan
0 1,083
\begin{array}{l} \frac{{\partial ^2 u}}{{\partial t^2 }} - a^2 \frac{{\partial ^2 u}}{{\partial x^2 }} = f(x,t) \\ ...
Oct11-10 08:54 AM
0 1,526
Solve using laplace. The diff eq is y'' + 2*y' + *y = 0 subject to y(0)=1 and y(pi)=0 Sorry if notation isn't...
Oct12-10 05:43 PM
5 3,808
I moved the thread to the appropriate subforum.
Oct12-10 03:46 PM
0 1,163
I attached scans of the questions rather that typing it all here. It's also easier to read. Questions:...
Oct13-10 09:19 AM
1 880
In Gradshteyn and Ryzhik there is a formula 6.616 number 3 \int_{-\infty}^{+\infty} e^{itx}...
Oct14-10 02:31 PM
2 2,939
I need help with this PDE, it's not an homework, I need to solve it for my thesis and it has physical...
Oct13-10 01:16 PM
1 773
Hello all. I need to model the trajectory of a bullet fired from a gun while being subjected to gravity, drag, and...
Oct14-10 11:26 PM
0 2,819
Hi 2 all Necessary i need ode that's have no general sol nd I need also an ode thats i can solve it with more way ...
Oct16-10 07:22 AM
11 1,499
hi (y')^2+y^2=-2 why this differential equation has no general solution ?
Oct17-10 11:31 AM
4 1,311
(x+y^2)dy=ydx rewrote as: dx/dy - x/y = y Realized I had P(y)x and Q(y) rather than the P(x) and Q(x) from equations...
Oct17-10 03:32 AM
3 1,912
I think this is Poisson's Equation (and inhomogenous). I think I need to use Green's Identity. Let \mathcal{R} be...
Oct18-10 09:32 AM
0 960
Hi, I posted this on the homework forum, but I haven't gotten any responses there. I thought there might be a better...
Oct18-10 03:49 PM
Old Smuggler
1 3,650

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