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Linear & Abstract Algebra

- Vector spaces and linear transformations. Groups and other algebraic structures along with Number Theory.
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 36,213
How do I find out if a number is a perfect square modulo a? For example, is 4 (mod 10) a perfect square?
Jan2-05 07:21 PM
9 10,832
in mathworld, they say that conway proved "that Collatz-type problems can be formally undecidable." does it mean that...
Jan4-05 11:07 AM
14 3,568
Hi all, I don't know how to solve this: The vector u has the coordinates ( u_1, u_2, u_3 ) to the base a = { (...
Jan5-05 04:31 PM
2 1,779
I am deleting
Jan6-05 06:18 AM
matt grime
22 6,186
I had a question regarding subspaces. Given vectors (a,b,c,d) s.t....
Jan6-05 09:35 PM
9 1,720
How do u show that a matrix is diagonizable ? Thanks
Jan8-05 11:11 PM
3 2,875
Find the solution in C to the following linear system of equations. (a) (1-i)z + 4w = 2 + 8i (b) 3z + (1+i)w = 1...
Jan10-05 02:43 PM
3 1,627
I have some questions concerning the rationnal numbers and the vector spaces. Let's take the set of rational number Q...
Jan11-05 07:34 AM
39 4,732
Hi all, when is a one-element set is linearly independent? Just when it's non-zero? I am not sure how to prove this...
Jan14-05 03:18 PM
4 1,392
Hi, What's the relationship between the image and kernel of T and the image and kernel of Tn? I think we saw in...
Jan14-05 09:52 PM
3 2,790
Hi all, I wanted to study Lie groups and their connections with differential geometry. But i dont want to get...
Jan14-05 11:39 PM
2 2,068
I have a homework problem here I am a little at a loss on due to not very good examples in class and the part of the...
Jan16-05 02:59 PM
6 21,982
I guess i didn't get the last one completely because i've been having a hard time with this one. Solve 3x + iy +...
Jan17-05 03:03 AM
8 5,693
Okay, I've had this question lingering on my mind for a LONG time, so I'm finally going to ask. I took a semester of...
Jan17-05 04:43 PM
20 3,655
I have this materials mathematical problem(its not homework) and I figured people here are good at...
Jan20-05 12:01 PM
0 3,828
I tried to solve this Gaussian elimination algorithm problem (matrices) but for some reason when I plug in the x...
Jan24-05 11:52 PM
1 3,099
prove that there are infinetely many primes of the form 3n+1 we used : Assume there is a finitely # of primes...
Jan25-05 11:10 AM
4 3,599
Hi everybody, I have a small question. I know that we have defined multiplication of a number and a vector ,for...
Jan26-05 08:47 AM
3 4,821
Hi everyone, general question: is a solution set for a particular system a vector space? I know it can be if there is...
Jan26-05 06:51 PM
2 1,056
I was recently writing a program that needed to encode a permutation into a single integer number (an index, from 0...
Jan27-05 10:22 AM
4 2,050
I'm working on a skeletal animation system, and I want to interpolate the rotations between frames. The rotations are...
Jan27-05 04:42 PM
2 7,424
I just want to confirm these two questions. Thanks in advance. (1) Describe all solutions of Ax = 0 in parametric...
Jan29-05 10:46 AM
2 4,787
Hi, I'm a high school senior in my first semester of Calculus, so my math is pretty limited at the moment. I was...
Jan30-05 04:07 AM
12 3,608
Hello, I have a hw problem I need some help with. Given 3 matrices: A = ^t B = ^t C = ^t I need to use test of...
Jan31-05 08:36 AM
4 1,373
hai, what is hilbert space ?any important links known to you regarding that?please send some links .
Jan31-05 09:47 PM
5 2,463
Hi, Does different eigenvector algorithm give different result? eg. using QL with implicit shifts frm (Numerical...
Feb1-05 09:48 PM
3 1,232
I need to show that this is an algebraic number. In other words, I need to show: an*x^n + an1*x^(n-1) + ... + a1...
Feb2-05 12:51 AM
robert Ihnot
1 1,235
In case I have a transportation model (tabular form) with a dummy source... so each cell has a cost of $0. If I were...
Feb2-05 02:24 AM
irony of truth
0 2,531
What is a basis for the vector space V which consists of all sequences g(n) = a_n in F that have only a finite...
Feb3-05 11:33 AM
2 1,676
First the easy one (I think): Show that x4-22x3+1 is irreducable (is that how it's spelled?) over Q. Now the...
Feb3-05 11:30 PM
19 2,997
Im a second semester engineering student and im a few weeks into a linear algebra class. I understand most of it, but...
Feb4-05 10:49 AM
5 1,111
This is rather silly... Imagine you paid $10 for a $5 calculator. Then you paid twice the real amount. Imagine you...
Feb4-05 05:07 PM
15 1,503
I'm having a problem with a proof I came across in one of my calculus books but it's not the calculus part of the...
Feb5-05 12:56 AM
3 1,896
Question from a mathematics dunce. I recently read that Merseinne primes are searched for using 2^x -1 where x is...
Feb6-05 12:00 AM
robert Ihnot
8 1,857
Q. Consider the case with V being the kth order polynomials with real coefficients. Let the derivative mapping D be...
Feb6-05 11:53 PM
2 1,264
In my hw problem, I am supposed to find out whether an element belongs to the rowspace of a matrix. So, what I did is...
Feb7-05 03:20 AM
3 1,983
Feb7-05 08:09 PM
0 1,344
who can prove that if we have x=((3^n)*m-1)/(2^k) where x and m are odd then x will be: x=(2^(n-1))*m1-1 where m1 is...
Feb8-05 01:13 PM
1 1,594
hi! would like to know what a homeomorphism means ( how do you geometrically visualize it?) AND is the symbol 8...
Feb8-05 03:23 PM
10 3,108
Hi please help me out! 1a) Determine whether this subset of C(R) is linearly independent or not; the dimension of...
Feb8-05 07:32 PM
10 1,194

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