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Linear & Abstract Algebra

- Vector spaces and linear transformations. Groups and other algebraic structures along with Number Theory.
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 35,123
Hi I want to find inverse of singular matrix...... Is there any method to find it??? Please help me out..... ...
Jan18-12 06:24 AM
6 10,652
Here is a good question for maths enthusiasts. I really find this sum very tough. Any help, advice or guidance for...
Jan15-12 08:31 AM
2 2,132
Does exist general formula for nth term in sequence if I have generative function? In my case, generative function...
Jan13-12 01:41 AM
6 2,389
The determinant of a matrix is given by the well-known formula det(A) = sump parity(p) * producti = 1...n Ai,p(i) ...
Jan7-12 11:02 AM
2 1,258
I like to know what is best known efficient algorithm to calculate f(x)modg(x) , in which the degrees of f(x) and...
Jan10-12 06:34 PM
Stephen Tashi
1 1,825
I've had a go at trying to come up with a procedure, for the following, but not making much progress. I've googled...
Jan6-12 06:47 PM
0 1,113
Happy new year from France. I am reading books on elementary particle and i see that their gauge bosons may be...
Jan15-12 11:24 AM
3 1,608
Can you please give an example for a finite group with a three dimensional pseudo real representation? I can find...
Jan13-12 07:14 AM
4 1,807
Say I have the equation a^2 - 10b^2 = 2. So even though this is an equation in two variables and not one, I can still...
Jan6-12 06:58 PM
5 2,689
if f(x)modg(x) is valid(means , if it yield a remainder) then , can there be negative powers of x in f(x)? for...
Jan5-12 10:32 PM
1 1,848
The prime numbers are the multiplicative building blocks of the integers. Even so, their distribution escapes all...
Jan8-12 04:04 AM
14 3,068
If I were to solve a system of multiple equations in the form αx+βy+ζz=p_{1} Where α,β,ζ are constants x,y,z are...
Jan18-12 01:40 PM
20 2,820
Hello I'm trying to show that the following upper bound on the matrix 2-norm is true: ...
Jan12-12 06:31 AM
3 2,103
So I need to calculate the square root of the covariance matrix \sqrt{\Sigma_tR\Sigma_t} (the matrix square root, not...
Jan11-12 12:43 PM
Stephen Tashi
2 1,798
Throughout this post, I consider "R-module" and "representation of R" to be the same. Similarly, I consider...
Jan14-12 10:07 AM
gauss mouse
2 1,468
Are there any numbers that is not considered to be a subset of a complex number subset of a + bi Where a and b...
Jan9-12 07:55 PM
3 1,764
Recently I was assigned to implement a procedure involving "3D projections" to "2D space". Supposing that 3D data is...
Jan11-12 03:38 AM
4 2,669
Let A denote an mxn matrix and let A' denote the row echelon form of it, which has d steps. We then have according to...
Jan10-12 02:36 PM
3 1,109
Hi, I have been representing complex numbers in graphical form in school recently. My teacher was telling me about a...
Jan11-12 02:59 AM
1 1,154
I'm preparing for a qualifying exam and this problem came up on a previous qual: Let A and B be nxn matrices. Show...
Jan11-12 04:07 PM
5 2,523
how does one evaluate the direct product between a group G with components that are say 2-tuple and a group H with...
Jan11-12 09:22 AM
2 1,114
Hi all, If Zp is the ring of p-adic integers, what does the notation a = b (mod pZp) mean ? I understand congruence...
Jan13-12 05:39 PM
4 1,801
I'm working with universal enveloping algebras, specifically U(sl(2)). Does anybody know of a nice way of determining...
Jan13-12 02:39 PM
1 949
What is the operator inside the Connes' approach to RH ??, he gave a trace but never says what operator is or gives or...
Jan12-12 08:29 AM
0 1,198
My apologies if this is in the wrong section.... I wasn't quite sure where to put it. If we have the "Hessian of a...
Jan12-12 10:49 AM
0 889
Prove that (n!)! is divisible by (n!)^(n-1)!
Jan12-12 11:42 AM
2 1,138
Hi, Last day I learned about matrix equations like this: AX = C A1AX = A1C IX = A1C X = A1C The...
Jan14-12 10:50 AM
3 1,682
In the field of rationals \mathbb{Z}_{(p)} (rationals in the ring of the p-adic integers), how is it possible to prove...
Jan15-12 11:35 AM
6 1,997
Hi all. I'm working in the set that is formed by extending the integers mod p (p is prime and equal to 3 mod 4) by...
Jan13-12 05:36 PM
2 1,628
Hi, All: I was hoping someone would know a source for the Post-office, say POP problem, n>2. For n=2, POP asks,...
Jan16-12 05:52 AM
2 1,146
In their article Integrals in the theory of electron correlations, Annalen der Physik 7, 71] L.Onsager at el. write: ...
Jan19-12 01:00 PM
1 1,176
Hello all! I realize I am new to the community of online math forums, so I'm probably breaking a few etiquette...
Jan20-12 11:32 AM
6 2,233
How come the rank of a matrix is equal to the amount of pivot points in the reduced row echelon form? My book denotes...
Jan19-12 09:13 AM
14 1,372
Hi everyone, I need a lot help on how to find automorphisms on these particular Cayley graphs. I have three groups...
Jan17-12 09:33 PM
0 862
I am puzzled about this simple case, Suppose we have (A+B)T(A+B) <= (A+B1)T(A+B1), Can we say something about...
Jan20-12 11:01 AM
1 1,126
I am not here to ask a question directly out of the book, but rather I want someone to explain to me something about...
Jan19-12 11:43 PM
3 1,400
Assume some matrix M with m rows and n columns. Let C(M) denote the covariance matrix computed from M. With...
Jan19-12 04:01 PM
0 828
Actually I am new to this topic. I read few tutorials about LU decomposition of matrix in the net. A = LU ; A -...
Jan20-12 12:14 AM
Muthuraj R
3 1,014
greetings . i have come to find that the average of the real parts of the nontrivial zeros of the zeta function is : ...
Jan20-12 05:34 AM
0 1,447
Apparently there is an isomorphism between the additive group (ℝ,+) of real numbers and the multiplicative group...
Jan20-12 01:04 PM
3 1,524

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