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Linear & Abstract Algebra

- Vector spaces and linear transformations. Groups and other algebraic structures along with Number Theory.
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Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 30,545
I know the definition of the Abelianization and the most direct implications of this new group, but what I don't...
Mar25-10 11:53 AM
2 1,693
Hi I have the following tensor and i need to reduce to a scalor quantity: 3 by 3 matrix 4150470.48 , 317.64,...
Mar25-10 07:49 AM
2 1,085
Prove that the function B: L(V) -> Mnxn(R) given by T -> B is an isomorphism. B is the B-matrix for T, where T is in...
Mar24-10 05:23 PM
2 796
Suppose I have a system of m equations in k unknowns \begin{align*} a_{11}x_1 + a_{12}x_2 + \cdots + a_{1k}x_k...
Mar23-10 08:28 PM
4 1,143
How do you know if the solution set of a matrix is a point, line, plane or cube? How do you know the dimension of the...
Mar23-10 05:24 PM
2 3,195
Hello, I have a pretty decent idea about how SVD works but when I look at some of the implementation details (for...
Mar23-10 04:35 PM
0 604
I hope someone can help me with this: Let the the inverse A A^{-1}=A^{-1} A=I, where I is the identity operator....
Mar23-10 12:51 PM
1 751
Hi, first off - Go easy on me, I'm only learning :redface: My book is talking about linear independence. As I...
Mar23-10 11:47 AM
9 1,217
Let R be a commutative ring with unity. I and J are ideals of R. Show that If I + J = R, then I∩J=IJ. I know that...
Mar23-10 10:25 AM
1 1,264
Hi.... I was trying to project out the two dimensional rep of S3 from its regular representation by using the...
Mar23-10 04:47 AM
krishna mohan
0 1,060
Q1: Let A = 1 3 0 0 -4 4 3 4 5 a) Find Cartesian equations for Col(A) and Null(A). b) Are the columns of A...
Mar23-10 03:43 AM
1 1,052
Can a non square matrix span?
Mar23-10 03:39 AM
1 557
So I'm learning about Ring Theory and have gotten to Ideals. My book tells me that the product of two ideals I and J...
Mar22-10 11:03 PM
4 2,511
Hi I'm a high school student. I gave a proof for the following theorem, but I was told by some professors that this...
Mar22-10 02:34 PM
2 1,483
Hello All I have recently recovered from a 4 year hospitalization which pretty much ended my career as a computer...
Mar22-10 08:28 AM
6 2,416
G,H be groups(finite or infinite) Prove that if (G:H)=n, then there exist some normal subgroup K of G (G:K)≤n!...
Mar22-10 08:23 AM
3 1,150
Need to find all the posible solutions (a,b,c) for 1/a + 1/b + 1/c = 1, a,b,c integers.
Mar22-10 04:56 AM
14 17,071
Hi there, just a pretty straight forward query I need cleared up..... If a question asks for the null space of A...
Mar22-10 02:07 AM
2 707
Hi guys, I'm trying to show that \mathbb{F}_5/(x^2+2) and \mathbb{F}_5/(x^2+3) are isomorphic as rings. As I...
Mar21-10 08:54 AM
4 1,131
How do we show that, given a matrix $A$, the sign of the determinant is positive or negative depending on the...
Mar20-10 08:44 PM
3 1,012
hey guys, im a student engineer and have found that the laws we use are primarily based off of stats. this has led me...
Mar20-10 01:37 AM
10 1,849
Hello, Let's consider the L^2(\mathbb{R}) space with an inner product, and the complex sinusoids in the interval...
Mar19-10 04:09 PM
5 2,363
I'm an undergraduate computer-science student doing research in the field of computer vision, and one of the tasks...
Mar19-10 07:06 AM
1 3,705
Hello people. I'm a freshman in college and I'm looking forward to enter an advanced mathematics program. The...
Mar18-10 01:26 PM
9 7,874
If I want to know how many solutions a consistent linear system with more equations than unknowns has, how do I tell?...
Mar18-10 06:49 AM
1 3,230
hi, i was reading about finitely generated ideals and there was a remark that ideal which consists of...
Mar18-10 05:12 AM
1 1,524
hi, i want to show that If R is a PID then a submodule of a cyclic R-module is also cyclic. do i need to use...
Mar17-10 08:33 PM
2 2,045
I am having the hardest time proving that "The product of any two even integers is a multiple of 4." My proof...
Mar17-10 04:02 PM
1 1,213
Proving Axiom 1 of all 3 x 3 magic squares. I used summation notation to do so but it is extremely long and...
Mar17-10 09:31 AM
4 1,335
How to prove that if A is a diagonalizable matrix, then the rank of A is the number of nonzero eigenvalues of A....
Mar17-10 09:10 AM
2 1,065
If A\in O(3) and v,w\in\mathbb{R}^3, then (Av)\times (Aw) = (\textrm{det}\;A) A(v\times w) is right, right?...
Mar16-10 03:08 PM
7 3,196
Take two rows of respective length m and n: a1, a2, a3,..., am and b1, b2, b3, ..., bn. Then produce as follows...
Mar16-10 02:11 PM
6 1,366
Hey guys! I am having a major brain problem today, with this problem. L is a linear transform that maps...
Mar16-10 11:03 AM
4 3,088
Hello all, I'm attempting to find in literature a method of determining from a Lie algebra's full root system in an...
Mar16-10 10:53 AM
0 1,019
Hey I'd appreciate it if somebody could "yay or nay" my understanding of the following concepts, I think I'm mixing...
Mar15-10 06:46 PM
4 950
See the attachment/// Can Anyone Understand this??? I mean what metod has he followed to solve this equation for x...
Mar14-10 07:28 PM
2 838
given the sequence (power series) g(x)= \sum_{n\ge 0}a(n)(-1)^{n}x^{n} if i define ...
Mar14-10 01:42 PM
3 1,247
Hi everybody, I'm new to absract algebra and I really can not understand different between direct sum and direct...
Mar14-10 11:58 AM
9 7,026
So an example was the matrix: A = \left(\begin{array}{cccc} a&a+b\\ b&0\\ \end{array} \right) is a...
Mar14-10 11:52 AM
2 2,284
Definition: A primitive Pythagorean triple is a triple of natural numbers x,y,z s.t. x^2 + y^2 = z^2 and gcd(x,y,z)=1....
Mar14-10 07:13 AM
8 3,686

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