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Linear & Abstract Algebra

- Vector spaces and linear transformations. Groups and other algebraic structures along with Number Theory.
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Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 30,474
I found this problem, and I was wondering if I'm on the right approach. Let G be a finite group on a finiste set X...
Dec10-09 06:19 AM
1 819
Hi everyone. How could I prove if something is a cyclic group? I was wondering because I can prove is something is...
Dec10-09 02:45 AM
1 2,619
I think that this is best suited here as it is linear algebra specific... sorry if I'm wrong. Please look at:...
Dec10-09 01:38 AM
1 792
Hello all, I have recently been wondering whether there is a way to determine a fraction for which the decimal...
Dec9-09 02:23 PM
3 1,434
What are they? And what does it mean to say that all elliptic curves are modular? Trying to understand Fermat's...
Dec9-09 12:01 PM
Char. Limit
11 1,997
Hi! This is my first post on this forum and I hope someone will be able to help me. I have an accelerometer...
Dec9-09 10:08 AM
0 4,173
It is stated in almost every linear algebra text i could find that the inverse of a triangular matrix is also...
Dec9-09 04:13 AM
1 883
Hello, If f is a morphism between two vector spaces, we say it is linear if we have: 1) f(x+y) = f(x) + f(y) 2)...
Dec8-09 06:20 PM
7 7,800
Arrange the ff from greatest to least: 2^{110}, 3^{75}, 5^{49} How could I use a modular method to be able...
Dec8-09 03:37 PM
2 2,940
This test question is really boggling me and my math group. Any help would be appreciated. We know that AT*x=AT*b is...
Dec8-09 03:02 PM
1 1,135
Prove that is irrational. A user on another forum suggested the...
Dec8-09 07:55 AM
7 2,012
Benjamin Crowell writes here, "The discontinuous transformations of spatial reflection and time reversal are not...
Dec7-09 08:15 AM
2 1,337
How would one go about proving a particular subset of S4 is a normal subgroup of S4? Since S4 has 24 elements, I'm...
Dec6-09 05:03 PM
3 4,621
Suppose we put numbers (real numbers, not just integers) in a matrix like this: a11 a12 a13 ... a1h a21 a22 a23...
Dec6-09 02:19 PM
0 1,477
This is the other test problem that's killing my group. Any help is appreciated! Here's the problem: Seven masses...
Dec6-09 01:52 PM
0 1,564
In several places I have come across what seems to be a standard proof by contradiction that there is no greatest...
Dec6-09 09:50 AM
14 6,117
I encounter a problem when simplifying the following equation, can anyone give a hint:) Let A denote an orthonormal...
Dec6-09 07:11 AM
2 2,407
hi. i have recently become very interested in the idea of the nth roots of unity. i have discovered how to calculate...
Dec5-09 09:53 PM
1 1,223
I've been sick with mono for the past month and am trying to catch up in my Algebra class, but being so far behind I'm...
Dec5-09 09:08 PM
0 625
My question is regarding abstract algebra. Suppost that B is a 10-cycle. For...
Dec5-09 12:06 PM
Huyen Nguyen
3 2,267
I'm using this formula for my quaternion camera in OpenGL. It works perfectly but I didn't understand how it was...
Dec5-09 05:20 AM
0 1,044
How do I take the cross product of Two 3x3 Matrices. For example what is cross product of: x
Dec4-09 09:09 AM
5 9,689
In short: does every vector space have a "standard" basis in the sense as it is usually defined i.e. the set...
Dec4-09 06:16 AM
4 2,881
My textbook doesn't seem to explain it clearly enough for me to comprehend. But from what I can see, after getting the...
Dec4-09 06:02 AM
2 13,243
Suppose that p and q are odd primes and p=2q+1. Suppose that α∈ Z_p^*,α≢±1 mod p. Prove that α is primitive...
Dec3-09 08:03 PM
robert Ihnot
4 3,390
dear all how do you find the eigenvalues and eigenvectors of a complex matrix? 0 ; -i ; ...
Dec3-09 04:02 PM
1 4,616
Define T: F^2 --> P_1(F) by T(a, b) = a + bx (with P_1 denoting P sub 1) I usually prove problems such as this...
Dec3-09 08:10 AM
2 3,813
Hello, I wonder if somebody could point me to a book (preferably), or paper, link, etc. which explores the relations...
Dec3-09 02:01 AM
6 2,093
So I found the characteristic equation of a matrix, and I know the roots of the equation are supposed to be the...
Dec2-09 06:02 PM
1 895
Hello Lately, I have been studying some group theory. On my own, I should add, so I don't really have any professor...
Dec2-09 05:30 PM
3 858
I have a vector of all ones in n-dimensions. For example (1,1,1) in 3D. I want to find a invertible rotation matrix T...
Dec2-09 01:21 PM
8 1,874
Hi guys just a quick question on how I would go about showing the units of Z21 is isomorphic toC2*C6(cyclic groups).I...
Dec2-09 08:53 AM
5 889 I started by saying cince c = me mod n (1) then me ≡ c mod n Since...
Dec2-09 08:05 AM
0 897
I'm trying to follow some notes in class. so the original equation is: u= and we let x=z+1. Then by...
Dec1-09 09:47 AM
1 920
So I have a system of equations (composed of force and moment eqns) and I can split them up into matrices which will...
Dec1-09 03:30 AM
9 27,641
Hello, I am looking into proving that the Chinese Remainder Theorem will work for two pairs of congruences IFF a...
Dec1-09 02:01 AM
2 2,367
If we call <a> the "span" of a, then I need some clarification on the concept of span. def. if G is a group and...
Nov30-09 06:23 PM
1 778
Hi, I have spme questions about Fermat's little theorem- I...
Nov30-09 07:04 AM
2 1,201
Ok so i was thinking about it recently, why do we use the decimal system as opposed to other counting systems in math?...
Nov30-09 06:34 AM
18 3,145
I am having trouble getting my head around typical arguments involving natural transformations. Is there anyway...
Nov29-09 01:44 PM
0 661

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