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Linear & Abstract Algebra

- Vector spaces and linear transformations. Groups and other algebraic structures along with Number Theory.
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 35,745
Hi, everyone! I encounter a problem as follows: I have got a matrix A, all the entries in A is between 0 and 1....
Jan22-10 11:19 AM
1 5,343
okay so i was reading a book on representations and found this discussion and was confused:...
Jan22-10 08:29 AM
3 4,915
Has anyone seen this before? It must have been noted before! Let c = a+b and d = ab Then the series S_{n} =...
Jan21-10 09:32 PM
1 1,757
I am starting Number Theory this semester. My professor hands out notes but there is no textbook for the class. So...
Jan21-10 07:42 PM
5 2,884
Hello dear forum members I wanted to know where are the research on the Riemann hypothesis , the latest advances ,who...
Jan20-10 07:58 AM
3 2,037
Oh it gives me headache... been thinking on this problem for a while, and don't even know where to begin! Could any...
Jan20-10 03:18 AM
2 2,832
on U, where U = span{(1, -1, 1, -1), (2, 0, -3, 1)}
Jan18-10 10:11 PM
1 975
I have calibration data and I'm want to use the following model: y = a + b*Ln(x)+ c*x I'm looking for a way to...
Jan18-10 02:16 PM
Lord Crc
1 981
I know it's a dumb question but I can't figure out why the totient of n is always even (I've read in a book that it...
Jan18-10 02:04 PM
3 4,781
Hi, I try to get a grasp on semi-direct products, by notes written by Patrick J. Morandi ("Semi direct products")....
Jan18-10 07:17 AM
3 1,025
Hello everyone, I have been trying to teach myself number theory and I am stuck trying to prove a (I am sure) very...
Jan17-10 03:05 PM
3 1,888
Is the following correct, as far as it goes? Suppose I have a vector space V and I'm making a transformation from...
Jan17-10 10:26 AM
3 4,262
I've been trying to simplify a formula that looks something like this: X = \sum_{k=0}^{\infty} v_{x} v_{y} where...
Jan16-10 06:51 PM
0 944
i'm working through the following text and I think I found an error please let me know if i'm totally wrong. ...
Jan16-10 05:44 AM
Spartan Math
3 2,530
Consider the following: v = (v1, v2) w = (w1, w2) If v1 = w2 and v2 = w1 then the vectors v and w are...
Jan15-10 09:39 PM
0 1,248
I'm stuck with the attached practice problems. does anyone with knowledge of category theory please have solutions?
Jan15-10 06:30 PM
2 865
Hi. I might just have something here. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. Thanks. Andy Lee....
Jan15-10 08:27 AM
Andy Lee
48 8,964
I was thinking on the square root of 2 being irrational proof... and I got the idea that you could use the same idea...
Jan15-10 06:46 AM
6 1,489
need a help cant seem to figure out this one let 6 = (2,R) a. Find c b. c c find 2(6)
Jan14-10 06:51 PM
2 971
I am a member of the Dozenal Society of Great Britain ( ) . We maintain that base twelve is...
Jan14-10 03:17 PM
34 7,395
Just encountered this word, not sure what it means. I tried google and wiki, but didn't find any introductory...
Jan14-10 03:14 PM
4 1,983
Claim: n! + 1 and (n+1)! + 1 are relatively prime. How can we prove this? Can we use mathematical induction? Base...
Jan14-10 01:09 AM
45 7,160
Hi All, This is my first post. I am an Electronics Engineer and came by this great forum while searching something...
Jan13-10 10:25 PM
2 1,336
hi every on i search for 3 books in the cryptography but i could found it please help me to get it the...
Jan13-10 03:58 PM
4 1,455
Ok so I am not a math major and i haven't taken an abstract algebra class but i am curoius about the subject. I have...
Jan13-10 01:32 PM
3 1,052
hi, this is my first post on this site so please excuse me (and correct me) if i am not posting according to the...
Jan13-10 07:00 AM
10 2,910
Is there such a thing as a cross product for R4 vectors? Can you use the permutation symbol to express it in the same...
Jan13-10 04:16 AM
5 12,147
What does this phrase mean? I see it every now and again and can't figure it out. Are they say group B is the...
Jan12-10 01:48 PM
8 1,453
Hello, I am working through some examples for revision purposes and am pondering over this question so would...
Jan11-10 12:47 PM
1 2,548
Hi I'd like to show that SU(n) is a normal subgroup of U(n). Here are my thoughts: 1)The kernel of of...
Jan11-10 07:47 AM
3 1,888
Does anyone know how can I calculate the abeliazation of the group G=<a,b> (when a and b are totally free and...
Jan10-10 06:48 PM
1 934
Hey guys, i've been doing a lot of reading on quantum mechanics lately and realised immediately that i am not going to...
Jan10-10 06:29 PM
1 1,026
Hello, I came to some problems with multiplcation of some matrices. how do I multply this: x y z with a b
Jan10-10 01:39 PM
10 924
Hello, Let's say I have a 2x2 matrix,we call it A with the eigenvalues +1 , -1. Now I lets define that m=m0*A. (m0...
Jan10-10 01:35 PM
1 754
Theorem: For all a,b,c E Z such that a and b are not both 0, there exist x,y E Z such that ax+by=c <=> gcd(a,b)|c....
Jan9-10 08:56 PM
13 5,357
I have question, can someone please check whether my answer is correct or not: 1)Let \pi_i be representations of a...
Jan9-10 12:40 PM
6 1,265
my question is , given the Group G of symmetries for the equation x^{4} + a^{2}=0 for some 'a' Real valued i...
Jan8-10 04:51 PM
1 756
Two questions: 1. We add the digits of any number. If the sum is divisible by 3, then that number is divisible by...
Jan8-10 05:17 AM
2 5,841
I am trying to show show that there is no homomorphism from Zp1 to Zp2. if p1 and p2 are different prime numbers. ...
Jan7-10 04:57 PM
14 2,817
please explain me associativity for multiplication modulo n
Jan7-10 06:31 AM
1 2,425

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