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Linear & Abstract Algebra

- Vector spaces and linear transformations. Groups and other algebraic structures along with Number Theory.
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 34,334
I read this in a book (it was stats and about poisson approx to normal) Given was this: n(n-1)(n-2) \cdots (n-r+1)...
Nov23-09 10:42 AM
2 4,790
fin all natural numbers n that n\sigma (n) \equiv 2(mod\varphi(n))
Nov21-09 05:51 PM
5 1,466
There is something I don't understand about the recent concept of a "number derivative". It seems to me that the (very...
Nov21-09 06:01 AM
0 1,401
If C = A +B where A,B are both p.d, than C is p.d and its eigenvalues are positive. Waht can you say about the...
Nov20-09 02:16 PM
2 3,539
what is it?
Nov20-09 12:46 PM
2 1,663
Hey guys i am stuck with the gaus jordan method of the following matrix. A = 1 2 3 4 5 6 3 1 -2 For the co...
Nov20-09 05:56 AM
1 1,886
Here is an interesting problem I came up with during my research. I first present a slightly simplified version. Let...
Nov20-09 03:53 AM
1 1,632
Hi all, I've been staring at this question on and off for about a month: Suppose that p is an odd prime, and g...
Nov19-09 07:34 PM
4 2,940
For those of you with "A First Course in Abstract Algebra 7th ed.," I'm on chapter 15 and in particular, the first 12...
Nov19-09 06:01 PM
3 1,885
Construct a sequence that visits the numbers 0,1,5 infinitely often.? A sequence Sn visits a number A when for...
Nov19-09 12:46 PM
9 1,501
Hello, I am quite new to Geometric Algebra, this is the reason for the silly question. In Geometric Algebra, the...
Nov19-09 04:24 AM
1 909
Hi All, Is there a module such that the torsion elements do not form a submodule? Do they always form a submodule?...
Nov18-09 06:08 PM
0 827
Assuming A is a 2x2 matrix how many different matricies exist such that A^2=I ? I am 99% sure the answer is 4 but...
Nov18-09 04:16 PM
4 1,156
my idea is, if we consider the geometry of primes could we conclude they form a fractal ? , for example if we...
Nov18-09 09:21 AM
4 5,104
Proposition. A polynomial of degree 2 or 3 over a field F is reducible iff it has a root in F. Tell me if I'm on...
Nov18-09 05:51 AM
1 743
Hi! I am working on the following problem: If a matrix is antisymmetric (thus A^T = -A), show that P = {A...
Nov17-09 04:08 PM
6 1,253
think i have discovered an integral equation for the Xi-function \Xi (z)= A\int_{-\infty}^{\infty} \phi...
Nov17-09 09:19 AM
1 1,715
Hay all, I am stuck on a problem, and its driving me crazy. I have a problem, xN = a mod b. Where I have to solve for...
Nov17-09 07:48 AM
5 1,877
So I just bought his ook called "Matrices and Linear Algebra" by Hans Schneider and G.P. Barker in an attempt to teach...
Nov17-09 06:35 AM
14 3,444
Hi, I'm a grad student in pure math and I'm trying to re-learn my linear algebra from scratch because I never learned...
Nov17-09 06:25 AM
7 10,061
Let me start off by saying I have not yet had a formal course in Number Thoery and have only read briefly on the...
Nov16-09 07:33 PM
3 2,189
If I have n runners on a circular tracks at different speeds s_i, will they always meet up arbitrarily close together...
Nov16-09 11:34 AM
9 1,708
hey, how can ı show the reflections over the line do not have group structure? --reflection of the real plane...
Nov16-09 10:54 AM
1 884
how to find number (3-i)^{12} ? i know theorem for powers of complex numbers, but i have to know argument of...
Nov16-09 08:34 AM
1 1,327
Let V be a finite dimensional complex inner product space with inner product < , >. Let U be unitary with respect to...
Nov16-09 07:40 AM
4 1,796
Hi everyone, I saw that for the linear diophantine equation d=ax+by, where d=(a,b), that x and y must be coprime. ...
Nov14-09 08:10 PM
2 2,104
We have three orthonormal vectors \vec i_1 , \vec i_2, \vec i_3 , and we know wich are the components of an...
Nov14-09 03:18 PM
3 1,472
(1+2+....n)^{2} = 1^{3}+2^{3}+...n^{3} \frac{n^{2}(n+1)}{4}^{2} = 1^{3}+2^{3}+...n^{3} how do you simplify the...
Nov14-09 02:42 PM
7 5,328
Is the derivative operator d/dx bounded with respect to the norm <f,g> defined by integral from 0 to 1 of f g*...
Nov14-09 01:01 PM
2 1,287
hi can someone tell to correctly use the 10 axioms.. for example: does the set of all 3x3 symmetric matrices...
Nov14-09 04:11 AM
3 2,568
I'm going to be doing research next semester on a topic of almost entirely my choice. I'd like to research anything...
Nov13-09 03:07 PM
3 1,644
First, sorry for my poor English and any impolite behavior might happen. Here's two wave function(pic1) and problem...
Nov13-09 07:56 AM
0 2,849
I'm trying to show that a set W of polynomials in P2 such that p(1)=0 is a subspace of P2. Then find a basis for W...
Nov13-09 06:00 AM
11 4,626
The question posed is "Classify up to similarity all 3 x 3 complex matrices A s.t. A^{3} = I. I think the biggest...
Nov11-09 09:17 AM
4 2,492
Hi, I've been trying to show that the set of matrices that preserve L1 norm (sum of absolute values of each...
Nov11-09 09:11 AM
5 3,249
I'm looking at the exercises of Hungerfod's Algebra. Some looks easy but it seems the proofs are not so obvious....
Nov11-09 12:27 AM
Spartan Math
4 7,201
i)]+1=0 :I had a friend with a T-shirt displaying this deceptively simple equation. I know it to be true, but I have...
Nov10-09 06:23 AM
51 23,259
can explain to me what is mean of span? from book, it say "every vector in the space can be expressed as linear...
Nov10-09 01:02 AM
6 1,587
If I have a matrix A, and I use n different row operations of this form: a_kR_i + R_j \rightarrow R_i to construct a...
Nov9-09 08:01 PM
5 998
The positive powers of 2 mod 5^m cycle with period 4*5^(m-1), which you can prove by showing that 2 is a primitive...
Nov9-09 10:59 AM
8 5,119

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