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Linear & Abstract Algebra

- Vector spaces and linear transformations. Groups and other algebraic structures along with Number Theory.
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 35,182
I understand that there is a way to find a basis \{e_1,...,e_n\} of a vector space V such that a 2-vector A can be...
Oct28-09 07:31 PM
1 1,036
well this is the question... if a,m and n are positive integers with m<n, then (a^(2^m)+1) is a divisor of...
Oct28-09 12:22 AM
1 1,309
How do we go about finding the number of elements of a cyclic subgroup that's generated by an element in the main...
Oct27-09 07:00 PM
3 5,210
I'm just learning about vectors, just finished matrices for first year linear algebra. Anyways, I wanna be able to...
Oct27-09 04:17 PM
0 1,508
I am reading "history of vector analysis": ...
Oct27-09 07:40 AM
6 1,881
I have been given that V is a finite dimensional vector space over a field F and that W is a subspace of V. I need to...
Oct26-09 07:35 PM
2 1,008
Iíve got a confusion. We know a 1x3 row matrix is a 3-vector i.e. x= Matrix x can be written in vector notation...
Oct26-09 06:40 PM
3 1,625
Can anyone help me transform the following G to Chomsky Normal Form? S --> abAB A --> bAB | λ B --> BAa | A |...
Oct25-09 05:43 PM
1 3,742
Dear all, The question Ive been struggling with is supposed to be solved using the way Lagrange's thm was proven(...
Oct25-09 05:03 PM
3 1,209
Hi! I'm a bit confuse about spanning set. could anyone give me an example of how to prove that a matrix with 1...
Oct25-09 08:26 AM
8 13,355
Can you help me with this problem: if a^2 divides b^2, show that a divides b. This was a homework question that I...
Oct24-09 05:42 AM
23 9,880
HI, I came across the following question, which I could only solve for one trivial special case. I'm hoping for...
Oct24-09 01:08 AM
1 5,791
Is there an identity for a product of 2 LC Tensors in 4D if one sums over 3 of the indicies? i.e. \epsilon^{\mu...
Oct24-09 12:38 AM
1 5,415
I was trying to prove the statement "If (2^n)-1 is prime then n is prime". I've already seen the proof using...
Oct23-09 11:56 PM
1 1,051
hi, and thanks for reading. hh, and this isn't homework, its just something i've been wondering about. i've been...
Oct22-09 02:00 PM
9 1,243
I want to answer this question: Find all the ideals of the direct product of rings R \times S. (I think this means...
Oct22-09 01:14 PM
2 5,205
Let G be a finite group. For all elements of G (the following holds: g^2=e(the idendity.) So , all except the idendity...
Oct21-09 11:24 AM
5 1,146
Suppose G is a group, a,b are two elements of G, does o(ab)=lcm(o(a),o(b))? o(ab) denotes the order of ab,...
Oct21-09 09:01 AM
1 861
Hello, i am just got into the research of the abstract algebra and got stuck in the basic concepts of Fuzzy...
Oct21-09 04:16 AM
adnan jahan
0 1,282
Hello, In a book I'm reading about linear algebra it's mentioned that in order for the homogeneous system Ax = 0...
Oct21-09 02:29 AM
2 1,041
Hello all, I am facing with the following problem: I have a large PSD matrix (5000 x 5000), say A_0. I also...
Oct20-09 11:24 PM
0 934
In computer science the XOR operation is a very important one, and I've heard XOR referred to as a "linear" function....
Oct20-09 05:59 PM
5 4,467
Let A, B and C be 3x3 invertible matrices where det(A)=−4 ,det(B)=−2 and det(C) is some non-zero scalar. Find: det...
Oct20-09 02:02 PM
8 1,171
I'm trying to look how the formula made on this site. I want to know how this formula was derived. I tried to look on...
Oct20-09 12:33 PM
7 4,083
I'm working on a project where the following has to be solved on a regular basis, as new column vectors are added to...
Oct20-09 09:41 AM
5 1,117
Hi, I have a question: I am trying to find an isometry such that T(aU+bV)≠aT(U)+bT(V). I have tried so many...
Oct20-09 08:59 AM
2 949
this is apparently "really simple", but I just don't know how to do it from the examples I have and I feel like a...
Oct20-09 07:18 AM
2 841
So I know this is the orbit-stabilizer theorem. I saw it in Hungerford's Algebra (but without that name). So we...
Oct20-09 07:08 AM
7 1,744
I have my first midterm in 1st year linear algebra coming up, and I've done all the homework problems with regards to...
Oct19-09 06:15 PM
2 616
I would be grateful for some help/tips/with this question. Let (V,<,>) be a complex inner product space with an...
Oct19-09 11:14 AM
1 3,171
I am reading (theorem 2.14) from a textbook, and don't understand how g = Tf and (#1) line of reasoning. The theorem...
Oct19-09 11:08 AM
9 7,285
Let A be an n x n matrix. Show that det(A) is the product of all the roots of the characteristic polynomial of A.
Oct19-09 06:41 AM
2 935
Suppose the answer to a question involving vectors is the following: v = 42.7ms-1 at 339.4 degrees counterclockwise...
Oct19-09 01:58 AM
1 664
Why is the cross product defined this way (blah)i + (blah)j + (blah)k = u and used this way (blah)i - (blah)j...
Oct18-09 04:41 PM
3 762
Hi there, I have some questions to ask about the topic eigenvalues and one on diagonal matrices 1- can a square...
Oct18-09 04:32 PM
8 2,929
Hi I have a problem I just can't seem to solve, even though the solution shouldn't be too hard Let G be a finite...
Oct18-09 04:15 PM
3 954
I have developed a prime counting function with no error; it returns the exact number of primes equal to or less than...
Oct18-09 10:43 AM
15 6,248
Hi, on my site i've published a pdf containing the prime numbers...
Oct18-09 07:20 AM
1 1,457
Hello, I'm studying linear algebra and wanted to know what is the difference between a "vector space" and a "vector...
Oct18-09 07:08 AM
7 1,025
Why is the characteristic of a finite field a prime number???!
Oct18-09 03:58 AM
8 11,601

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