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Linear & Abstract Algebra

- Vector spaces and linear transformations. Groups and other algebraic structures along with Number Theory.
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Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 30,518
I'm studying for a test. In doing one of the old tests and it had a question that I couldn't do. Let T: Rn...
Sep21-09 03:01 PM
1 690
Suppose we have a system of 2 equations in 2 unknowns x,y: a1x+b1y=c1 a2x+b2y=c2 If the determinant of is...
Sep20-09 01:46 AM
1 9,020
Sep20-09 01:04 AM
0 532
Hi! Im messing around with a Lie 3-Algebra at the moment(Im not sure how widespread these are. They obey similar...
Sep20-09 12:30 AM
3 1,089
Suppose a, b are vectors in R^n, R^m resp. What can I say about the length of a\otimes b wrt a and b? You can think...
Sep19-09 08:43 PM
3 751
How can I get the determinant of this matrix? 1-n 1 ....1 1 1 1-n ...1 1 . . . . . . ...
Sep19-09 05:05 PM
4 1,058
Hi I was wondering if someone can explain what projection of vectors and scalars mean. I read a lot of site but...
Sep19-09 04:56 PM
1 819
Let \mathbb{P} the set of primes. Lets p,q \in \mathbb{P} and p \le q. Find the pairs (p,q) such that 2^p+3^q and...
Sep19-09 12:35 PM
5 1,505
So this is a curious little question, where p and q are of course primes. Not quite sure how to go about it. Clearly...
Sep18-09 08:10 PM
Spartan Math
0 1,069
This specifically relates more towards the argument as to why an inverse exists. First the problem The...
Sep18-09 08:22 AM
1 4,274
I have the following two equations #1 d(A(t))/dt=A(t)B where A is some matrix that depends on parameter t,...
Sep18-09 05:53 AM
1 919
Hi, I'm trying to derive the Kullback-Leibler divergence between two multi-variate gaussian distributions, and I need...
Sep17-09 03:07 PM
2 2,308
Can anyone explain to me why each field of characteristic zero contains a copy of the rationals, or a subfield that's...
Sep16-09 11:15 PM
1 3,365
Sep16-09 10:02 PM
Loren Booda
3 1,480
Let p_i denote the i-th prime number. Prove or disprove that: 1)\quad \displaystyle S(n) : = \sum_{i = 1}^n \mu(p_i +...
Sep16-09 08:50 AM
2 1,648
Can anyone pls help to solve the solution set of the system of equations given above, where a, b, c are unknowns. ...
Sep16-09 08:28 AM
2 905
Hi, I have a question related to Group Theory and its interpretation from a social point of view. if we suppose,...
Sep15-09 04:10 PM
2 2,270
I have a group whose Z2 cohomology ring I'd like to know. Any help would be appreciated. It is a finite 2-group...
Sep15-09 03:33 PM
0 840
Can you explain me why 0^0=1 but 0^1=0 ?? :cry:
Sep15-09 01:07 AM
16 2,154
Hi, While trying to simplify a solution I came up with the following sparse matrix but don't know how to solve it. ...
Sep14-09 09:01 PM
15 2,718
I read in a book on groups and representations that any transitive G-set is isomorphic to the coset space of some...
Sep14-09 06:29 PM
3 1,772
The following notation is from the book "Frames and Bases." Let f and g be vectors in R^{n} with the usual dot...
Sep14-09 05:58 PM
2 3,104
Given V = {(x1; x2;….; xn) | Σni=1 xi=0} (sum of vectors is equal to zero) be a subspace of Rn. How can we find a...
Sep14-09 07:14 AM
1 5,074
I don't understand the asepcts of matrices infinite. Let say I have 3 x 3 matrix A = b = I want to find...
Sep14-09 06:51 AM
3 1,047
What does it mean to quotient a category by an object of the category? In particular, the problem in front of me...
Sep13-09 12:32 PM
1 733
Let k and n \le X be large positive integers, and p is a prime. Define F(X,n) := \sum_{\substack{k^2+p = n\\X/2\le...
Sep13-09 10:48 AM
1 2,055
My problem is this. I work on a mine, trucks have a average weight that they can carry (should be approx 180...
Sep12-09 02:04 PM
3 1,372
How can I show that (a^n -b^n) doesn't divide (a^n + b ^n) for all integers a,b, and n? I have that if (a^n -b^n)...
Sep12-09 03:38 AM
12 2,142
Does anybody have a good book/website where I can find good information on how to use the maximum on matrices. I have...
Sep11-09 12:16 PM
6 740
Hello all, Say I had n equations, with n variables, so that C1 = C1(f1), C1 is a funtion of f1 only C2 = C2(f1,...
Sep11-09 08:44 AM
3 932
The problem (#3) can be found here: It would be helpful if someone could...
Sep10-09 02:52 PM
2 1,203
Im writing some java code and need help with some matrix math... :confused: Basically Im trying to figure out how...
Sep9-09 03:47 PM
0 6,504
I have been doing some reading on Kalman filters trying to figure where to start. I have done some college level...
Sep9-09 02:36 PM
3 907
What is the number of solutions d(p) of N-n^2 \equiv 0 \pmod p where p is a prime and n and N are positive and N...
Sep9-09 02:07 PM
14 2,050
What is the last digit of 2222^{50}~+~7777^{16}? I know how to do these kinds of questions, but this time around I...
Sep9-09 07:42 AM
11 10,233
Collatz 3n+1 Problem Structure I mean really read it, to where they understand it, not just to the point where...
Sep8-09 11:19 PM
0 2,485
how can i find out that all vectors of (x,y) are a linear combination of some vectors for example (3,4) and (6,8)?
Sep8-09 06:45 AM
1 1,978
Hi, I'm trying to solve some problems in "Stroud's Engg mathematics".... I'm stuck with these 2 questions: Σ...
Sep7-09 10:40 PM
16 3,735
New here, have an assignment concerning Cramer's rule which I think I have a decent understanding of - I can use it to...
Sep7-09 08:36 PM
4 1,613
I have a rather simple question which requires a direct answer: We have two functions, f(x) and g(x). I know...
Sep7-09 11:28 AM
3 1,781

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