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Linear & Abstract Algebra

- Vector spaces and linear transformations. Groups and other algebraic structures along with Number Theory.
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 36,230
Is the derivative operator d/dx bounded with respect to the norm <f,g> defined by integral from 0 to 1 of f g*...
Nov14-09 01:01 PM
2 1,313
hi can someone tell to correctly use the 10 axioms.. for example: does the set of all 3x3 symmetric matrices...
Nov14-09 04:11 AM
3 2,637
I'm going to be doing research next semester on a topic of almost entirely my choice. I'd like to research anything...
Nov13-09 03:07 PM
3 1,678
First, sorry for my poor English and any impolite behavior might happen. Here's two wave function(pic1) and problem...
Nov13-09 07:56 AM
0 2,903
I'm trying to show that a set W of polynomials in P2 such that p(1)=0 is a subspace of P2. Then find a basis for W...
Nov13-09 06:00 AM
11 4,777
The question posed is "Classify up to similarity all 3 x 3 complex matrices A s.t. A^{3} = I. I think the biggest...
Nov11-09 09:17 AM
4 2,537
Hi, I've been trying to show that the set of matrices that preserve L1 norm (sum of absolute values of each...
Nov11-09 09:11 AM
5 3,307
I'm looking at the exercises of Hungerfod's Algebra. Some looks easy but it seems the proofs are not so obvious....
Nov11-09 12:27 AM
Spartan Math
4 7,282
i)]+1=0 :I had a friend with a T-shirt displaying this deceptively simple equation. I know it to be true, but I have...
Nov10-09 06:23 AM
51 23,597
can explain to me what is mean of span? from book, it say "every vector in the space can be expressed as linear...
Nov10-09 01:02 AM
6 1,611
If I have a matrix A, and I use n different row operations of this form: a_kR_i + R_j \rightarrow R_i to construct a...
Nov9-09 08:01 PM
5 1,040
The positive powers of 2 mod 5^m cycle with period 4*5^(m-1), which you can prove by showing that 2 is a primitive...
Nov9-09 10:59 AM
8 5,255
Let E = span{v1, v2} be the linear subspace of R3 spanned by the vectors v1 = (0,1,-2) and v2 = (1, 1, 1). Find...
Nov8-09 09:12 PM
8 3,341
Suppose that a casino introduces a game in which a player bets $1 and can either win $2 or lose it, both with equal...
Nov8-09 02:39 AM
0 2,078
I am working on some homework that I already handed in, but I cant get one of the problems. The fourth problem on the...
Nov7-09 11:46 AM
3 6,010
Hi, I am trying to verify with anybody generally intrigued by the Riemann Hypothesis whether they might find of any...
Nov7-09 05:14 AM
0 1,355
Let's say I have a matrix A: A=\begin{bmatrix} f(x)& z_1(x)& z_2(x)\\ 0& a(x)& b(x)\\ 0& c(x)& d(x) ...
Nov6-09 09:24 PM
9 1,195
I did a problem in class today that evaluated f(t)=e^{At} for A_{2,2}=\begin{bmatrix}2&1 \\-1&4 \end{bmatrix} to a...
Nov6-09 04:30 PM
1 880
right now, my concept for their difference is that linear transformations are 1 to 1, where as nonlinear...
Nov5-09 04:04 AM
2 10,313
I had a question about the following theorem. Basis Representation Theorem: Let k be any integer larger than 1. ...
Nov5-09 02:12 AM
3 6,418
Suppose A is a finite abelian group and p is a prime. A^p={a^p : a in A} and A_p={x:x^p=1,x in A}. How to show A/A^p...
Nov4-09 04:33 PM
1 2,248
Hi, I'm applying the Lanczos algorithm to find the minimal eigenvalue of some huge matrix. Now that I've got it I'm...
Nov3-09 01:06 PM
0 1,890
What would be a formula for determining an estimate of a track runner's speed in comparison to other racers before...
Nov3-09 12:16 PM
0 618
For example, if alpha = 1, there is an unqiue solution. then what value(s) of alpha will make the system...
Nov3-09 09:05 AM
2 5,543
I have a system of linear equations which can be expressed as XA=Y where X and Y are row vectors. The vector Y and the...
Nov3-09 08:42 AM
5 2,310
Hi all, so I was looking at Legendre symbols, and I saw that \left(\frac{2}{p}\right)=(-1)^{\frac{p^2-1}{8}}. ...
Nov3-09 02:23 AM
5 3,065
Hi all I am looking for a way of estimating stress and displacement of the following frame. I used ANSYS to analyze...
Nov2-09 12:51 PM
0 5,818
Im trying to prove N(N(P)) = N(P) So N(P) = set oh h where h^-1Ph = p Then N(N(P)) = k where k^-1hk = h the...
Nov2-09 11:18 AM
4 1,909
Let the vectors a1,a2,a3 R3 and b1,b2,b3 R4 be given by a1 a2 a3 1 -2 3 2 2 1 ...
Nov2-09 05:28 AM
3 919
given the function Z(s)= \prod _{k=0}^{\infty}\zeta (s+k) with \zeta (s) being the Riemann Zeta function the...
Nov1-09 06:08 PM
3 2,036
Hey. Got some troubles with this. 4 1 11 A= 1 3 11 0 2 6 ...
Nov1-09 05:08 PM
3 1,041
First off I am NOT asking you to solve this for me. I'm just trying to understand the concept behind this problem. ...
Oct31-09 05:35 PM
14 2,429
I have been working on integer factorization with pq = n and have written a paper on the special case for q < 2p. I...
Oct31-09 06:10 AM
0 1,298
Let A_i (i=1,...,k) be a nonsingular complex matrix which size is M by M. The question is how to find a complex...
Oct31-09 03:11 AM
1 1,014
There are square pyramidal numbers and tetrahedral numbers, defined Square pyramidal numbers = n ( n + 1 )( 2 n +...
Oct30-09 01:52 PM
6 4,206
Hi, I'm not sure to which forum my question related. Is there a connection between models used in mathematics of...
Oct30-09 10:59 AM
0 2,659
Hi, For a given problem, A*X = B where A is a NxN matrix, X and B are Nx1 accordingly, I understand that a poor...
Oct29-09 01:12 PM
0 1,718
can u help me with this question If n ≥ 6 is a composite integer, then n |(n − 1)! If n is a prime number, then n...
Oct29-09 07:04 AM
6 1,329
Hello, If we are given that b3|a2, how do we show that b|a? I started off looking at prime factorizations, but I...
Oct29-09 06:41 AM
6 1,331
This is my first post on the physicsforums so go easy on me :) I am writing a simple program to generate the zero's...
Oct29-09 04:38 AM
2 3,108

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