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Linear & Abstract Algebra

- Vector spaces and linear transformations. Groups and other algebraic structures along with Number Theory.
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Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 30,432
Hello, everyone. I have a n*n Toeplitz block matrix of basic dimension m*m. If it is not a block matrix, I can use...
Jun10-09 12:14 AM
0 1,065
I really don't know which section this should be posted in. I spent some time yesterday dividing by zero in an...
Jun8-09 06:49 PM
6 1,580
Hi! I wonder if you guys help me prove this: span(S1 ∩ S2) ⊆ span(S1) ∩ span(S2) I have seen span(S1 U S2) =...
Jun8-09 03:55 AM
1 2,008
I have a block Toeplitz matrix with complex parameter as shown in attachment file. How can I solve such problem, I...
Jun7-09 10:53 PM
0 784
I am studying invariance, and I came across this dilemma. Suppose we have a subspace with the basis <v1, v2> of the...
Jun6-09 06:46 PM
2 794
First Question: Let Nn be the integer whose decimal expansion consists of n consecutive ones. For example, N2=11 and...
Jun6-09 03:45 PM
7 1,734
Hi. Need help with following problem: Let R=(V,E) a regular graph with degree at least 1 and odd number of...
Jun6-09 12:00 PM
1 953
Prove whethere is linearly independent or not the following: {e^x,e^{2x}}
Jun5-09 09:15 PM
29 2,498
Hello, Can someone help me understand why the Inner Product of a Null vector with itself can be non zero if complex...
Jun5-09 12:22 PM
3 2,802
So I've been working through some algebraic number theory and there is a problem asking me to describe the ideals in...
Jun5-09 10:08 AM
0 1,534
Can it be proven that the number of prime pairs with a difference of two (that is, primes separated by only one even...
Jun4-09 04:53 PM
6 1,755
Theorem 5.3: Let A be in M_n_x_n(F). (a) The characteristic polynomial of A is a polynomial of degree n with leading...
Jun1-09 08:39 PM
6 2,962
Hey Does anyone know where I can find the generators of the group of rotations in four dimensions? thanks!
Jun1-09 11:37 AM
George Jones
3 1,292
in a seminar at my univesity we had a brief introduction to prime number theorem , in the blackboard the professor...
Jun1-09 04:53 AM
0 1,262
without using a counter example, show a proof that Euler's polynomial equation P(n)=n^2+n+41 can not be used to...
May31-09 06:34 PM
14 2,901
my question is, let us suppose we can find an expansion for the prime number (either exact or approximate) \pi...
May30-09 12:24 AM
5 2,073
Hi all, I had a problem, pls help me. Let b_1 < b_2 < \cdots < b_{\varphi(m)} be the integers between 1 and m that...
May29-09 10:52 AM
3 6,233
The Helmann-Feynman theorem states that : derivative of eigenvalue with respect to a parameter = eigenfunction dagger...
May29-09 10:48 AM
juliette sekx
5 2,164
I am just curious. If I have a random number generator, eventually, if I wait long enough all possible numbers should...
May28-09 09:01 AM
126 26,122
Is it true that if \sigma \in S_n is a cycle of length k \leq n, then \sigma^k = \varepsilon, where \varepsilon is the...
May28-09 01:04 AM
matt grime
5 1,310
"Of the numbers N>1, only 4 and 6 cannot be expressed as a sum of prime numbers with unique values."
May27-09 11:26 AM
Loren Booda
2 1,309
hi, what is wrong about this proof? If x^TAx=0 then A is antisymetric matrix. True? false? P: False A=-A^T...
May27-09 10:36 AM
3 1,247
Question: Can someone explain the following to me: "... the entries of the matrix A - tI_n are not scalars in the...
May27-09 10:25 AM
5 1,546
Does either \frac{\prod_{2N=n}^\infty{p_n}}{\prod_{2N-1=n}^\infty{p_n}} or ...
May27-09 10:08 AM
8 2,535
On average, at least how many factors must one try dividing a number N by to decompose it into primes?
May26-09 11:07 PM
6 1,723
Is there a function f(x) that will give the average number of prime factors for x_1 0<x_1<x, in a way similar to the...
May26-09 06:03 PM
7 4,583
Hello, I don't want how to prove: Matrix A is nilpotent, so A^k=0. Prove that det(A+I)=0. Thank you so much :-)
May26-09 01:34 PM
7 1,311
Hi, Is there any solution for the following problem: Ax = \lambda x + b Here x seems to be an eigenvector of...
May26-09 03:41 AM
2 903
Why are they called "axioms"? Shouldn't they be called "definitions"?
May26-09 12:20 AM
16 2,792
Hi: was wondering if somebody can help me with this I came across in a paper. $e_k$ is a vector of $k$ $1's. M...
May25-09 10:01 AM
5 2,984
This seems a simple question but I am unsure as to why I cannot find a number n where 2^n mod 3 = 0 I am trying...
May24-09 11:29 PM
13 6,044
the question is, i wish to calculate the sum \sum_{ n=1}^{N}a(n) for big N then you can introduce a so called...
May24-09 03:49 PM
0 1,147
if x is an integer, x1=6x2+8x+2 x2=6x21+8x1+2 x3=6x22+8x2+2 x4=6x23+8x3+2 x5=6x24+8x4+2 if i want to see x5 in...
May24-09 11:15 AM
6 1,508
I have a problem. Calculate Dim(Ran(T)) if T is 1-to-1. Also calculate Dim(Ker(T)) if T is onto. How do you think I...
May24-09 07:43 AM
2 4,747
Hello, I was reading something in my text/wikipedia, and they both said that "...the eigenvalues of a matrix are...
May23-09 06:40 AM
2 1,135
grad(A*B)=(A*grad)B + (B*grad)A + A curl B + B curl A i'm not sure how to read the RHS to begin to work out the...
May23-09 03:11 AM
1 1,167
Does anyone know of a source with a list of unsolved problems in those fields? Not "well-known" problems like the...
May22-09 10:22 PM
0 2,452
I was just wondering how you know if linear transformations injective?
May22-09 09:02 AM
3 2,621
Suppose you had the following: (A,*) and (B,\nabla) So to prove associativity, since I know that both A and B...
May21-09 04:33 AM
6 2,279
Notations: σ denotes an R-map M denotes an abelian group under addtion R denotes a commutative ring with identity...
May20-09 09:02 PM
2 1,546

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