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Linear & Abstract Algebra

- Vector spaces and linear transformations. Groups and other algebraic structures along with Number Theory.
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 35,745
This is from "Prime factorization of integral Cayley numbers" by H.P. Rehm ...
Jul12-11 07:28 PM
0 823
Hi, I already posted this in solid state physics forum, but no one answered, so I guess this topic might belong to...
Jul12-11 01:37 PM
0 668
I have attatched my Paradox for the existence of 4,5 and 7 using Brocard's problem . I don't know where i have gone...
Jul12-11 03:31 AM
3 2,552
max (|| Ax||)/(||x||) , where x is not 0. A is a matrix. It said that the stationary point are the right...
Jul11-11 08:09 AM
0 777
helloo while working on a combinatorics problem I have found the following result: let A=(a_{ij})_{1\leq...
Jul10-11 07:54 AM
3 1,629
Hi everyone!! I can't figure out why electromagnetism is defined a non integrable phase factor (or path dependent),...
Jul9-11 01:57 PM
0 954
I've been enormously impressed with the core members of this forum, especially hurkyl. There was a guy who claimed to...
Jul8-11 07:13 PM
20 5,163
Here is a visual prime pattern: I have developed one of my own based...
Jul8-11 03:56 PM
112 26,341
Where did the binomial theorem come from.....???
Jul8-11 12:28 AM
6 1,997
I'm working my way through Shaum's Outline on linear algebra and in it they define a complex number as an ordered pair...
Jul7-11 02:58 PM
3 1,588
Hi, While trying to solve an optimization problem for a MIMO linear precoder, I have encountered the need to...
Jul7-11 12:40 PM
1 1,935
Hello, I am unable to grasp the significance of adjoint operators both in linear vector space as well as function...
Jul7-11 08:11 AM
8 2,939
I got this question from another forum and it's driving me crazy. Find all triples of odd primes, p,q,r such that ...
Jul6-11 10:26 PM
2 2,440
Hi all, I've developed a new sieving method that I believe provides a tight lower bound for the counting of certain...
Jul6-11 07:19 PM
3 3,297
Does anyone know the answer to this problem: if you have a set of consecutive prime numbers (2,3,5,7...), what is the...
Jul6-11 07:18 PM
5 3,213
I would like to have a function f such that f(0) = 0 and f(x) = 1 for any x>0. I can compute f in the following way: ...
Jul6-11 07:33 AM
6 2,602
Let a General Continued Fraction (gCF) be given as (1) ...
Jul5-11 05:50 AM
0 1,630
Ok, I am completely taken over by bases, they're too fun. Recently i was working with base phi (1.61803..) and some...
Jul4-11 10:05 AM
0 1,859
So say you have a presentation matrix A for a module, and you diagonalise it and you get something like diag well you...
Jul4-11 09:51 AM
1 1,719
Let N be an integral non-square number, we have Pell's equation by (1) x^{2}-N*y^{2} = 1 associated with the...
Jul4-11 04:45 AM
0 1,567 using the semiclassical theory of quantum `physics i manage to give a Hamiltonian...
Jul3-11 07:20 AM
0 1,720
I have a small problem where I remember I learned it in the past. But now I can't seem to recall how to do it. I...
Jul1-11 09:13 PM
7 1,497
Does anyone know where can i find the proof that the Selberg Zeta function has ALL its zeros on the critical line ?? ...
Jul1-11 06:15 AM
0 1,692
Let me explain further my question by what i mean 'operation'. An 'operation' can be on a single number, example...
Jun30-11 04:51 PM
34 6,348
in some work i'm doing i have a 2D rectangle that can be rotated and/or translated in any direction in 2D space. for...
Jun29-11 11:39 AM
11 3,201
Hi, the following linear algebra question is causing trouble for me: For which values of k does the following...
Jun28-11 08:11 PM
6 4,575
I've already post this, but i've done it in the wrong section!! So here I go again.. I've a doubt on the way the...
Jun28-11 08:44 AM
12 3,830
I am trying to solve a problem with spacetime metrics and a change of coordinates for my research project. I have...
Jun27-11 07:12 PM
1 960
Hi, we know that for all interger m, n_1!\cdots n_k! divides m! where n_1+\cdots+n_k=m. Now I want to show that m!...
Jun27-11 03:06 PM
5 2,175
In this field, computer algorithms may produce false continued fraction expansions because of the limited accuracy...
Jun27-11 02:56 PM
6 3,669
So a number of mathematicans showed that an odd perfect number is not divisble by either 3, 5,or 7. I tried really...
Jun27-11 11:26 AM
3 2,775
Is it true that any linear map between two arbitrary finite-dimensional vector spaces is continuous? Is it...
Jun26-11 09:57 PM
4 2,650
Hi all, I'm trying to find the integer solutions for 6n^2 -18n +16 = m^2 using pell equation, any idea ...
Jun26-11 03:28 PM
10 2,233
A lattice is a partially ordered set such that every finite set has a least upper bound and a greatest lower bound....
Jun26-11 09:26 AM
3 1,210
I'm curious why people develop these objects. Although I've seen some proofs of theorems using coset(or quotient space...
Jun26-11 01:04 AM
6 2,047
According to duality principle, a bilinear function \theta:V\times V \rightarrow R is equivalent to a linear mapping...
Jun25-11 07:42 AM
3 1,759
Hey there I would just like some help in rearranging the formula: z=\frac{1+\frac{v\cos...
Jun24-11 02:52 PM
Pretty Pony
2 1,486
I wanted to make clear just a quick technical thing. If G is a group, N is a normal subgroup, and \phi_g \in...
Jun24-11 01:30 PM
2 1,432
The matrix giving the relation between spherical (unit) vectors and cartesian (unit) vectors can be expressed as: ...
Jun24-11 05:29 AM
4 1,504 It's actually proof of finding...
Jun23-11 09:37 PM
1 1,695

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