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Linear & Abstract Algebra

- Vector spaces and linear transformations. Groups and other algebraic structures along with Number Theory.
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Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 30,435
Hi, I was wondering whether the following is true at all. The first isomorphism theorem gives us a relation between a...
Jul10-13 06:20 PM
12 568
I have two real symmetric matrices A and B with the following additional properties. I would like to know how the...
Jul10-13 03:39 PM
5 500
I have been looking how to use the Levenberg Marqurdt algorithm for minimizing the errors of two functions at the same...
Jul10-13 01:53 PM
I like Serena
3 645
I am developing a code that uses Newton's method to optimize a functional W:ℝ6→ℝ Because the functional is poorly...
Jul10-13 10:53 AM
0 489
Hello. I have been looking into group theory for its applications to subject I am studying. I am not a mathematician...
Jul9-13 06:11 PM
Stephen Tashi
3 600
I am doing linear algebra and want to fully understand it, not just pass the class. I was recently taught matrix...
Jul6-13 11:27 AM
4 690
Can Gauss-Seidel Iteration be incorporated in the Simplex method algorithm? Thanks.
Jul6-13 03:59 AM
0 523
If I have two square nonnegative primitive matrices where the Perron-Frobenius Theorem applies how would I calculate...
Jul4-13 09:01 PM
Simon Bridge
2 407
Please I have read texts about changing the bases of numbers but still I have difficulties in doing, may s'body...
Jul4-13 07:48 AM
5 703
Perhaps a silly question. I have a vector: a=^T that I want to turn into a diagonal matrix. Is there an...
Jul3-13 03:46 PM
8 18,134
Hello everyone: I have some question using the FFT in matlab for data interpolating. I don't know what the relation...
Jul3-13 02:29 PM
1 393
Okay, So I just got done reading and re-reading Chapter one of Introductory Real Analysis by Andrei Kolmogorov and...
Jul3-13 04:45 AM
10 510
I read that in string theory the Virasoro algebra contains an ##SL(2,R)## subalgebra that is generated by ##L_{-1},...
Jul2-13 03:03 PM
3 380
Hi, I'v got a problem on Chapter 10 of Georgi's "Lie Algebras in Particle Physics". I want to prove u^i v^j_k...
Jul1-13 06:03 PM
0 358
Hello , I Have two matrices A= B= Lines are separeted with ";" It is asked to find a non-singular...
Jul1-13 03:36 PM
0 358
It is well known that the approximation error of the SVD is \left\| \textbf{A}-\textbf{A}_{\rm SVD} \right\| = σ_k,...
Jul1-13 04:14 AM
0 379
I am looking for a transformation that relates a matrix product with a matrix addition, e.g. AB = PA + QB Is there...
Jul1-13 04:02 AM
4 466
There is a technical distinction between a vector and the coordinates of a vector. Are projective (also called...
Jun30-13 02:29 PM
2 449
I have just found links to a few articles discussing the proof of the twin prime conjecture by Yitang Zhang, a once...
Jun30-13 08:26 AM
2 581
## x_1=2u-v \\x_2= u+v \\ x_3=v-u\\## So the book has this arranged in a 2-by-3 matrix below ## \left ## Then...
Jun30-13 01:49 AM
Simon Bridge
9 684
The Fourier series can be used to represent an arbitrary function within the interval from - π to + π even though...
Jun28-13 03:39 PM
1 379
Hello, Something I have some time wondering and still couldn't find the answer is to this question: if there is...
Jun28-13 12:41 AM
4 536
is this bigger than grahams number, i again "accidentaly" checked grahams number out and felt dumb then lost/forgot...
Jun26-13 08:38 PM
23 13,641
In a linear regression with 1 independent variable, if X is always the same (let's call I am unlucky), but Y present...
Jun26-13 03:57 PM
Number Nine
2 399
According to wikipedia, the affine group preserves paralellness between lines, and preserves the ratios of distances...
Jun26-13 01:57 PM
0 287
Hi, I have been learning about tensor products from Dummit and Foote's Abstract Algebra and I'm a little confused. I...
Jun25-13 10:57 PM
2 966
Can the arithmetic mean of a data set of complex numbers be calculated? if so, can the method be demonstrated?
Jun25-13 12:59 PM
19 1,829
I've been reading about principal components and residual matrixs. It's my understanding if you used every...
Jun24-13 07:16 AM
4 476
I am entranced. I mean There are so many thing which seem to deal with skew symmetry, like the skew anti-symmetric...
Jun23-13 04:34 PM
7 444
Hi there. I would like to learn more, if any, on interesting applications of Euclidean rings both in mathematics,...
Jun23-13 04:33 PM
0 344
For another thread , I want to give simple motivations for the...
Jun23-13 01:19 AM
Stephen Tashi
3 413
Hi Guys, I have just started studying about this field. Can you give me some ideas about some best eigen value...
Jun22-13 08:50 PM
1 355
Hi, I am trying to understand how I find the error in linear regression, and what to do with it. I am using linear...
Jun22-13 11:56 AM
Stephen Tashi
7 576
There are lots of examples of numbers where "is it a rational number" has been an open question for a while before...
Jun21-13 01:54 PM
0 355
I am having problems showing the following: ##f## and ##g## are two linearly independent functions in ##E## and...
Jun21-13 02:06 AM
2 605
I have some reason to believe that \det(\textrm{id} + AB) = \det(\textrm{id} + BA) is true even when AB and...
Jun20-13 10:47 PM
2 417
Can someone please explain the below proof in more detail?...
Jun20-13 08:04 AM
12 874
In my work I've encountered equations of the type: (Ax).*(Bx) + Cx = d Where A,B and C are non-unitary square...
Jun18-13 03:28 PM
3 480
I have sets of 2d vectors to be transformed by an augmented matrix A that performs an affine transform. Matrix A can...
Jun18-13 12:24 PM
6 726
I've been studying the proof of the Mazur-Ulam theorem in the pdf linked to at the end of this Wikipedia article. I'm...
Jun17-13 09:59 PM
7 699

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