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Linear & Abstract Algebra

- Vector spaces and linear transformations. Groups and other algebraic structures along with Number Theory.
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 34,981
Hello, I'm in an introductory course about quantum computing. My math experience is fairly solid, but not very...
Mar22-13 08:01 PM
2 603
Good afternoon! I am working on a problem, where I at some point have to find the intersection between a polytope...
Mar22-13 05:16 AM
0 524
Let an,m be defined for the non-negative integers n and m such that n ≥ m. an,0 = 1 am,m = m! an+1,m+1 = (m+1)...
Mar21-13 10:13 AM
1 716
Hi everyone. Is there any way to set demands on least square solutions? I have an equation on the form Ax=b,...
Mar21-13 07:59 AM
4 999
I think this may be a simple yes or no question. I am currently reading a book Vector and Tensor Analysis by...
Mar20-13 03:49 PM
4 1,467
Claim: If p \in R is irreducible and non-zero, then p is irreducible and prime in R Proof: Let I be the ideal...
Mar20-13 03:44 PM
1 604
it seems to have many different ways to express a determinant, when we are using indices to write vectors and tensors,...
Mar19-13 11:45 PM
1 580
Hello! If anybody has a minute, I'd appreciate a quick look-through of my proof that a finite abelian group can be...
Mar18-13 02:37 AM
4 931
Let A be any real invertible matrix. There exists a non-zero diagonal matrix D such that A^T D A=D. I'm pretty sure...
Mar16-13 12:52 AM
8 1,544
Consider an unbounded self-adjoint operator defined in a hilbert space(its domain isn't the entire hilbert space,of...
Mar15-13 10:28 AM
1 606
There is some theorem along the lines that any category of schemes embeds into a suitable Grothendieck topoi. What is...
Mar15-13 02:45 AM
Jim Kata
1 527
Hello ! I have an upper triangular matrix for an operator T in which an eigen value has been repeated s times in...
Mar13-13 05:08 AM
9 1,289
Hi all, Say that I already know W1, W2 are both subspaces of a vector space V, W1∩W2={0}, and that...
Mar12-13 12:46 AM
1 827
Hello, In my abstract algebra class, my teacher really stresses that when you show that a set is a group by...
Mar11-13 06:14 PM
3 717
Is there a nice way to show that Det(AB)=Det(A)Det(B) where A and B are n x n matrices over a commutative ring? I'm...
Mar10-13 07:52 PM
4 1,014
Hi! I was wondering why it is possible to write any proper orthochronous Lorentz transformation as an exponential...
Mar10-13 12:42 PM
7 1,246
I'm trying to find a way to simplify a complicated proof. The worst step of the proof involves a product of five 44...
Mar10-13 06:36 AM
2 725
There's this theorem: A linear map T: V→W is one-to-one iff Ker(T) = 0 I'm wondering if there's an analog for...
Mar9-13 09:11 PM
8 1,319
how do you prove the distributive quality of the cross and dot products? thanks very much!
Mar9-13 04:37 AM
15 1,559
Hey everyone, im trying to figure this out, but no luck. Help would be much appreciated. So i am considering a...
Mar9-13 03:50 AM
2 605
Let q be a prime, k= q-2 and X be an Integer, I have found solutions for q=5,7,17 for the equation (2^k) - 7 = X^2...
Mar9-13 03:45 AM
12 4,077
Am i correct if I say that Fiedler number surges when percolation is at percolation threshold? Assume a randomly...
Mar8-13 10:44 AM
0 468
To determine if a subset of a vector space is a subspace, it must be closed under addition and scalar multiplication. ...
Mar7-13 07:36 PM
2 596
I want somebody to help me what attempts have been made to understand the sequence of prime number. Is the Nth term of...
Mar7-13 07:33 AM
7 6,701
Can someone give an example of a nonlinear operator on a finitely generated vector space(preferably ℝn)? I'd be...
Mar6-13 11:19 PM
5 276
In texts about dirac delta,you often can find sentences like "The delta function is sometimes thought of as an...
Mar6-13 02:57 PM
4 654
a metric on the plane determines an action of SO(2) on is unit circle by rotation. Suppose one starts with a free...
Mar5-13 11:28 AM
1 704
^{}This may be a silly question, but if I have an 8x3 matrix X, for example, then the rows of this matrix will span R3...
Mar4-13 07:37 PM
1 729
I want a matrix W of size nxk (where n>>k) with the following two properties: 1. Sum of all elements of each row is...
Mar3-13 10:01 PM
1 604
Hi there all, I have a personal project I'm working on and since I haven't done any linear algebra in many years...
Mar3-13 05:56 PM
2 769
Even though this deals with programming an encryption algorithm I feel this is more math based so I'm asking it here....
Mar3-13 09:28 AM
2 705
What is the most motivating way to introduce the sketching of conics which have a cross product terms? This topic...
Mar1-13 03:48 PM
1 636
Hey I am really confused over free products. So I understand abstractly, I think. If we have two groups G, H,...
Mar1-13 01:16 PM
4 724
Hello everyone, Id like to ask the following: Considering the matrices A and B, both with the dimensions n \times...
Mar1-13 11:18 AM
0 573
I am trying to prove that C\otimesC (taken over R) is equal to C^2. The method I have seen is to show the following...
Mar1-13 08:35 AM
0 685
Hey everyone first time poster here, I need help with some factoring of cubes. I know this might tie closely to...
Feb27-13 04:34 PM
2 893
Do you know where can I find proven identity det(AB)=det(A)det(B) using Levi Civita symbol.
Feb26-13 08:44 PM
1 723
Is it true that for any unital ring (not necessarily commutative), that we have a ring homomorphism for all a = (a_1,...
Feb25-13 02:07 PM
4 1,057
Can we compare matrices? If A-B>0 is positive definite, can we say A>B?
Feb25-13 12:20 PM
1 646
Firstly, I apologise if this is the wrong section, but as far as I could tell this was the most relevant. I have a...
Feb25-13 07:09 AM
6 1,514

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