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Linear & Abstract Algebra

- Vector spaces and linear transformations. Groups and other algebraic structures along with Number Theory.
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Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 30,541
For the transposition (i j)(k), this is what I have in my notes: (i j)(k) = k if k is not equal to i or j (i j)(k)...
Jan30-13 08:55 AM
2 560
Page 5 in this link: I couldn't really understand...
Jan30-13 08:47 AM
4 768
hi , this result is from text , Abstract Algebra by Dummit and foote . page 120 the result says , if G is a...
Jan29-13 01:16 PM
Maths Lover
6 790
Hello, it is known that "Every regular G-action is isomorphic to the action of G on G given by left...
Jan28-13 04:09 PM
2 743
I am currently looking at a number sequence to solve a puzzle. I have identified the following with the sequence: ...
Jan28-13 04:12 AM
2 995
Let y=Ax. A is a matrix n by m and m>n. Also, x gets its values from a finite alphabet. How can i show if the mapping...
Jan27-13 04:47 PM
3 719
If you consider a bounded linear operator between two Hausdorff topological vector spaces, isn't the kernel *always*...
Jan27-13 11:15 AM
1 905
My book goes on to say: "If we consider both C^n and C^m with norms, then we define the norm of an M x N matrix A...
Jan27-13 08:23 AM
4 875
hi, I understand how to do the rotation equation A = A*v = y ] xsinθ + ycosθ ] A*v = ...
Jan27-13 05:33 AM
Simon Bridge
1 594
Let's say I have a vector (4+2i, 1-i), how do I take an L2 norm? Dont tell me I simply do sqrt(16+4+1+1)..?
Jan27-13 12:21 AM
1 900
Greetings. I am new to the forums. I will try and keep this short. Linear Independence vs Linear Dependence....
Jan26-13 02:03 PM
38 2,668
Hi. I'm trying to determine the CFL condition for the fourth-order leapfrog scheme. I'm finding 2 as what's...
Jan26-13 01:15 PM
4 1,414
When the book says "Members of ] are linear combinations of linear combinations of members of S". basically means the...
Jan26-13 10:56 AM
3 777
Hi, I'm learning about vector spaces and I would like to ask some questions about it. Suppose I have a vector space...
Jan25-13 04:57 PM
5 929
Hello, :) I would like to minimize and find the zeros of the function F(S,P)=trace(S-SP’(A+ PSP’)^-1PS) in respect...
Jan25-13 06:04 AM
3 802
hey guys so i am well familiar with finding out rank of square matrices but if matrix is just a row or column vector...
Jan24-13 01:21 PM
9 963
a = xyz b = xy+xz+yz c = x + y + z How do you solve x, y, and z?
Jan23-13 04:46 PM
3 876
In the book it states that the span of the empty set is the trivial set because a linear combination of no vectors is...
Jan23-13 07:24 AM
3 964
The question is which sets of natural numbers are closed under addition. I know that odd is not, and I know how to...
Jan23-13 03:23 AM
2 837
Hi all. I have a question about the properties of the generators of the SO(N) group. What kind of commutation...
Jan22-13 01:44 AM
3 873
From my textbook: A free R-module is "A left R-module F is called a free left R-module if F is isomorphic to a...
Jan21-13 02:51 AM
1 984
Hi all, I searched all other threads but was unable to find something useful. Here is my question: I am looking...
Jan20-13 03:06 PM
0 618
Prove the Generalized Associative Law for Groups (i.e. a finite sum of elements can be bracketed in any way). The...
Jan20-13 12:55 PM
6 1,354
A Theorem in our textbook says... If R is a PID, then every finitely generated torision R-module M is a direct sum...
Jan18-13 03:00 PM
1 897
Dear Friends & Colleagues, I have a couple of nagging issues with mathematics I was hoping any one of you would...
Jan18-13 10:42 AM
Stephen Tashi
5 2,182
Following is a list of 39 Mersenne numbers. Some are prime and some are not. These are generated with x =(...
Jan17-13 08:06 AM
6 1,228
hey guys given Ax=B where A is a square matrix and x and B are vectors, can anyone tell me why a singular matrix...
Jan16-13 08:38 PM
3 982
I was thinking about the following proposition that I think should be true, but I can't pove: Suppose that F is a...
Jan16-13 05:59 AM
2 922
Hi, For any odd composite 'N', let u = (N-1)/2, v = u+1, then u^2(mod p) = v^2(mod p) if and only if 'p' is a...
Jan16-13 02:49 AM
1 889
My textbook says that... If M is a left R-module, then a submodule N of an additive subgoup N of M closed...
Jan15-13 09:33 PM
3 730
I'm unable to understand this generalization of vectors from a quality having a magnitude and direction, to the more...
Jan14-13 10:29 AM
4 1,278
In this video: At the time 2:10, I don't understand why we have to...
Jan14-13 07:15 AM
4 1,009
Perhaps forum members can advance science by solving this optimization problem from The Protein Engineer ...
Jan13-13 04:10 PM
2 785
I don't know if this is the correct section to post this, but does Galois theory has any applications in physics?
Jan13-13 03:47 AM
Jim Kata
2 1,770
Pretty much what the title says. Suppose we have a topological vector space $(X,\tau)$ and $U\subseteq X$ is...
Jan12-13 09:32 AM
5 1,137
Hi all, I have been asked the question by a friend of mine who was working on a computer algorithm where he needed...
Jan11-13 03:01 PM
4 1,171
Hello all, I am new to this forum but am glad I found it, I have a quick question about condition numbers and order...
Jan10-13 06:08 PM
5 1,089
Hello, I was wondering if this problem is one that is solvable, and if so, if I would be able to solve it in a...
Jan9-13 11:31 PM
3 1,013
Hey guys, lurked here a bit, but now I'm in this new math course right. So anyway it seems like a completely new...
Jan9-13 06:59 PM
4 799
Hi guys, first post! I'm doing some side work on coupled oscillating systems, and I've almost found a procedure to...
Jan9-13 03:39 PM
Jack Jenkins
0 826

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