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Linear & Abstract Algebra

- Vector spaces and linear transformations. Groups and other algebraic structures along with Number Theory.
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 36,197
Let x be in R^n and Q in Mat(R,n) where Q is hermitian and negative definite. Let (.,.) be the usual euclidian inner...
Jul17-12 01:09 PM
1 717
Maybe someone will find something interesting in this paper. They have a reference to some 1995 work by Alain Connes....
Dec25-10 03:26 AM
1 1,703
I recently got (re)interested in C* algebras. Poking around, I gathered that there is some way of constructing a C*...
Jan7-13 12:17 PM
0 582
This is my first post on the physicsforums so go easy on me :) I am writing a simple program to generate the zero's...
Oct29-09 04:38 AM
2 3,103
I apologize for my lack of knowledge on the topic. I recently started writing programs to solve Project Euler...
Jun5-11 11:44 AM
7 2,272
After reading the article on Poincare's conjecture in the Economist, I became curious about simplified 3-dimensional...
Sep22-06 05:47 AM
3 2,211
First,could you please clear this doubt- A polynomial with rational coefficients does not form a vector space over...
Aug2-12 09:47 PM
4 1,404
well this is the question... if a,m and n are positive integers with m<n, then (a^(2^m)+1) is a divisor of...
Oct28-09 12:22 AM
1 1,343
can u help me with this question If n ≥ 6 is a composite integer, then n |(n − 1)! If n is a prime number, then n...
Oct29-09 07:04 AM
6 1,328
1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data Let F be a subfield of K. A, B be elements of Mn(F)....
Mar13-11 11:39 PM
0 735
In linear algebra, we are now learning about digraphs and I am somewhat confused as to how we can obtain and use...
Apr18-08 03:45 PM
2 3,162
Hi there! I have to solve the following equation: 5x+6y = 40 and find out every pair (x,y) from Z that...
Nov9-08 01:01 PM
17 2,060
Hi there! Ive come upon the following problem: I want to determine the set of all lines of the following surface:...
Nov1-08 03:56 PM
3 1,544
Hi all! The prof for "theoretical methods in physics" mentioned last week the term "wedge product" but it all...
Nov13-08 11:42 PM
5 6,481
Hi! I want to determine which of the subgropus of the symmetric group S(3) are normal. The condition is: for...
Nov9-08 01:05 PM
8 1,875
Hi there! I need a little help from your side. Could you give me an example of a quadratic number in Z3 there is...
Nov16-08 05:23 AM
2 4,998
Hi all! Im trying to prove following two inequalities but I somehow got stuck: U, W are subspaces of V with...
Nov21-08 05:33 PM
3 1,465
Hi all! Does anyone know a general method for determining the image of a lin map? Im aware of the definition if...
Nov24-08 08:50 AM
5 3,745
Hi all! I want to determine to matrices, S and T, so that for the matrix B, ...
Dec7-08 02:09 PM
2 1,980
Hi all! I was wondering what conditions must two linear maps obey in order to commute? If they are described by...
Apr2-09 10:13 AM
4 1,105
Hi! I was doing an assignment in quantum mechanics and came upon the following fact I cannot explain to me. I...
Feb15-10 12:06 PM
2 1,029
Hi there! I'm trying to prove the following obvious statement, but am somehow stuck :( Let \vec a,\ \vec...
May5-10 10:42 PM
4 1,916
I have a trouble proving that a finate (nonzero) commutative ring with no zero divisors must have an identity with...
Oct27-07 04:54 PM
1 1,687
please i need your help! prove: "A nonempty set of real numbers bounded from below has a greatest lower bound."
Apr6-07 12:18 PM
6 5,430
In sieve method, we could get the prime numbers between p and p^2 applying the primes less than prime number p. Is...
May7-06 03:40 PM
5 1,645
PROBLEM: For any number in any base at least 2 digits long, if you add them together and solve it the answer will...
May6-04 07:04 PM
10 2,033
Hello everyone, I'm a bit of beginner to the more complicated algebra and geometry. Im going in to grade 12 next...
Aug30-04 08:48 PM
4 2,149
What's an example of a group that has finitely many generators, but cannot be presented using only finitely many...
Sep4-12 09:54 PM
1 940
Is there something you can do to a ring to produce a commutative ring? Like for any group, you can create an Abelian...
Nov2-10 08:09 AM
5 983
For a commutative ring R and an ideal I, is it true that I \oplus R/I \cong R ? I know in some cases this is true, and...
Jan26-11 05:52 PM
6 2,572
I came across this problem today and haven't been able to figure it out... Give an example of a vector space V...
Jun10-08 11:32 AM
5 4,744
Hi folks, I know the covariance matrix and the location of a point, both of which are expressed in Cartesian...
Feb8-12 12:46 AM
Stephen Tashi
15 2,352
Could someone please help me with the following question with a guided step by step answer: Show that T = (x, y, z)...
Sep4-12 08:53 AM
1 765
HI, I was reading an article and it says that a finite group of order p^aq^b, where p, q are primes, is solvable and...
Jan28-12 09:33 AM
2 1,573
I am having trouble understanding a section in these notes: . It is on page 3. Section 3 -- Discretization of the...
Nov25-12 07:07 PM
0 1,011
Hi everybody, I'm new to absract algebra and I really can not understand different between direct sum and direct...
Mar14-10 11:58 AM
9 8,033
Does anybody know how to create a orthonormal basis, i.e. a matrix containing orthogonal vectors of norm 1, out of a...
Apr23-13 01:26 PM
2 514
Can anyone explain me the problem of the 36-officers and the relation to finite fields ??? References to other...
Jul26-04 10:36 PM
3 2,878
If we're working in R^n and we consider the elements of a basis for R^n to be the column vectors of an nxn invertible...
Nov26-11 07:40 PM
1 1,633
I've seen in multiple sources that a linear transformation constitutes a tensor with one contravariant and one...
Dec10-11 09:31 PM
6 2,092

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