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Linear & Abstract Algebra

- Vector spaces and linear transformations. Groups and other algebraic structures along with Number Theory.
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Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 30,530
Hi I'm taking abstract linear algebra course and having trouble visualising bilinear form and inner products. I can...
Dec12-13 01:43 PM
3 547
Hi all, I've been reading up on ways of factorising numbers through the congruence of squares method...
Oct3-10 12:15 PM
1 1,876
I know that this isnít very practical but I discovered the following curious inequality when I was playing around with...
Feb19-04 10:52 AM
matt grime
1 1,217
Mar12-04 04:05 AM
matt grime
3 1,773
I don't know if this identity has been found before but I have never seen it before in my study of Merten's function,...
Jun19-04 05:11 AM
2 1,475
If a connected graph has a Euler circuit then this implies that all the vertices of the graph have even degree. Is the...
Sep17-04 09:46 AM
2 3,218
how do you prove the distributive quality of the cross and dot products? thanks very much!
Mar9-13 04:37 AM
15 1,402
|\oint_{0}^{x} dV|=i, |\oint_{0}^{y} dV|=j, |\oint_{0}^{z} dV|=k also I want to express in terms of Dirac delta...
Nov3-13 02:08 AM
0 498
How would one normally solve this type of equation x^a = b (mod n) Is there any trick to solve it if I know that...
Sep23-11 02:15 AM
3 2,369
I am looking to find a vector which does not lie in various subspaces. For example, if I have: S1 = (x-y plane)...
Feb15-11 09:40 AM
2 624
If G is a permutation group acting on a finite set A and x \inA, then |G| = |\Delta(x)| |Gx| where \Delta(x)...
Nov1-10 07:17 AM
4 1,592
I'm trying to find the basis for a particular matrix and I get a 3 eigenvalues with two of them being identical to...
Nov9-04 11:11 AM
matt grime
1 6,758
Hi, I'm given a matrix and I need to write it in equation form so that I will have three equations, using x(t), y(t),...
Nov9-04 12:49 PM
1 4,159
hello , I don't understand the meaning of the next definition , so , I hope that you can make it easy to understand it...
Oct9-12 08:12 PM
Stephen Tashi
1 603
hello, the theorem says : let V be a vector space over the field K , let { v1 , v2 , ... , vm } be a basis of V over...
Oct18-12 11:39 PM
2 819
hi , this proposition is from artin's book , it says : Proposition : suppose an associative law of composition is...
Oct23-12 10:30 AM
Maths Lover
2 781
hi , I met lot's of binary operation which is associative and commtative and I also met lot's of binary operation...
Nov19-12 07:10 AM
Dead Boss
5 1,061
if A is a tridiagonal Matrix , what does this mean ? what does tridiagonal mean in matrix ? what is the property...
Nov22-12 11:40 AM
2 856
hi if F is inner automorphism , what does this mean ? I think that if F : G to G then we can write F(x) as ...
Dec16-12 04:55 PM
Maths Lover
2 765
Theorem : if S ={ v1 , .... , vn} spans the V.Space V , L={w1 , .... , wm} is set of linear independent vectors...
Jan1-13 07:55 PM
10 1,392
hi , this result is from text , Abstract Algebra by Dummit and foote . page 120 the result says , if G is a...
Jan29-13 01:16 PM
Maths Lover
6 788
Please , Help me I need informations about compact right topological semigroup RESERCHES , OR ANY PAPERS...
Apr27-09 01:14 PM
0 905
I read this in a book (it was stats and about poisson approx to normal) Given was this: n(n-1)(n-2) \cdots (n-r+1)...
Nov23-09 10:42 AM
2 4,717
Let's say I have a matrix M such that for vectors R and r in xy-coordinate system: R=Mr Suppose we diagonalized it...
Jul24-13 12:19 PM
2 407
Hi everyone. Long time lurker first time poster. I am taking a linear algebra class this semester and I am really...
Feb27-14 10:03 PM
5 625
x1 1 1 0 0 x2 0 0 1 1 x3 = 1 + -1 + 0 + ...
Apr11-14 07:37 AM
2 308
Just by looking at the cayley table of a group and looking at its subgroups, is their a theorem or something which...
Y 01:59 PM
0 57
rank(A+B)>=min{rank(A),rank(B)},which holds for allA,B in positive semidefinite matrix
Apr3-09 09:01 PM
0 997
guys, From the solutions of the Pell's equation x*x-2*y*y=-1, how can we prove that whenever y ends in digit 5,...
Sep21-07 11:53 AM
6 1,970
How can we proceed to prove the following identity ?
Dec9-07 09:31 PM
1 1,412
Please help me in solving the problem, find the sum Sum{r=2 to infinity} (von Mangoldt(r)-1)/r ...
Aug16-08 09:10 PM
9 3,412
Hi, I recall being told in an algebra course in college that there exist groups with matching order tables and that...
Nov30-07 08:50 PM
5 2,110
I posted this question but I am not getting anywhere with this question, any help would be very appreciated: 1. let...
Nov5-08 01:34 AM
robert Ihnot
3 2,415
Let p be a prime, G a finite group, and P a p-Sylow subgroup of G. Let M be any subgroup of G which contains N_G(P). ...
Dec8-08 09:35 PM
1 1,265
Let M be the \mathbb{Z}-module generated by the elements v_1, v_2 such that (1+i)v_1+(2-i)v_2=0 and 3v_1+5iv_2=0. Find...
Dec8-08 11:38 PM
1 1,171
Suppose is a commutative diagram of R-modules and R-module homomorphisms. (a) Suppose that \phi is injective. Prove...
Dec8-08 09:40 PM
0 1,555
Let K be a field, \nu : K^* \rightarrow \texbb{Z} a discrete valuation on K, and R=\{x \in K^* : \nu(x) \geq 0 \} \cup...
Dec9-08 02:58 PM
1 1,222
Identify all the subfields of a field F=F_{p^{18}}, with p^{18} elements where p is a prime. Draw the lattice of all...
Dec9-08 11:43 PM
2 2,128
K=\mathbb{Q}(\sqrt{2+\sqrt{2}}) is a Galois extension of \mathbb{Q} . Determine \text{Gal}(K/\mathbb{Q}) and describe...
Dec10-08 08:46 PM
1 1,794
The parts of this problem form a proof of the fact that if G is a finite subgroup of F^*, where F is a field (even if...
Dec14-08 06:28 AM
1 1,702

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