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Linear & Abstract Algebra

- Vector spaces and linear transformations. Groups and other algebraic structures along with Number Theory.
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Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 30,447
Hi When we have f(n) \in o(g(n)) and g(n) \in O(H(n)) Can I proove that h(n)-f(n) \in o(g(n))? Obviously I...
Sep9-12 05:48 PM
3 1,571
Consider the separation of the Riemann Zeta function in two terms \begin{flalign*} \zeta(s) &= 1^{-s} + 2^{-s} +...
Sep19-12 04:01 PM
3 2,043
I am trying to find a sollution to this in the complex plane. One that seems to work is sqrt(i), but is this valid or...
Feb7-11 06:05 AM
3 837
Hi, Everyone: In linear algebra courses, the defs/formulas for the sum, multiplication of matrices respectively,...
Feb16-11 07:18 AM
3 1,114
I have a 2x1 matrix A. I would like to find out E which is the mean of the matrix. How do I do this? what is the...
Feb19-11 10:34 PM
3 2,649
My professor gave us this query at the end of class, it contained two parts. 1. Show a ring is idempotent 2. ...
Feb23-11 07:08 AM
3 1,479
Given: N is a four digit number. S is the sum of N's digits. Prove: N minus S is a multiple of 9.
Feb24-11 08:32 AM
3 926
Find the p-adic volume of the p-adic circle x^2 + y^2 = 1. This isn't hw.
Feb27-11 03:59 PM
3 1,700
Can someone give me a hint how to show the recurrence relations for G_k(z) ,in wiki it's for the d_n's? Other than...
Mar5-11 10:58 PM
3 1,808
a)Find a basis for the space of 2x2 symmetric matrices. Prove that your answer is indeed a basis. b)Find the...
Mar3-11 08:35 AM
3 5,767
Would the field of the number theory collapse or flourish if the Riemann Hypothesis is proved as true???
Mar4-11 08:44 PM
3 1,797
Let R be a commutative ring. If an doesn't equal 0 and a0+a1x+a2x^2+...+anx^n is a zero divisor in R, prove that an...
Mar10-11 03:02 PM
3 2,167
Hi All, suppose I have something like x^x^x^x where x is an integer. Is there any trick to figure the last digit of...
Mar11-11 07:37 AM
3 1,527
Tell me if this is true: We are given vector spaces V1, V2, ..., Vn of dimensions d1, d2, ..., dn respectively. ...
Mar12-11 02:41 PM
3 1,041
I believe this is the correct place to post this as I believe I'm going to need to solve this as a linear system,...
Mar13-11 06:10 PM
3 1,378
So I'm reading a paper which assumes the following statement but I would like to be able to prove it. Let S denote...
Mar19-11 08:25 AM
3 1,643
I want to show that if 1 were a congruent number then there would be an integer solution to the equation x^4-y^4=u^2...
Mar20-11 09:03 AM
3 1,212
great article
Mar28-11 06:46 AM
3 1,227
Let A and B be n x n matrices such that I+AB is invertible. If B is invertible what can you deduce about the matrix...
Mar23-11 07:35 AM
3 1,266
This should be a really easy question, but I can't easily find the answer in any of my books. Anyway, in an old test...
Mar25-11 05:45 AM
3 986
Suppose G is a group and H is a subgroup of G. Then is G\H a subgroup itself? My feeling is it shouldn't be since...
Mar29-11 04:05 AM
3 1,215
Equation of a Surface relative to the standard basis is X1^1 + 2X2^2 + 3x^3 -4x1x2 -4x2x3 =0 Now the question...
Apr1-11 10:16 AM
Stephen Tashi
3 1,053
so i have the function z=(2+i)/(i(-3+4i)) and i need to linearize it to find the Im(z) and Re(z) I get down to z=...
Apr5-11 05:25 PM
I like Serena
3 1,120
There is a paper written by R.T. Seeley in the Proceedings of Symposia Pure Mathematics that I've seen cited by...
Sep4-12 10:17 AM
3 2,468
There is a strange compound nature to this that I can *almost* calculate. This is just something nagging at me. ...
Aug26-12 03:39 PM
3 1,054
Hi, A quick question: Does a set need to be a subset to be a subspace of some vector space?
Sep24-12 09:22 AM
3 675
I do not have access to the math calculators. Δ = 162*(a-b)*(a^2-b^2)*(a^3-b^3) -108*(a^3-b^3)*(a-b)^3 +...
Sep28-12 10:12 PM
3 1,401
I was doing a brain treaser where the letters A-H had to be put into an array 2 by 4 such that no letter is adjacent...
Oct4-12 07:08 AM
3 1,734
Oct1-12 09:45 PM
Greg Bernhardt
3 2,829
In this theorem it states " Let A be a m x n matrix. That is For each vector b in R^m, the column Ax=b has a...
Oct7-12 08:47 PM
3 661
If we have a linear transformation T:W -> W. Then if we write T with respect to a different basis B, will the domain...
Oct13-12 05:02 AM
3 838
I am just in to reviewing abstract algebra and came across a theorem I'd forgotten: ...
Oct10-12 09:08 AM
3 760
So the title says everything. Let's assume R is a set equipped with vector addition the same way we add real numbers...
Oct11-12 06:43 PM
3 984
Linear functions are functions which satisfy the two properties: f(x+y)=f(x)+f(y) \\ f(a*x)=a*f(x) I was...
Oct11-12 06:56 AM
3 811
How do you find the intersection of two planes in R3? The direction vector would be the cross product between the two...
Oct11-12 07:14 PM
3 747
Our math Teacher asked us to find how many equivalence relations are there in a set of 4 elements, the set given is...
Oct13-12 11:46 AM
3 1,265
I'm having some trouble internalizing the concept of span. The question: If u = ; v = ; and w = , describe...
Oct14-12 09:29 AM
3 839
I was just looking at wikipedia's article on ring homomorphisms ( and I...
Oct15-12 08:05 PM
3 960
Consider a plane P in ℝ^{3}. Is it necessarily the case that any vector outside this plane cannot be expressed as a...
Oct17-12 09:27 PM
Stephen Tashi
3 743
Can someone please explain to me these two concepts and how they differ from each other? I'm taking a class entitled...
Oct18-12 11:41 PM
3 997

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