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Linear & Abstract Algebra

- Vector spaces and linear transformations. Groups and other algebraic structures along with Number Theory.
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Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 30,487
hey guys been staring at this question for a few days and frustratingly nothing springs to mind. If any1 could offer...
Mar11-12 08:00 PM
3 1,974
Hello Mathematician Can the matrix be differentiated with respect to a vector? Regards Aman
Feb15-12 12:46 PM
3 1,468
(1)Assume a, b and n are nonzero integers. Prove that n is divisible by ab if and only if n is divisible by a and n...
Feb15-12 02:47 PM
3 1,852
Feb15-12 05:37 PM
3 1,531
Hi there, I'm doing homework right now (no this isn't a homework question!) and have basic questions on...
Feb16-12 01:03 PM
3 1,604
So this is the problem as written and I'm totally lost. Any help or explanation would be greatly appreciated. ...
Feb19-12 07:51 PM
3 1,503
Hi, I need help to prove this for my professor this is called "Distribution of power congruence classes" or something...
Feb23-12 01:43 AM
3 1,491
Hello everyone, I need some help with the following: I understand that by using xn = axn-1+b we can generate a full...
Feb22-12 09:59 AM
3 1,389
I can understand most of Galois Theory and Number Theory dealing with factorization and extension fields, but I always...
Mar5-12 12:42 PM
3 2,755
A necessary and sufficient condition for three vectors to be coplanar is the equality is that the determinant of the...
Mar1-12 04:52 AM
3 1,908
Why does the half of the absolute value of a matrix formed with its coordinates give the area of a triangle? I...
Mar1-12 03:44 AM
Jim Kata
3 1,442
1. Imagine a positive point x not equal to zero. 2. Consider a randomly chosen point y with distance to zero less...
Feb29-12 12:24 PM
Loren Booda
3 1,096
i am interested in Riemann zeta function. i am in a high school. i have good hold over calculus(at least what's...
Feb29-12 10:34 AM
3 1,434
I read this through wikipedia and some other sources and find it to be unsolved. Erdos offer a prize of $5000 to prove...
Mar1-12 06:42 PM
3 1,832
My main interest is usually physics, however I have become interested in the Fibonacci sequence. I looked at the...
Mar4-12 03:27 AM
3 1,173
Hi all. From Hoffman and Kunze's book Linear Algebra, page 27, exercise 12: ...
Mar4-12 02:55 AM
3 751
A Quasiperfect number is any number for which the sum of it's divisors is equal to one minus twice the number, or a...
Mar5-12 01:22 PM
Joseph Fermat
3 1,444
Question: Show the set of all differentiable functions on (-infinity, +infinity) that satisfy f′ + 2f = 0 is a vector...
Mar5-12 09:34 AM
3 1,621
Sorry for thumb terminology, I just would like to grasp the main idea, as a physicist, without unnecessary...
Mar17-12 08:25 PM
3 1,760
Hello, I have a quick question about extension fields. We know that if E is an extension field of F and if we have...
Mar7-12 12:04 AM
3 1,159
My linear algebra textbook presents a technique for computing the transition matrix from an old basis B' to a new...
Mar10-12 02:06 AM
3 1,062
I do not if it is the right section, however hello I'm Antonio and I am Italian so I apologize for my English. I...
Mar11-12 09:11 AM
3 957
Consider a polynomial of the following type: A_n w^n + A_{n-1} w^{n-1}k + A_{n-2} w^{n-2} k^2 + ... + A_1 k^n =0 ...
Mar13-12 08:38 AM
3 1,309
Hi: I`m new here, can someone tell me which is the difference between the transition matrix and the Jacobian?, I...
Mar17-12 02:59 PM
3 1,371
If F is a field of characteristic p, with prime subfield K = GF(p) and u in F is a root of f(x) (over K), then u^p is...
Mar17-12 12:34 PM
3 1,092
Hi everyone, I always have trouble on decomposing number into irreducible factors inside Gaussian integer field. I...
Mar21-12 05:50 AM
3 981
Hello, I have a linear algebra problem that I need help with. Basically, I need to get the eigenvalues and...
Apr12-12 09:13 AM
3 3,679
Say i have the following function: f(x)= {-45 , x<0.5 45 , x≥0.5} where x\in R is a real variable in ....
Mar23-12 12:20 AM
3 1,767
Given n by n matrices A, B, C. I know how to solve the Sylvester equation AX + XB + C = 0 using the matlab...
Mar26-12 03:24 AM
3 1,429
How the hell do you prove that the components of a vector w.r.t. a given basis are unique? I have literally no idea...
Mar26-12 01:38 PM
3 872
i am having trouble with some hw problems in my linear algebra course... the book is brescher and the teacher is sort...
Mar28-12 10:41 AM
3 2,188
I am reading Kane's book on Reflections and Reflection Groups and am having difficulties with some basic geometric...
Mar30-12 06:21 PM
Math Amateur
3 816
Hey, I'm just trying to grasp ordering of groups and subgroups a little better, I get the basics of finding the...
Mar31-12 12:59 PM
3 1,394
let's say you are given the following matrix T: T11 T12 . . . T1n T21 T22 . . . T2n . ...
Apr7-12 04:12 PM
3 1,241
Does anyone know of efficient software for the multiplication with an anti-triangular matrix? These are matrices whose...
Apr4-12 12:36 PM
3 994
How would you prove, using the integral product, that the set of {cos x, cos 2x, cos 3x, cos 4x, ...} is an orthogonal...
Apr5-12 04:42 AM
3 1,123
if, 10x+1 divides n-x and 10x +1 divides 10n +1 , where x is a variable and positive integer while n is a...
Apr4-12 11:40 AM
3 1,656
On a finite-dimensional vector space over R or C, is every norm induced by an inner product? I know that this can...
Apr6-12 08:52 AM
3 1,441
Given a differential field F and a linear algebraic group G over the constant field C of F, find a Picard-Vessiot...
Apr11-12 11:29 AM
3 1,163
So when dealing with a linear transformation, after we have computed the matrix of the linear transformation, and we...
Apr9-12 06:10 PM
3 1,078

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