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Linear & Abstract Algebra

- Vector spaces and linear transformations. Groups and other algebraic structures along with Number Theory.
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 36,191
Sorry for thumb terminology, I just would like to grasp the main idea, as a physicist, without unnecessary...
Mar17-12 08:25 PM
3 1,923
A quadratic diophantine equation is of form: Ax^2 + Bxy + Cy^2 +Dx + Ey + F =0 Now, for A=0 and C=0, Bxy + Dx...
Apr23-12 03:06 PM
3 2,778
Hi: I`m new here, can someone tell me which is the difference between the transition matrix and the Jacobian?, I...
Mar17-12 02:59 PM
3 1,508
Hi everyone, I always have trouble on decomposing number into irreducible factors inside Gaussian integer field. I...
Mar21-12 05:50 AM
3 1,092
Hello, I have a linear algebra problem that I need help with. Basically, I need to get the eigenvalues and...
Apr12-12 09:13 AM
3 4,153
Say i have the following function: f(x)= {-45 , x<0.5 45 , x≥0.5} where x\in R is a real variable in ....
Mar23-12 12:20 AM
3 1,970
Given n by n matrices A, B, C. I know how to solve the Sylvester equation AX + XB + C = 0 using the matlab...
Mar26-12 03:24 AM
3 1,656
How the hell do you prove that the components of a vector w.r.t. a given basis are unique? I have literally no idea...
Mar26-12 01:38 PM
3 932
i am having trouble with some hw problems in my linear algebra course... the book is brescher and the teacher is sort...
Mar28-12 10:41 AM
3 2,512
I am reading Kane's book on Reflections and Reflection Groups and am having difficulties with some basic geometric...
Mar30-12 06:21 PM
Math Amateur
3 943
Hey, I'm just trying to grasp ordering of groups and subgroups a little better, I get the basics of finding the...
Mar31-12 12:59 PM
3 1,502
let's say you are given the following matrix T: T11 T12 . . . T1n T21 T22 . . . T2n . ...
Apr7-12 04:12 PM
3 1,495
Does anyone know of efficient software for the multiplication with an anti-triangular matrix? These are matrices whose...
Apr4-12 12:36 PM
3 1,062
How would you prove, using the integral product, that the set of {cos x, cos 2x, cos 3x, cos 4x, ...} is an orthogonal...
Apr5-12 04:42 AM
3 1,238
if, 10x+1 divides n-x and 10x +1 divides 10n +1 , where x is a variable and positive integer while n is a...
Apr4-12 11:40 AM
3 1,795
On a finite-dimensional vector space over R or C, is every norm induced by an inner product? I know that this can...
Apr6-12 08:52 AM
3 1,650
Given a differential field F and a linear algebraic group G over the constant field C of F, find a Picard-Vessiot...
Apr11-12 11:29 AM
3 1,288
So when dealing with a linear transformation, after we have computed the matrix of the linear transformation, and we...
Apr9-12 06:10 PM
3 1,193
i am having trouble understanding some of the "basic" concepts of my linear algebra...any help would be greatly...
Apr13-12 07:04 PM
3 1,488
Hi! I am a new user who is not an expert with Linear Algebra at all. I have some questions about eigen...
Apr12-12 05:25 PM
3 1,694
Is it true that if an n by n matrix A has n-linearly independent eigenvectors, then it must also be invertible because...
Apr16-12 11:28 AM
3 2,315
All the proofs I have seen for this theorem uses the same argument: First prove that the identity permutation has even...
Apr17-12 05:38 PM
3 1,472
I have a question; help is welcome. Let sn be a linear, non-homogeneous recurrence sequence, and let hn be a...
Apr19-12 01:50 PM
3 3,071
Hi, I have read my notes and understand the theory, but I am having trouble understanding the following questions...
Apr19-12 06:30 PM
3 1,354
Hi, I have a square symmetrical matrix A (ugly I know) 321.1115, -57.5311, -33.9206 -57.5311, ...
Apr19-12 08:10 AM
Dr Bwts
3 1,034
- Jim Hefferon: Linear algebra Theorem 1.5 (Gauss' method). If a linear system is changed to another by one of...
Apr25-12 03:02 AM
3 1,337
I am writing an undergraduate "thesis" on group representations (no original work, basically a glorified research...
Apr24-12 08:51 AM
Stephen Tashi
3 1,023
in 1994, as most of you know, andrew wiles was the first to solve fermat's last theorem.. 3 years later chike obo...
Apr22-12 04:10 PM
3 2,786
Hi I know the dimension is 3, two polynomials has dimension 2 only so it cannot span P2. How would I go about...
Apr24-12 09:38 AM
3 1,887
Suppose I have a matrix that looks like this 2.415212e-09 9.748863e-10 -2.415212e-09...
Apr25-12 03:21 AM
3 1,768
So the equation is x'' + 10x' + 64x = 0 x(0) = 1 x'(0) = 0 I get general solution of e^(-5t)(c1*cos(6.245t) +...
Apr29-12 11:51 PM
3 1,413
Hi all, I got this question from a past exam paper does the point (8 , 4 , -5) lie on the plane 7x - 3y + 4z = 8?...
Apr28-12 01:15 PM
3 2,014
I'm having a hard time visualising them. How do you plot vector fields How do you plot spanning sets? How do you...
May3-12 08:00 PM
3 1,136
Im having trouble under stand the relationships between determinats, span, basis. Given a 3x3 matrix on R3 vector...
May8-12 04:37 PM
3 1,123
Hi all. I have a quick question In this wikilink in the first...
May11-12 08:00 PM
3 1,108
Hi all, How do you find out if this Parametric equation x = -2t + 3 ; y = -t - 1 ; z = -3t + 2 Is...
May13-12 08:38 AM
3 2,937
Why is norm of (pauli matrix)/sqrt(2)=1
May13-12 08:44 AM
3 1,520
Let \begin{equation*} A=% \begin{bmatrix} 0 & 1 & \cdots & n-1 & n \\ 1 & 0 & \cdots & n-2 & n-1 \\ \vdots &...
May14-12 05:53 AM
3 1,592
Hi: I am a newbie to linear algebra; I have a problem about vector space and subspaces. How to distinguish these...
May17-12 05:44 PM
3 1,048
Hello, The formulation of the question says: Show, using congruences and disjunction of cases, which,for all...
May17-12 08:09 PM
3 2,222

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